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Fresh Attic Living Room Escape

Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank  apk

Broken Screen Prank is for you!!

Shock your friends with a simple, vivid, and realistic broken screen effect and nerve wrecking cracking sounds.
This app is created to fool and prank people. You can get rid of annoying friends or strangers by showing them your phone's broken glass.

- more then real cracking sound
- vibration for tactile experience;
- several randomly appearing specially selected crack images for realistic view;
- touch control screen breakage action;
- full screen effect that distinguish our app among the others on the market.
- nice looking widget included

How to use:
- start the prank app (you'll see your regular home screen when it's ready to go)
- give it to your friends/parents/bro/sister...
- when they accidentally (or not) touch the screen...

ENJOY this funny prank!!!

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Zombies: Line of Defense Free

Zombies: Line of Defense Free  apk

Hungry zombies are attacking! Defend the survivors’ base from their attacks: place towers in the enemy’s path, upgrade your soldiers and arm them with the best weapons. Smash never-ending waves of bloodthirsty zombies in a new tower defense game! Onwards, zombie-killer!

Enjoy a pure TD fighting challenge between humans and zombies in a post-apocalyptic world! Wage battles in infected lands. Develop your defensive strategy: you need more than just bullets to kill mutated zombies. Blow up all the zombies before they eat your brains!

Killing features:

▶ Free territories in the USA and the whole world from bloodthirsty zombies!
▶ Save civilians in 24+ dangerous TD zombie-infested levels.
▶ Arm and train survivors to incorporate them into your team. Create an army of your own!
▶ Choose the best from a vast variety of weapons, from simple guns to missile launchers. Try them all!
▶ Experiment with weapons and develop your strategy to find the most effective ways of destroying each type of zombie.

NEW UNIQUE FEATURE in the tower defense genre
Rearm your fellowship of heroes instantly and repel zombie attacks even more effectively!

Get even with the evil zombies and keep humans from being eaten in a new tower defense game! There's only one rule to remember: the only good zombie is a dead zombie!

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Escape Prison

Escape Prison  apk

Escape prison is another new point
and touch type escape the room game.
In this game you must search for
items and clues to escape the Room.
Good luck and have fun !

Turbo Boat Racing:Halloween

Turbo Boat Racing:Halloween  apk

It's a simple game with attractive levels.
If you like play game at any time in any area, this is your best choice.
All the boats you can imagine is all here,you must collect Halloween Pumpkins to unlock the high level boats and buy them use your pumpkins.

How to Play:
*Tilt your phone to move and swerve through obstacles
*Collect pumpkins to unlock new boats

-Perfect game design
-Bright 3D panoramic view
-Gravity effect control
-Earn a high score, beat your friends' scores

Italian World

Italian World  apk

ITALIAN WORLD!!! This fun and amazing adventure game is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for. A Mario - like side scrolling adventure that will rock you through challenging levels of running and jumping.
To play you simple touch the screen to jump and touch quickly twice to double jump. You can jump over your enemies to kill them.

Download ITALIAN WORLD now! It is a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!

• Fun Game
• Lots of Challenging Levels
• Great Graphics
• Classic Runner Game Style.

devicealive Galaxy Mega 2

devicealive Galaxy Mega 2  apk

This application is intended solely for the purpose of in-store demonstration for AT&T.

Do not install this on your device unless you are an AT&T representative and have obtained the password required to open the application.

The application is designed to run continuously until uninstalled and will drain the battery.

USA Freedom GO Keyboard Theme

USA Freedom GO Keyboard Theme  apk

Decorate your keyboard with freedom and USA flag!

It is free! Download it and try it now!

- GO Keyboard theme is only available for phones with GO KEYBOARD - EMOJI, EMOTICONS installed.
Click here to install GO KEYBOARD - EMOJI, EMOTICONS!
- This theme is only run on GO Keyboard 1.8.0 or up.

★How to Apply the Theme:
Step 1. Download this theme.
Step 2. Click into GO Keyboard -> Theme Settings -> Local -> Apply

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Monster Hair Salon

Monster Hair Salon  apk

The main character of Monster High Real Haircuts is Draculaura, Count Dracula's gorgeous daughter. She plans to impress her ghoul friends with a brand new hairdo Monday at school and for that she needs a super talented hairdresser to help her create that new hairstyle. Do you girls think you have what it takes to be Draculaura's precious hairstylist? Well, it's time to put your skills to a major test while playing the 'Monster High Real Haircuts' makeover game! Chance Draculaura's haircut by using ten different hairstyling tools including trimmer, cutter, curler, scissors, hair plate or sparkler, then change its color choosing form the eighteen different colors the one you fancy the most and once you're done accessorize Draculaura's hair with some lovely hairpins in order to complete her brand new, stunning look! Have fun girls!

