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Ever wanted to explore a huge forest on your mobile device?
Well now you can! Explore the huge forest and enjoy amazing graphics with
HD sound effects! See the beauty of nature!

Autumn Live Wallpaper

Autumn Live Wallpaper  apk

Free autumn live wallpaper. Install it now and feel all the beauty of autumn: falling leaves of red, yellow, orange colors, warm mushroom rain, effect of live water and much more. Lots of backgrounds, effects and settings will help you to craft your own special autumn live wallpaper =)

Key features:
- 18 HD autumn photos (autumn leaves, owl, wolf, fox, mushrooms, ...)
- Animated falling leaves (autumn leaf fall)
- Animated rain + misted window effect
- Live water effect that simulates water ripples and live water waves
- This free autumn wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks great on both mobile phones and tablet devices and supports screen switching
- This free wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery
- Real smooth 3D animations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99% mobile phone devices)

How to set free autumn live wallpaper on the screen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → Autumn Live Wallpaper

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Notice: this free live wallpaper contains ads

This live wallpaper with animated rain and leaf fall has been tested and looks great on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z

Free Extreme Atv Mania stunt

Free Extreme Atv Mania stunt  apk

free extreme atv mania stunt is the ultimate stunt mania game. this parking game is definitely the best stunt simulation game there is you need to do super tricks to complete each level.
so get ready for a super fun stunt game where you can show off your driving skills and your stunt abilitys.
you will learn how to drive . free extreme atv mania stunt is really amazing and we are sure you will enjoy this
stunt driver game very much. so if you are a real atv simulation game lover you should download this app for free on your mobile phone and on your tablet.
this stuntman driving game is an android game that lets you try what it takes to become a real life squat trick expert and learn how to drive your own atv. if
you are a simulation game lover, you are in luck. free extreme atv mania stunt is the game
for parking game addicts. you are able to drive around in one of the
most beautiful atv there is. this is the game if you are really addicted to any
aspect of stunts and tricks game lovers and you want to know how it feels to drive around on a atv
the most challenging game of its kind.
play at your own risk!
free extreme atv mania stunt is an amazing squat simulator game that requires highest precision and its totally free!
the parking situation in this retro stunt car simulation game will require you to show top skills in steering, acceleration, and obstacle avoidance to get those points higher and higher.

free extreme atv mania stunt features:
- Amazingly realistic atv game
- You are driving a squat which looks really amazing!
- 30 amazingly realistic 3D stunt parking situations
- Show off your skills
- Choose one of the amazing atv's to play this ridiculously good free extreme atv mania stunt

this simulation game with 30 levels will definitely keep you busy for hours!
driving a atv at full speed is really hard but you can show off your skills by downloading this free extreme atv mania stunt!
We hope you will enjoy this amazing real simulator driving game and 3D arena parking game in one and give us some love by liking our MobilePlus facebook page so we can keep you up to date on our latest games!
👉 https://www.facebook.com/MobilePlusgames

DNT Robot GO Launcher Theme

DNT Robot GO Launcher Theme  apk

Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher EX!

❤Brief Introduction:
Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.

GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Click here to install GO Launcher EX!

❤How to Apply the Theme:
- Directly open the theme after successful installation.
- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

KSAT 12 StormPins

KSAT 12 StormPins  apk

KSAT 12 StormPins is a crowd-sourced social weather app that turns you into a citizen reporter. You can report real time information by dropping a pin and attach 10 seconds of video, a photo and have 2-way chat with others in your community.

KSAT 12 StormPins can display your reports instantly on-air providing a valuable service to the community.

KSAT 12 StormPins also works with PinResponder that allows KSAT and city officials like Police, Fire or Emergency Managers to add traffic, crime or breaking news pins all within one app.

