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Dominos  apk

Game plays with domino tiles, the goal of the game is to make the open ends of the layout add up to 5 (or a multiple of five).

Idle Oil Tycoon

Idle Oil Tycoon  apk

In this incremental or idle game, you can build your oil empire as you see fit.

Increase your investments, invest in new technologies, even retire and pass on your knowledge to your protégé.

At higher levels, don't miss the specialists:
* The Investment Advisor slowly buys property levels for you.
* The Efficiency Manager gives a periodic boost to the speed of one of your properties.
* The Consultant gives the income from one property a massive boost for a short time.

* Designed for tablets and phones.
* Fun and simple.
* Great for when you only have a few minutes to play.
* Hundreds of upgrades and achievements mean you always have something to look forward to.

Billing Permission: We have added the billing permission to allow those who wish to do so to remove the ads. We do not intend to add any further transactions to the game.

Monster Dracula Hair Salon

Monster Dracula Hair Salon  apk

Monster Dracula Girl is the 1,600-year old daughter of Count Dracula. Her fangs are visibly seen protruding from her mouth, even when not talking, and her skin is a pale pink. Today you must prepare a new hairstyle for this cute example monster high resolution character. Give it a washing first and then select some nice hairstyles and haircolors. Give her a nice makeover at the end.
Play now. enjoy time!

Baby Elsa Spa Salon

Baby Elsa Spa Salon  apk

It's all Fun & Games with the Little Frozen Ice Princess! She may be cold as ice but her heart is warm with love! Take Baby Elsa along with Stella for a makeover at the beauty salon. Try out different Hair Styles, apply makeup, and give them a dressup fit for little princesses! Just make sure Baby Esla & her Friend Stella stay happy throughout the beauty makeover. After all, you don't want them frozen in one place now, do you?


- Experience the Cuteness of Baby Elsa & Little Stella
- Beauty Makeover Mania: Give them a Princess Themed Makeup!
- Epic Hair Styles: With so many Hair makeover options, just think of the endless possibilities!
- Cute Little Dressup Options: A princess makeover deserves to be Royal! Show them what you can do!
- Beauty Treatment for Elsa & Stella: Babies deserve the best, so spoil them with amazing baby hair shampoos, oils, creams, & powder!
- Baby Makeup: Well, babies don't need a lot of makeup; powder dust will work wonders!
- Ice themed Frocks for the Ultimate frozen look! It's dressup at its best!
- Choose from Little Crowns designed to fit babies
- Stunning Shoe options!
- Toys that will remind you of ice frozen winters
- Endless Dressup Possibilities!


TIPY TAPY WEB ADDRESS: http://tipytapy.webs.com/

TIPY TAPY PRIVACY POLICY LINK: http://tipytapy.webs.com/privacy-policy

TIPY TAPY SUPPORT ADDRESS: tipytapyapps@gmail.com

Get The Auto 3D

Get The Auto 3D  apk

Outrun all your rivals and come to the finish line first in Get The Auto 3D!
Do you like speed? Participate in our incredible race, competitors are waiting for you, start the pursuit! They are really crazy drivers! Now you can experience all the excitement of the competition and the dynamics of the race circuit in 3D. You’ll fully immerse in the process of the game and feel like a real racer. And 3D graphics make the race even more spectacular and the pursuit more realistic. All you need is cool cars and speed! This is the cool racing game in your phone.
In our game Get The Auto 3D you’ll find:

- simple and intuitive control
- amazing 3D graphics
- realistic race circuit
- intelligent competitors
- cool cars
- super music

Get The Auto 3D is an exciting race in format 3D!

Dress Up Princess Sofia

Dress Up Princess Sofia  apk

Choose from thousands of combinations to create the perfect look in this FREE dress up and makeup fashion game! Apply realistic makeup by choosing from today's trendy color palettes. Save your model to your own modeling album. You won't believe how amazingly cool this game is!
Loads of clothing items including pants, shoes, shirts and tops, jewelry, earrings, glasses, backgrounds, wallpaper, and more!!!

