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My Dream Job

My Dream Job  apk

GIRLS, it’s your dream job! Make your dreams come true as a young girl entrepreneur! Choose from 6 business ideas and be the boss! Make it happen! Design ads, launch your very first marketing campaign and make your customers happy! Give back to your community! Earn coins as your business grows and donate your profits!

What does it take to be a young female entrepreneur at your dream job? Creativity, passion, hard work and a vision! Get ready for your next big pitch with this all new app for young entrepreneur girls! Discover your inner boss as you build your very own business from scratch.

Choose from 6 different dream jobs and get started! Show them who’s boss! Run your own business from concept to marketing to customer service! It’s your chance to be the boss at your new job! Take care of customers and make sure they get the best service possible. Being an entrepreneur girl is LOTS of work, but SO much fun!

> Choose from 6 dream jobs: Car Wash, Pet Sitting, Bracelet Making, Bicycle Fixing, Drink Stand and Yard Work
> Enjoy over 12 fun-filled and professional activities!
> Create your own business advertisements!
> Choose from tons of paints, colors and logos to decorate your ad!
> Use awesome tools wash your customers’ cars, fix their bikes and clean up the yard!
> Care, feed and groom your customers’ pets!
> Make your own trendy bracelets to sell!
> Serve customers delicious drinks!
> Upgrade tools as you play to help grow your dream business!
> Earn coins as you run your business successfully!
> Visit the bank and manage your account!
> Donate your earnings to the charity of your choice!

With over 400 million downloads and growing, TabTale has established itself as the creator of pioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love. We lovingly produce interactive e-books, games, and educational experiences for children. Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover more incredible apps.
Visit us: http://www.tabtale.com/
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Tabtale/posts
Like us: http://www.facebook.com/TabTale
Follow us:@Tabtale
Watch us: http://www.youtube.com/iTabtale

Let us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us 24/7 at WeCare@TabTale.com.

* This App is free to play but certain in-game items may be purchased for real money. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.
* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at http://tabtale.com/privacy-policy/ and at http://tabtale.com/terms-of-use/.
Please consider that this App may include third parties services for limited legally permissible purposes.

Ceramic Destroyer

Ceramic Destroyer  apk

Ceramic Destroyer is a blasting game which is easy but verrrrrrry addictive. Your target is to use the bombs to explode various ceramics. But the key point is you need to destroy the whole ceramic as possible as you can, never left even one tiny piece.

You will get 1 star if you destroyed 90%, 2 stars for 95% and 3 stars for 100%.

How to play?
1: Pull the catapult
2: Adjustment angle and intensity
3: Release your finger shoot
4: Destroy at least 90% to level up
Tips: The 4 different bombs have different function

-Beautiful ceramic style pictures.
-Be full of the pleasure of explosion.
-You can destroy more than 80 different ceramics like Guitar, Butterflies, Robots, Candy and so on.
-Green Bomb: Pull the catapult to shoot the bomb
-Blue Bomb: Tap The screen to split the bomb into 3 mini-bombs
-Yellow Bomb: Tap the screen 3 times to lay out the mini-bombs
-Purple Bomb: Rub the screen to control the direction of the bomb
-More challenges coming soon

Pocket Heroes

Pocket Heroes  apk

Enter a world of epic fantasy combat now!

Pocket Heroes is a great roleplaying and real-time strategy game, here you can raise an elite team of heroes, each with their own amazing abilities, and lead them in frantic real-time battles against monsters.

Enter a Kingdom locked in battle where swords, guns and magic clash. Carve a path through countless monsters, battle the Cyclops, the desert worm, a giant man-eating plant, former brothers in arms, and even a dragon on a holy crusade against cunning and powerful demons who have tainted Camelot.

King Arthur is murdered by demons and the realm plunges into chaos. As the sole survivor of the attack, you, Sir Eric, commander of the royal guard embark on a quest to avenge King Arthur and restore order to the Kingdom.