Crocodile Shooter 3D

Crocodile Shooter 3D  apk

They are fast, ferocious and hungry. With the swarming sea, their thirst for blood and hunger for flesh, they have become most dangerous creature for human neighborhood. Kill them before they kill the mankind. Clean up the waters and make it safe for surfing as it was before. The huge water reptiles are massively hungry and their instincts are drawing them near to you. Attack and shoot at sight. Don’t let them get away!

You have been given this awesome killer job to hunt down the crocodiles. With a machine gun on a ship, prepare to fight and shoot at sight. The hunting is going to be bloody as the angry crocodile will attack back; some of them may even jump at you so BEWARE! Keep all eyes open and don’t miss shooting the animal or you’ll end up being hunted. Your survival depends on your shooting skills, speed and precise gunshots. Headshots will always help. Kill the monstrous animal before it feeds on you.

• Awesome and upgradable machine guns and ship upgrades
• Smooth and easy controls of crosshair targeting
• Amazing 3D graphics of the hungry crocodiles and water movements
• Thrilling crocodile hunting experience with a shooting killer machine

So get on board for a deadly ride! Shoot down as many attacking crocodiles as you can and enjoy the massive thrill of killing the hungry animal with a machine gun. It’s the best opportunity of its kind so DO NOT MISS IT!

Army Sniper Shooter 3D

Army Sniper Shooter 3D  apk

Army Sniper Shooter 3D is an exciting, new, realistic action shooting game. Taking the role as a elite sniper soldier, you must defend an army base from the oncoming waves of enemy soldiers. Your mission is to use your sniper rifle and sniper skills to take out each enemy to protect the army base in order to get onto the next level. With the help of the cool-down mechanic in the game that steadies the sniper rifle to help you get your perfect shot on the enemy.

If you don't get all the enemy soldiers before your health is depleted, you will lose. With each level comes more enemy soldiers who will move into position to take you down. Harness you sniper skills and become the greatest sniper to defeat the enemy soldiers.

Good Morning Zombies

Good Morning Zombies  apk

Kill the hordes of merciless zombies and monsters and put an end to the evil monster boss!

After crash landing on an island you awake to find yourself surrounded by zombies! Upgrade your weapons to fight off the zombie masses and take down the indigenous monsters that inhabit the land. Slay the evil monster boss and eliminate the zombie curse once and for all.

Game Features:
- 16 waves of merciless zombies and monsters!
- Boss fights
- Survival mode
- Awesome zombie killing weapons

Doll House Decorating Games

Doll House Decorating Games  apk

❤❤❤ Doll House Decorating Games for Girls ❤❤❤

Touch and drag up things in this doll house. We want to look at that kitchen is now. Bathroom is now Our bedroom is the room now. Decorated and arranged beautifully like you would imagine it. Have fun!!

** Should connect to WiFi or 3G / 4G before use.
** If you have little child or puck can stop them and can play for a while.
*** If the game show a black screen to please load the Flash Player.

D Ball Z Wallpaper (Fans)

D Ball Z Wallpaper (Fans)  apk

Dragon Ball Z Fans Wallpaper is the best wallpaper of the best anime.
To all the fans and anime lovers :
* Son Goku
* Vegeta
* Gohan
* Trunks
* Vegetto
* Gogeta

**Any feedback welcomed, thank you very much for your support. Please rate 5 stars if you like it!

Huyền Thoại Ninja

Huyền Thoại Ninja  apk

Là 1 game di động RPG đặc sắc về Ninja, sử dụng hệ thống nhân vật trong truyện Naruto mà đông đảo các bạn trẻ yêu thích.Hàng trăm nhiệm vụ, phụ bản phụ bản cần làm. Hệ thống Bí Dược, Cấm Thuật, Chú Ấn, … vô số cách để tăng chiến lực. Chiêu mộ đồng hành, cùng chiến đấu với các anh hùng nổi tiếng không còn là mơ tưởng nữa. Khiêu chiến đấu trường, chứng minh ai là kẻ mạnh nhất. Bạn bè, trò chuyện, xã giao chẳng gặp khó khăn gì.

