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Wild Wolf Simulator 3D

Wild Wolf Simulator 3D  apk

Have you ever imagined being wild Wolf? Now you can play as real wild Wolf and become the most powerful animal in the wilderness.
Be a wild Wolf and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Start your own pride of wolves, fight for your life against fierce animals like moose, bear and fox. Evolve your Wolf to become the strongest Wolf ever.

✔ RPG-style gameplay: level up, evolve, complete quest
✔ Grow real pride of wild wolves
✔ Become the strongest wolf
✔ A lot of animals to fight: rabbit, fox, deer, bear and others
✔ Fast and action packed gameplay
✔ Beautiful dynamic runtime world
✔ Realistic wilderness
✔ Amazing 3D graphics
✔ Quest System. Complete all 20 levels!

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Have fun playing Wild Wolf Simulator!
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Please note, that we are no way affiliated with any other animal simulator games developed by other game companies.


CrystalBlessing GO Weather EX

CrystalBlessing GO Weather EX  apk

This is a premium GO Weather EX theme, you may
1. Pay with IAP
2. Get it for free through Getjar Golds

CrystalBlessing Weather Reward Theme supports 4*1, 4*2, 2*1 sizes. It delivers the most accurate weather information from anywhere at any time.

❤Hot to use the theme
After you download and installing the theme,
1. Enter GO Weather EX --> Theme --> Installed --> choose the theme your desired --> Apply
2. Choose pay with Google Checkout or Free with Getjar Gold
3. If you choose Getjar Gold, there will be several apps listed. Just download whatever apps you want until you have enough golds to purchase the theme.
4. After purchase, go back to Installed --> choose the theme --> Apply

❤How to add a System Widget?
1. Long press empty home space or click Menu --> Add --> Widgets --> Find GO Weather EX Widgets anc choose the size your desire
2. Make sure you have enough space for placing the widgets

The Hobbit VR Experience

The Hobbit VR Experience  apk

Step inside the Shire in this immersive, 360-degree, cinematic VR Experience from Warner Brothers and Jaunt, celebrating Director Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies," in theaters everywhere, December 17th.

Requires a recent 5" or 6" phone and a Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer.

© 2014 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved

Cristmas Songs live wallpaper

Cristmas Songs live wallpaper  apk

Cristmas Songs live wallpaper free interactive enhanced edition version.Very nice, when a lot of snow on Christmas.
Cristmas Songs live wallpaper interactive edition is new and enriched - previous versions bugs were fixed.
Pleasant and nonintrusive Gallery live wallpaper with an animation theme with the following components: snow and gifts, evening.
An animated Cristmas Songs live wallpaper application a simple and elegant solution. Gorgeous high quality HQ graphics.
Replacement images drawing corresponds to its description and harmonized with animations.
Implement the regime change of images of live wallpapers and modify it in the settings.
User may drag a background with his/her finger on a main screen - all options are shown on screen shots.
Animated objects move along set trajectories, changing their directions when interactively touched.
Quantity of animations in the application workspace is set in the relevant section of settings.
If desired, the user can remove not necessary animation-with "zero" in the settings of.
An additional covering frame may be enabled by the user in the settings.Christmas people go to church.
This edition of wallpaper provides was a possibility of sound enabling by touching with your finger a centre of the workspace.
In the settings you can disable accompanying sounds or control their volume.
1. Animated wallpaper - download.
2. General menu - icon = Cristmas Songs live wallpaper = - launch.
Cristmas Songs live wallpaper animated wallpaper is a stylish design and simple solution.
Cristmas Songs live wallpaper alive wallpaper can be used in horizontal and vertical positions of your device - phone or tablet.
We will be glad to consider all your critical feedback concerning improving quality of our developments.
By this publication, Cristmas Songs live wallpaper animated wallpaper was tested on all major models of leading devices.

Devils & Demons

Devils & Demons  apk

Immerse yourself in the probably best strategy RPG ever! Fight hordes of savage demons and undead while you clash with powerful boss enemies like necromancers and dragons. Take on a myriad of quests in a living fantasy world with many events, encounters and of course epic war loot. Enjoy the action, excitement and fun as you increase the power of your group of heroes and pave your way to the top. Embrace the legend of Devils & Demons and write your own story!

