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Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter

Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter  apk

An addictive bubble shooter game!
Ready? Aim… Shoot!
Match 3 or more color balls to pop them!

Help your cute hamster friends reach their home in this bubble shooter game. An exciting adventure, full of dangers, obstacles, and tricky balls waits for you! Save lab flies and other creatures trapped inside balls, get the highest score, or just survive!
Meet the ingenious hamster team: Timmy, Runner, Psycho, and Wisenheimer. Along with yourself, they constitute a perfect bubble shooter crew that can overcome anything!
Discover how the hamsters’ special skills come in handy with their ball-popping abilities.
Psycho hates red buttons? Ok, there is a perfect Red Button for him that causes total ballihilation!
Runner loves running. Let’s upgrade the equipment on his running wheel and produce bombs!
Wisenheimer can control balls with the power of his mind. Just clean the dust off his telepathic helmet and let him do his job.
Timmy’s best skill (besides operating the bubble shooter cannon) is… getting into trouble! This little tyke is the reason why the whole adventure started.

Disclaimer: Beware of mysterious events, fading light, and balls that refuse to pop, but also may freeze, poison, or even predict the future!
*No balls were harmed while making this game.

How to play:
★ Tap the screen to aim and shoot the balls.
★ Tap the bubble shooter cannon to swap the balls.
★ Bounce the balls off the walls to aim into tricky spots.

★ 100+ levels of Challenging Puzzles!
★ Upgradable Hamsters, each with unique abilities!
★ Diverse mission goals and challenges.
★ Cool & effective boosters and rescue kits.
★ Toggable color blind mode.
★ Facebook login to invite friends and exchange gifts.
★ Leaderboards.
★ Trophies.

Slots Fever Pro - Free Slots

Slots Fever Pro - Free Slots  apk

Play Slots Fever Pro - Free Slots, the BEST slots game on Android!

Enjoyed by millions worldwide, Slots Fever - Free Slots is a Free Vegas-style slots game with gorgeous graphics, amazing bonuses and fantastic sounds. New video slot machines and bonus games are added constantly to keep the game exciting.



- 40+ themed video slot machines with high-quality sound, top-tier graphics and fun bonus games.
- 4+ new video slot games released every month.
- Lots of chances for free coins and free spins!
- 200+ free coins every two hours! The more you play, the more coins you'll get!
- The first slots game with a tournament mode!
- Get Free gifts from Daily Treasure.
- Collect items and win chance to play the Great Bonus Game!
- Spin up to 99 lines at a time.
- Compete for a place on the Leaderboard.
- Make in-app purchases.


★★★★★ “It’s easy to win! I used to play slotsfree, slotsmania and slot city, but the odds are way better in Slots Fever!”
★★★★★ “I love slots fever, it’s the best casino slots game!”
★★★★★ “I play this slots game every single day. There’s a lot you can get for free and you just keep winning more… way cooler than other slots machines.”

Have questions or suggestions about Slots Fever – Free Slots?
Like us on Facebook to chat with us and other players! https://www.facebook.com/KakapoGames
Or email your questions to support@kakapo.mobi

Why wait when you could be winning already?
Play Slots Fever - Free Slots now!

Three piggies: puzzle & fable

Three piggies: puzzle & fable  apk

Have you heard of the story of "The Three Little Pigs" ? Yes, the Big Bad Wolf is here again! Straw house is blown down and collapsed, hut failed to resist, even the most sturdy brick house got broken in as well! How to escape from the claws of the Big Bad Wolf? It all depends on your wisdom!

- English folktale adaptation, familiar fairy tale brings new fun.
- Each region has dozens of levels, totaling hundreds of levels waiting for you to challenge.
- Before the Big Bad Wolf’s getting crazy, obtain food quickly, flee to the next level.
- Game provides paid props - "Apple", it can secretly guide you the direction.

** This game is like most of the games, though known as "free play", yet product package in the game store can often make the game more fun, but be aware that these need to pay with real money.


aa  apk

aa - the first in our "focus" series.

