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Free Fonts for keyboard 06

Free Fonts for keyboard 06  apk

This app will help you to get best and awesome fonts for your phone. We handpick each font in order to bring the best experience for you. Our app contains font preview function and really easy to use.
The fonts that we have in this app are not only practical, but the most pretty ones. Those font are able to  apply on your entire cellphone, or you can change the font for keyboard if you like.
One thing I can make sure is: you will found the most suitable font for your cellphone in our app.
 This android application is not affiliated with FlipFont or Monotype Imaging Inc. All functionality, trademarks.and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners."

Metal Skies

Metal Skies  apk

*** You're under attack! Lead the Tiger Squadron to victory in merciless aerial dogfights. In this thrilling flight combat simulator, you'll go down in history or go down in flames! ***

- Get right into battle with the ONE-TOUCH AIRCRAFT INTERFACE
- Take flight with razor-sharp ACCELEROMETER controls
- Experience combat with powerful 3D GRAPHICS

- Choose from 22 planes, then CUSTOMIZE YOUR AIRCRAFT
- Outfit plane with LETHAL machine guns and MISSILES
- Select pilots with UNIQUE SKILLS, then level them up

- Action-packed SOLO CAMPAIGN against the SHADOW JAEGERS
- Prepare for powerful BOSS BATTLE events
- Prove yourself in real-time PVP BATTLES

- 1080p ready for a hi-def gaming experience

- Supported on tablets of all makes and sizes

By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement.


Far Cry® 4 Arena Master

Far Cry® 4 Arena Master  apk

Become the arena master with Far Cry® 4 Arena Master, the official Far Cry®4 app. Collect animals and mercenary fighters for your own personal arena pen and send them to battle against other Far Cry®4 players for fame and fortune.

Far Cry® 4 Arena Master can be linked directly to your Far Cry®4 game, allowing you to share your arena progress and send custom Far Cry® 4 arena challenges to your friends. Playing Far Cry® 4 arena can also unlock new fighters in the Far Cry® 4 Arena Master app.

The choice is yours, play Far Cry® 4 Arena Master as either a standalone game or as a companion to your Far Cry®4 experience.

World Map
Send mercenaries on quests to capture animals and recruit fighters. But be careful, they will experience all of the encounters and challenges of the open world which can end in one of two ways: tragedy or victory. The World map is synced to your Far Cry®4 game world map, accurately reflecting outposts, bell towers, and other progress made in your game.

Unlock cages and enclosures to collect and manage your animals and fighters. Buy, sell, hunt, and recruit units that you can send into battle. Unlock stronger units as you gain fame and progress towards the status of Arena Master.


Arena challenges:
Send your warriors and animals into battle. Set up and send arena challenges to your friends playing Far Cry®4. Earn in-game cash, experience and rewards as your challenges are played by Far Cry®4 players.

Battle against AI champions. Defeat the greatest arena fighters and become the Arena Master!

Pics Art Studio

Pics Art Studio  apk

Download free software application Pics Art Studio Photo plus this new version, and editor with various effects. Change your pictures and image into works of high art. How to use this application is quite easy and simple, you do not need to be able to operate the program as photoshop, only with applications on your android device, all the image editor, including panoramic, face is easy to operate on, and of course, produce a good photo art work and amazing.

These apps are designed for those of you who like adventurous the photos, please feel free to use, and if you feel this is good and useful apk, please tell a friend on your friends close, and give five star

Various photo effects studio, Pizap, font free option, love and for girls

Thank you for use

PicsArt Studio Photo Editor.

MP4 Movies Downloader:DL Video

MP4 Movies Downloader:DL Video  apk

This app is able to Easily download files such as music, videos and PDF!

An [ MP4 Movies Downloader ] has been born which lets you easily save files from websites and pages, such as music and videos!
It's very simply to use, so you can easily save files that you've found online.

As well as saving, you can also use this app to search and replay, so it's very convenient.
You can enjoy your saved files even when you're offline, so they're available anytime to easily.

Principal function :

- Easy to use
- Save, play and display video, images and PDF files
- Display related videos
- Notifications when download is completed
- Supported OS: Android 2.X to 4
- New function to play videos within the application
- Option to search for videos within the web
- Intent call for browser searches
- Bookmarks
- Stream function withing the application browser for niconico, FC2 and others.
- Download History
- Supports 16 languages
Japanese, English, Chinese (Simple and Traditional,) Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Thailandese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian and Korean.