In a magic age, where dragons ruled and the world of Desola was at the height of its glory, a demonic portal opened its infernal abyss in the shadowlands. The realm was ravaged by Devils & Demons. As the battle between monsters and men raged, endless streams of diabolic reapers brought death and despair to humankind. The army of man was outnumbered and in disarray. It is your duty to assemble a party of heroes and embark on an epic quest to help the Order of the Light stop the menacing threat. Start your crusade to protect the kingdom against the empire of darkness and a war brought upon them by the lords of fire.


✔ Deep turn based tactical combat
✔ Fight, loot and recruit! Discover a variety of heroes to join your party
✔ A dark fantasy world filled with countless adventures
✔ Get hooked on a captivating storyline with hours of gameplay
✔ Hundreds of detailed maps to explore
✔ Class based heroes and enemies
✔ Vast array of awesome skills, spells and abilities
✔ Epic orchestral soundtrack and brilliantly voiced characters
✔ Sophisticated artworks, cut scenes and detailed HD graphics
✔ Full tablet support

Supports Google Play game services

You can play ‘Devils & Demons’ entirely for FREE, though various items are available via in-app purchase. If you don’t want to use in-app purchases, please deactivate them in your device settings

Thank you for playing ‘Devils & Demons’!
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RC Car 2 : Speed Drift

RC Car 2 : Speed Drift  apk

After more than 1 million downloads in the first delivery RC Car returns drifting with its radio control racing cars.

This time you have to be a real drifting driver and control on the steering wheel at every turn. Avoid cones, jump over the hills or running freely while you drift.

Get all drift points as you can before you run out of battery and strives to be the number 1 in the world leaderboards. Find the hidden batteries to play longer and do more skids. Unlock new achievements drifting more than anyone!

Collect coins as you master drifting with your RC car to buy upgrades and new cars in the shop. There are several available as RC Monster Truck, Muscle RC, Raptor RC Buggy ...

If you liked RC Car 1 trial now the second part and continues to feel the racing spirit of these radio controlled car battery but now... with drift control!

Mother give a birth games

Mother give a birth games  apk

Hi, you know that doctors are very important they help us to feel better when we have a problem. If we have have flu immediately we go to the doctor and he gives us a treatment that makes us feel better. But the doctor is the one who help children to come on this world. Do you want today to help a young mother give birth of her child? She is in hospital and you will have to go to her to help her. This kids game will help you to play the role of a doctor. If you want to do this then this game will help you.
You have to apply treatment for the mother have no pain and then you have to consult the child. After you see that the baby is doing very well you will have to go to her mother in her arms.

We are sure that you will do very well and our friend will have a healthy baby through this game for kids.
Thank you for being with us today, and invitge you to play other give a birth games for girls. The baby is healthy and our friend looks great. Surely you are the best doctor that a patient can have.

Have fun!


BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF  apk

Destroy all the Beasts!
Multiplayer is hot! A new entry in the "real zombie shooting" genre.

“BEAST BUSTERS” and “THE KING OF FIGHTERS”, legendary SNK game series are both celebrating respectively their 25th and 20th anniversary this year, and return in an ultimate cross over experience! Play in this non-stop action zombie shooting game as a member of the “Beast Busters” mercenary team or as a famous character from the “KOF” fighting game series, and shoot down the Beasts who came back to life until the last one! With its “Multiplay” game mode, in which you play with your friends and advance together through stages, its Fighters Cores, items in which inhabit the power of KOF fighters and you can power up or make evolve, “Skills” that allow you to perform Special Moves, and many more features, “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF” can be enjoyed in many ways! Destroy all swarming zombies!

Game Features:

◆ The latest installment in the horror gun-shooting action game series “BEAST BUSTERS”!
The latest installment in the arcade game “BEAST BUSTERS” which was an international hit at its release in the arcades in 1989,
is now available to download on Android!