Bối cảnh
Game bắt đầu lúc Hokage Đệ Tứ phong ấn Cửu Vĩ. Người chơi sẽ đóng vai 1 Ninja trong game trợ giúp cho Naruto, đồng thời hợp thành 1 đội mạnh để trở thành Ninja mạnh nhất——Hokage. Trong thế giới Ninja có rất nhiều thế lực tà ác, cần phải tự tăng lực chiến cho mình và chiêu mộ thêm nhiều đồng đội để cùng nhau chiến đấu.

Đặc sắc game

[Hokage- Hàng trăm đồng đội tề tựu]
  Là game mobile với đề tài Hokage, yếu tố Hokage chính là điểm thu hút người chơi. Trong《Naruto》có đến hàng trăm nhân vật hokage, từ các nhân vật chính như Naruto, Sasuke đến các nhân vật nhỏ chỉ thoáng qua trong truyện, họ đều xuất hiện trong game với trong vai đồng đội, NPC thậm chí là quái phụ bản.
[Cảnh rộng, bùng nổ chiến đấu vô hạn]
  Cảnh chiến đấu là 1 điểm cộng lớn cho game, nhân vật được sử dụng kỹ thuật 3D, hiệu quả chiến đấu rõ ràng, tráng lệ. Đội ngũ nghiên cứu cũng đã tạo cho mỗi nhân vật 1 chiêu thức độc nhất vô nhị, các bạn sẽ không gặp phải cảnh nhiều nhân vật có cùng 1 kỹ năng nữa. Trải nghiệm sảng khoái như vậy, sao lại không thử?

[Nội dung mãnh liệt trải nghiệm thực tế]
  Ngoài ưu thế game RPG, về mặt nhiệm vụ cũng hết sức thú vị. Hệ thống nhiệm vụ trong game phong phú mà đơn giản với 1 số lượng đồ sộ, sự phân chia thứ tự rõ ràng không gây sự nhàm chán, rảnh rỗi. Đáng nói ở đây là 1 trong các hệ thống chính là nhiệm vụ và phụ bản thay đổi theo nội dung mới, giúp bạn vừa chơi game, vừa theo dõi nội dung mới của truyện.

Trang chủ:http://www.huyenthoaininja.com


Horizon  apk

"Do the world a favour and download it, after all, it’s free." - Gizmodo

"Horizon for Android means no more vertical videos" - The Next Web

Horizon lets you record horizontal videos no matter how you hold your device. Hold it upright, sideways or even keep rotating it while capturing, your captured moment will always stay horizontal! You can add filters, shoot with the back or front camera and share your creations!

Ever felt you had to rotate your device while recording a video? Do you often end up with vertical videos or videos in wrong orientation? Enter Horizon!

Horizon works like magic! It auto-levels you videos while recording, using your device’s gyroscope. The resulting orientation is corrected so that it always stays parallel to the ground.

With Horizon you can help bring an end to the Vertical Videos Syndrome. Yes, you can now record horizontal videos, while holding your device in portrait mode!

▶ Resolutions include VGA, HD and Full HD depending on the device
▶ Ability to record videos with the front or back camera for greater flexibility
▶ Three video quality options to help manage memory space: High, Medium, Low
▶ Three leveling modes include: Flex, the frame is always adjusted for maximum viewport; Rotate, the frame stays fixed; and Locked, the auto-leveling is disabled
▶ Start/stop video recording using the hardware camera button
▶ Videos are stored in DCIM folder allowing other apps to access them
▶ Other apps can launch Horizon to record a video for them

Horizon is free and lets you record videos up to 15 seconds with the Horizon logo embedded in the video. Via In-app purchase you can unlock additional functionality such as unlimited recording, priority customer support, removal of the Horizon logo and access to future features.

Horizon has been tested in the following devices: Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, S4, HTC One, HTC one mini, Motorola Razr HD


Messaging+ 7 Free

Messaging+ 7 Free  apk

Note: It include ads, you can buy the pro version In-buy to remove ads.