Instalikes Instagram Likes

Instalikes Instagram Likes  apk

Likes for Free . You can get Free & Unlimited Instagram likes . There is no limit for that . You photo may amazing but if people doesn’t that your photo may lose attantion . Here is the oppurtunity for your photos

We all love instagram and love to see likes and followers . With this app you can get more likes on your great photos . Also you can discover amazing users and also photos to like . Come everyday get 50 coins and more likes

You can select your photo to get like and your photo will get more like than you thougt immediately . Discovering new photos is amazing and you can also put your photos to other instagrammers . To do this you dont have to pay anything like compadators

Coins keep track your points to get like . You can use them and get with likes anothers photos . There is not limit to get like every day . But you limit to like other photos to keep your account safe

They are all real Instagram users and they will like your photo because of they loved it.
We dont want to sell anything . You wont pay for nothing . Thats all free and open for new instagrammers

There are options to get likes

1) Like photos to get coins and keep your photos to like
2) Watch video ads to get 10 likes .
3) With rating you will get 25 likes

Have fun . Have likes :)


PokeEgg  apk

In this application you will have to break the egg tamago Pressing it 200 times a style to find 30 different pokemon is inside it and unlock your own pokedex !! Collect them all! Also, if you unlock all (unlocked by having them in the pokedex) it will show a surprise that contains the application !! There pokemons as Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, etc. and legendary pokemon like Rayquaza, Mew, Deoxys ...
If you like pokemon, and tamago you like, this is your app !!! PokemonEgg / PokeEgg.

Zombie Smash Car

Zombie Smash Car  apk

Zombie Smash Car is a physics engine super speed car game.

If you like Simulator Games, drifting, crushing, trucks, zombies try it.

Smooth controls, realistic auto physics.


* Easy controller
* Realistic driving experience and feelings
* Beautiful Graphics
* Realistic sound environment
* Realistic physics
* Tablet support and FULL HD support
* FULL HD graphics with high quality

The Elder Craft: Frozenland

The Elder Craft: Frozenland  apk

Welcome to fantasy RPG(Fairy Craft like): The Elder Craft: Frozenland !
This is absolutely FREE to DOWNLOAD!

Frozenland - a province in the north of Middle-earth
Conquered by King Herobrine II
Terrible yoke of bloody tyrant delayed too long
Everyone was waiting for a hero
Which will remove the shackles of oppression

In your hands has imposed a heavy burden:
Salvation lands of Middle-earth from the bloody yoke.
Be steadfast - taking the battle from any fiends.
Become a true warrior, fighting for the freedom of the whole human race!
Visited all the places where ancient evil crept.
Ruthlessly push any evil becoming stronger and stronger.
Resist the natural disaster in the coldest province of Middle-earth.

- Large ingame story;
- Leveling Hero;
- Many melee/ranged and magic weapons;
- Large variation of enemies(goblins, vikings, ghosts, zombies, knights etc);
- Inventory/map/joural;
- Boss(3 Herobrine Souls)
- Day-Night Cycle;
- System of weather conditions(Snow, Wind)
- Easy Management System;
- Minecraft block graphics style;
- Realistic camera movements;
- Atmospheric music and sounds;

XRay Scanner

XRay Scanner  apk

Cool X Ray Scanner, awesome X RAY skeleton games. X Ray Scanner is a funny prank app which simulates the X ray scan your hand. The realistic x ray wallpaper and x ray effect will make your friend believe that it is real. It is a perfect tool you can use to prank your friends.

Make your friends believe that your phone camera can see through their skeletons and their clothes by scanning them with your phone. With "X Ray Scanner" you can surprise and laugh your friends, It looks like real x-ray scanner which shows you skeleton of all your friends' hands.

