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Geekbench 3

Geekbench 3  apk

Find out how fast your Android device is with Geekbench 3, the popular cross-platform benchmark.

Geekbench 3 includes several new tests designed to simulate real-world scenarios. These new tests are designed to quickly and accurately measure mobile processor performance.

Every test included with Geekbench 3 is multi-core aware. This allows Geekbench 3 to measure the full potential of your device's processor. Geekbench 3 also reports performance as separate single-core and multi-core scores, making it easier to figure out how your device will handle your apps.


HeadsUp  apk

HeadsUp is a fork of AcDisplay mainly focused on displaying notifications while your device is on. It will inform you about new notifications, while you're browsing/gaming/watching movies, by showing a minimal, beautiful popup, allowing you to open them directly or perform an action.

- Great design and awesome performance;
- Translated to all of the most popular languages;
- Incredible level of stability;
- Completely open source;
- And more and more.

Madden NFL 15 Companion

Madden NFL 15 Companion  apk

Madden Companion is your gateway to a deeper, connected Madden experience.

Stay in the game when you’re on the go. Get no/fied of game events, friend events, auc/ons, special offers, and
more! ateway to a deeper, connected Madden experience.

Optimize the Madden Ultimate Team experience. Track collection and quickly get item stats.

MADDEN NFL MOBILE: Experience an exciting version of Madden NFL on the go. Build your favorite team, earn rewards and dominate your opponents!

Manage your team anytime, anywhere. Advance the week, view league stats & standings, handle roster transactions and more!

Get an in-depth look into how your opponent is playing, so you can stay one step ahead of the game.

Important Consumer Information. This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); requires acceptance of EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy and Cookie Policy for details); requires Madden NFL 15 for the Xbox One (TM), Playstation 4(TM), and an Origine Account to play - you must meet applicable age requirements to obtain an account; contains direct links to the Internet intended for an audience over 13.

Terms of Service: http://terms.ea.com
Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy: http://privacy.ea.com
Game EULA: http://tos.ea.com/legalapp/mobileeula/US/en/GM

EA may retire online features and services after a 30 day notice posted on www.ea.com/1/service-updates

Fly A Helicopter

Fly A Helicopter  apk

Welcome to Fly a Helicopter game!

This is a simple helicopter flying game! You have 1 helicopter to fly around in a huge terrain environment.

The helicopter handles flight simulation very well, and is based on real helicopter controls and dynamics. Your goal is to fly around and practice landing and taking off in the helicopter!

"Fly A Helicopter" to see what it would be like to fly a helicopter in real life.

To fly helicopter use the on screen joysticks. Left controls lift and tilt angle. The right joystick controls movement, forward/back, left/right.

Fly A Helicopter game will be updated shortly with missions!

Lie Detector Prank

Lie Detector Prank  apk

This is a prank app, it randomly determined true or false.
Find out if your friend is telling lies or the truth with Lie Detector Prank.

Enjoy and fool your friends with this fun joke app!

★ Place your finger in the touch scan panel.
★ Xray laser will scan your fingerprint for some seconds.
★ Wait until xray finish scanning your fingerprint
★ App will simulate detecting lies or truth


This is a fake app that simulates a lie detector, it really cant detects lies. Use with your family and friends for fun purposes, as a joke.

Special Forces Shooting

Special Forces Shooting  apk

This is a great shooting game.Get ready to jump into the first person shooter battle! You are special forces soldier and your mission is to use your weapon aim skills to shoot enemy soldiers and survive! See how good of a shot you are and how many waves of bad guys you can fight off in this shooter game.

Basketball Games Shoot & Dunk

Basketball Games Shoot & Dunk  apk

A fun great basketball game in 3D for your Android device.

In Basketball Games 3D Shoot and Dunk, play your favourite basketball game against a challenging opponent.

Score a three-pointer or a jump shot in this basketball game before the time runs out.

Beware of running out of bounds. Block your opponent's basket shot, and do counter attacks to score and win this awesome 3D basketball game.

