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Magic Liker for Instagram

Magic Liker for Instagram  apk

Magic Liker is a magical app for getting more likes on Instagram. It gets you likes while you discover & like photos of other users.

Magic Liker works in 2 easy steps:
First you view photos and like them to get stars.
Then you spend stars to get likes from other users.

With this app you no longer need to put tags such as #Like4Like on your photos to gain likes, instead your photo is show to other real users to like. Install now and get 150 likes for free to boost your Instagram likes on any of your photos.

Major Features:
+ Fast like deliver, Effective results.
+ All real users & genuine likes, no auto liking or bots
+ Earn stars from liking other user photos
+ Earn stars from watching video & completing offers
+ Get any number of likes you want, be it 1000 or 5000

Some User Reviews:
- One of the best InstaLikes app, it's really fast.
- Best Booster app for Instagram Likes.


PLAYMOBIL Princess  apk

Beautiful flowers and magical creatures - the new PLAYMOBIL Princess figures are available now! Download the free Princess App on your mobile device and help them enchant the Fairy Forest!

• Choose between four charming Princesses and enchant the magical Fairy Forest

• Find all treasure chests and use the shiny gems inside

• Remember the correct colors and sounds

• Take care of the cute pegasus foals

• Enhance your magical skills with the help of golden coins you have collected

• Digital play that is safe for kids: no in-app purchases, no internet links

The Lego Batman 3 Cheat Guide

The Lego Batman 3 Cheat Guide  apk

- PRO Version Available FREE of charge for a limited time only! -

The number one rated Lego Batman 3 Cheat Guide is finally here!

* Cheats
* Walkthrough Guides
* News
* Screens
*Much much more!

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo  apk

To request an invitation to purchase an Amazon Echo, visit http://www.amazon.com/echo


The Amazon Echo App turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control for even more ways to control and get more out of your Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is always ready to play your favorite music, provide weather and news updates, answer questions, create lists, and much more. Echo's brain is in the cloud, so it continually learns and adds more functionality over time. The more you use Echo, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences.


Tucked under Echo's light ring is an array of seven microphones. These sensors use beam-forming technology to hear you from any direction, even while it's playing music. Interactions with Amazon Echo are automatically mirrored visually on your Amazon Echo App, providing more information as you want it. And the free Amazon Echo App lets you easily manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more wherever you are.

Connect to your home's Wi-Fi network using the free Amazon Echo App, with its simple guided setup. Now you can stream all of your music, radio stations, and have access to news and information, all by voice -- or with the Amazon Echo App's intuitive interface.

Chair In A Room

Chair In A Room  apk

A bare bulb casts a dim light around you, its flickering efforts providing the only sound in the stark room. Your seat cracks and creaks under your weight as you perch uncomfortably in its worn recess. The light from the bulb flickers again, casting you into darkness longer this time, before coming back to life...for now.

You look around the room to discover a barren state of occupation; the only sign of life is a cigarette that burns, seemingly forgotten, in an ashtray on the desk. Across the room, through the heavy mix of smoke and dust, a cone of light shows the way to the room’s only door, which sits slightly ajar.

The light flickers and struggles again, before giving out with a final snap and plunging you into darkness.

The light from the door is broken as a shadow passes. SLAM.

Now the door is shut. You can sense breathing, too close. You switch on your torch, to find only emptiness and silence. Your battery can only illuminate the scene for so long before you’ll be forced to face the dark again...

Warning: Not for those with heart conditions or underlying health concerns.

...you're on your own


A Chair In A Room utilises the immersive power of Google Cardboard and your mobile device to create the experience of you being the protagonist of a horror film.

Stood in the centre of a windowless room you only have the unfolding clues around you to piece together the mystery of what led you to be on a chair in a room.

- Full 3D immersion
- Uses the "Trigger" on Google Cardboard
- Dramatic movie set pieces
- Dark/suspenseful soundtrack written specifically for this project
- Intense sound FX designed in unison to build up tension



This app will only work in Google Cardboard or similar device, the screen is split and not playable without lenses.

Screenshots are for indicative purposes and do not show split screen view.

