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Thanksgiving  apk


Prepare to have a happy “Thanksgiving Day” with our holiday - inspired “live wallpaper”! Every fourth Thursday of November, you get to celebrate one of the most beloved family holidays with the sweetest “Thanksgiving wallpaper for Android™”! Let the “Thanksgiving countdown” 2014 commence while you pick the cool backgrounds this “HD wallpaper” has in store for you. Let our serene HD images inspire the most exalting Thanksgiving prayer or even the most delicious feast ever. Pick one of the best high resolution cute backgrounds that one of the most soothing free apps has and feel the spirit of one of the most famous “American holidays”? Try this fun “Thanksgiving wallpaper” and enjoy in the gorgeous view of the fruits of golden autumn season. “Happy Thanksgiving” 2014!

✱ The sweetest “Thanksgiving turkey live wallpaper” will be ideal for your new smartphone!
✱ Unlock new “Thanksgiving Backgrounds” every day!
✱ Beautify your screen with one of the loveliest “Thanksgiving apps”!
✱ Pick from the lovely “Thanksgiving images” inspired by the magic of the holiday season!
✱ These high definition “Thanksgiving pictures” will enchant you!
✱ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
✱ Enjoy this free and fun “autumn wallpaper”!

Follow the installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

✱ This “Android™ wallpaper” lets you choose from several different “ Thanksgiving themes”.
✱ HD graphics and open GL.
✱ Optimized Battery Usage.
✱ This desktop wallpaper is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
✱ The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this “Thanksgiving free wallpaper” will not drain your battery.
✱ “Thanksgiving Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.

Let the Thanksgiving day countdown start! Check your holiday calendar and hurry up to obtain our “Thanksgiving live wallpaper free” of charge. Gaze at the images of your favorite pumpkin pie or at the delicious “Thanksgiving turkey” and make your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone delicious. Give your thanks for the blessing of the harvest and share the special evening with your closest family and friends – get into the holiday spirit by choosing one of the “happy Thanksgiving pictures” one of the best “free live wallpapers” has and have fun with it. Pick one of the best high resolution Thanksgiving live backgrounds and decorate your screen with festive candles, pumpkins and scenes of the “Thanksgiving dinner”, completely free of charge. Let our amazing “Android™ live wallpaper” inspire the spirit of sharing and the sense of belonging as soon as you glance at the warm beautiful pictures that are specially designed to capture the gist of one of the most famous American holidays! The first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Indians started this, now, renown tradition of the big family feast. Feel the spirit of this celebration with one of the best free Thanksgiving“apps for Android™” and enjoy in the pics of fields of pumpkins, lovely fruit, beautifully decorated dinner table or cute turkeys, all for free! Our “Thanksgiving HD Live Wallpaper” has it all! Enjoy!

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.
*This app is ad-supported.

Wild Wolf Slots - FREE SLOT!

Wild Wolf Slots - FREE SLOT!  apk

Download now! New players get $150 FREE BONUS CHIPS!

It’s all about getting lucky and living life rich! All your favorite Casino rooms are here in the #1 FREE to play Casino app in the world!

Become the next casino mogul with HUGE Jackpots, daily bonus games, mega rooms, and much much more!

Wild Wolf Slots will be the best experience you will have without actually being in Vegas! Download now to get into your own fantasy winning world NOW!

• Fast action with FREE COINS given daily!
• 3 Unlocked Rooms to choose from!
• Build up your account with EXP points and Leveling UP!
• Extra Free Games built in!
• Top Casino Game of the Year!!
• What cha waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW!!

Wild Tiger Simulator 3D

Wild Tiger Simulator 3D  apk

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be real tiger? Now you finally have a chance to know that feeling!
Play as real wild tiger and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Evolve your tiger to dominate the wild world.

✔ Awesome RPG-style gameplay
✔ A lot of animals such as elephant, hippo, zebra and others
✔ Fast and action packed gameplay
✔ Dynamic runtime world
✔ Realistic wildness
✔ Great music and sounds
✔ Amazing 3D graphics

Have fun playing Wild Tiger Simulator!
If you have any suggestions or ideas for the game - contact us please:
We are getting happier with each of your email message.