◆ Famous characters from “THE KING OF FIGHTERS” game series join the battle!
“Kyo Kusanagi”, the original hero of the “KOF” game series which turns 20 this year appears as a playable character!
Other KOF characters will also support you during your mission!

◆ Simple controls for the best zombie-shooting experience!
With its very simple controls in which you aim at the zombies on the left screen and shoot with the right screen, even the beginner players will be
able to enjoy “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF” from start!

◆ Gather “Fighter Cores” in order to power them up and make the zombies evolve!
There are more than 100 different “Fighter Cores”, items in which inhabit the power of KOF fighters, in “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF”! Try to combine a lot of them with each other in other to strengthen and/or make evolve your abilities!

◆ Master your “Skills” to annihilate the Beasts!
Equip yourself with Fighter Cores in order to get “Skills”. Step up your status and activate Special Moves in order to increase your
player’s abilities.

◆ Play in co-op with your friends in “Multiplay” and advance through stages together like FPS game play!
A “Multiplay” game mode that allows you to play with your friends like arcade and FPS games is available. Join forces and aim together for the stage goal!

【Supported OS】
Android 4.0.3 and above.


My Merry

My Merry  apk

Help a little girl in this game to get ready for Christmas party. Help her to sleep well, feed with her favorite foods, dress up well, take care of her when she got injured & play with her. Different mini games included.

MAPS.ME –Offline Map & Routing

MAPS.ME –Offline Map & Routing  apk

★ Full version of MAPS.ME has become FREE! ★
★ Download the app and share the news with friends ★


Get instant access to detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world! No internet connection is required.

Get directions from your current location to any spot on a single map.

➣ Over 10M downloads worldwide.
➣ TOP 1 mobile travel app in more than 100 countries.
➣ Featured in Forbes, TechCrunch and Washington Post.

Optimised for your phone and tablet (even without 3G).

➣ ROUTING. Receive map directions to a specific location. Never get lost again with GPS navigation.

➣ WORKS EVERYWHERE. Download any map for free. Useful at home and essential for travel with 345 countries and islands covered. Paris? Check. Amsterdam? Check. Barcelona? Check. Istanbul? Check. Pare-Pare? (Yeah, that’s in Indonesia) Check!

➣ HIGHLY DETAILED. More details than on any other map with millions of points-of-interest (POIs) to discover: restaurants, tourist attractions and destinations, gas/petrol stations, ATM machines and more. Up-to-date map data is added daily by map users worldwide – www.openstreetmap.org – open-source alternative to Google Maps/GMaps and MapQuest.

➣ NO INTERNET NEEDED. Maps work when no internet connection is available. Forget about roaming charges when travelling abroad.

➣ INCREDIBLY FAST. One of the fastest offline maps ever. Displays map when others don’t. Innovative map data compression makes MAPS.ME offline maps remarkably small. Save memory on your device.

➣ Bookmarks of places. Create and import/export from other maps for convenient access anytime. KML/KMZ files are supported.
➣ Offline search. Locate everything you need on the maps.
➣ Location-sharing. Send a pin of any place on the map via email or SMS.
➣ Auto-follow mode. When enabled, the map automatically orients itself to the direction you are moving.

If you have any questions, contact us at: android@maps.me. We respond to every enquiry.

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mapswithme
Google+: http://plus.google.com/116069636493953875937
Twitter: @MAPS_ME

Sports Bike: Speed Race Jump

Sports Bike: Speed Race Jump  apk

Sports Bike: Speed Race Jump is a free dirt bike game packed with obstacles and jumps set in a military controlled desert zone. Race through the levels at high speed to avoid the ongoing war! Use the ramps to Jump and perform insane back or front flips! The choice is yours!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful 3D graphics this game has to offer! Use your bike training to find your way to safety by completing these brilliant 20 levels.

Can you get through the warzone? Use your riding and racing skills to complete your mission! Live.. Or Die!

- Amazing Bike Physics.
- 3D Visual Graphics Throughout The Game.
- 20 Challenging Levels.

Tunity : Hear any muted TV

Tunity : Hear any muted TV  apk

Tunity allows you to instantly hear any muted TV right on your mobile device. There is no equipment or set-up required.