Santa Spy Cam 2

Santa Spy Cam 2  apk

Santa Spy Cam™ 2 (SSC2), the second version of the Internationally acclaimed “proof of Santa” app, enables parents (and grandparents) to capture live-action, high-quality video of friendly Elves and Santa Claus in your home! With an almost limitless array of live-action video capability and customization options, Santa Spy Cam™ 2 provides those “sightings” of Elves and Santa that children all over the world have always wanted to see, in one easy-to-use app.

Designed by parents, for parents, SSC2 brings an unprecedented level of magic and enchantment to a child's holiday experience with its highly intuitive suite of “spy” options:

> 37 spy scenes, including 5 all-new scenes for 2014, inspiring countless live-action video “sighting” opportunities:

> Includes 6 mind-blowing Santa scenes to make this Christmas morning one they’ll never forget

> Intuitive customization options to integrate physical objects left behind by the Elves

> Easy sharing with friends and family on Facebook, YouTube and Email

> Multi-level security feature to help keep curious kids from using the app

NEW IN-APP PRICING: Free Demo scene allows you to “test drive” the app, and for a single, convenient price of $3.99 you can “Unlock” the entire suite of options (that’s less than $0.14 USD per scene!). Of course, the looks of amazement are priceless.Unlocking all scenes also removes the watermark on your video creations.

Get inspired; see what other sleuths have recorded with their Santa Spy Cam: https://www.youtube.com/user/SantaSpyCamOFFICIAL

Due to the high quality of videos produced by SSC2, processing times for captured “sightings” may take up to several minutes to complete. We recommend downloading the app and desired scenes when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

For tips/tricks to get the most out of your SSC2 experience, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter and visit, www.santaspycam.com/FAQ


New Year Photo Frames 2015

New Year Photo Frames 2015  apk

Happy New 2015! Here comes a precious present for you that will beautify all your photos! Download New Year Photo Frames 2015 for free and start the year with the best photo fun. It's time for New Year's resolutions and one of them should certainly be to edit all your photos and make them look fantastic. Get ready for this wonderful holiday and use this free photo editing software and photo montage maker to beautify your holiday pics and family photos.

*・゜・゚.* New Year pic frames features *・゜・゚.*

☼ Select a holiday photo or selfie from the gallery of your phone and use this Xmas photo wrap to decorate it!
☼ Capture a new image with your camera and apply an New Year photo frame 2015 to it!
☼ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the insta pic frame as you like!
☼ Choose from fifteen New Year frames in different shapes and colors and try them all out!
☼ Happy New Year Photo Frames Pro app supports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.
☼ Save your new picture and share it instantly on social networks like Facebook, Flickr, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter!
☼ Get this New Year frame effects app for Android™ and you'll have the most beautiful instapic images!

New Year’s Eve is one of the few days of the year when the number of photos taken reaches impossible heights. Invite your friends and family and make pictures with your beauty camera in front of the Christmas tree wearing Santa outfits. Then take your photo montage maker and enhance all your pics. These Christmas frames and Happy New Year Photo Frames are the best present you can get

Make the best New Year cards 2015! Use your imagination, enter your new photo studio and start editing photos with this fabulous New Year photo editor. Save your precious memories, decorate your favorite photos and send them as New Year ecards to your friends to wish them all the best. You will surprise them with your new photo art skills.

Photo manipulation app provides a wide range of Happy New Year photo frames free. There is no need to use complicated and expensive photo editors, all you have to do is select Happy New Year photo frames free download offered and apply them to your pictures. Transform your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet into Christmas photo booth and start decorating your pics with wonderful New Year's and Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree and other decorations.

These photo borders and photo backgrounds are something you have always needed as a present, so follow the latest fashion trends, and get this fancy and modern frames on time! Start with Happy New Year countdown now!
*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf  apk

Everyone loves an Elf on the Shelf! Check out how people around the world are having fun with their favorite holiday toy, Elf on the Shelf.

Compass 360 Pro Free

Compass 360 Pro Free  apk

A Compass can be used for most of your outdoor activities such as travel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating.
There are many compass apps on the market but most of them work accurately only in America but less accurate in Australia and Asia. Our Compass apps can work accurately all over the world. Because of The compass app depends on the performance of your device exactly. If it is inaccurate, please check that you aren't being affected by a magnetic field.