Please note, that we are no way affiliated with any other animal simulator games developed by other game companies.


Pool Billiard Shoot

Pool Billiard Shoot  apk

Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!
Another classic bubble shooter game
Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up.

How to play:
1.Tap where you want the ball.
2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.


- Arcade Mode,clear all the descending bubbles.
- Puzzle Mode,use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
- Countdown mode, you can switch bubbles that you shoot with different colors.
- Different and challenging levels.

Divertido y adictivo juego de disparar burbujas!
Otro clásico juego de tirador de la burbuja
Eliminar todas las burbujas en la pantalla para subir de nivel.

¿Cómo se juega:
1.Toque donde quiere la pelota.
2.To grupo de 3 o más burbujas para hacerlas estallar.


- Modo Arcade, burbujas de todos los descendentes claras.
- Puzzle Mode, use las burbujas limitados para despejar todas las burbujas en la pantalla.
- El modo de cuenta atrás, puede cambiar las burbujas disparar con diferentes colores.

Cheetah Revenge Simulator 3D

Cheetah Revenge Simulator 3D  apk

Here comes the world's fastest land mammal - the Cheetah. And this guy is looking for revenge. He's been hunted too long, now its time for him to do some hunting of his own. You are in control of this fast animal. Each 1000 Points you earn, he will grow. These Cheetahs are super strong and love to create chaos. Smash cars, tractors, goats, planes, fire hydrants, people, men,women,wheels, quad bikes, and anything else not attached to the ground. Smashing cars is one of his favorite things. Desert rally race cars are his favorite. He's looking to smash anything and everything in his way. Help this African Safari creature grow from a little guy in Level 1 to a Giant in Level 30. Race around off the road or on the highway missions. Find the Airport and smash all the airplanes. Explore some pyramids in the special Egyptian Sahara level. Two of the maps have zombies to attack. Now you will know what it feels like to be a tourist at Kruger Park who gets their car flipped over. We hope this is soon to be the best animal game on the store.
This game combines elements of rampage style games with adventure games. 72 missions and loads of achievements. Try to rank in the Top 10 in the world with this mind bending sim! Awesome 3D effects!
--72 Missions
--6 Action Packed Maps including 2 Zombie Maps
--Scorpions, Spiders, and Ants to smash
--Combines rampage with adventure
--Excellent 3D graphics and fast game play
--The more you play, the more he grows
--The animal sim that has it all and more!
If you ever wondered what it would be like to play a free Cheetah Simulator, this is your chance. Rampage the city or country farm to get your revenge. Smash everything in the city
Notes: At this point, level 30 is the biggest he will get - -and by Level 30 he will be so big, it will be big enough. He goes up by 1 Level each 1000 points that is scored. This app works best on newer devices. If you say it does not work, you are saying you have a pretty bad smartphone. If you enjoy playing a Shark, Goat, Crocodile, Snake, Wolf, Tiger, Elephant, Dinosaur, or Horse Simulator, you are probably going to love playing the 3D Cheetah Sim. Connect with us @jellyfishgiant

SIMON Swipe for Chromecast

SIMON Swipe for Chromecast  apk

Play the SIMON Swipe game a whole new way with SIMON Swipe for Chromecast!

This iconic version of SIMON has all the fast action color swiping fun in a totally new game!

Use your Android device to connect to a TV with a Chromecast device. Swipe the colors as fast as you can to win each round. Be the player with the most points at the end of the game to WIN!

Play solo or head to head with friends and family.

Other Instructions
Chromecast and an internet connection are required. Play on your existing smartphone or tablet.
Each player must have the SIMON Swipe game installed on their smartphone or tablet to play.

You can read our privacy policy at http://www.hasbro.com/app_privacy.cfm

SIMON Swipe is a trademark of Hasbro © 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved
Chromecast is a trademark of Google Inc.