It is an flat style Message app. Cool flat style UI. It is very simple to use.


- Cool Flat style UI.
- Custom bubble themes.
- Support all emojis, send and receive emoji with your friend.
- Custom font for conversation list, thread, popup message dialog.
- Beautiful popup message dialog, support more pages popup dialog.
- Blink LED when new message arrived.
- Internal snapshot support.
- Manage all SMS message conveniently.
- Group message support.
- LED support.
- Custom any color for bubble.

Important Note:

Menu key:

- To access the hardware menu button in Galaxy S5, you can simply tap and hold Recent apps button.

Emoji problem:

- Press the menu and select "Insert Smile", Or press the attach button.
- Emoji message will block by network carrier when across network carriers, please try ask your friend to send emoji message to you by mms type message, if your friend can't see. please try to send mms type.

Out order of message problem:

- If you don't need to see duplicate notifications, please try to enable "Setting - Receive settings - Block Sms Notification", Maybe it will cause two duplicate message on some devices.

- If your message is out of order, please try to select "Block Sms Notification" option in settings.

Train Simulator 2014

Train Simulator 2014  apk

The all new Train Simulator
-Awesomely realistic 3D graphics
-7 realistic 3D Train Types
-3 Train Cars
-vast open 3D environment
-5 different camera views for all trains
-Kid friendly
-Easy controls
-No In-App Purchasing
-No Full Page Ads
Enjoy your ride around the vast city with realistic train physics.Look around the mountains, ride into the city with your train and have a nice time.The terrain has lots of bends and curves and there is a vast sea on the sides as you breeze through the beautiful tracks layered over them

Best Mp3 Downloader

Best Mp3 Downloader  apk

Best Mp3 Downloader is simple application, with this New MP3 downloader you can search, listen and see song lyrics. Features: 1. Search, Download and Listen 2. Get songs you want 3. Save to SD Card for offline use 4. Set As Ringtone Please enable 3G or WiFi for searching and downloading! For DMCA please send to our email.

Minions Funny Sounds

Minions Funny Sounds  apk

In this app there is 20 Funny sounds from animated movie Despicable ME,when you click on each minion they play different sounds.

Ready Contact List

Ready Contact List  apk

"Ready Contact List Leaves Beta To Pretty Up The Phone Part Of Your Phone" - AndroidPolice
"A brand new contacts app for Android holds promise and Material Design" - PhoneArena
"The app itself has a pretty gorgeous interface" - LifeHacker
"Ready Brings Function And A Gorgeous Interface Back To The Phonecall" - AndroidHeadlines

A beautiful contact list experience just hit the Play Store. Ready helps you to make calls confidently by showing the recent history related to the caller while the phone is ringing. The app provides actionable follow-up shortcuts after hanging up, and a convenient way to save unknown contacts after calls. You can find everyone in one place: the main screen aggregates the call history and the favourites.

Get the pro features:
* awesome themes
* predictive dialer
* ringtone pack
* ad-free mode

Each paid feature can be unlocked by sharing the app - to be awarded with a point, the other person needs to download the app with the specific url, or enter the referral code. Read more here: grabready.com/faq.html

Upcoming features in October:
* translations
* groups and filters
* the option to delete history

Craft The Path

Craft The Path  apk

The poor creeper got lost, help him to find his way home. Traveling through different worlds creeper lost his way back home, help him to build a way between worlds, and to find his home.
Craft The Path is a combination of puzzle, logical and construction game placed in the 3D world made from blocks. Your task is to build a way to exit teleport and guide creeper to it. But you have a limited number of resources so decide wisely where you put blocks or where you hit with pickaxe.
If you like pixelated graphics and world made from blocks then you definitely should try this game.
Craft the path is:
- elements of puzzle, logical and construction game,
- 3D world in shape of sphere made of blocks
- easy to build (touch the screen where you want to set or destroy block)
- more than 30 levels of different difficulty

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