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Just Shoot!

Just Shoot!  apk

Just Shoot! is a fast-paced action game, that sets you in the middle of a full-blown saloon shootout - and you need to show everyone that they shouldn't mess with the fastest gun on the Wild West!

Just tap the screen, defeat your enemies, upgrade your equipment and hold on as long as you can!

*Over 30 upgrades
*Randomised shop system - no two rounds are the same!
*5 gameplay modes
*Countless hours of fun!

Happy Halloween Emoji Keyboard

Happy Halloween Emoji Keyboard  apk

Happy Halloween Theme for KK Emoji,Emoticons and Smileys Keyboard

KK Emoji Keyboard is a free, smart and colorful Emoji Keyboard for Android that help you to fast input over 3000 emoji, emoticons, smiley, sticker and text face conveniently everywhere including message, text, email and chat with social app etc. It’s the best Emoji Keyboard for Android with over 100 beautiful themes, smart gesture type and auto correct, highly customization with color, layout, font and over 55 languages support.

Highlights of KK Emoji Keyboard

- Fast input emoji in message,text,email,note and chat with social apps
- Smart emoji prediction to match emoji for your words
- Text face including ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ)

- Top row number input
- Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview
- Auto correct and smart next word suggestion
- Over 30 dictionaries for different languages

- Over 100 beautiful themes
- Continue to increase

- Resize and split layout as you wish
- Customizable key press sound
- Customizable keyboard color, font and wallpaper

- Copy,cut,paste and arrow key
- Clipboard for fast copy and paste

Join our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kkemojikeyboard
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kkemojikeyboard
For more information, please refer to our FAQ:https://emojikeyboard.uservoice.com

Want to help in our localization efforts and please contact with kkemojiandroid@gmail.com. Thanks!

Forest Sniper – Animals Hunter

Forest Sniper – Animals Hunter  apk

Set on a hunting adventure touching deadly shores of dark forest filled with wild animals. Take the avatar as a hungry hunter in this shooting game. Make the best crazy use of best professional sniper shooting gun in your jungle hunting mission. You have to hunt for your chase in deep dark safari jungles.
Best in Game levels includes:
✓ Stag hunting
✓ Lion hunting
✓ Rhino hunting
✓ Wolf hunting
✓ Zebra hunting

Also many other wildlife animals waiting for you….

Chase began when You got the best sniper shooting gun during the last visit to your retired army soldier uncle at Africa and now its time to hunt for your craze for shooting. What else would be a better place than an abundant safari jungle all surrounded with wildlife animals. Will you go for an easy shoot like deer, zebras or rhino or test your hunter skills at most wild creatures of all time lion & tigers, bear or stags. Possibly, you may encounter with the ultimate deadly play of your life…

► Ultimate Sniper shooting experience at its extreme
► Different animals with multiple textures captivate to target
► Jungle environment with realistic sound effects and responsive action
► Addictive gameplay, feel of real life jungle hunting experience
► Deal with short time paced with accurate headshot
► Perfect hunting game for hunters and animals shooting lovers
► Visual stunning real time HD graphics
► FPS hunter simulator perspective
► Game play is simple if you have best shooting skills

► Choose target among different animals Deer, Lions, Stags, Beers or Zebras
► Take zoom and shoot right at the wild animal
► Aim Navigation with navigate pad
► Move left or right screen to hunt for an aim
► Use bullet button to shoot

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Learn FB Profile Viewers

Learn FB Profile Viewers  apk

FB Profile Viewers :

You must be curios to know that who is visiting your profile most right ? So, Who Looked at your profile?
app will provides you list of users that is visiting or most interacting with you on Facebook. Do not worry we will not post anything or any of your personal information on your wall.
If you are not sure about the person who have crush on you we can do it with this app.
Just match this app with your profile you will get exact list of people who is recently interact with you or who is visiting most to your profile.

It might be doubting or shocking for you, I know But it is true.

How it is working : Install app and do log in with Facebook in the application it self. You will get list of your friends that is crush on you or most visited your profile.

