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3D Multiplayer Shooter

3D Multiplayer Shooter  apk

Complete the Training mission in order to unlock the missions and multiplayer.

- Easy Training Mission in order to get familiar with the game
- 3D Realtime Multiplayer
- 25 different world locations
- 10 different types of Character to choose from
- 20 Types of Weapons and Guns
- Up to 12 persons online in one game server
- Awesome and stunning graphics

Have fun shooting with your friends!

Finger Twister

Finger Twister  apk

Play Finger Twister with your friends in Two, Three of Four player modes!

Challenge your friends in this finger twisting game! Pick your names and begin!

Wait for the wheel to stop spinning and do the chosen action. Put and HOLD your finger on the correct color pointed by the wheel!

You will lose if you lift your finger, or touch the wrong color!

Supported for smartphones and tablets with up to 10 multitouches on screen. Please check if your device is supported.

Best gameplay experience on tablets with 10 multitouches.

Optimized for tablets!

Survival Island

Survival Island  apk

Явно отличающаяся от своих собратьев песочница Survival Island представлена вашему вниманию. Основное отличие данной sandbox - это графика. Как вы понимаете, многое не расскажешь о песочнице, потому как она обладает схожим функционалом присущим все играм данного жанра. Понятно, что в игре вам предстоит выживать на безлюдном острове, обеспечивая себя пищей и жильем.

- Игра на данный момент находиться на стадии разработки,по этому еще не все доступно.

Version 1.2
- Кардинально измене карта.
- Новая модель топора.
- Оптимизация.
Крафт уже совсем близко.

Version 1.1
- Незначительно увеличена растительность.
- Добавлен топор.
- Пылающий костер.
- Новые виды растительности.

Ожидайте больше !

Планируется :

-Увеличение растительности острова.
-Орудия труда.
-Система крафта.
-Увеличение карты.

В ближайших обновлениях :

-Увеличение растительности острова.
-Орудия труда.

Ожидайте обновлений.

Gunship Combat Fighter

Gunship Combat Fighter  apk

For the first time in history, terrorists have strengthened their air power by taking control over the flying aircraft of military force. So brace yourself for the real gunship simulator dogfight with brutal and most wanted opponent gunship helicopter shooter. Dangerous air attack is approaching you. This zombie gunship air battle can be dreadful than World War 2 (ww2) and World War 1 (ww1) because it is a great cold war between The United States of America (USA) and Russia in which Russia is supporting these air killer terrorists. The intense enemy copters will lock your warplane to toss non-stop bombs and drone air missiles on your combat fighter plane. You haven’t got any special force like gunship navy, troops, soldiers, airforce or army support and the bitter reality is that you are alone in this risky simulated gunship air war mission. It is your duty to save the life of innocent people by attacking the rivals to be the gunship shooter.

This is an air assault (gunship assault) extreme military operation of world’s top fighter jets. Precise target killer skills are needed to swat and crush airplanes of lethal challengers in this adventurous gunship counter shooter combat air mission. Take the charge to beat bombardier jet fighters by using clever gunship shooting strategy to the sky aero from the long distance and win air strike battleship to be a crazy air fighter.

An accurate bombardment is required to wipe out vicious air fighters. They are not muscular but strong and fierce gunship air shooters. Finish off their combat planes (gunship airplane), jets, aircrafts and helicopters by cross firing to eliminate the root of airfighters. The missions get more difficult and hazardous as you move on. Caution! Save your gunship fighter copter from the explosion, howitzers, gunship strike and dodging bombs of gunship combat fighters else these ferocious warplanes will crash your 5 stars combat aircraft with their weapons. Be a gunship battle jet combatant hero (airfighter) to save your beloved nation and country.
With five precarious levels, make clever plan to set targets and prove to be a multi-talented simulator gunship air pilot by blowing away combat aircrafts accurately and precisely.

How to Play:
• Enter in to the gunships aircraft war mission by choosing a combat fighter jet from 3 jets (P-51 Mustang, Mosquito Gunship Plane ww2 and F-111 Aardvark)
• Fly off/Take off your sim copter in the air by using directional control button
• Hit the shoot button to fling the bomb, missile or gun bullets to shoot down jet fighter pilot
• Don’t be brainless. Beware from sudden shelling; else your air combat heli would get damaged and you will run out of your life

Top Game Features:
• One of the Top Gunship Shooting Games
• Fast-Paced Combat Simulation dogfight (Gunship Fight)
• Dangerous Gunship Assault Free Operation
• Perfect FPS Shooting Training
• Best Gunship Counter Attack
• Action-Packed & Thrilling Levels/Missions
• Realistic Environment of Gunship Carrier Battle
• Smooth Aircraft Control System
• Rich Graphics With Gunship Fire
• Excellent Gunship Attack Sound Effects

Gunship Alert! It’s the time to have NO MERCY on gunship gunner as everything is fair in gunship war. With this exciting and tough gunship jet attack war game, you will enjoy playing a virtual new fighting and shooting experience of gunship warship to be an aircraft fighter in one of the best gunship games. Good Luck!