Scan the TV and let Tunity detect the channel, bring the audio in sync, and stream it right to your Android device in a matter of seconds.

Use Tunity at the gym, your favorite sports bar, an airport, any waiting area, or even at home.

Heroes at War: The Rift

Heroes at War: The Rift  apk

Our past is gone! A rift in time has twisted everything we know. Only the Seekers have the power to summon the heroes of the past to lead us to victory.

Heroes at War: The Rift is a competitive strategy game with fast-paced dynamic battles and requires extensive strategic thinking. Join to this new and epic battle world now, raid other players for invaluable ore to build up your City and fight with your bloody enemies and friends. Prepare your Hero, customize your deadly armies with unique Troops and Powers. Invade and conquer every City you can find to climb to the top among other Seekers of glory!



* Exclusively designed for mobile devices.

* Experience the most challenging online strategy war game and join the fun.

* Play mysterious Heroes from history, each with it’s unique combat style.

* Build up your city into an undefeatable citadel and become the strongest of the realm.

* Create and train your army of deadly units, led by epic heroes.

* Attack against real players worldwide and gain more points to be at the top of everyone.

* Unleash different Troops and mysterious Powers to clash with most powerful kingdoms and mighty empires.

* Form and defend your City with Towers and Traps of different roles. Customize your buildings as you like, to have effective defenses against invaders!

Pinch Candy - Xmas FREE

Pinch Candy - Xmas FREE  apk

Download New Innovative game Pinch Candy for FREE!
Santa will take you to enjoy sweetest candy worlds! We had to say, some levels are notoriously Hard to Beat!
Challenge this game is worth your time!

Pinch Candy Features:
• Special magic skills
• Over 100 interesting levels
• Easy to start but very hard to master
• Sweet soft candies, small elk, Christmas tree!
• Free lucky spin, raffle tickets, and daily task
• Open and upgrade your talent-skill for extra moves and lives!

Freddy 2 Guide F Nights

Freddy 2 Guide F Nights  apk

Freddy 2 Guide F Nights include tips, guide, walkthrough, tricks, coin hacks for game fans, if you are a F Nights at Freddy 2 game fans, you must try this guide, it will bring you easy way!

Survive Tips 4 freddys 2

Survive Tips 4 freddys 2  apk

With limited power, you'll need to survive the night without getting attacked by the animatronics that roam in free mode at night.
They don't take well to anyone not in an animal suit so you'll need to closely monitor their locations with the limited power you have at your disposal. Surviving all five nights heavily depends on getting to know your four enemies and how they move. That being said, these are the tips, hints, and cheats we think you need to know to survive all five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!
1. Keep the doors open
2. Use lights sparingly and only under attack
3. Learn how all your enemies move
4. Watch for glowing eyes
5. Headphones make audio cues much more obvious
6. Listen before looking
7. Quick, short looks are key

Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory  apk

The Indiana Travel Advisory app is meant to help users stay aware of changing travel conditions.

Features include:
- Ability for users to set alerts for any county or counties they choose, up to every county in the state. When the travel status in a selected county is changed, the user will receive an alert notification.
- Weather conditions for each county. Tapping on a county will display the temperature and an icon with the current conditions.
- Contact information for county emergency management agencies, which are responsible for the status updates.

The State reports data provided by county Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs). Some counties only update data when there has been a change in status and do not reaffirm that everything is ‘Normal.’

For example, County X may not have had any travel emergencies since June and has remained in the ‘Normal’ category the entire time, since the status has not changed, there has been nothing to update. The next time there is a county-level emergency impacting travel, the status is changed by the county EMA and is reflected in the app.

Other sources of travel conditions should also be consulted, including local news, travel, weather and social media sites and apps.

Christmas AppBox-top Xmas apps

Christmas AppBox-top Xmas apps  apk

Merry christmas!

Find the top Christmas apps and games wrapped as pretty presents in the Christmas AppBox!

**** OPEN THE BOX ***
And find little presents

To find the top Christmas apps and games

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Shake shake shake the device for more awesome apps and games

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