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Halloween Night Live Wallpaper

Halloween Night Live Wallpaper  apk

Earth is lit only by the weak mysterious light of the moon, everywhere are fantastic silhouettes and strange lights. Is heard frightening sounds and sound of rustling wings of bats. You are in pitch darkness seen by thousands of smiling pumpkins and someone's attentive eyes - this is our scary Halloween night.

Animated Live Wallpaper "Halloween Night" will help you to feel the atmosphere of Halloween. This interactive live wallpaper comes to life by each touch the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Lots of settings, effects and excellent hand-painted backgrounds in HD quality can help you create a unique look for your Android phone or tablet.

Key settings and effects:
- 3 backgrounds to choose from: the castle with ghosts (haunted house), gothic cemetery with gargoyles, skulls and tombstones or scary tree
- 9 types of the night sky
- Animated witch flying on a broom
- Ghosts / Spirits
- Photo-realistic clouds
- dark leaf fall
- Meteor rain (Meteor shower effect)
- Animated fireflies (flying sparks, glowworms)
- Sparks (glowing stars)
- Flickering lights, adjustable
- This free halloween wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks great on both mobile phones and tablet devices and supports screen switching
- This free halloween night wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery
- Real smooth 3D animations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99% mobile phone devices)

How to set dynamic halloween screensaver on the screen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → Halloween Night Live Wallpaper

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Notice: this free live wallpaper contains ads

This live Halloween wallpaper has been tested and looks great on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 & 10, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z

Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS Shooter

Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS Shooter  apk

Become the last hope of humanity in a dramatic war against rebellious machines. Shoot tons of bullets, explore unbelievable cities and defeat a deadly boss in the ultimate battle.

Exciting features:
fight against endless waves of cyber - enemies,
breathtaking graphics,
fast paced shooting experience,
experience epic story in world occupied by machines,
defeat a legendary boss and become a liberator of societies,
10 fantastic guns at your disposal in battle,
urban surroundings as a battlefield,
buy new extra guns and spread extinction,
tune your armor and stand tough against enemies,
defeat enemies with deadly grenades,
defend every corner of the city

Born of Treacherous Machines

In distant future humans couldn’t cope with wars and battlefields - they needed help. A misunderstood genius - Wolfgang Deus Zart - proposed to build an army of cyborgs and robots. Intention was pure - to save human lives. But the effects amazed everyone…


After years of prosperity and peace, after a century without even one human casualty on the frontline, modern problems have looked into the eyes of human nations. New enemy was born, through years he gained strength right under the human eyes. Our robot servants became hunters. They tried to kill every human and animal, even deers in forests weren't safe.

The War

Humanity fought on every battlefield trying to save their lives. Special groups of commando were call to fight on our side; even them, those special forces trained in counter fights and deadly strikes, couldn’t fulfill their duty and help citizens live through their free lifes, without meeting any shooter, spending their lifes on fun and games. Many were dead and mutilated. This was a trigger of more dramatic events. Even players of fps game were sent to the battlefields. Modern weapons were too weak to help them, warfare took unexpected direction - course of the combat was never the same.


People took refuge in huge futuristic cities called shelters, surrounded by ultimate weapons, tanks and airplanes ready to fight in a combat for their destiny. Everyone lived terrified. Doom of every living being was threatened. The mass and gravity of upcoming events would have an effect on everybody.

Shooting Range Simulator

Shooting Range Simulator  apk

Improve your shooting skills with this realistic 3D shooting simulator.

Wide variety of levels and weapons including AK-47, shotgun, pistol or crossbow and challenges to compete with your friends.

Get points on the target, destroy sand dolls, knock down cans or explode all the balloons are some of the tests that you'll have to overcome.

Zombie Harvest

Zombie Harvest  apk

Ta-dam! It's not just another one of those "zombie-killing" free games. But, yes, most of the addicting games are about zombies, so we’ve blended in some extra healthy veggie fun! Are you ready to discover a story about the mightiest vegetables in a battle against zombies?

Meet Zombie Harvest - a sarcastic parody of popular mobile games, with a twist! There are the peaceful vegetables, living free and relaxed. Well, you know, there are peppers, pumpkins, and stuff like that. Suddenly ... Some greedy disgusting zombies are planning to steal the seeds from the cool as a cucumber vegetables!

So stop lying there you couch potato, it's time to get into some shooting games!

Shoot, defend, attack, and win! Zomboleon, Dyson and other limbs of the devil, or maybe the products of the inflamed minds of our free game designers are ready to do battle with you. Fortunately, there are the reddest and hottest peppers in the ranks of our veggie crew! Throw anything you have at hand at the ghouls, and have fun! It's easy to shoot, impossible to stop! Protect your veggie garden until last zombies get shot.

