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Photo Editor 360 Selfie Camera

Photo Editor 360 Selfie Camera  apk

Photo Editor 360 Pro - Camera Pro is a powerful and easy to use image processing app with many amazing effects!
It is an awesome all-in-one photo editor! With Photo Editor 360 - Camera pro you can enhance your photos, apply effects, add stickers, paint & draw, remove blemishes, whiten smiles and so much more!
❤ Top photo editing app in Japan,Thailand,Taiwan,Korean App Store! **
Your 5-star ratings will encourage us to create and develop more free apps

Here are some of the awesome features:
1) ALL - Picture effects
* Picture frames.
* Add Multi Awesome Text to pictures.
* Fun, Beauty, Cool Stickers.
* Beauty Photo effects
* Focus and blur function.
* Color splash
* Picture Scene.
* Warmth.
* Sharpness.
* Color Balance
* Cute, sleek filters, Highly customizable filters let you make your photos look just how you like.

2) Cool drawing feature
* Stickers for apply on your masterpiece.
* Draw line, shape, hand write
* ID Photo Cam, Effect Cam, Selfie Cam, Easy Cam, Scene Cam, Funny Cam,
* Tilt-shift Cam, Color-shift Cam, Audio Cam, Video, and more are available
* RGB panel.
* Multiple pan option with different width size.
* Erases object etc.

3) Professional Photo editing UI and UX
* Picture size adjustment.Resize photo with ratio (16:9/4:3/1:1) while shooting.
More parameters are available when device supports. Find them by sliding from the right to the left on main shooting interface.
* Crop, Flip, Rotate & Straighten
* Painting and graffiti, can freely set the brush size and hardness.
* Adjust image color and brightness to bring out the natural beauty in your photos!
* Adjust brightness, contrast , color temperature, saturation.
* HD Camera to Take Photos
* Import and Export High-Res Images

4) Faster and better Photo management
* Easily from the gallery or camera import photos.
* Easy photo searching and management
* Edited pictures saved to my gallery , allowing you to edit and view again.
* View the picture is simple, using your finger to move and zoom images ( two finger zoom ).

5 ) Portrait processing
* Acne.
* Eliminate stains and whiten teeth.
* Red-eye reduction.

6) Sharing Supported
* Facebook, Twitter, etc ...
* Message Text, Email.
* Sosial Network.

* The edited image is saved in "File Manager/picture/proPhoto" or "\picture\proPhoto"

* The software uses the Aviary-SDK, would like further information , please visit the website : http://www.aviary.com/
* Any issue about photo and stickers is our priority and considerable, please contact, appropriate action will be taken.

Winter Traffic Car Driving 3D

Winter Traffic Car Driving 3D  apk

Are you ready to drive a car in snowy weather?
A challenging competition is awaiting for you in a realistic snowy weather environment.
The roads are slippery, traffic is jammed, duty awaits you.

A great winter car driving simulator is now available.

Game Features
- Driving experience in a realistic snowy weather!
- Special effects of snow
- Traffic Racer feature in a snowy weather!
- 8 Different cars types
- Road each of 1km long.
- Realistic damages
- 8 Different camera view angle
- Excellent HD graphics.
- Driving experience on tough roads.

Play car driving game right now!

MP3 Player Pro

MP3 Player Pro  apk

MP3 player pro let you play and manage your music more easily on your phone. This music player has a beautiful and intuitive interface, and can play most of the audio files, such as MP3 , WAV , AAC, OGG and etc.

Wear Tip Calculator

Wear Tip Calculator  apk

"All in all, it's one of the most effective uses of Wear we've seen yet." - Android Police

"The design of this app is attractive and in the spirit of Android Wear—bright colors, clean lines, and no typing." - AppScout/PCMag

"It is pretty useful if you dine out often and have trouble computing tips." - Android Community

"You may not need it every day, but it's handy to have around." - Lifehacker

Wear Tip Calculator is a simple yet functional way to simplify tips from the comfort of your own wrist. It's Tips, Simplified.

No need to bring up your smartphone, this Android Wear connected app is elegantly designed to give people the best smartwatch experience possible.