WW2: Sandbox. Strategy&Tactics

WW2: Sandbox. Strategy&Tactics  apk

Sandbox is the unlimited sequel to our Strategy & Tactics: World War II. We've abandoned historical restrictions and turn limits making your task deceptively simple - take command of any European army and lead it to victory in World War 2.

You can recreate the actual politics of the era - or not. For instance, as Great Britain you could side with the USSR to crush Germany - or you could disable the historical alliances and lead America to conquer Europe...
Random events like guerrilla movements, landing operations, and voluntary recalls will ensure endless replayability and the uniqueness of each game session. You’ll be making your own history!

WW2: Sandbox. Strategy & Tactics – war is coming!

• 16 playable countries with another 12 to come

• An accurate map of Europe with over 500 regions

• Will you use infantry, aircraft, artillery, and armored vehicles? You choose how to bring the enemy to their knees!

• You decide how to spend the resources from the conquered territories: will you grow your army or boost R&D?

Frozen Baby Care

Frozen Baby Care  apk

Have you ladies ever wondered how these uber popular Frozen princesses looked like when they were babies? Well, here they are. Playing the Frozen Baby Care game for girls you ladies are getting the unique chance to spend the day with the adorable baby Elsa or with the sweet baby Anna, change their diapers and dress them up as cute as possible, how cool is that??
The first decision you have to make is to choose the cutie pie you want to look after today: is it baby Elsa or baby Anna? Once you’ve decided that, you can start dealing with the first task we’ve prepared for you in this baby caring game and that is a super fun diaper changing session.
You will have to remove the dirty diaper and throw it in the trash, clean the area with a delicate wet towel and apply some bits of powder before placing the new diaper. Use a nice body cream to spoil every inch of your baby’s body and for a complete morning routine, you should also sprinkle some bits of a glittering body spray.
Well done, ladies! Now why don’t you go to the next page of the game and choose a really nice outfit to dress your royal babies up with? Look though their impressive collection of colorful baby onesies, adorable two pieces combos, lovely stockings and cute baby booties, mix and match them and put together two jaw-dropping outfits to dress these adorable baby girls up with. Have a great time playing the "Frozen Baby Care" game!

Discover Elsa & Anna: Frozen

Discover Elsa & Anna: Frozen  apk

This application is specially designed for users to increase their visual and logical strength.

1. lots of different images of Elsa and Anna to solve
2. All HD quality images
3. Player can scramble parts
4. Player can change level e.g. 2*3, 3*5, 4*6, 5*8, 6*10
5. Player can adjust visibility of number upon parts e.g. None, Some, All
6. Player can also check stats about game
7. Free application

Typewriter Keyboard Theme

Typewriter Keyboard Theme  apk

The Typewriter theme is designed for decorate your phone keyboard . It looks amazing and slick.
The theme pack is only available for for Emoji Keyboard-color,emoticons. Click here to install Emoji Keyboard-color,emoticons.
Download this theme ,and then go to Emoji Keyboard-color,emoticons 's theme page to use it .

If you enjoy our theme don't forget to rate the app and leave a comment.Thanks for your time and enjoy it .

iCocktail Drinks

iCocktail Drinks  apk

iCocktail Drinks! is the newest Drink app. Prepare all the cocktails you want and drink them with your friends. Have a drink at parties, on the bus, or even at work (just try not to get drunk). iCocktail Drinks! allows you to have a drink anytime, anywhere.
iCocktail Drinks! also allows you to customize your drink. Pepare your drink the way you want it. Add some lemon slices, ice, or a straw. Download iCocktail Drinks! And start preparing your favorite cocktails.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a simulation app. Please, do not expect an actual alcoholic beverage to come out of your phone.

Tiny Farm: Season2

Tiny Farm: Season2  apk

For a farm so small it fits in your hands, Tiny Farm is jam-packed with sweet surprises and endless possibilities!