This is the one that started it all. The game to end all games. If you love games, this game is great. If you hate them, well... this is a great anti-game. Either way, it'll be good, it's free and now the #1 iOS Strategy game is on Android. aa is the best "hello world" app to get for your phone or tablet, try it now.

Get stuck into 600 unique and deceptively challenging levels.

Timing is key in aa, but all that's required is simple taps (anywhere on the screen, wherever feels comfortable) to move the dots into the circle or in latter levels hold down and release to control the speed. Just avoid collisions at all costs.

An endearing aspect of aa is that each level has infinite ways it can be solved. Every piece you add, then effects how the next piece is going to be added, it's entirely up to you how you solve any of the 600 levels.

Top the leaderboard and earn medals (bronze, silver and gold). There's 600 levels to solve right now, intertwined with zillions of surprises along the way that you'll love. You can also go back and replay any level you've already passed at any time (Choose Level). If you're stuck on a really tricky level, skip it! (Tap Skip Level on the Fail screen) If you can't wait, unlock all 600 levels right now and replay at your own pace! (Choose Level > Unlock All Levels)

We're traditionally an iOS development shop, so please stick with us as we adjust to the Android landscape.

RESOLVE PROBLEM CHECKLIST, if you have any issues, try these first:
1) Closing and restarting the app
2) Go to Settings > Apps > "aa" > Clear Data & Clear Cache
3) Turn on/off sound
4) Settings > Apps > "aa" > Force Stop > Reopen "aa"
5) Uninstall and reinstall the latest version from the Play Store
6) Scores not registering to leaderboard - tap "leaderboard" and sign in, then try again

If you run into any bug you can't fix with the above, email: sales@generaladaptive.com and leave your device type, Android OS version and a brief description of the bug.

The rest of the "focus" range will be uploaded shortly. Thanks.

Stickman Roof Runner

Stickman Roof Runner  apk

Run adrenalin charged for your life over deadly roof tops, avoid urban canyons, perfectly time your jumps and try to get as far as possible. Beat your friends highscore and share your awesome replays.

• From the makers of Rope’n’Fly, Stickman Ice Hockey, Stickman Downhill, Stickman Soccer, Stickman Basketball, Stick Stunt Biker, Line Birds, Line Surfer, Line Runner, RunStickRun and more

• No coins or any other collectable stuff. Everything unlocked right from the start

• Tight and fast paced gameplay
• Unlimited number of levels
• Endless playing in never ending cities for the pros
• A lot of achievements to unlock
• Online and Offline leaderboard
• Directly compare yourself against all other players or your friends

Video Trailer: 

Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible!
Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions!

Shipwrecked: Volcano Island

Shipwrecked: Volcano Island  apk

Explore an uncharted island, build a beautiful sanctuary and discover a fiery new world!

A maritime misadventure leaves you stranded on an uncharted island … with a volcano! But you and your brave crewmates are undaunted in your quest to build the island civilization of your dreams!

Note: You must be at least 13 years of age to play or download this game. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Brave adventure, treasure, and pirates await as you explore the uncharted island, discover hidden secrets, and build a stunning island colony underneath the volcano.

Things to do in this volcano adventure:
● Explore the daunting jungle and find uncharted territory.
● Be careful to avoid the lava!
● Unlock lost cargo on the beach to find secret treasures.
● Turn your secret sanctuary into a thriving colony safe from the volcano!
● From castaway to brave leader, guide your comrades and colony to uncharted heights.

Now with Team Challenge Seasons!
● Build your team, compete together, and earn rewards!
● New challenges every weekend!
● Can you reach the top of the ranks?

IN-APP PAYMENTS: Shipwrecked: Volcano Island is free to play but you can buy special items to use in the game.
Having a problem? Got a suggestion? We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us at support-li@kiwiup.com.

NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links to social networking sites that are intended for an audience that is at least 13 years of age; direct links to the internet with the potential to browse any web page; and advertising of Kiwi products and products from select partners.

Restaurant Story: Christmas

Restaurant Story: Christmas  apk

The #1 FREE virtual restaurant game returns with Restaurant Story: Christmas!

Decorate a Restaurant to celebrate the wonderful holiday season, and share with your friends! Celebrate the festive, joyous spirit with your customers with fun, delicious decorations and tasty season-themed treats! Leave them coming back for more and bringing their friends to stuff their appetites to welcome the holiday season!

- DESIGN and build the perfect, personalized Restaurant! Stunning variety and unlimited creativity!
- DECORATE with thousands of items, choose tables, chairs, wallpaper, art, and more!
- CUSTOMIZE a menu of delicious meals that make tummies grumble for more!
- SOCIALIZE with other restaurants, and collect bonus tips from players!
- INVITE friends to set up shop right next door! Share secret recipes!
- FREE to download, FREE to play, FREE weekly updates with new dishes and decorations!

Restaurant Story: Christmas is the BEST looking, FREE to play, most delicious restaurant game for your Android device!

Please note: Restaurant Story: Christmas is an online only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.

Please note that Restaurant Story: Christmas is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to the Google Play Store, tap the Menu button, select Settings > Use password to restrict purchases. Then follow the directions to complete setup. In addition, Restaurant Story: Christmas may link to social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access to your information through such services.

TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, is the #1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android.

Use of this application is governed by the TeamLava Terms of Service. Collection and use of data are subject to TeamLava's Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at www.teamlava.com/terms and www.teamlava.com/privacy.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz  apk

World of Tanks Blitz is a free-to-play mobile MMO action game developed by Wargaming, the award-winning online game developer and publisher of World of Tanks, the smash PC hit now with over 90 million players worldwide!

Drawing inspiration from the PC version, World of Tanks Blitz is built specifically for optimal online mobile gameplay and is currently available on your Android device.

With an impressive roster of over 100 massive tanks, stunning graphics, and intuitive touch-screen controls, World of Tanks Blitz makes it easy to jump into short, action-packed 7vs7 tank battles no matter where you are!

“World of Tanks Blitz is definitely worth picking up if you’re into complex MMO war games that let you show off your tactical precision and execution.”

“We’ve seen a lot of less ambitious tank games come out on mobile. Everyone has the same idea. They all want to be the World of Tanks on mobile.”

“The game played extremely well on the tablet.”

• Over 100 iconic vehicles from Germany, Great Britain, the United States, and the USSR
• 4 different tank classes including light, medium, heavy, and tank destroyers
• Strategic 7v7 online multiplayer gameplay
• 10 unique battle arenas
• In-game chat functionality
• Innovative crew upgrade system
• Constant graphics enhancement and updates, as well as optimization for various devices
• Real-life physics to create realistic tank movement and damage mechanics
• Detailed tutorials
• Ability to invite your friends to play online
• In-game achievements
• Free to play with equal access to in-game elements for paying and non-paying players
• Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls
• Cross-platform gameplay for iOS and Android

Download World of Tanks Blitz now FREE!

Languages supported:
• English
• Russian
• German
• French
• Spanish
• Polish
• Finnish
• Czech
• Italian
• Portuguese (Brazil)
• Turkish
• Korean
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese
• Japanese
• Arabic
• Thai
• Vietnamese

For more information please visit http://wotblitz.com/

CM Speed Booster丨Cache Cleaner

CM Speed Booster丨Cache Cleaner  apk

The World's Smallest Phone Booster App, CM Speed Booster, Helps Optimize Your Android Devices with ONE Tap!

When Do You Need Us?

If you've run out of space for apps on your device, if it's starting to feel slow and sluggish, if games don't play smoothly, or if your device becomes too hot to hold, then you need CM Speed Booster! Tons of ways to improve your device, and no unnecessary clutter.