Step 01. Add Bill

Step 02. Add Tip


Got friends?

Step 03. Split The Bill (In-App Purchase)

Tap and hold the round toggle button to close the app. See the companion app on your phone for more instructions.

Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and/or Moto360 running Android 4.3 or higher

Designed / Developed by AEUS TECH Inc. Say hello at: info@aeustech.com

SeekArc Copyright (c) 2013 Triggertrap Ltd

Free Calls Any Where

Free Calls Any Where  apk

Note - This app doesn't allows you to make a free call , but we have listed and reviewed the good free calling apps which will helps you to choose and download the rite app to make free calls around the world using internet. please read it and download and don't give us negative reviews .

Yes, you really can make free phone calls using the Internet! Free internet phone programs let you make free phone calls, , using special software.

The free phone call applications I list below are available in four different forms:

App to phone software are ones that make free Internet calls from a mobile device to a real number. These services support making phone calls to any number, even landlines and mobile phones that aren't using the app.

App to app services run entirely on mobile devices and results in phone calls that can only work if the recipient has the same application installed. This method can not be used to call landlines or other mobile phones that don't have the proper software.
No matter how it works, it's a free call!

To make a free call using an Internet phone, you might have to download free phone call software or use a soft phone from an Internet phone provider website.

You can use this app to call and talk free with otheres. usualy calling to India , Srilanka , Pakistan from abroad is not that much cheap , this app will list the cheap or free provider to talk your friends from India , Srilanka and pakistan. Wifi and 3G calling is completely free .Download and enjoy

Note - This app doesn't really allows you to call free around the world. but it has the list of free providers allowing people to call free using wifi or 3g. please read before download and dont give negative ratings



This is a premium theme but free to download. you may
1.Pay with IAP ( In app purchase )
2.Get it for free with Getjar Gold

❤How to use this theme:
1. After downloading and installing this theme, go to Application Center -> Theme Store -> Installed -> choose your theme -> Apply
2. Choose pay with Google Checkout or Free with Getjar Gold.
3. If you choose Getjar Gold, there will be several apps listed, just download some apps to earn gold and then purchase with Getjar Gold
4. After purchase, select Installed -> choose the theme -> Apply
5. Enjoy your theme and pay attention to our products

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Empire and civilization

Empire and civilization  apk

Join millions of players as you build your kingdoms, PLAY FOR FREE in the most addicting & interactive Action Strategy MMO GAME!! BE PART OF ALLIANCE & Make FRIENDS. HELP, TRADE & CO-OP With ALLIANCE MEMBERS & Become the KING!!

************GAME FEATURES************
- Build a great and powerful city
- Technical Research:Strengthen Troops fighting capacity
- Hero:Arthur、Merlin and Many of the great heroes can be recruited to your kingdom
- Play online with thousands of other players
- Forge diplomatic alliances with other kingdoms
- Conquer enemies across the vast world map
- Plan strategy in real time with live chat
- Participate in tournaments for valuable rewards
- and much, much more!

Yoo Ninja Rush

Yoo Ninja Rush  apk

Yoo Ninja Rush is a fast and supper addictive game. It lead you enter a fantastic world without the control by the gravity.

1.Just tap the screen to jump or press "up" to jump.
2.Collect coins as many as you can.
3.Run to the end of map to pass the level.


Jungle Safari Animal Hunter 3D

Jungle Safari Animal Hunter 3D  apk

Get ready for the horrifying jungle hunting when city rise. Caution! Deadly wild animals are waiting for you. Hunt in hillside jungle safari and aim for warrior’s headshot. Take out your sniper autoloader gun to vanquish brutal beasts, as they are no more in dungeon, but hungry for bods. Show your hunting skills in this courageous hunter 3d game with professional sniper shooting gun in this adventures safari hunting journey. One of the best Jungle Safari Animal Hunter 3d smartgames which you have ever wished to play.