Free Fonts for keyboard 07

Free Fonts for keyboard 07  apk

 This app will help you to get best and awesome fonts for your phone. We handpick each font in order to bring the best experience for you. Our app contains font preview function and really easy to use.
The fonts that we have in this app are not only practical, but the most pretty ones. Those font are able to  apply on your entire cellphone, or you can change the font for keyboard if you like.
One thing I can make sure is: you will found the most suitable font for your cellphone in our app.

 This android application is not affiliated with FlipFont or Monotype Imaging Inc. All functionality, trademarks.and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners."

Fast Traffic Racer 3D

Fast Traffic Racer 3D  apk

Fast Traffic Racer 3D is an action packed new game in the genre of endless arcade racing. Own the highways of the desert driving a full upgraded muscle car. Are you a real racer? Become the king of the road. Avoid all the cars and trucks, if you don't want to crash. Fast Traffic Racer 3D is finally here.

- Stunning 3D Graphics
- Realistic Physics
- Detailed Environment
- Endless Racing
- Different Cars
- Action Packed Gameplay

Tilt your device to steer, and use the breaks wisely! The more is your speed, the more points you get!

Endless Doves

Endless Doves  apk

Endless Doves – Collect Doves, Don't Crash!

He dreams of flying...Who is he? Why does he crash? How does he fly? That doesn't matter! What does matter is obsessive bird collecting!!

Collect those birds and beat the scores of friends and people you don't even know! Brag on the usual usual social network hangouts then collect even more birds and do it all over again!

Don't like doves? We have you covered! Using the doves as a crude form of currency (Dove Dollars?) you can unlock a whole other host of flying things! Like Pelicans and Chickens!....shhhh.

It's based on our hit game '8 bit Doves' which is level based and not free. If you like this there's a good chance you will like that too so skip coffee one day and buy that instead!

You play with only two buttons which means they are big and easy to hit with your thumbs. But then it's one of those super hard 'argh I hate this...but must have one more go' type of games too so yeah.

That's about it...if you read this far you may as well hit the download button. enjoy :) or don't...it's free so you can always delete it again.

Monopoly Game

Monopoly Game  apk

We have chosen the best Monopoly Game which you can play monopoly game, monopoly game free app, monopoly games free download, monopoly game free, monopoly games online for free and add new games daily, enjoy! You can enjoy all the Monopoly Game in one place. Is no longer a need to spend time trying to find a good one. Ranking by number of downloads and rating from users.

*** The game is not installed directly. You will be redirected to Store to install the game. ***

Dragon Vanisher

Dragon Vanisher  apk

Assist Songoku flow away the star and collect 7 dragon balls for Kamejoko

- Cool interface
- More skills
- More character
- Leaderboard
- Achievement system

** How to play **
- Fire your beam by tapping the screen!
- The part of the star overlapping with the target will be blown away
- High score for the accurate shot!

Far Cry® 4 Arcade Poker

Far Cry® 4 Arcade Poker  apk

Ubisoft OFFICIAL Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker game!
Match the best poker hands as the cards come down.
Hire your friends as Jokers and reward them !
Win some Cash for your Far Cry 4 Game !


PLAYMOBIL Princess  apk

Beautiful flowers and magical creatures - the new PLAYMOBIL Princess figures are available now! Download the free Princess App on your mobile device and help them enchant the Fairy Forest!

• Choose between four charming Princesses and enchant the magical Fairy Forest

• Find all treasure chests and use the shiny gems inside

• Remember the correct colors and sounds

• Take care of the cute pegasus foals

• Enhance your magical skills with the help of golden coins you have collected

• Digital play that is safe for kids: no in-app purchases, no internet links

Easy Coloring: Anna Frozen

Easy Coloring: Anna Frozen  apk

Unique coloring book for children — absolutely for free!
Coloring pages for children — is a fun and developmental application for adults or kids, and it’s right in your pocket!
Painting is, undoubtedly, the most favorite entertainment for children. They paint everywhere: on paper, on the pavement and even on your new wallpaper! Why should you endanger the walls, or do the fresh repair when there is such a wonderful application as Coloring Book!
Remember your childhood, when you loved to paint as much as your kid does now!
Use different colors and special tools to create stunning and vivid images.
Our app will help your child in developing and improving his creativity, imagination, memory, attention, and fine motor skills of his or her hands!
The ability to select one of three available modes allows you to make the game more interesting, and at the same time easy enough for your baby.
Your children can have real fun with our Frozen Cartoon Characters Coloring Pages. Don’t worry, they will be more than excited!