Supports downloads from various video sharing sites :

Download videos from video sharing sites such as nikoniko video, FC2 videos, SayMove!, Pandora TV, Daum Garaku (56.com), Tudou, Youku, Veoh, Metacafe, Vimeo.

Notes on use :

- Please note that in line with YouTube's terms and conditions of use, it is prohibited to save YouTube content.
- Carefully read and respect the terms and conditions of sites you use.

A handy way of using it :

- The browser have a bookmark function. Enjoy the most used and useful sites.
- Download and save your favorite videos, images and PDF file on the internet so you can display or play them in offline environments.
- Use cache save/ DL for many movie / video /mp4 and other audio-video files, so you can display or play them in offline environments.
- Supports mp3 and mp4formats, so you can play them in another app's video player or music player.
- Supports streaming. Once saved, you can watch anytime.

Fire Screen - Crack Screen

Fire Screen - Crack Screen  apk

Fire Screen allow you magic best realistic fire flames on your phone/ tablet's screen. It's as game to relax and fun. Shout to maigc fire and burn screen. Fire flames burn your phones/ tablets. It's Fire Screen.

Fire Screen can be a prank app. Fire Screen is a silly joke app which simulates a fire mobile phone screen. Enjoy with friends!

Feature of Fire Screen:
- Generate realistic fire, flames
- Burning screen effect
- Touch mode: touch screen to create fire
- True sound
- Full screen effect (hidden notification bar)

This app offers you the most realistic looking images of fire.
It includes realistic fire effects and sounds!

This is a prank app for fun, enjoy it with your best friends.
It will not fire the screen really.
makes funny jokes and hilarious situations make this android application.
scare your friends into believing that your screen is fire.

Anna Give Birth A Baby

Anna Give Birth A Baby  apk

Anna Give Birth A Baby

Anna give birth a baby is a free game for girl to play. You can play Anna give birth a baby for free. Help Anna give birth a baby.

Anna is about to give birth to a baby. You are the one who is going to help her to successfully finish the job. There will be multiple tools which will help you work precisely. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the scenes you can skip those ones.

Princess Bathroom Cleanup

Princess Bathroom Cleanup  apk

It doesn't matter whether you are a princess or the most fashionable star girl around, when it comes to bathroom cleanup there are some things you just have to do yourself. However it’s not just about cleaning bathrooms, there are far more important things fashion star girls have to do; they have to look their best and have luxury makeovers & makeup at the spa salon. So join in the fun with Emma & Coco in this sweet cleanup game where you will go from cleaning a royal toilet to performing luxury makeovers with chick makeup at the beauty salon! This is your chance to look every bit like a chick fashionista.


► Play with sweet Emma or fashionable Coco
► Royal bathrooms for beauty baths
► Spray away the roaches!
► Make general repairs by stopping leaks
► Clean away all the dirt & make things sparkle like stars
► Give beauty baths to the girls; Emma & Coco
► Makeup your own sweet chick look
► Luxury makeovers with real spa salon experience

On one side you have luxury makeovers while on the other you have to be a sweet chick and clean up your bathroom. But then again with amazing beauty treatments and awesome makeup there is a lot a fashion star has to do to look her best. So there you have it, experience the best in the world of spa salons and help the girls; Emma & Coco sort everything out!


As a designer of kids’ games, we understand how important privacy is in this modern, digital world. You can read our privacy policy here: www.nuttyapps.com/privacypolicy.

This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money. On Google Wallet, you can configure parental controls to avoid unintentional purchases.

Contact us with any questions or comments: nuttyfeedback@gmail.com

NiceHair - Hair Color Changer

NiceHair - Hair Color Changer  apk

Try out different hair colors on your own photos. Many hair colors to choose from, and all are FREE. The best and completely FREE hair color changer.

4 Simple Steps:
1. Take a photo, or select a photo from your gallery.
2. Select your hair region.
3. Choose a new hair color.
4. Save the result to your gallery or share with your friends.

• Try on new hair colors on your own photos.
• Standard Hair Colors: Blonde, Black, Brown.
• Bright Hair Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Orange and more.
• Open your photos from your gallery or take a new one using your camera.
• Share your photo on instagram, facebook and other social networks.
• NO purchases. Everything is FREE.