Christmas Fun

Christmas Fun  apk

Make this Christmas more special with ★Christmas Fun★!
Christmas Fun is all about enjoying the season with songs and fun activities.
Sing along the animated carols with lyrics, play exciting mini games, and take funny pictures for special memories.

1. 16 favorite Christmas songs with adorable animations!
2. Full sing along with synchronized lyrics!
3. Interactive games to enjoy the Christmas time!
4. Seasonal photo frames for a memorable moment!

Hope you and yours kids have a joyful holiday season with ★Christmas Fun★!

Five Nights of Frights free

Five Nights of Frights free  apk

note this is a Demo version, it only contains 2 of 7 levels, if you like the demo, consider buying the full game here


five nights of frights is a fast paced horror game,

you are a ghost hunter, exploring an abandoned asylum, you want to uncover the mysteries that lay inside frights asylum,

plenty of secrets to be found,

zombies, ghosts, hell hounds, spend 5 nights at frights asylum, discover the fates of those who entered before you, the asylum was a sickly place, and the souls that now dwell there are not please by your presence

so hold tight, and prepare to crap your pants

dont forget, have fun :)

inside Frights Asylum live some zombies and other entities
your goal is to survive until 6AM for 5 nights,
you can use your computer to access the security cameras to see where they are,
you can swipe left and right while the cameras are not on,
when an enemy is close you will see a warning symbol appear
you can raise your doors to keep them out, this will keep you safe but will use your power supply
you only have a limited supply of power
if its dark you can turn on lights, but again this will use power
if you run out of power you will have a power failure
when you have no power, you cannot use the cameras, you cannot close the doors, you cannot turn on the lights,
if you have no power left all you can do is hope that the enemies donot enter your room
if the enemies enter your room you will be killed, and return to the start screen

Fast Traffic Racer 3D

Fast Traffic Racer 3D  apk

Fast Traffic Racer 3D is an action packed new game in the genre of endless arcade racing. Own the highways of the desert driving a full upgraded muscle car. Are you a real racer? Become the king of the road. Avoid all the cars and trucks, if you don't want to crash. Fast Traffic Racer 3D is finally here.

- Stunning 3D Graphics
- Realistic Physics
- Detailed Environment
- Endless Racing
- Different Cars
- Action Packed Gameplay

Tilt your device to steer, and use the breaks wisely! The more is your speed, the more points you get!

Doc for kids movie

Doc for kids movie  apk

Doc McStuffins is an animated television series of children produced by Brown Bag Films. It was created and executive produced by Humanitas Prize and Emmy Award-winner Chris Nee and aired on March 23, 2012 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Please enjoy the video presentation on your android Doc McStuffins

Motorbike Driving Simulator 2

Motorbike Driving Simulator 2  apk

Motorbike Driving Simulator 2 is a real physics engine game.
If you like Simulator Games and Motorbike, try it.
Reach the top of th Skyscraper. I think it is not possible.

* Easy controller
* Realistic acceleration
* Beautiful Graphics
* Realistic sound environment
* Realistic physics

SB Utilities

SB Utilities  apk

Learn how to hack on almost every game!

• Hacking tutorials
• Download tools

Learn how to hack Android games with SB Utilities!
You can find alot of tools and information in this application!


Nordstrom  apk

Nordstrom is a leading fashion specialty retailer offering compelling clothing, shoes,dresses, jewelry, makeup and accessories for women, men and children

Dragon Warrior Adventures

Dragon Warrior Adventures  apk

Assist Songoku defeat the Alien force. Collect all items in fighting: bean, knobstick and 7 dragon balls for Kamejoko
** How to play **
- Move your finger on the sreen to move character.
- Tap the right buttons to fight or kameha meha
- The completion of a level, you will unlock the next level to play
- New 10 levels - The sky
- New interface
- New skills
- Fix bug boss level 10