Just try this you will be sure. Do not forget to Rate us It will help us to improve our code. Please send us an email if you have any complaints so that we can provide you a better service. Emails will be replied shortly, therefore, before making a comment please send an email with your objections.

Keywords: Who viewed your profile, profile viewers, who looked your facebook

Thank You.

Music Player (Professional)

Music Player (Professional)  apk

Music Player is one of the most powerful and professional music player , for free !
Music Player used the simple and advanced monitor design . With the music player ,You can manage your music easily . Music Player will guide you easily to find all the music in your phone .
Online music search and download .you can find the free music in Music player now .
Built-in 5 band graphic equalizer with default/customizable presets ( Hiphop , Rock , Dance , Popular , Latin , Metal , Classical , Balance ) , stereo widening effect , reverb effects , bass boost effect , volume control , left-right volume control , gapless playback , replay gain .


- download free music .
- support most of audio formats :mp3 , ogg , flac , wav , ape , wv , tta , mpc , aiff , wma , AAC .
- stereo eXpansion , mono mixing , balance , dynamic queue .
- support for m3u , m3u8 , pls , wpl playlists .
- surround sound , bass boost and perfect virtualization technology .
- browse and play your music album , artist , genre , songs , podcast and playlist .
- create and edit playlists player inside .
- no clearance play .

Thank Jamendo support for online music(http://www.jamendo.com/)
The icon is follow "Share Alike 3.0 Unported License"


Capshare  apk

With Capshare’s elegantly designed editor you can create beautiful slide shows and edit your creation as many times as you want. Your friends and followers can view your creation on our interactive player for unmatched viewing experience. Then you can create music videos and share it with your friends and followers on other social Media platform.

Capshare has unmatched privacy and sharing controls, allowing you to keep your creations for yourself, share them with selected friends or with everyone in Capshare’s social network, or on Facebook and Twitter.


Create Slideshows or Music Videos:
+ Take or import pictures & videos. Write notes & blogs
+ Assemble and reorder your captures in story timeline
+ Make your pictures vibrant with visual effects
+ Add captions to create a storyline
+ Record narration or capture the sound of your experience
+ Set a tone for your story with background music
+ Build multiple stories simultaneously and publish each when ready
+ Unlimited add/edit to previously saved stories

View creations in ways never been seen before:
+ View Slideshows using our Interactive Multimedia Player.
+ Pause the player to interact with the content; zoom-in on the pictures, add likes and comments, look up the location of the scene or save the desired pictures on your camera roll.

Connect with others
+ Invite and connect with your friends on Capshare for easier sharing, enhanced viewing, and unmatched privacy control of your creations
+ Follow bloggers that publish multimedia contents in your areas of interest
+ Be part of a social networking platform that is focused to capturing, sharing, and exploring the world!

Download and Start Playing Now
We appreciate your patience for reading through all of this! But we much rather see you start your first creation now!

Stick Sniper - Smoking Kills

Stick Sniper - Smoking Kills  apk

Your mission in this stickman sniping game is to take a role of elite sniper and shoot the smokers dead and rise in the organization ranks. Read your briefings and complete all missions.you must expose smoking for the deadly habit it is. Complete all your missions to make this stick figure world a smoke-free environment.

Use your sniper skills to shoot people who are smoking and look really cool doing it!

Throw the Turtle Ninja

Throw the Turtle Ninja  apk

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - some just because they got up in the morning to school, because at breakfast time showed this cartoon. And, of course, the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is even better than a cartoon. Every lover of the Ninja Turtles and games with them have to play this game! Here you will feel cooler Ninja. You work off of reptiles from the throne. Ready for this? Then choose the high-rise abruptly and apply a stronger kick. Share your achievements with friends and assemble a team of winners.

Mutants do not place on the alley of fame:
- You will be pleased with the variety of high-rises
- Your friends will appreciate your power!
- Are you ready to take the baton from the super-heroes ?!