Frozen Disney Movie Heroes — is your real passion? Then don’t waste any minute, install the game and enjoy the creative process on your own or together with your kids!
This application allows you to paint a set of pictures from the Anna, Elsa and Friends from Frozen Disney Cartoon series.
Coloring Book includes a large number of drawings that allow your child to enjoy the game with his favorite colors and cartoons or fairy tales characters.
Design simplicity is one of the major advantages of this game.
Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Olaf from Frozen, Bulda, Ducke of Weselton from Frozen, and many other favorite characters are waiting to be painted!

- 3 difficulty levels
- Set of tools for drawing
- Choose a color
- Clear all
- Save image
- Share with friends

You can choose from three levels of coloring difficulty:
- 1-3 years: when you erase a part of the picture — the color image starts to show up. Is suitable for children of any age. Easy and exciting.
- 3-5 years: Click on the white part of the image and you will fill it with the selected color. Allows you to paint all the pictures quickly and easily.
- 4 years and up: the cursor doesn’t cross image borders). You can’t paint the part which wasn’t meant to be painted.

This developmental game app is perfect for children of any age. It contains a large number of drawings, like: Kristoff from Frozen, Marshmallow, Oakenfrom Frozen, Sven, Queen of Arendelle from Frozen.
Draw with your favorite colors in a pencil or a brush mode, get a little help for yourself with eraser!
Don’t be afraid to go beyond the border of the image: everything is already thought out. Just select the mode that suits your kid and let him create!
Simple and intuitive interface of the program will help your child to master it quickly.
A large variety of application functions allow your babies to realize their creative vision and become a real source of pride for their parents!
Create bright colorful images due to the wide range of opportunities in the mobile coloring pages.
Tell everyone about your child's talents by sharing images from the app!
Paint anything with Coloring Book for children!

Fast Mp3 Download

Fast Mp3 Download  apk

Un reproductor de audio en línea que te permite buscar y reproducir música almacenada en SoundCloud y más. Explora SoundCloud y escuchar música en su dispositivo Android.
- Buscar pistas en SoundCloud
- Añadir / eliminar canciones de la lista de favoritos
- Descargue canciones de SoundCloud
- Reproducción de canciones descargadas
- Fácil acceso a la lista de reproducción actual
- Asignar canciones como sonido de notificación, de alarma y tonos de llamada
- Bajo consumo de batería
- Excelente compatibilidad con dispositivos Android 2.2 y superiores
Streaming de música MP3 Descargas no viola los derechos de propiedad intelectual, ya que sólo se permite la descarga de música autorizados por los autores en SoundCloud. Streaming de música MP3 Descargas le permite descargar archivos MP3 de Creative Common License en su dispositivo Android. Streaming de música MP3 Descargas no está afiliado con o avalado por SoundCloud.


Hangman  apk

Hangman is a classic word puzzle and quiz game.
The main goal is to guess all letters of the hidden word in the blackboard before the stickman is completely drawn.

It is easy, fun, free and also educative!!! It is available with words in english, spanish, french and portuguese.

Are you learning a new language or just want to improve your vocabulary?
Try Hangman: guess the word right now!

★ English, Spanish, French and Portuguese words.
★ Easy, Medium and Hard levels.
★ Fun.
★ Amazing graphics.

☆☆☆How to play:☆☆☆
★ Select which language words you want.
★ Select the level.
★ Try to guess the letters in order to complete the word.
★ If it too hard to guess, get help from the smart donkey.
★ Try to guess words selecting the level hard, not using hint and completing it as fast you can so you will get a high score.

Download this amazing hangman free game today and join the fun!