War of hunt has begun, chase the killer and gladiator animal. Take aim and shoot the most vicious carnivorous Dragon quest. Select the best shooting weapon such as rifles, rocket launchers, snipers and you have many other guns with new version. Don’t miss the gunshot. Target most wanted trex king of dinosaurs and wildest dragon warrior. Dino killing is the most dangerous part of hunting safari. You have fully functional loaded shooting six-guns. Test and practice your precise hunting and shooting skills in this adventurous Jungle Safari Animal Hunter 3D game.
Time to show your stamina to finish off hazardous predators. Hunt deer, lion, wild bears, buck, wolf, elephant, tiger, flying birds and many more ferocious animals. Listen the roar of lion and target the king of jungle. Huntsman face advance hunting challenges and risky missions. Hunter keeps hunting prop in their pocket, shoot and dead down animals, until they reach to their final destination or perish forever and become their meal.

You are a hunt lover! Trap carnivore and predator animals in shore or walled area. Strive hard for your survival and aim for accurate headshots and gunshots to attack cruel animals. Be careful from predator vision. Enjoy wilderness jungle environment. Hunt the raptor and be a dungeon hunter. Zoom in your sniper for shooting accuracy. Defend yourself by making maximum shoots in jungle safari with sniper shooter 3d gun. Experience the ultimate adventure on your hunting assault mission. Best hunt will always glorify and enchant the hunter. The most thrilling and extreme fun free Jungle Safari Animal Hunter 3d game you have ever played.

Awesome features of jungle safari 3d app
• Epic Jurassic Story
• Outstanding and Challenging Jungle Hunter Safari App
• Realistic Wilderness Jungle Environment
• Trap Animals
• Amazing hunting and Shooting Experience
• Hunting Different Animals in Each Level
• Clear 3d Vision
• Excellent Sound Effects
• Unique HD Graphics
• User-Friendly Interface

How to play Jungle Safari Animal Hunter 3d
• Select your target
• Zoom in for precision targeting
• Aiming for deadly carnivore beast
• Use your sniper shooting 3d gun
• Swipe your figure to move left, right
• Use shooting button to shoot
• Defeat the monster jungle creature and survive till end

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ABOUT Hammerhead Games
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Search “Hammerhead Games” on Google Play and discover more incredible apps for young kids. Hammerhead Games smart games provide an exciting, interactive, and rich educational experience. Filled with innovative and engaging activities, each application inspires creativity and imagination in a way that is uniquely enjoyable and stimulating. Let the games begin!

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PhotoWonder Pro

PhotoWonder Pro  apk

Photo Wonder Application is an application in your android mini studio with the following features:


- Effect
- sticker
- Out-of-focus blur
- Self-timer
- Photo Booth with a variety of layouts and frames
- Selectable Borders
- And manymore

you will fun with this app Photo Wonder

Army Sniper Shooter 3D

Army Sniper Shooter 3D  apk

Army Sniper Shooter 3D is an exciting, new, realistic action shooting game. Taking the role as a elite sniper soldier, you must defend an army base from the oncoming waves of enemy soldiers. Your mission is to use your sniper rifle and sniper skills to take out each enemy to protect the army base in order to get onto the next level. With the help of the cool-down mechanic in the game that steadies the sniper rifle to help you get your perfect shot on the enemy.

If you don't get all the enemy soldiers before your health is depleted, you will lose. With each level comes more enemy soldiers who will move into position to take you down. Harness you sniper skills and become the greatest sniper to defeat the enemy soldiers.

Insta Video Editor

Insta Video Editor  apk

Insta Video Editor is a Free professional video editor app for your android devices. This is the only video editor app that you need to download to your phone. In our free video editor app you will find lot of video editing features like Trimming Video, Compressing Video, Adding audio to video, putting Watermark on video, Rotating video, Converting Video from one format to another format, making Video Square, etc.. lot’s of features in this tiny app, that too for free of cost!

Key Features of Insta Video Editor app:

1. Awesome UI (User Interface) Design. You’ll love to use this app!

2. Trim:

Choose the video clip that you want to trim the video and choose the desired video location that you want to trim by using slider and click on Done (right mark) to trim it. That’s it. Now you have successfully saved the particular video clip on your device. Use Trim option to take a beautiful clip from one big video clip.