-- Features --
• Build a powerful team from numerous character classes, and fight crazy monsters in real-time battle!
• A challenging and fantastic world of over 80+ enemies, including tiny goblins, great dragons, angry orcs and noble elves!
• Travel in the kingdom of King Arthur and complete your legend story in so many beautiful scenes.
• Converting your heroes and customize them with 100+ spells! Summoning an angel, or becoming an angel? Your choice!
• Over 800+ equipment to collect! Upgrade your equipments and become best of the best!
• Share your feats for bonus, and share your fun of this awesome roleplaying game with friends!
• Challenge boss together with players all over the world!

Contact us:
Email: feedback@droidhang.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PocketHeroesMobile

Next Glass

Next Glass  apk

[Scroll to the bottom if you're having issues with the latest update]

Get personalized beer and wine recommendations that use science and technology to predict how much you’ll enjoy any bottle. We all have unique taste preferences, and by using objective chemical data to provide personal recommendations, Next Glass guarantees you’ll never drink a bad bottle again. Rate bottles, build your unique taste profile, share scores, and explore beer and wine with confidence.

-Build your Taste Profile by rating wines and beers you’ve already tried
-Scan any label to get your personal score - know whether you’ll like it in real-time
-Search for any wine or beer and receive a personalized score
-Use Glass Match to find beer and wine that tastes similar to your favorites
-Browse your top matches in Discover to find new favorites
-Use Search with Friends to see what your friends enjoy and find the perfect bottle to share
-Know what’s inside every bottle, like calories, sugar content, and alcohol level
-Discover and share new favorites on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Accurate recommendations scientifically tailored to your tastes.

Next Glass has tested tens of thousands of wines and beers, analyzing over 20,000 compounds within each bottle to identify what the tongue perceives as ‘taste’. The chemical makeup (or ‘DNA’) of each bottle is then stored in our one-of-a-kind Genome Cellar.

From there, with every bottle you rate, Next Glass learns the chemistry behind your likes and dislikes, allowing the app to focus on your unique preferences. Ratings are stored in your personalized Taste Profile, which continues to evolve with your palate.

Simply point the phone at a label and receive a personalized score in real-time indicating your level of enjoyment for that bottle. If the bottle isn’t in your hands, you can find it in the search bar. You can also share your Next Glass Taste Profile with friends and connect through the app’s Search with Friends feature to find a bottle you’ll all enjoy.

It’s time to stop guessing if you’ll like that beer or wine you’ve never had but have always wanted to try. You already know what you like and dislike, and Next Glass lets your taste be the guide to what you should try. Get personalized recommendations that guarantee every bottle purchased is perfect for your palate. Together we will advance an industry with a dependable app that replaces subjective reviews with science.

[Problems with recent updates]
Some Android devices are having issues letting us update the app properly. The solution is fairly simple. Go to Settings > Apps > Next Glass and tap the Clear App Data button. When you relaunch Next Glass, you will have to log in to the app again and it should work fine.

If this doesn't work for some reason, the best solution is to uninstall Next Glass. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Next Glass, and tap the Uninstall button. Then come back to the Google Play store and download the app again.

Dude Perfect Free

Dude Perfect Free  apk

SPORTS GAME!!! Our hit game is now on Android!
We’re Dude Perfect?—the YouTube guys that bring you the world’s craziest basketball shots—and we’re thrilled to introduce the first ever trick-shot basketball game! Prove you have what it takes to master the art of the trick-shot by taking, and making, the most epic shots imaginable!
Few can handle the challenge: a killer combination physics-based puzzler and super addictive sports adventure!
Thanks so much for the incredible support!
Cool Things:
Endless hours of rim-rattling, fist-pumping, that-just-happened, net-swishing fun!
Perfectly optimized for your killer Android Phone or Tablet.
Made with your kids in mind... just be careful you don't play it more than they do!
CREATE your own SWEET LEVELS with the CUSTOM LEVEL EDITOR available in the DP store!
For massive multiplayer awesomeness, BATTLE against your best friends—or arch enemies.