★ The next wave in addicting games - a sarcastic vegetarian arcade! Zombies, vegetables, birds - all in one.
★ 7 Superbad peppers on your side, and 25 types of enemy, each more disgusting than the last
★ 3 locations and 90 levels
★ Varied but always simple gameplay
★ Bonuses and bosses: arcade in the best sense!
★ A sharp parody of the most popular free games - we got the best of them for you for free. Have fun!

Hey, Zombies! You better return back to the grave or you’ll get a carrot where the sun doesn’t shine!

Doc kids episode

Doc kids episode  apk

Please enjoy the video doc mcstuffins have you provide in this application, in this video we give a complete episode of doc mcstuffins with you AZ episodes just choose any video you like and which ones you can turn on your android.

We hope you enjoyed this

Mp3 song Fast downloader

Mp3 song Fast downloader  apk

Give it a try and install our music down loader app now and all you have to do is to open,search for your favorite songs, play/preview them or just simple download them.
Using the vast list of online search engines. Save your music to the phone or SD card, play it and listen to it anytime you want. Use our app and enjoy FREE MUSIC now.

All the files that you download will be available in your external storage accessible from your file explorer.
You can find every king of music from pop and jazz to rap and rock. Mp3 music download and play will get what are you looking for fast and easy.Install our app and start listening to your favorite music for free now.

You can download any mp3 Indian, English,movies,remix, pop songs,also can search by music band , artist, genre by name.

● Multi and fast download engine.
● You can set your files as ringtones.
● Player supports nearly all music formats.
● Search by artist or song.
● Listen with MP3 Music Downloader and Player or any Player from the Market
● Download to phone directly or SDCard
● Enjoy with free music search and download application.

Write us and tell us how would you like us to improve out app at: tranhuynhgomer@gmail.com

Please note
That we do not take any responsibility of the misuse of this app. For the owners that would like to make a DMCA complain. Also this is not a youtube downloader, You can't download music from youtube.I hope you understand as we support a large music database to enjoy free tones from.

This app is 100% legal and only displays search results from Royalty Free Music search engines.
If for some reason you feel the need to send a DMCA complaint, please email us at :tranhuynhgomer@gmail.com and we will forward it to the specified Royalty Free Music search engine.

Pipe Twister: Best Pipe Puzzle

Pipe Twister: Best Pipe Puzzle  apk

Try Pipe Twister: an addictive free flow puzzle game! You tap or swipe pipes to connect flows of a certain color from an input to the matching output.

This fun game features an adventure track of 200 puzzles and unlimited free play with the "Quick Game" option. Over time, more and more difficult options are introduced, such as crossing flows, T-pieces, and mixing of different colored flows where 2 colors must be mixed to become 1.
Use the in app payments to go premium and disable the ads or buy more hints.
Download this game now and become and excellent pipe spinner. It's a fun puzzle game for kids and adults.
Get into plumber mania and play this free fun game!

Baby Hazel Beach Party

Baby Hazel Beach Party  apk

Kids can play Baby Hazel Beach Party game for free.

It is time to have a party at beach. Baby Hazel and her friends are going to have a party at beach. It is all girls party where they enjoy different beach activities and games. Go along with Baby Hazel to the beach party. Fulfill little girls' needs on time to keep them happy. Enjoy!

Hidden Object Halloween Spec.

Hidden Object Halloween Spec.  apk

Going for a trip? What about the Halloween Special? Find Hidden Objects in and around Haunted Mansions!

Round up your friends and sign the waiver. Embark on a Hidden Object adventure to 20 mysterious places. This itinerary is especially made for you... Enjoy your booking... and may you return whole and alive. Oh, I mean joyful and happy...

Main Features:
- Three difficulty levels
- Zoom feature: A must-have feature for every Hidden Object game to help find smaller items!
- Great music!
- Search for Hidden Objects in 20 eerie scenes.
- Hints! Hints offered in case you get stumped.
*Powered by Dolby® on supported devices*

Police Jeep Driving 3D

Police Jeep Driving 3D  apk

Police Jeep driving 3D and jeep simulation games HD.
Beautiful 3D building and Graphics…Touch screen steering, brake & Race paddle.
This is fast police driving and simulator game around the city with HD pro version.
And player can drive this HD pro police car on the beautiful roads and quick driving on high class city.
We make this trial police ride of all of our players and we had used all of above features in all games.