3. Compress Video:

In “Compress” option you can choose the video that you want to compress the size of the video. If you are looking of any video compressor app on android, then you use our Insta video editor app to compress/decrease the size of the video clip. Note: If compress video, the quality of the video will also decrease.

4. Change Audio of Video:

Want to add/change/replace the audio of the video? then go to Editor->Choose video->select Audio->choose audio file that you want to replace the audio of the video.

5. Watermark:

Want to add watermark to videos? use this app as video watermarking app. You can easily place water mark on any of your video by changing font size, font style, color of the font, location of the watermark and of course opacity of the watermark easily.

6. Rotate Video Clip:

If you want to rotate the video clip, use Rotate option. With rotate option you can easily rotate video clip to 90, 180, 270 and Default rotation angle.

7. Convert Video Clip:

Want to convert one video format to another format? then use our Insta Video Editor app. With this app you can easily convert the video format to .mp4, .3gp, .avi, .mkv and .flv video file format.

8. Create Square video:

If you are an Instagram user then you will know why we need square video. By default our videos which we take from mobile cameras are not in square format so to make square we need some app. In this app we included this feature for making square video. We also offered changing background color of the video that you make square.

9. Adding Effects to Video:

Want to present your video in a beautiful manner? then why don’t you try adding effects to video clips? In this video editor app you will get that option too… we have 15+ predefined video effects you can choose from to add effects to video easily. Some of our video effects includes- BlacknWhite, Blur, Negative, Noise,Sharp, Vignette, Oldfilm, Contrast, Brightness etc.

10. Changing Video Speed:

Want to change speed of your video? then use our movie editing app to increase or decrease the speed of the video clip easily. All you need to do is, just choose the video clip and then increase or decrease the speed of the video by using our speed controller slider.

11. Video Merging:

Want to merge or join multiple videos together? then use this app. To combine multiple videos choose “Merger” option and select video clips that you want to join together and click on right mark. Now are done with merging videos.

12. Audio (Save selected position & set selected region of the audio as Ringtone) :

In audio feature here you can choose the audio, and you can select position by using slider controller and you can save that selected position to your device. Not only that, you can set the select audio clip as a Ringtone of the device directly.


* Supports mp4,3gp,mkv,avi video formats.
* Supports mp3,wav,aac,m4a audio formats.

Motocross Racing

Motocross Racing  apk

All the best stories are collected in this frenzy.

Be crazy speed race where sports motorcycles will compete for the grand prize - Cup racing. Do you want this prize?

Can you compete with such great rivals and to come first? Download free game «Motocross Racing» and find out first whether you.

This game is for those who love racing games. After all, the graphics and sound in the game for so many real, that is breathtaking.

Here you will be able to drive in the individual game or compete with rivals in the overall race.

More than 10 tracks, where you can ride through the mountains, the city or the desert. Can you at high speed and overtake rivals come first and be the winner of this race.

After each win the race you will be able to make your bike cooler. Buy Reward Points on additional parts. Your bike will be the best. After this, you certainly will always be first.

To go at the start, you just need to touch the screen. If you release your finger, the bike will stall. The controls are very simple and it will be clear even to a child.

Come all the obstacles so as not to break your bike, and do not come last. After the passage of all levels, you will last, the most important race of your life. Beating her, you'll be able to call themselves the best of the best!

Good luck in the passing game!

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner  apk

The Ancient Gods choose one guy from the Earth, and they teleport him into a new dimension totally different from our world. The Gods are having fun by putting the chosen one into different mazes, and force him into collecting 6 magic keys that will open a portal to teleport him into another stage. The stages are not easy because danger is lurking around every corner. You need to survive and to do that you have to use your skills and intelligence to complete all of the levels.

Good Luck!

Minimum required: -CPU: Dual core 1.2 GHZ
-512 RAM

Mine Trains Craft

Mine Trains Craft  apk

Mine Trains Craft: Editor
You like trains? Like Minecraft? you like Steve? Then this will be your favorite game.