garbage truck simulator

garbage truck simulator  apk

it's time to get behind the wheel of a garbage truck! if you are a fan of driving and parking games, then you cannot miss the latest driving and parking game to hit the app store! in this fun new game, your job is to clean up the streets by collecting all the trash. it doesn't stop there! once you are done collecting the trash around town, you then need to find the special parking zone to park your big garbage truck!
most parking games have you only park your vehicle. this game is different. not only do you have to park your truck, you also have to pick up the trash! It's definitely not a game you've played before! this is one of the most awesome garbage truck games you have ever seen before. this big junk cleaner is very help full for the civilization .
garbage truck driving games are one of the most populiar games on the play store.
this parking mania game is perfect for people that like to drive big vehicle's and like to have nice fresh and clean streets. and its also a nice road trip you will see alote of things while you are on the job.
and a good training for street parking
so are you ready to drive a big truck. then download this game now because it has a very big truck special for people that love truck vehicle's
but remember with big vehicle's comes big responsibility it has alote of weight and power it could destroy many thing without any problems
but after driving it a couple of times parking your truck wont be that tricky anymore

garbage truck simulator game Features:
- game has four awesome garbage truck that you can drive and park
- real life garbage truck parking situations, experience the cool 3D environment of the big city
- realistic garbage truck parking controls
- cool dynamic garbage truck driver gameplay

we hope you will enjoy this amazing real simulator driving game aand give us some love by liking our MobilePlus facebook page so we can keep you up to date on our latest games!
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Hot Pink Theme (chomp)

Hot Pink Theme (chomp)  apk

This is a Hot Pink theme add-on to the chompSMS application.

Once installed, access the theme in chompSMS > Settings > Theme It!

Note: requires at least chompSMS version 6.28

Toys Doc

Toys Doc  apk

Toys Doc is ideal for children, coin board bubbles bursting game.

With the coins you can buy the kits at the shop! briefcases and you can fix all the toys.

Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and manages your toys.

Ideal for play and fun.

The whole game is FREE! no need to buy anything with real money.

You can do everything in the free version.

You can start playing and have fun with Toys Doc

This game has no relation to McStuffins games or cartoons.
All is own creation, not infringe copyright because it is our property.

4x4 Off-road Rally

4x4 Off-road Rally  apk

Drive a 4x4 offroad car through the countryside and passes through all the check points. Manages the wheel moving your mobile or tablet and see that the driving feel is real ultra. Drive like never before, incredible jumps in the mountains. Climb to the top of the hill and continue on the road or asphalt driveway.

With this crossover SUV you can feel the sensations felt by drivers of the Dakar Rally. This hummer is indestructible and although you fall from the top will continue repaired. Make the descent of the mountain or the hill at full speed without fear of accidents. Perhaps one of the best simulators 4x4. Use the gearbox and can climb walls almost. The car can not fly by itself, but when you make a jump can do a thousand tricks or stunts.

Only experienced drivers with driving license know this game perfectly simulates racing and field trial. No bike makes you lack of trial, this suv 4x4 SUV go up by stones and rivers without fear of a flat tire. There will be no engine problems or oil change. Thanks to the car wheel lug grips any surface and makes it very stable.

Help us improve proposing further improvements for future updates.

Berry Rush

Berry Rush  apk

Match your way through the world of Berry Rush to reverse the effects of an unfortunate accident that has transformed the animals around the land.


Ringtones  apk

ringtones contains 2999+ most popular ringtones. set as default , notification,sound effect or alarm ringtone
We put all the top ringtones for Android in one place for you. Now you don’t have to download many apps, because there is one free app with all the popular that you want to have.
All ringtones are the best selection. Enjoy these cool ringtones!
Legal info:
Sound clips used in ringtones android app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons license.


Cosplanner  apk

Create and manage all your cosplays with Cosplanner. You'll know the progress percentage of them in each moment, save reference images of the character, know the total cost and time you've invested in making each of its elements and the time lapse of your project.

When you finish it you'll be able to do even more! Log events where you will wear it, places, photo shoots, achievements and its best pictures!

Do you know what has been your most expensive cosplay? Or the cheapest? What number of photos you have of them? Or which one has been worn in more events? Cosplanner will help you to track this info, so, you'll be able to decide what's the next cosplay to wear, or which of them is missing a good photo shoot

Download Cosplanner now for free and try it on your Android powered device

*All characters shown in the screenshots are property of their respective authors, their use herein is for illustrative purposes only

Emoji Emoticons

Emoji Emoticons  apk

Share the best and funniest emoticons, smileys and emojis. This application is a complement to WhatsApp, and allows us to share and send to your WhatsApp contact the funniest icons.

We have selected for you the best emoticons for different emotions (faces, love, animals, expressions & signs, and characters).

The application will create an icon on WhatsApp to send emoticons directly from the app quickly. You select the smiley, select the contact and the image is sent to your friend.

Unofficial Product. This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger, its name, trademark, and other aspects of the app are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.

Journeys & Notes

Journeys & Notes  apk

Journeys & Notes, a Microsoft Garage project, is a delightfully curious social app for the space between an origin and a destination. Whether you're taking the bus to work across town, or jet-setting across the globe, checking-in to your trips with Journeys & Notes unlocks a community of people who have traveled the path you're on.
The road may be long and lonely, but we help connect you with others along the journey. Leave behind notes for your fellow travelers to discover, or stumble across the serendipitous gems of wisdom shared by others. Microsoft Garage turns fresh ideas into real projects. Learn more at http://www.journeysandnotes.com/, and see more apps at http://www.microsoft.com/garage.

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