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure  apk

Choose the Precision Shooter, or the Chaos Blade Warrior and battle mutated animals as you save humanity from the nuclear fallout!

Explore the lost cities of the Earth as you combat the monsters capturing humans across the permanently altered globe. Uniquely customize your skills across multiple classes and upgrade your weapons and armor into the ultimate blade or laser rifle.

The nuclear fallout irradiated the world! Now the mess of mutants have taken over the world. Only Jack's super hero squad can save the world from this space-traveling mutant monsters. The world is on the brink of destruction with the war spreading much farther than Jack could have imagined. Discover secret passageways with keys and bombs as you find humans locked away in every sector! If you hope to survive in this nuclear adventure, you'll need to build a sci-fi headquarters to help you unlock new skills, research new technologies, and upgrade your equipment.

Investigate what's causing these genetic animal enemies, why they are capturing humans, and how to rescue humanity's scientific legacy once and for all. Wreak destruction with your various weapons and send your partners forward into battle as you gather up your team of scientists and doctors to rebuild the destroyed planet. Hack and slash, build your team, and dynamically shift through time as you save the world in this amazing sci-fi adventure!

--- Adventure through over 200 levels and neutralize the mutated beasts in all world sectors.

--- Customize two different classes (Warrior or Shooter) and utilize their science skills to take back the world from the mutant monsters.

--- Collect companions trapped in the abandoned cities, train them for battle, and defeat epic boss monsters.

--- Navigate through various zones where you'll discover countless partners to take into battle or scout out the dangerous regions for new enemies and resources.

--- Explore the world with open-ended gameplay, allowing you to replay old missions for resources or new partners, or push forward with critical missions and save the world in record time!

Like us on Facebook! ---> http://facebook.com/HelpMeJack
Follow us on Twitter! ---> https://twitter.com/HelpMeJack
Design your mad plot on our Wikia page!
--> http://help-me-jack.wikia.com/wiki/Help_Me_Jack_Wiki

NOTE: A network connection is required to play Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure.
PLEASE NOTE: Some in-game items can be purchased using real money. You may control in-app purchases made within this app using the password settings explained in the Google Play help center.

Free Video Downloader HD

Free Video Downloader HD  apk

Do you want to download videos from any website ?
Search no more because you can download videos free with two easy steps.

Browse our supported video streaming websites or choose yours.
The best video downloader in world is here so grab it while it is for FREE.
Free video downloader for android is available for limited time.
Hurry and download and install it NOW.

Are you not tired of all those free videos tool promising the ability to download videos online but none of them really works.
You will be amazed of this free software and how useful it can be.
Imagine you can download videos from websites. Any website you have in your mind, please note that we did not test our free video downloader HD with every video website out there but the majority of the famous ones has been tested and you can find them right after you open our HD video downloader for android.

So how this amazing tool works:

When you open Video Downloader app you can choose between some websites.
So go ahead and select your favorite video streaming site and than search and download your video.
Try to open the video just as you want to watch it, at the top a button will appear so you can download the selected video.
Unfortunately if no button appears that means that the website you are trying to download from is restricted.
Therefore you cannot just simply download video songs or any kind of copyrighted work.

Free video downloader new will save all the free videos in VideoDownloader folder in your SD-Card or in your internal storage.
From 1080 HD videos to 720 HD videos we support it all.
Tube Video Downloader provides for you an opportunity to smoothly download your most favorite music videos from the web.

If you have been looking for a vimeo downloader this is the right choice, the same thing for dailymotion videos downloader.
Again you do take full responsibility of downloading videos that are copyrighted.


* Integrated browser where you can choose from.
* Smooth and clean user interface.
* Dailymotion downloader
* Download videos in background.
* Receive notifications in the status bar upon completion of a download
* Multi download of different videos.
* Unlimited download.
* Picking the best quality available.
* Vimeo video downloader.
* Adding videos to your library "VideoDownloader".
* Metacafe download

So give our video downloader very fast a try and let us know your feedback.
Your rating will help us improve a lot.
We are open for any suggestions or amelioration.
Grab this amazing tool and start to download videos fast now.

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