What We Can Do For You

CM Speed Booster is designed to be a simple, lightweight (1MB) and intuitive app that easily fixes the common problems people have with their Android devices. Free up storage space and memory from your device and SD card in one tap, cool down when your CPU is overheating, and find many ways to clear out junk like unused apps and similar photos.

Features of CM Speed Booster - The Tiniest Phone Booster Ever

☆ Phone Booster
One tap to speed up your games and apps, free memory (RAM) and speed up your device. You also can create a handy widget on the homescreen to boost your phone with a simple tap!

☆ CPU Cooler
Cool off your device by finding and stopping the unnecessary apps that are causing it to overheat.

☆ Junk File Cleaner
Clean cache and residual files to reclaim storage, enhance speed and improve the performance of your device and SD card.


DeviantArt  apk

Simply put: The World’s Largest Art Gallery In Your Hand.

DeviantArt is the largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. We entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us.

The DeviantArt mobile app moves the experience to hand-held devices exposing a full range of exciting, fresh, culturally relevant content from traditional media of painting, drawing, photography and sculpture to digital art, pixel art, anime and fan art. Browse endless streams of content as well as communicate with and submit to the community 24/7 with the DeviantArt mobile app.

· Today Page – every day, the editorial team will draw from and reflect back to the community a vibrant combination of news, features, curations and conversations.

· What’s Hot, Undiscovered, Daily Deviations and Explore – give you ways to liberate and inspire yourself with extraordinary images drawn from an art collection powered by over 32 million artists and curators on DeviantArt. Features like “More Like This” associate images through member-curated Collections to provide endless entertainment and inspiration as you travel through the app by browsing layers of similar art.

· Status Updates – post short updates in a simple and direct format that lets you create informal conversations with your watchers. Use these to share how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, what you’re working on, or to share the work of an artist you love.

· Watch Feed – a personalized and easy to access feed of every Journal, Collection, or Status Update posted by your watchlist.

· Notifications – the communication center of the app where you manage all mentions, replies and other messages. This feature is similar to the website’s Message Center.

· Submit – submit art and literature to DeviantArt or compose a status update to initiate rich visual conversations.

Slots Machine - Wild Safari HD

Slots Machine - Wild Safari HD  apk

▲▼ Wild Safari Slots Machine with HIGH PAYOUTS! ▲▼
▲▼ ★ Claim you FREE BONUS on our Wheel of Fortune ★ ▲▼
▼▲ Wild Safari Slots Machine : Treasure Hunt slots brings you one of most entertaining Social Casino Slots!
▲▼ Earn Free coins – Up to 1 Million Coins!
▲▼ ★ Huge Mega & Wild Wins! ★ New 20 lines Slots machines ★
▼▲ ★ Enjoy fun Bonuses every 3 hours! ★ Multiline Vegas slot machines with wild symbols & Free spins. ★
▲▼Download now to get FREE COINS!

Hop Hop Ninja!

Hop Hop Ninja!  apk

Hop Hop Ninja!

This ninja has learned how to fly!
Guide the ninja “willow” as she hops on air towards the sky and out of the enemy samurai village.
Make sure to avoid the super jealous samurai’s and the very, very tall rooftops.

Easy controls… Simply tap the left and right of the screen again and again to hop in mid-air and towards the stars.
How far can you hop?

Features a super-cool original soundtrack using an authentic commodore64 chip, (something for nostalgia fans!) made by our friend who we’re really proud of.

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Newborn Baby Doctor

Newborn Baby Doctor  apk

Grown from a woman to mother is full with excitement, tension, pay out, fatigue, joy and fun. in the period, go through various checks, birth, bathing, dressing, feeding and other tedious work, but the birth of new life is very exciting! Now come to help these few nervous and excited Mommys let their baby safe and healthy birth into this world!

Curio Quest

Curio Quest  apk

Explore an amazing NEW world of Curio Monsters you can Collect, Evolve, and Battle!