Please try our other free apps:
• Nice Eyes - Eye Color Changer
• Animal Faces - Face Morphing
• Face Fun - Face Changing App

FilterGrid - Photo Editor

FilterGrid - Photo Editor  apk

FilterGrid lets you combine multiple filters into 1 photo to create astounding effects.

Use the preset 44 kinds of templates and different kinds of filter combinations to quickly show a variety of styles.
Of course you can still use the 65 kinds of filter combinations to make your own filter effects.

Main functions:
- 23 splicing templates
Divide photos into different grids, in every grid you can use a different filter effect.
- 21 Shape templates
Within the photo divide the image, and use separate filter effects, the shape can also be moved and compressed.
- 65 Filters
Make any combination to get your desired effect
- Photo adjustment
Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, colour temperature, and sharpeness of any individual grid element within a template.
- 5 kinds of ratio
1:1 3:4 4:3 16:9 9:16
- Post on Instagram without cutting
Post photos with different ratios on Instagram without cutting any part of them (Must be downloaded individually)
- Easy to Share
Share your creations using Instagram, Facebook and any other app you have installed.

Remember to add #filtergrid when sharing on Instagram to get more promotion opportunities for your photos.
Follow us on our official Instagram account: @filtergrid to get more inspiration.

Have suggestions or problems? Contact us via email: rcplatform.help@gmail.com

Angry Pumpkins Halloween

Angry Pumpkins Halloween  apk

Angry Pumpkins Halloween is an amazing puzzle game for Android! Throw different types of Pumpkins and try to smash your enemies. Every Pumpkin has a particular skill. Play with cluster-grenade Pumpkins, kamikaze Pumpkins, ninja Pumpkins, or even fat, high-density Pumpkins. Enjoy four different scenarios including: Ghost Town, Cemetery, Bridge of Souls, and Haunted House.
Angry Pumpkins also has some nice power-ups: Extra Pumpkins, Bigger Pumpkins, and Pumpkins Air Strike. Use them to annihilate your enemies and score lots of points.
What are you waiting for? Start playing Angry Pumpkins Halloween now!


- 60 levels.
- 5 types of Pumpkins.
- Great graphics.
- Different enemies.
- 4 scenarios.
- Lots of fun!

Kids Burger Meal - Fast Food!

Kids Burger Meal - Fast Food!  apk

What's a kid's favorite food? Hamburgers, fries, ice cream and sodas, of course! Kids Meal Party! is a fun and simple way to make DIY party food without having to mess up your own kitchen. Be a burger chef without all the fuss!

DIY party food is easier than you might think. Make and decorate fries, sodas, ice cream and hamburgers from scratch, customizing their look and taste to make the best party food in the world. Forget the grill, forget the fryer with all that nasty grease, and forget covering your kitchen from head to toe with ingredients. With Kids Meal Party!, being a burger chef is as easy as tapping the screen.

With cooked food in the kitchen, the next step is to start decorating! Make boring food fun again by adding toppings, condiments and custom designs on each party meal. Hamburgers are fun, but they're even more fun with a ketchup smiley face on top!

- Be a party chef and make your own DIY food.
- Cook hamburgers, fries, ice cream and more.
- Decorate your party meal with all sorts of designs.

How to Play:
- Use the touch screen to select a party food to create.
- Add toppings, condiments and other delicious extras.
- Share your best DIY creations with friends!

Download for FREE NOW!

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Christmas Hidden Objects

Christmas Hidden Objects  apk

Christmas Hidden Objects is xmas themed hidden object game. Enjoy multiple beautiful scenes with lots of hidden items. Santa Claus, Bells, Christmas tree and other Christmas and New Year things are here. This is the educational, engaging and entertaining game for adults and children. You goal is to find series of hidden objects on each level. Use Hint and Zoom buttons to find items quickly. If you can not complete any level you can simple skip it and try to complete it later. Completed levels will be unlocked and you can replay them with different hidden objects set. When you complete the game press More Games button to install more hidden object games for free.

Police Arrest Simulator 3D

Police Arrest Simulator 3D  apk

** Play as a cop and protect your city from dangerous criminals **

5-0! Here comes the police. BEWARE any and all criminals! The COPS are out to get ya.

In this FREE game you finally get a chance to be the cop. Play as a policeman and reach the criminal locations on time and arrest the criminals! Finally you have the power to stop the ongoing fights and acts of violence! Race your police car to the crime scenes! Run as fast as possible. Cross all the obstacles to get to the scene in time.