VSounds - Vine Soundboard Free

VSounds - Vine Soundboard Free  apk

The best and most complete Vine soundboard on the Google Play!

Listen to all your favorite vine sounds on demand!

This Vine soundboard contains all the funny catch phrases from vine!


21 - Hype & Kyri

b*tch huhhah - Duhgreatone

baby goat - Sarah Herrin

bish whet - Toni Romoiti

broom broom - Tish Simmonds

bruh - Popin Inc

chipotle is my life - yungsofi

cinnamon apple - jayhove_

crack kid - Nathan Moszyk

dafuq - Peaches Monroee

eat a burger - yung poppy

eat a fry - yung poppy

f ur chicken strips - Jimmy the Destroyer

f vine - Alexia Mckellar

famous - Rachel Olson

flavios birthday - Amanda Scotto

get out mi car - Tish Simmonds

gratata - Bryan Silva

heart snap - singing girl

hell naw - reggie couz

hersheys bar - Dan Ambrogi

hold it down - Donna Goudeau

huah! - OG Maco

I <3 chipotle - yungsofi

I hope you do - Marie TooCool Bishh

look like i care - IAmRahtyRose

look at those chickens - BernForever

mama i love you - Donna Goudeau

mums car - Tish Simmonds

no I’m not - Hype & Kyri

on fleek - Peaches Monroee

or nah - Reggie Couz

P.O.P. - Donna Goudeau

p*ssy pop - Duhgreatone

really n*gga - PageKennedy

smackcam - Marie TooCool Bishh

sock girl - .bang.

stoopid - Hype & Kyri

surprise mother - Sergeant Doakes

swag b*tch - Bryan Silva

tf wrong wit u - Duhgreatone

thanks - Amanda Scotto

u guessin - OG Maco

week ago - bobby shmurda

where dey at doe - TI

why u mad - Duhgreatone

woo - Amanda Scotto

yasss - Blake Welch

yeet - David Banna

you better stop - imtreety_

youooo - Acacia

yous right - OG Maco

Texas Holdem - Live Poker S

Texas Holdem - Live Poker S  apk

Welcome to Texas Holdem - Live Poker Seasons!

Play Texas Holdem - Live Poker, a new Vegas-style poker game that lets you play against millions of poker lovers around the world anytime, anywhere on your mobile device!

Texas Holdem - Live Poker offers beautiful graphics, custom avatars, and a wide variety of friendly players from casual to professional, guaranteeing a premium poker playing experience for everyone. The best part is that Texas Holdem – Live Poker is EASY to get started and FREE to play!


Top Features:

* Get 50,000 coins FREE just for logging in the first time!
* Free chips daily.
* Real-time multiplayer games.
* Challenging ‘Master Room’ poker tables to improve your bluffing skills and win cool medals.
* Sit-n-Go tournament option.
* Live chat in every room!
* A variety of avatars and decorations to choose from.
* Brag about your poker prowess – your friends can view your top rank on the leaderboard.

Players love Texas Holdem - Live Poker:

★★★★★ “I love live poker! Definitely the best texas holdem I’ve played!”
★★★★★ “Live Poker! The animations are cool!”
★★★★★ “Fun, challenging, and exciting.”
★★★★★ “Great way to get in on Vegas-like action from my smartphone.”

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact prgamespoker@gmail.com or connect with us on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/texasholdem.livepoker)

Brain Rush

Brain Rush  apk

How long can you last in Brain Rush? Focus is key to achieving a high score.

Hold or release the screen to shift to either a square or circle and matching the incoming shapes.

Challenge the Impossible.

Remote Control for TV

Remote Control for TV  apk

Remote Control for TV is a universal smart remote control to all TV devices, which is compatible with more popular smart TV such as LG smart TV, Samsung smart TV, Sony smart TV, Panasonic smart TV and so on. It is a pro version which is easier to use and provides more powerful functions.