Cooler Master –Cool down Droid

Cooler Master –Cool down Droid  apk

As the #1 Android app that monitors and lowers the temperature of your phone, Cooler Master detects and closes overheating apps in order to reduce CPU usage , and keeps your phone cool at all times.

Features (Totally Free and No Ads)

✓ Real-time temperature monitoring
Detects and records phone temperature changes in real time, and shows you a temperature chart of the last 6 hours.
✓ Dynamic overheating apps detection
Finds out which apps are causing your phone to overheat by dynamically analyzing CPU usage and detecting apps that are constantly using your CPU.
✓One tap to cool down
Allow you to close overheating apps with only one tap to lower CPU usage and cool down your phone.


★Why does my phone overheat?
Constantly high CPU usage is mostly the reason why your phone overheats. Some apps tend to use the CPU for a very long time in the background, which causes your phone to produce excessive heat.
★How dose Cooler Master work?
Cooler Master is designed to monitor the CPU usage of your phone, and detect apps with high CPU usage so you can close them
★Why does my phone get so hot?
It’s normal for your phone to get hot when you are using complicated apps, watching video clips, or while you recharge it. In such cases, just put your phone somewhere cool and ventilated, and the temperature should drop soon.

Supported languages:

English, Chinese
The features listed above are available for free. There are no in-app ads.

Please contact us at team.coolermaster@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions.

AppLock Theme - Halloween

AppLock Theme - Halloween  apk

If you cannot apply this theme, please uninstall it and install again and open it directly.

How to celebrate Halloween? Use this AppLock theme for CM Security right now!
(Please download CM Security to enable the AppLock function at first: http://goo.gl/PonUWV )

By using the AppLock of CM Security, you can:
- Lock apps : Lock contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike from prying eyes and nosy friends
- Lock settings : Prevent your children from buying unwanted apps/games and phone settings
- Lock privacy : AppLock for gallery, photos, and files
- Use Intruder Selfie : Take photos of the snoopers

It's also the first AppLock which is compatible with Android L in the world

MMP - Music MP3 Player

MMP - Music MP3 Player  apk

A free music player app where you can listen to millions of songs for free!
Music MP3 Player is the best music player. You can play tens of millions of the world’s hit songs for free!
You can find your favorite songs by searching or using the popularity ranking. You can listen to them all for free.
Background, shuffle and repeat playback are of course possible.
Feel free to make playlists and enjoy your very own MP3 albums.

* Main Features

- Song search
- Album search
- A popularity chart classified by country
- A western (European) music chart classified by year
- Playlists
- Background playback
- Play for 30 seconds for free

* Unique Features

- Diverse music charts
- Completely free! Annoying membership registrations are absolutely unnecessary!
- Search for MP3s out of tens of millions of the world’s hit songs
- A user interface easily usable by anyone

* Due to be implemented with an upgrade

- Shuffle playback
- Repeat playback

* Regarding the contents

The music data displayed in searches with this app is content published by services widely available to the public on the internet, and download is not possible.
For this reason, please understand that this app has absolutely nothing to do with copyright laws.
This app is not a downloader. It is not possible to save data such as MP3 or MP4.
It is possible that this app may not function properly in case of poor reception.

Cute cat simulator 3D

Cute cat simulator 3D  apk

Cute cat simulator is a game in which you are a very nice cat and you have to break the maximum objects around you.

This cat simulator will let you become a cat and break objects you touch. This is the best 3D cat simulator on Google Play.

✔ Train to break fragile objects with three training rooms for cats.
✔ Discover 3 different rooms (medieval, living room, kitchen).
✔ Break the objects to get points.
✔ Unlock new cats.

Simulator 3D chat is the best simulator for cats. If you've always dreamed of becoming a cat, download this free cat life simulation for Android!

Choose your cat, choose your room and break objects to win !

HalloweenClick GOLauncherTheme

HalloweenClick GOLauncherTheme  apk

2014 Brand New Halloween theme for GO Launcher EX! It is specially designed for Halloween, giving a great new look to your android phone! Happy Halloween with this great GO Launcher theme!