Bubble Christmas

Bubble Christmas  apk

Play this Bubble Christmas, is the best fun game, is the most popular in bubble worlds,the bubble deluxe shooter,
bubble shooter cool themes,bubble shooter candy dash, is the best way to spend time when you waiting for bus on city. This is bubble shooter free games and is bubble shooter games for kids, toddlers and free for download.
This is the most free shoot bubble game 2014 also rule play same bubble witch saga, bubble breaker,bubble bird rescue game,bubble candy shooter,bubble bust, bubble pop star, bubble mania.
The main objective is to destroy all the marbles. To achieve this goal, a player can apply different strategies:
- Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in that direction.
- Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles groups same color to knock them burst.
- Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one.
- You can even choose to play previous completed levels.
- Shoot bubbles and match colors to pop, crush and drop your way to victory!
Have 2 mode for this bubble shooter game :
+ Puzzle Mode : many saga puzzle level for choosen.
+ Arcade Mode : The bubbles will go down, and nonstop, so you quickly and so fast to get many score base time, if you don't die.
Bubble Star really king in all of bubble shooter world games:
- Love it by cool ball, shooting 3d ball.
- Get option level for play.
- Easy to play, challenge you to master.
- Tablet verion and mobile version.
- Suitable for all of kind people :kids, toddlers even adult.
- Many exciting new bubbles and power ups
- Have ball with many magic stars
The screen of the game consists of a grid of cells, filled with rows of colored balls,The color scheme of the balls varies depending on the complexity of the game.
The player sees the current and next ball for a shot. The limit of misses depends on a level of difficulty, The trajectory of the ball shot changes by moving the cursor.
Bubble shooter games in 2014 have so many kind like bubble mania games, bubble shooter candy dash, bubble breaker,bubble witch, bubble shooter cool mango, bubble shootix,bubble shooter cool mango but this app still belong to best apps about bubble by simple, cool UI.
Bubble shooter is similar in both the features and controls to the traditional classic bubble shooter games.and is similar to the clichéd bubble pop, bubble blaze, frozen bubble, bubble witch and bubble blast games, this one has a unique edge.
"Bubble Shooter" is clone of the Puzzle Bobble 2.But addictive mechanics of the game won a wider audience of teens and adults.
Due to its simplicity, the game quickly spread to portable devices, have another bubble shooter for tablet.
This is bubble shooter ocean with is theme is ocean cute images, and for next version will app bubble shooter city with theme is cute images about citys, also bears,fruits,mango,adventure,monster,frozen...theme will change when you up level.
When you win all level in this game, you'll win in all another bubble games like bubble buster, bubble birds, frozen bubble,bubble blast games.And you recognize that all bubble games is very cool.
This app will have more update for cute function, cute UI,bubble city, and have any feeback don't hesitate to send mail to me
KEYWORDS: bubble, shooter, classic, levels, play, burst, pop, shoot, breaker, casual, games
This project is base on Frozen Bubble, is the most classic and addictive shoot bubble buster game with many level to play.let download shoot bubble 2014 free games, new game and king of bubble game for enjoy and have any feeback don't hesitate to send mail to me!

Newborn Caring

Newborn Caring  apk

The daughter has always wanted to have brother or sister. And now her dreams are coming true - it's time for her mother to give birth! Let's go to the hospital and help her with bearing a child and taking care about the newborn.

Crocodile Attack Simulator

Crocodile Attack Simulator  apk

crocodile attack simulator
you will enjoy taking control of this huge 3D Crocodile
If you love Dinosaur Unlimited, Football Unlimited, Goat Unlimited, and Shark Unlimited, you are going to love this game even more. We challenge you to find an animal simulator game that is more fun than this! Play as a huge crocodile and learn the fun of devouring your prey. Get ready to control this crocodile of yours in water and on land.

Crocodile and rule the swamps as one of the deadliest hunters of all-time, the Crocodile!

-- Control a HUGE 3D Crocodile
-- Fast and Action Packed Simulator Gameplay
-- Fun joystick simulator controls to make the crocodile swim and attack
-- Excellent 3D Graphics



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Chat  apk

Want to chat or even find someone for a date? This app is for you!

Have fun chatting and meet your future girlfriend/boyfriend! Or event wife/husband! If you are not into so serious relationship you can just gave fun. This app is for everyone - see in each person profile what they are looking for. Send messages straight from profile and keep chatting till you decide to meet for a date.

This Chat app allows you to know who chooses you to talk and allows you to choose women/men in playful way.

Download this dating chat now and try! You deserved to find some fun and interesting people!

Pool Billiard Shoot

Pool Billiard Shoot  apk

Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!
Another classic bubble shooter game
Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up.

How to play:
1.Tap where you want the ball.
2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.


- Arcade Mode,clear all the descending bubbles.
- Puzzle Mode,use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
- Countdown mode, you can switch bubbles that you shoot with different colors.
- Different and challenging levels.

Divertido y adictivo juego de disparar burbujas!
Otro clásico juego de tirador de la burbuja
Eliminar todas las burbujas en la pantalla para subir de nivel.

¿Cómo se juega:
1.Toque donde quiere la pelota.
2.To grupo de 3 o más burbujas para hacerlas estallar.


- Modo Arcade, burbujas de todos los descendentes claras.
- Puzzle Mode, use las burbujas limitados para despejar todas las burbujas en la pantalla.
- El modo de cuenta atrás, puede cambiar las burbujas disparar con diferentes colores.

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