Tiny Zoo Now Open!
Explore the Safari to meet new animals and manage your own Tiny Zoo!

★ Recommended as most interesting Virtual game by AppEggs! ★
★ Recommended as top 10 hottest app by AppBrain! ★

* Tiny Farm is packed with the rarest animals(115MB+). WiFi connection is strongly recommended!

Exciting events with limited offers and seasonal updates are waiting to be discovered!

Now available for farmers and animal caretakers worldwide,
give TLC to your very own barnyard animals and build the best farm.
Watch over them so they can grow to breed their own family.
Get rare species that will allow you to create your own original homestead!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

You can play Tiny Farm in 한국어, English, Deutsch, français, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體.



TouchArcade: "This is a fun game to play, and it's absolutely adorable...Call me crazy, but I have a sneaking suspicion it might end up being popular…"

Pocketnext: "It just doesn’t feel fair to ignore Tiny Farm, which is the best farming game on iOS to date."



Colorful and adorable animals!
- From White Sheep, Brown Chicken to Pink and Blue Dairy Cow, you'll find all animals in your favorite colors.
- Watch your animals grow as they get bigger with your love.

Love is in the air!
- Make your critters happy to breed the best animals.
- Give Love and breed them to get that special animal.

So much more to do than just taking care of animals!
- Go on a mission to find legendary animals by hiring a Ranger.
- Visit your friends farm to help out and share the love.
- Grow Alfalfas, Beans, and Potatoes for extra income.
- Darling designs and decorative structures mean your farm is unique and gorgeous.

mermaid bathing girls games

mermaid bathing girls games  apk

Hi, today is a beautiful and warm day. Our friend who is a mermaid in a wonderful sea received an invitation to a romantic dinner. The one who invited her is a handsome boy and she wants very much to conquer it. To do this she has to look perfect, to be very beautiful. For our young mermaid to look beautiful she needs a skilled girl to help her and prove that she is a good friend. In this makeover game you can play the role of a good friend that mermaid can always ask to help her in critical situations.
You are girl and you know how important it is to look nice, first of all every men judge a person by appearance. For the young mermaid to be able to get to the dinner and to conquer the heart of this great prince you have to respect every step. The instructions are simple, we are sure that you can handle it:
For the beginning you must wash the mermaid hair, choose a right shampoo, then you have to take care of her body and wash it with a mild soap, then rinse it and dry with a towel.
Now you have to apply a range of face masks from different plants. These face masks can: exfoliate, make very soft the face and more healthier. With the help of a clip you cant eliminate the acne. Do not forget to clamp the eyebrows. Finally apply two shells on their eyes to moisturize the eye area because the skin there is more sensitive.
It's time for the best part, the girls adore makeup namely: Apply mascara, lipstick, powder, blush and eyebrows sketches.
There is not timp for the young girl, she has to be ready for dinner but needs your help to dress. Help her to choose the most beautiful outfit, but also the most valuable accessories. She must be charming!

Thank you for helping us to make the happiest young mermaid. You are a good friend! You can return to help her because for sure she will need your help for the next meeting with the boy who stole her heart.

Have fun! and we invite you to play more good mermaid games and games for girls

Noyze Volume Panel

Noyze Volume Panel  apk

The customizable volume panel replacement for Android (Jelly Bean 4.3+)


noyze is a free app that gives you complete control over your device's volume buttons. It is the only volume panel that does not require root, a custom ROM, or XPosed! Just activate noyze in Accessibility and enjoy! It comes preloaded with tons of settings, including master volume (sync all volumes), long press actions (next/ previous track or launch a shortcut), themes, and much more.
If you've got a device with broken or jammed volume buttons, noyze allows you to disable them. Once again you can listen to music and get notifications.

Device support: Noyze requires a feature introduced in Android 4.3 and cannot support Android 4.2 or older
A note regarding Accessibility: this is necessary to override the volume buttons. Noyze uses this feature for that purpose only, and does not collect, share, or store ANY information, period.