Transported to this far-off world, you encounter unusual people who raise and battle bizarre creatures they call Curios. You begin your incredible journey by collecting and training armies of Curios to battle.

Uncover the secrets of Curio Quest - Play Now!

Win Epic battles and tournaments with your superior strategy and skill against players around the world!

Build your army of Curios. Different combinations of Curios can be a powerful force!

Create 240 distinct Curio evolutions. Upgrade your Curios with dozens of special skills and boosts!

Form a club with your friends. Chat with friends in-game, and Battle other clubs for supremacy!

Reach the top of the PvP and Club leaderboards for worldwide dominance!

Send and receive free gifts with friends. Spin the daily bonus wheel for special bonuses!


Challenge your friends to Battle - Play FREE Now!

Aero Launcher - Xmas Wallpaper

Aero Launcher - Xmas Wallpaper  apk

Aero Launcher is the easiest, safest and most beautiful launcher for Android.

★ Easy to use tabs
★ Stunning animated themes
★ 1000's of free themes
★ No scary app permissions

Highlights of Aero Launcher
★ Easy to use tabs - Aero categorizes your apps as an app or a game, and sorts them into separate tabs for easy access. Say goodbye to messy home screens!
★ Stunning animated themes - Featuring Snowy Christmas with falling snow, and New Year's with live fireworks controlled by your touch!
★ 1000's of free themes - Supports themes made for ADW / Apex / Nova / Go.
★ No scary app permissions - Unlike other launchers that track your call logs, SMS, email, contacts, location and other scary stuff, Aero asks for only basic permissions.

Thank you for trying Aero Launcher!

2 Cars

2 Cars  apk

Control the red car and the blue car at the same time. Collect all the circles and avoid the squares on the road.

Evil Apples

Evil Apples  apk

"It literally started a riot when I started playing with friends"

Evil Apples is a filthy & hilarious card game inspired by the popular party games Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, and Madlibs (or is it Mad Libs?).

(Evil Apples is better than all of these, however; Evil Apples is the Kanye West of party games.)

__! HOW TO PLAY !__
- Grab 3 nearby friends. You are now Players.
- A Red Card is shown to all Players, e.g. "Nothing excites a group of Catholic Priests more than ____."
- Each Player selects a White Card from their hand, e.g. "middle school crushes."
- A Judge among you selects the best card and awards 1 point to the victor.
- First Player to 7 points wins the game, and your respect.

__! FEATURES !__
- 1200 White Cards and 250 Red Cards! Never gets boring!
- Play with folks nearby using GPS.
- Join Friends ANYWHERE using SMS, Twitter, or Facebook.
- Join Random Blitz Mode games to go fast with strangers.
- Stay cool with in-game chat to blow your mind!
- Discard cards you don't like.
- Write Wildcards with fully-custom text.
- Innovative FaceHole technology!

- Unlimited drinking game opportunities.
- Makes you the life of the party; you actually become funny.
- Finally make jokes with your friends about sex, drinking, and other amazing bodily functions.

What've you got to lose? It's free, it's amazing, and it's definitely NSFW.

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/evilapples

Elune Saga

Elune Saga  apk

Journey through Astoria and battle to become the most powerful hero!

Experience a full-scale hybrid strategy RPG. Collect and evolve Soul cards to make your personalized team! Train your party and compete against the world!

Minimum Requirements
- OS: Android v2.3.3 or higher
- Device: Galaxy S2 or higher



- Strategic collaboration between RPG battles and Soul cards
- Over 200 Souls, each with their own exciting skill
- Experience the different types of battles through the different combinations of Souls
- Fun and strategic gameplay based on the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water
- Equip costumes to get buffs that maximize elemental attributes
- Recruit and awaken Souls with the Soul enhance system
- Be the best and use powers from bound Souls!
- An abundance of content: Arenas, Dungeons, PvP, and Adventures
- Challenge the endless dungeons with friends!

(Available on tablet mode)

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