1-Drive the Police jeep.
2-Avoid the hurdles.
3-Collect the Stars,
4- Follow the arrows.
5-Tablet and android devices Support and FULL HD support.
6- Its free on Google play

Fast Race Car Driving 3D

Fast Race Car Driving 3D  apk

Fast Race Car Driving 3D is an open world race driving simulator game. Drive your fast race car around the open world and the city streets performing stunts, crashing into cars, and having the chance to do whatever you want with Fast Race Car Driving 3D. Drive in a open world environment, ascend tall skyscrapers, jumping off ramps, smashing your fast race car or wrecking other vehicles! If you enjoy the idea of taking control of a fast race car and driving in a open world, you will love Fast Race Car Driving 3D.

Death Sniper : Shooting Game

Death Sniper : Shooting Game  apk

Play this exciting game of anti-terrorism war where you have to kill all the enemies before they end up with your life ! Enemies will appear randomly at 10 different locations. When enemies appear randomly, attack twice. Life is limited, so attack the targeted enemies as soon as possible!

Real cops 3D police chase

Real cops 3D  police chase  apk

- Two types of games the police or gangsters;
  - Lots of levels with different routes and landscapes;
  - Ability to select controls (steering wheel or tilt control);
  - In each mission there is the opportunity to ride on a new car, this legend chases;
  - For a complete outlook of the game, a plurality of camera positions that will fully feel like driving a car;
- Missions with different levels of complexity.

Just Soccer

Just Soccer  apk

This game does not seek to copy Soccer Physics. Please do not ask me to "improve physics", "add the same chips" as in the above mentioned game, I will not do it! It's not a copy, this analog!

Warning! There are cases with a gray screen on some devices! I try as quickly as possible to solve this problem!

What do you know about football? You in fact did not see, and not played it! Just Soccer - the standart of real, once again, a REAL foolball. Try to plunge into this amazing pixel fucking world!

You will find:
- Pixel graphics (this you will not find anywhere else, I'm serious! Well, it's true!), And in particular:
- Pixel ball (and by that, I am surprised every time!)
- Pixel LEGS! (no comment)
- And much more!

Fingernail Spa - Girls game

Fingernail Spa - Girls game  apk

For the perfect summer look, you need the perfect manicure!

Sweet or sassy? Design your customers' nails to match their personalities!

Got many great nail care products, colorful nail polishes, stickers, tattoos, and accessories for fingernail and hands.

Best makeup games for girls!

Zombie Rider - Stunt Bike

Zombie Rider - Stunt Bike  apk

Zombie Rider Stunt Bike is a platform racing game in which you must complete each level by racing against friends and doing stunt bike tricks.

You get to pick between 5 unique bikes to take on increasingly difficult levels!

Take on the scariest holiday of them all in this fast paced Halloween Game!

This racing game uses Leaderboards and Achievements so you can compete against your friends!

Achievements include doing back flips on your bike or quad, front flip, do wheelies, and wheelies on steep mountain hills.

DO the biggest tricks in this Haunted App

Zeus - Mount Olympus™ Slots HD

Zeus - Mount Olympus™ Slots HD  apk

❃Play our fastest growing slot machine! Earn up to 1,000,000 Coins playing the most entertaining slots machine
straight from Vegas! Zeus – ♚King♚ of gods, play the king of slot machines.
❃ Don’t you just ❤love❤ bonuses? Play our Addicting bonus levels to get richer!
❃ Want to earn daily coins? Play our Wheel of Fortune to claim your bonus!
★ Big Win & Media win + Double Win feature ★
★ Increase your chances with over 20 lines at the same time. ★
★ Hourly timed bonus engine ★
★ Multi-line slot machines with unlimited levels! ★
★ Wild symbols, Free spins and Scatters ★
★ Exciting sound and visual effects to enrich your game experience ★

Pocket Craft Dinosaur Edition

Pocket Craft Dinosaur Edition  apk

Pocket Craft – Dinosaur Edition is a Jurassic crafting survival game based on the famous minecraft, join a world of jungles, deserts, tropical regions where you will find amazing dinosaurs of all type T rexes, Stegosaurus, Thesaurus , pretty much all of them, you will find similar monsters to those of minecraft and many new monsters never seen before, as well as a variety of animals and birds, and much more, so build your defenses, upgrade your homes and trade with villagers to triumph over the dinosaurs
You are free to do what ever you set your mind to, you can focus on dinosaurs or just play freely, so go out hunting, it is up to you, if you just want to play a peacefully and creatively just choose the creative mode and build what you like.

Pocket Craft – Dinosaur Edition features:

- Both Creative and Survival modes.
- Great HD Graphics with Amazing lighting effects.
- Variety of animals and monsters that will blow your mind away.
- Great game mechanics and physics just like in minecraft.
- Deep and long dungeons to explore and monster to slay.
- Cool sounds featuring birds, animal life and monstrous noises.

Pocket Craft will take you on an adventure that you won’t regret, so look no further, your adventure begins now!

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