(1)Easy to use, you can easily control your device to play the games.
(2)Plenty of X ray vision of your body.
(3)Realistic X ray effect images.
(4)Support flashlight led.
(5)Absolutely free app.

Start the game like this:
(1)Place your "X Ray machine" over your left hand. You can "scan" your hands through the clothes.
(2)Start x-ray scanner app.
(3)Tilt up or down your device for scrolling xray wallpaper.
(4)Move slowly your device over all your left hand.
(5)Practice a little before tricking your friends!

This is a fake xray scanner, not a real X-ray, it's a prank xray app with moving x-ray skeletal left hand image, this app is for entertainment only.

Ninja Turtles & Mutant Zombies

Ninja Turtles & Mutant Zombies  apk

Listen to the game with headphones. Enjoy this free ninja little turtles game. Help save the city from the attack of the killer zombies. Build up your team and collect sandwiches and pizza for points. Use your points to unlock more ninja turtles and new levels.

- Choose from 4 crazy little ninja turtle heroes
- Different exciting levels
- Fun and amazing HD graphics

The game will start slow but the speed will begin to increase and the challenges will become harder. Enjoy this free Ninja Little Turtle vs City Mutant Zombies Rooftop Gravity Run game and the HD graphics and music.

WiGo (Who is going out?)

WiGo (Who is going out?)  apk

**WiGo is exclusively for college students**

Welcome to WiGo - the first social networking app that shows college students who at their school is going out and where they’re headed, every single night. It’s a simple, efficient platform for college students to organize their rapidly evolving social plans. With WiGo, gone are the days of annoying group texts, inefficient Facebook status updates, and shameless tweets to rally your friends together to go out. WiGo resets every morning, so everything from the night before is wiped clean. Every day on WiGo is a new day!

House - Escape

House - Escape  apk

You will enjoy the mystical house with puzzles and search for his girlfriend.
Your first goal is to find his girlfriend in the house, having a dozen puzzles.
Your second goal is to find a way out of this dark house.
The house offers monsters, various riddles and puzzles.
All items will be able to put in your inventory, as items can be connected (interact) with each other.
Collect keys to open the door, remember the number, they will help you open the door.
Plenty of room and the door waiting for you.
To complete the game will need to find all the items in the rooms and corridors.
High-quality music and high-quality graphics will draw you into this mysterious atmosphere.
The game will appeal to fans of such games as the House - Search for other House of Horrors and a series of games house of fear.
The game is free.

Get Comments for Instagram

Get Comments for Instagram  apk

Comments for Instagram lets you get more comments on your Instagram pictures for free. Get thousands of real Instagram comments, become an Instagram sensation overnight.

How does Comment for Instagram works?

You can earn coins by posting comments on other users pictures, or you can buy coin packages.

When you apply coins to get comments, your photo will be displayed to other Comments for Instagram users until your photo reaches your desired number of comments. (Sky is the limit!) Boost your profile fast and start earning hundreds and thousands of comments! You can even customize the comments the users will write on your post!

Unlike other similar apps:
Comments for Instagram does not have ads

If you wish to speed up and get a lot of comments fast, we offer coins packages for you to buy. This will get you a lot of comment instantly, and you will be placed at the top of the list so you can comments faster! Get Comment for Instagram now!

3D Taxi Duty Driver Game

3D Taxi Duty Driver Game  apk

did you ever wanna know what it takes to be a real taxi driver? Well in this crazy 3D parking game you can get that experience. This newest taxi driver 3D simulator game is a fun and challenging 3D parking game made specially for all you driving games and parking games lovers out there. 3D Taxi Duty Driver Game takes place before you can start picking up passengers in your awesome cabs, keep control over you taxi don’t let the taxi gone wild! Make sure you drive with care in the different 3D parking game missions. Park your taxi safely and make sure you don’t take any damage while driving.