It is the age of universal remote control for all TVs; it is time to get rid of the real physical controller which is heavy, battery consumption. With our Remote Control for TV, you just need one android device (both android phone and android tablet) to control all your smart TVs. What you need to do is connecting your smart TV and the android installed our remote control app to the same Wi-Fi network.

Mode Support:
LG TV, Samsung TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, Emerson TV, JVC TV, Philips TV, Toshiba TV, Vizio TV, Xfinty TV.
We do not support IR infrared mode, we just support wifi mode.

Sleep Better with Runtastic

Sleep Better with Runtastic  apk

Track your sleep, monitor your dreams, improve your bedtime habits & wake up better with Sleep Better from Runtastic! Sleep Better offers you a simple and engaging way to improve your sleep quality, whether you struggle to fall asleep, want to learn how your daytime activities influence your sleep efficiency or simply want some new alarm sounds to help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day!

Gain insight into your sleep, track moon phases, keep a dream diary and more using your preferred Android device:

- Track your sleep duration, cycles and efficiency with the simple tap of a button
- Make use of all tracking features, even when in airplane mode, by simply setting your device on your bed (next to your pillow)
- Develop a better understanding of your light sleep, deep sleep & time spent awake in bed, (when falling asleep or waking up in the morning)
- Use the Smart Alarm to wake up at the ideal time within your personalized Wake-Up Window
- Enjoy a variety of alarm sounds and snooze functionality for a perfect, personalized start to your day
- Enter daily habits & variables, such as caffeine consumption, exercise info, alcohol consumption and stress level, to determine the effects of these variables on your sleep quality
- Monitor moon phases
- Keep a dream diary to learn what you dream about most and what percentage of your dreams are good, bad or neutral
- Note your moods as part of your daily stats upon each wake up
- View sleep history - your personal tracking log - within a clean, modern app design, including daily stats and overviews for longer time periods (i.e. a selected week or month)
- Filter history taking daily variables into account to determine when you’re sleeping best

* Some functions & benefits are limited in the free version of Sleep Better. To access all benefits, users are encouraged to take advantage of the Sleep Better in-app purchase.

What are you waiting for? Download this simple, yet functional, sleep recorder and smart alarm today and start your tracking tonight! If you’d like even more information on why sleep is such an important component of your overall health, wellness and fitness efforts, please visit the Runtastic Blog today. We’re pleased to share a sleep series with interested users & readers to help YOU truly make the most of your shut eye. Sleep-related insights and further information on 24-hour tracking with Runtastic are also covered on our Fitness Channel on YouTube and throughout our social media channels. Go on - grab a cup of tea, settle in for a few moments & relax… Happy learning and sweet dreams.

Sleep Better with Runtastic: Because great nights lead to great days!

Google Fit

Google Fit  apk

Make a healthy change in your life by becoming more active, aware and motivated.

Effortlessly track your activity:
• Just carry your phone and get access to your walking, running and cycling activity.

Reach your fitness goals:
• Set goals based on either duration or steps and see your progress throughout the day.
• Receive performance-based recommendations for activity goals.

A comprehensive view of your fitness:
• Connect third party devices and apps to Fit and we’ll show you all of your fitness data in one place.

Available everywhere:
• Compatible with all Android Wear devices.
• Also access Google Fit on the web at http://www.google.com/fit and on your tablet.

Field Goal Tournament

Field Goal Tournament  apk

Discover this top free American Football game with endless ranking and tournament modes, great performance, and amazing features!

- Intuitive and addictive gameplay, feels like realistic field goal kicking, easy controls, fun for the family
- Multiple football stadiums with awesome 3D graphics
- Great sound, and visual effects to complement the real football feel
- Tournament mode with 4 preset tournaments you can play with up to 8 human or computer players to figure out who's the best
- Tournament Editor, to make your own customized tournaments!
- Endless ranking mode, best the highscores with revolutionary checkpoint endless system
- Completely free, realistic flick field goal kick game for every age

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups  apk

This app gives you a dedicated space for you and your groups.