Your 5-star ratings will encourage us to create and develop more free apps

Best Features:
- Simple to use, use it like a real compass
- Professional design
- The dampened compass card, which swings naturally, orientates you with just one glance.
- A decimal bearing provides detailed direction.
- A cardinal bearing gives you a quick way of expressing general direction to others.
- Magnetic and true north are available, the app automatically takes care of variation.
- Incredibly smooth movements
- No internet connection required.
- Support many language
- It’s FREE

****IMPORTANT: To use, hold your Android device flat, use just like a real compass. Your device must have MAGNETIC SENSOR inside to read earth magnetic field. If your device does not have magnetic sensor Smart Compass Pro or any other compass app will not work. PLEASE DON’T WRITE BAD COMMENTS, IT’S NOT OUR FAULT!****

Shadow Clock Watch Face

Shadow Clock Watch Face  apk

Typographer and designer Craig Ward's unique Wear watch face uses shadows, light and tone along with custom designed numerals to reveal the time.

Taking inspiration from sundials, the face transitions from day into night with light and shadows shifting over the course of 24 hours.

Craig Ward, Creative Director of Fatale, is globally known for his pioneering typographic work under the Words Are Pictures moniker. This watch face is an experiment in taking his process-driven style into a brand new digital medium.

If you don't see the watch face appearing on your watch, hang tight! The watch face requires the latest version of Android Wear, which should be automatically updated on your watch over the next week.



This is a free GO SMS Theme

❤How to use this theme:
After downloading and installing this theme, go to Theme Store -> Local ->Choose your theme -> Apply

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Runtastic Butt Trainer

Runtastic Butt Trainer  apk

Download the Runtastic Butt Trainer, Exercises & Quick Workouts app and define your backside with Runtastic! Follow the lead of the Runtastic avatar in high-quality, HD videos to complete intense butt and legs workouts. Tell your excuses to hit the road and get the body you’ve always dreamed of… Fitness is not one size fits all & your fat burning workouts shouldn’t be either!

No time to hit the gym? Unsure how to complete new lower body exercises in a safe, effective manner? Runtastic is here to kick your excuses to the curb with the Runtastic Butt Trainer! Lifelike avatar, Angie, guides you in 50+ HD tutorial videos to help you get the toned quads, defined backside and boosted overall fitness you’ve always wanted. Download Runtastic Butt Trainer today!

* Lifelike avatar, Angie, takes you through a variety of backside exercises step-by-step
* 50+ HD instructional butt workout videos
* Adjustable difficulty, three levels of sport science training
* Pre-defined workouts, including: The 7-Minute Workout, Junk in the Trunk and more
* My Workouts: Create customize workouts tailored to your target areas (like the hips!), weight loss goals & daily schedule
* Filter exercises for your personal fitness level
* 50+ unique “Tip of the Day” messages
* Works with smartphones & tablets
* Voice Coach for easy-to-follow instructions: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese
* Absolutely no gym equipment required – use this squats, lunges and toning app anytime, anywhere
* Improve overall fitness, muscle strength & toning, stability and weight mgmt.
* Share fitness accomplishments & tips on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and WhatsApp
* Upload workouts to your MyFitnessPal account
* Track training sessions and overall progress using detailed graphs on Runtastic.com

*** Some app features available in Full Version only ***

Whether you’re a nutrition & fitness junkie, a busy stay-at-home mom or a business traveler who is always on the go – the Runtastic Butt Trainer app is perfect for you! Lose weight, ditch the muffin top, develop that bikini body & get the defined backside you’ve always wanted by following our instructional videos & easy-to-use plans - anytime, anywhere.

Remember: Don’t keep your hard work & personal progress to yourself! Share your completed sessions, “My Workouts” custom result and “Tip of the Day” favorites on your favorite social media platforms. You can also upload your favorite fitness pics to Runtastic.com to monitor progress and share results.

Runtastic Butt Trainer: We’ve got your back(side)!

Santa's Christmas Kitchen

Santa's Christmas Kitchen  apk

It's Christmas cooking time! Sweet Baby Girl Emma looks so adorable in her festive elf costume. She's ready to help Santa around the kitchen. Play Santa's little helper and make delightful Christmas desserts: cupcakes, cheesecake and gingerbread cookies. Yummy!

Based on real recipes. Try your favorite at home!
Perfect game for kids who love cooking during Christmas!