If you are looking for a awesome and amazing car parking simulator game that will test your skills as a precision driver then you should test out this 3D parking game for sure. 3D Taxi Duty Driver Game is one of the most awesome and newest parking games of 2014. Drive around on a realistic parking lot. Make sure you don’t hit anything on your way to the right spot otherwise you can start all over again. This taxi driver 3D simulator game is super fun for any parking game addict, you are able to drive around in different styled taxis. Plus you can customize them to your own needs. Crazy right? so get ready to have some fun with this awesome 3D taxi Duty Driver Game. Show your skills in acceleration, steering and avoid all the different obstacles like other vehicles, boxes and other crazy stuff. Park fast and get a super score but get a better score if you are able to collect all the stars found in these awesome 3D parking simulator game.

3D Taxi Duty Driver Game - 3D parking game features:
- Different 3D taxi’s to drive around with
- Amazing graphics and realistic taxi game sounds
- 50 different taxi parking simulator mission
- Lots of different achievements to collect
- Special parking game features like time rewind and skip level
- Customize your taxi like you want
- Super Realistic taxi controls and great dynamic gameplay

So before you can start picking up passengers and taking them to their destination in your taxi, you need to learn to park and drive your cab in the right way. So to get your taxi license you need to drive around and complete all the taxi driver missions. So you earn your cab license, and this taxi parking game makes it fun for sure. You need to complete all 50 cab driving missions to earn you raxi license in this crazy taxi 3D parking simulation. Every cab driver knows every parking situation is different and if you wanne be the first cab to get the costumer you sometimes need to show off your driving and parking skills. xi driver 3D Cab parking is a cool new 3D parking game that gives you the chance to drive something else than a standard car, truck or bus. Keep your eyes on the time because it can be over before you know it. If you don't finish the parking mission before the time is done you need to try to park your taxi faster the next time.

Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Play or following us on:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGames
Twitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGames

Plastic Surgery Dentist

Plastic Surgery Dentist  apk

"Being a Dentist Doctor can be the most amazing thing ever! Just imagine yourself wearing a lab coat like a nurse and making sure little princesses have beautiful looking teeth.

You start the day by going to the Doctors Hospital where kids are just waiting to get their teeth fixed. Think of it like giving a fun teeth makeover; sounds interesting doesn't it? But don't worry you won't be all alone in this, you will be assisted by a nurse in the clinic to help with all the little treatments.


- Kids Mania: Fun characters to choose from
- Awesome Clinic: Yup, since you are going to be working as a dentist we want you to have the best hospital environment there is with nurses to help you along the way
- Dental Clinic Tools that will amaze: Let us show you how epic our plastic surgery dentist it, these tools are beauty for the teeth
- Princess Beauty Mania: With help from the nurse make the little princesses teeth shine like a star

-----Game Play-----

- Remove Plaque: Teeth are affected by eating junk food, so let the cleaning begin!
- Battle Germs: Save the kids by taping away to kill Germs at the hospital
- Fill Cavities: Germs can create small holes in teeth, fixing them up should not be a problem for a Doctor like you!
- Shine on Teeth: Get rid of all that yellow stuff and move on to the dental makeover
- Makeover Mania: Fun braces for those little kids & beauty princesses!

So you see, being a dentist doctor at an awesome hospital clinic is a fun filled experience. So get started with the dentist mania and move on to the next level of beauty makeover!


TIPY TAPY WEB ADDRESS: http://tipytapy.webs.com/

TIPY TAPY PRIVACY POLICY LINK: http://tipytapy.webs.com/privacy-policy

TIPY TAPY SUPPORT ADDRESS: tipytapyapps@gmail.com"

Stick Death Kitchen

Stick Death Kitchen  apk

In this new click-death puzzle game that in the kitchen you must try to kill each stickman.
The stickmen cook their last meal,keep your eye out for any knives.
Find hidden objects or places on the screen, press them to lead stickmen to death.
This game does not give you any tips to help you.but only one right way to help you to kill all.
Good Luck!

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