See all of your Facebook Groups in one place. Discuss, plan and collaborate easily and without distractions. Follow your groups here or on Facebook, whichever is easier for you.

* Create a group for just about anything.
* Share information, post photos and links, and stay in touch.
* Discover and join new groups for whatever you’re into.

Facebook Groups are great for...

* Families—share photos, organize vacations.
* Teams—post updates and schedules.
* Neighborhoods—borrow tools, share local news.
* School & Work—collaborate on projects, distribute notes.


UberPartner  apk

Want to ride instead? CLICK HERE to download the Uber Rider app.

Drive Your Own Car. Meet friendly people in your city and help them get around—no office or boss.
Make Your Own Schedule. Drive full-time or just a few hours a week, whenever it’s convenient for you.
Use Your Own Phone. It’s free to download on your own Android device (must be 2013 or newer).

Switch on the UberPartner app whenever you want to start picking up riders.
Move your riders quickly and efficiently with automatic GPS directions from the app.
Get paid every week from your fares, directly deposited to your bank account.

Sign up to drive at partners.uber.com and start your application.
Upload your vehicle documents, then download this app on to your phone.
Once you are registered and approved, drive and earn money whenever you want.

App typically uses 2GB of data per month, so charges to your phone plan may apply.

Fake Call - Prank Call

Fake Call - Prank Call  apk

Fake Call . Fool your friends and say you'll call celebrities to your mobile phone

9 Fun Card Games - Solitaire

9 Fun Card Games - Solitaire  apk

Forgot to bring a deck of cards? No problem! This app brings you 9 addicting solitaire games!! Prepare for hours of fun with 9 different card games. Enjoy classic games along with some new ones! This pack includes classic Solitaire, Freecell, Pyramid, Poker and more!! 9 Fun Card Games- Solitaire will surely pull you out of your boredom!

This app is certified Actually Free© which means you get the full game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Learn more at http://actuallyfreegames.com

The pack contains the following 9 games:

Wild West Solitaire (Classic Solitaire)
Gin Rummy (Classic Gin Rummy)
Baker's Game (Similar to FreeCell , but sequences are built by suit)
3 Pyramid Tripeaks (Tripeaks Solitaire)
Frozen Mahjong (Not a 'card game' but we thought you'd enjoy it!)
Magic Castle Solitaire (Tripeaks with extra bonus cards)
FreeCell Summer Holiday (Classic FreeCell card game)
Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt (Pyramid Solitaire)
Vegas Poker (Texas Hold'em Poker)

Charm Mania™

Charm Mania™  apk

Ready for an epic adventure of magic and mischief?
Here comes CHARM MANIA, the latest and newest match-3 game that's equal parts addictive, challenging and fun!

Switch and match the collectable charms on your journey throuth this magic world. Join the magic fairy to fend off the wicked witch who threatens to spoil the wonderland and grab the magic charms away. Be lost in hours of FUN as you travel through the hundreds of levels and different themes that await you.

It's time to set sail on CHARM MANIA!

Exciting Features
● MATCH and collect charms with the same type to complete level targets!
● PLAY through over 100+ well designed levels in a vibrant new world of magic tricks!
● FEND OFF the wicked witch to protect this wonderland!
● COMPETE high scores against your friends through Facebook!
● UNLOCK different powerful items and boosters to help you get a HIGH SCORE!
● EASY to learn, a lifetime to master!
● BEST match-3 game for all ages and genders!

"My favorite match-3 game!" -Emily W
"Loads of fun!!! Not to mention it's free!" -Sheniece J
"Best game ever. You can't miss it!" -Lydia B

Furious Car Driving

Furious Car Driving  apk

Furious Car Driving is an advanced driving simulator with great physics for both sport and an off-road car.
One super car that is fully controllable you can open doors, trunk and hood.

An off-road hummer car for driving on hills and to simulate 4x4 traction.

Top Features
- Incredible vehicles
- Full HD graphics
- Realistic sounds
- Controllable car parts
- Realistic physics

Do you like it?

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