❤Brief Introduction:
Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.

GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Click here to install GO Launcher EX!

❤How to Apply the Theme:
- Directly open the theme after successful installation.
- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.



This is a premium theme but free to download. you may
1.Pay with IAP ( In app purchase )
2.Get it for free with Getjar Gold

❤How to use this theme:
1. After downloading and installing this theme, go to Application Center -> Theme Store -> Installed -> choose your theme -> Apply
2. Choose pay with Google Checkout or Free with Getjar Gold.
3. If you choose Getjar Gold, there will be several apps listed, just download some apps to earn gold and then purchase with Getjar Gold
4. After purchase, select Installed -> choose the theme -> Apply
5. Enjoy your theme and pay attention to our products

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Subway Guide Unlimited Coins

Subway Guide Unlimited Coins  apk


Want to be the surfer king on that great subway game? Are you frustrated with low scores? This app will help you achieve this and more. You can achieve coins and keys......you can basically play forever.

*No more fake guides claiming to give you unlimited coins and keys, this is the app you've been waiting for.
*Learn how to unlock keys and coins for Subway Surf.
*Get money to spend on your favorite character.
*Unlock keys and coins.
*Unlock Subway Characters
*Get Cheat codes
*Hoverboard for Subway Tokyo, as well as Subway Moscow!
*Works for all versions: Tokyo, Halloween, Moscow, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Paris, France, England!

Legal Notices:
This app is an unofficial guide only, it is not authorized or created by the creator of the Subway Surfr Game.

The Ghost Archives

The Ghost Archives  apk

Test your paranormal abilities in this spine-chilling adventure!
Journey to an abandoned mining town named Shady Valley to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a large, hulking ghost named "Norman Macabre", who will not only care for your safety but also watch every step you take. As the story goes, the villagers who died here with unfinished business have become earthbound souls who cannot cross over. Are you skilled enough to help them? To prove that your intentions are pure and genuine, complete challenging tasks as you unravel the truth behind a dramatic sequence of events involving dirty money and a curse. Step by step, collect useful items and find clues to understand the lost souls’ needs and help them find peace!


● Over 100 eerie locations
● Five spellbinding chapters
● 20 enthralling mini-games
● 19 desirable achievements
● 2 gameplay modes: casual and expert
● Breathtaking graphics and unique storylinee
● Google Play game services support

Game available in: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

***Note*** This game supports high-end smartphones and tablets such as Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

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Collect them all! Search for "g5" in Google Play!


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▶ The Secret Society®
▶ Letters From Nowhere: Mystery
▶ Left in the Dark
▶ The Cursed Ship


▶ Virtual City Playground®
▶ The Island: Castaway® 2
▶ Doomsday Preppers™
▶ Brave Tribe
▶ Supermarket Management 2

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Wrestling Fighter World

Wrestling Fighter World  apk

Let’s get rumble and pump up your muscle for a challenging wrestling experience. Wrestling is one of the most entertaining and challenging sport in the world, so let’s fight your journey with Wrestling Fighter World now.

Wrestling Fighter World is the latest innovated wrestling game for you to experience and challenge. You get to discover and learn about wrestling around the World. So pimp up your muscle now for the real experience.

Wrestling Fighter World features:
Easy to control and on going learning experience.
High resolution graphic images of wrestling matches for you to choose from.
Different levels of exciting puzzle, memory and block games to challenge.
Exciting and fun videos to watch.
Are you ready for Raw? Download Wrestling Fighter World now!

MP3usic youtube Download

MP3usic youtube Download  apk

MP3 Downloader for Android. Probably the most simple, fast and very easy to download mp3s.
Making improvements to our new applications;
- Artist, albums and MP3 songs, search by name
- Free MP3 music download
- Free MP3 music playback
- No need to wait as downloading direct download.
- MP3 songs to your SD card or internal memory will go down.

NOTE: any MP3 file is not hosted. With this application you have downloaded all music mp3 files are downloaded from different services with API connection.

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