There will be road barriers. Drive past them! But be as quick as you can. Remember time is of the essence.

Police arrest features include:

• Realistic police driving experience
• Lively 3D city environments
• Vibrant graphics
• Smooth and simple controls
• Exciting missions

Catch all the crooks and robbers out there. But hurry! Your city needs you!
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Stick Sniper - Smoking Kills

Stick Sniper - Smoking Kills  apk

Your mission in this stickman sniping game is to take a role of elite sniper and shoot the smokers dead and rise in the organization ranks. Read your briefings and complete all missions.you must expose smoking for the deadly habit it is. Complete all your missions to make this stick figure world a smoke-free environment.

Use your sniper skills to shoot people who are smoking and look really cool doing it!

Honey Trap

Honey Trap  apk

Have you ever dreamt of conquering the world and having fun with countless HOT beauties? Honey Trap is definitely your choice!
The year's hottest mobile RPG “Honey Trap” has been officially released! Players will be able to experience the turbulent times when battlefields filled the land and flames of war are wide-spread. Come! Assemble your heroes and set out to conquer the world! The beautiful belles are awaiting your arrival!
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Honey Trap: https://www.facebook.com/gamehoneytrap

Recruit real historical HEROes to build the mightiest of all forces!
HOT beauties accompany you on and off the battlefields!
Challenge LEGENDARY battles to earn great honor!
Amazing battle skills bring you a thrilling combat experience!
Earn superb TREASURE from battles and use it to conquer the world!

Game Features:
Hero System: Actual legendary heroes shall bow to your will. Deploy them accordingly to conquer the world!
Belle System: Hot beauties accompanying players throughout the game!
Skill System: Give the powerful action skill a try and you shall be amazed!
Cultivation System: Activate the potential of heroes and enhance the Belles to help you sweep across the different battlefields!
Exclusive System: Biography exclusive to your heroes. Explore to earn treasures and enhance your combat force!
Totem System: Activate the Constellation Totem to bring hero’s stats into full play!
Nature System: A mind-teasing mix of strategy and wit to best deploy your heroes and troops to be invincible in battles!
Corps System: Build up the most powerful Corps. Work together to earn the secret to Reincarnation!
Invitation System: The more the merrier. Invite your friends on Facebook and earn great rewards.

The most popular RPG mobile game in 2014! The distinct Belle system allows you to enjoy the fun of hot belles who are not only eye-pleasing but also are able to turn the tide of battle! The perfect combination of strategic deployment, hero development and a historical storyline, experience the constantly changing battlefields, attract the eye of the beauties and conquer the world…All of this in HONEY TRAP!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on our Facebook. We will help to solve your problem as soon as possible.
Join Honey Trap! Have fun!
Official Website:
Facebook Fans Page: https://www.facebook.com/gamehoneytrap

Ringtone Maker And Mp3 Merger

Ringtone Maker And Mp3 Merger  apk

Atarok Ringtone Maker And Merger program through music all music lists easily in your phone's memory and you can choose the music you want.

Select the music you want from wherever you want as far as you can cut off the mark.
You also lists music that was able to stop the sound of the call that you want the alarm to sound and set sounds as notification messages, you know ...
In addition, you can use this application as a music player ...
Mp3 Assing to Contact - Sellect Contact set as Ringtone
Make Default - Ringtone , Natifications And Alarm
Choose two mp3 files. on the application you are combining your auto.
Change the ringtone that you want from the contacts list.

Music you would like a place you want to cut up the ground. Combines with other mp3.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager  apk

- Open Source, light and smooth
- Attractive Material Design like UI
- Basic features like cut, copy, delete, compress, extract etc. easily accessible
- Work on multiple tabs at same time
- Multiple themes with cool icons
- Navigation drawer for quick navigation
- App Manager to open, backup, or directly uninstall any app
- Quickly access history, access bookmarks or search for any file
- Root explorer for advanced users
- All features freely available without any ads
- and the list goes on...

Note - Basic r/w operations might not work on external memory on Kitkat devices

This app is still in beta stage, hence, you might face some bugs, lack of features. This is just the starting, provide your feedback so that we can improve it. Thanks.

Credits :
Arpit Khurana (Lead Developer)
Vishal Nehra (Contributor)

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