Game features

Use your creativity to make the most beautiful cupcakes! First play pastry chef and bake 6 of them. Then frost and decorate the cupcakes any way you want!

Santa's Christmas tree is very special. If you want to decorate it, first you need to collect Christmas tree decorations. The more you play, the more you get!

Make a homemade cheesecake and decorate it. Choose your favorite toppings and put them on the cheesecake. Mix toppings and create hundreds of different cheesecakes for Christmas!

Everything is magical in Santa's Kitchen, even the Christmas wreath on the wall. It gives you daily gift! Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win up to 500 coins every day!

Gingerbread cookies is a must-bake in Christmas time, right? Bake 7 shaped ginger cookies, glaze them with chocolate and decorate with your favorite toppings!

5 Christmas kitchen mini games
3 delicious Christmas dessert recipes
9 collectable Christmas tree decorations
33 cupcake decorations and icing
33 cheesecake toppings
46 funny gingerbread cookies toppings
Happy smiling Santa Claus
Cozy and christmassy kitchen
Jolly music and festive graphics

Play our games: http://tutotoons.com/apps/
Like us: https://www.facebook.com/tutotoons
Follow us: https://twitter.com/TutoTOONS
Create your own game: http://tutotoons.com/

Lyricle (Lyric Quiz)

Lyricle (Lyric Quiz)  apk

Think you know music? Prove it!

LYRICLE - the addictive, fast-paced lyric challenge that is a true test of your song and music artist knowledge.
Challenge your friends and fellow music fans.

Not just a name-that-tune game.
Determine the artist behind each jumbled lyric cloud. Each game has 5 songs.
The more challenges you complete, the more coins you earn and the more playlists you can unlock.

Free access to the TOP 100 songs – updated every 3 weeks!
Sponsored playlists unlocked and featured.
Challenge friends in your favorite playlists from Rock to Rap to Indie to Country.
Choose playlists spanning every decade from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s to today.
Topical playlists (Love, Summer, Oh Canada...) added every week.

Purchase power-ups to freeze the lyric cloud, have the lyric cloud appear immediately or get rid of 2 answer choices.

Brag about your results, earn records that appear on your achievement wall, and listen to or buy the songs after each challenge.
Easily find other music fans to challenge in your favorite playlists.



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2.Get it for free with Getjar Gold

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3. If you choose Getjar Gold, there will be several apps listed, just download some apps to earn gold and then purchase with Getjar Gold
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5. Enjoy your theme and pay attention to our products

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Winter Night Live Wallpaper

Winter Night Live Wallpaper  apk

Winter night live wallpaper is a beautiful animated screensaver with falling 2D / 3D snowflakes, live water effect and set of HD winter backgrounds.

Key features:
- 12 HD winter and Christmas photos (night winter landscapes, night city, Christmas tree, Christmas balls, ...)
- 2D / 3D falling snow (animated snowfall)
- live water effect that simulates water drops, ripples and waves
- this free winter live wallpaper with animated snowfall fully supports horizontal orientation and looks great on both mobile phones and tablet devices and supports screen switching
- This free Christmas wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery
- Real smooth 3D animations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99% mobile phone devices)

Survive Tips 4 freddys 2

Survive Tips 4 freddys 2  apk

With limited power, you'll need to survive the night without getting attacked by the animatronics that roam in free mode at night.
They don't take well to anyone not in an animal suit so you'll need to closely monitor their locations with the limited power you have at your disposal. Surviving all five nights heavily depends on getting to know your four enemies and how they move. That being said, these are the tips, hints, and cheats we think you need to know to survive all five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!
1. Keep the doors open
2. Use lights sparingly and only under attack
3. Learn how all your enemies move
4. Watch for glowing eyes
5. Headphones make audio cues much more obvious
6. Listen before looking
7. Quick, short looks are key

Xray Scanner Prank 2

Xray Scanner Prank 2  apk

Xray Scanner Prank is a prank app for fun. This is a fake X RAY SCANNER, not a real x ray.

X ray Scanner Prank is a Simulated app, not real x ray scanner.

Tilt up phone to scroll up x ray image.
Tilt down phone to scroll down.
Include hand, foot, brain and body xray images.
Scanner Simulator

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