· Status Bar
· Heads Up
· Windows Phone 8
· Paranoid Android
· Blackberry
· Apple iOS/ iPhone
· Volume Bar
· Extended Controls
· Invisible


“No root required. This is awesome!” - Unlifer of Reddit
“I just installed it today and it is already in my 'must have' apps list.” - hiddenstreet of Reddit
“This is so freaking awesome.” - pizzatybg of Reddit
“Hands down the most convenient app I've downloaded in awhile.” - Davin Laurell
“How has this not been done before?” - Axel Samuelsson


- Change audio settings: control volume/ ringer mode
- Draw over apps: emulate the volume panel
- Google Play billing: offer in-app purchases
- Retrieve running apps: monitor system events to mimic volume panel
- Phone status and identity: monitor when a phone call is active
- Disable lock screen: launch activities (e.g. sound settings) from lock screen


Unfortunately, Android has several limitations that affect noyze:

- Apps can't interact with the power button, so noyze may interfere with taking screenshots (see Advanced settings for a workaround).
- Apps cannot override the behavior of buttons with the screen off, so long press actions only work while the screen is on.
- Apps cannot set the volume for headphones above the "safe limit."

For additional information, visit http://noyzeapp.com
Join our Google+ Community at https://plus.google.com/communities/112130153614078864555
Supported languages: English, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Norwegian, Polish
Icon by Justin Perricone http://www.perriconedesign.com/


noyze is developed with love by Tom Barrasso (http://barrasso.me). Your feedback is very important. If you appreciate noyze, please leave a comment on the Play Store, share it with friends, and, if possible, please consider going pro.

If you are experiencing issues, please contact me and I'll do my best to fix the them.

Thank you, now let's make some noyze!


AniShare  apk

Watch @nime android mobile app on smartphone & tablet
See what others like in the Popular section
Over 2000 @nime series & m0vies provided by our partner
Favorites section for easy access
Integrated guide to track your progress
Browse through the new releases in the Latest section
Download option for offline usage
Search functionality to find your all your anime
Community section for chatting with other users



Download to PLAY your new game - Sky Skate 3D in “Casual” category on Google play now!

Do you love to skate ? Then try this extreme skater game with lots of upgrades & power ups.
Swipe & Tilt to jump, slide & avoid obstacles like cars, over bridges & other heavy vehicles on your way.

Explore 8 different worlds in 3D to feel the real environments. Collect shield & race down the road to collect more coins. Unlock & upgrade your favorite characters. Share your score with your friends! Enjoy a unique skating game.


*100% FREE game play (except FREE AD version).
*Different Characters to upgrade & Skate.
*NEW Realistic physics to feel the skating motion.
*Amazing character simulation features to play.
*Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views.
*Smooth tilt & slide controls.
*Explore different worlds & new missions to complete.
*Google Play Game Services integrated for leader boards and achievements.
*UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on leader board.
*Share on Facebook and Google Plus.

How to Play:-
Swipe your phone/tablet to slide & jump.
Tilt to control.

Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos and more free apps in the future.

This game is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of all ages.

Install and Play your new game in "casual game” category – Sky Skate 3D for free on Android now!

This game is COMPATIBLE with all mobile devices of android phones & tablets above 2.2 and up.

If you have any problem in installation, please report to us instead of giving negative comments. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

To get new updates of Timuz games, Please subscribe us on facebook, Youtube and Twitter!

Bomber Plane Simulator 3D

Bomber Plane Simulator 3D  apk

Bomber Plane Simulator 3D is an amazing 3D Bomber Plane Simulator Flying Game. Learn the basics of flying the Bomber Plane by completing missions, learning to fly with an awesome hangar full of Army Airplanes and dropping missiles and bombs on bases, hangars, and watchtowers! Do you have what it takes to fly through the air to win the war? Complete with 5 amazing airplanes and 20 unique levels to bring an incredible experience to you!

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