In Minecraft players can make buildings by three-dimensional cubes with textures can also explore the environment , gather resources and create objects with different utilities, fight monsters or other players , etc. . In its commercial release has two main game modes : Survival, in which players must acquire resources to maintain their health and hunger; and creative, where players have unlimited access to the resources of the game, the ability to fly and do not require to maintain their health and hunger. Regardless of these game modes can also set the difficulty of the game , the most peaceful quiet , unlike other difficulties appear not allow monsters in the game that can interact with the player mode. There is also a third game mode called hardcore , which is similar to survival mode , with the difference that this can only be played on the highest difficulty and the player has only one life , so when he dies ends match.
Please leave feedback with 5 stars :)
Our app Allows you to:
☆ get resized to fit your screen images .
☆ Entertained puzzle to assemble
☆ 8 incredible images to arm
☆ September any picture as wallpaper .
☆ Save any image on your phone!
Important : use this to get the device ID . We are not having access to any other phone information : such as phone number or record phone calls.
This is an application of fan / unofficial free parody . That is not any content owned by This developer belong to Their respective owners. We believe our images fall under the fair use doctrine Peak Gust are reduced size and excerpted for informational purposes. If you wish to request removal of an image from our collection for copyright Reasons, feel free to contact us and we will gladly do so .

Birzzle Fever

Birzzle Fever  apk

Birzzle Fever is a lightning-paced bird popping extravaganza!

Compete against friends, level up your superbirds and pop your way to the top in this cute, colorful match-3 arcade game! Find out why everyone's talking about Birzzle Fever today!

Developed by Enfeel and presented by Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.

• Level up to unlock new items, such as paint bombs, boosters and the mystery box
• Complete challenging missions to unlock new powers such as the devastating dark powerbird
• Choose a superbird companion and level them up - Each one grants a different bonus
• Collect and level up all the superbirds for huge bonuses in the game
• Trade hearts with friends and compete on the weekly leaderboard
• Find the hidden bonus keys to unlock the bonus mode and earn a ton of coins

Whether you're waiting at the bus stop or just home alone for the evening, Birzzle Fever is the perfect burst of adrenaline fueled bird popping fun!



This game may contain:

- The ability to purchase optional content using real money. You can disable in-app purchases in the settings menu of your device.
- Promotional material for Halfbrick products and trusted business partners.
- Links to external social networking sites intended for users over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet which may open the default web browser on your device.

Privacy Policy: http://halfbrick.com/pp-birzzle
Terms of Service: http://www.halfbrick.com/tos

Media to Snapchat

Media to Snapchat  apk

Media to Snapchat sends any picture or video to friends using Snapchat
[+]Send fake photos
[+]Send fake videos
[+]Service to replace automatically (version 4.3+)

-Tutorial (INDER):
1-Chose media(if you want video select video on checkbox)
2- First disable internet networks
3- Second return and click again and do the snapchat and send it.
4- Replace Snap:
4.1- If you have service activate, it automatically replaces and you can enable networks and try to resend failed snapchat.
4.2- If you don't have service activate, return and click again and it replace. Now you can enable networks try to resend failed snapchat.

keywords: Snapchat,send, vine to snapchat, video, videos, snap, photos, photo, automatic, auto,send snapchats, fake

Live Maps

Live Maps  apk

Would you like to learn how to find in the internet a satellite image of a place you live? Or a map of your neighbourhood? Plan your excursion on the weekend or see how to get to the holiday destination?
- Google Maps or how to find a satellite image of the place I live!!!

We all love their traffic alerts, but how exactly does GoogleMaps know how clogged the highway is on your way out of town this weekend?
- How Google Tracks Traffic

One of the neat features of Google Maps is the ability to get a street view of many urban and suburban areas. The street view is an actual photograph shot with an Immersive Media camera that delivers a 360 degree image of the surroundings.
- Street View - Walk Down Your Street With Google Maps

We all love Google Earth, right? Who doesn’t like to zoom in on our home town, see our own roof, where we go to school, or where we work?
- How To View Live Weather Radar On Google Earth

Live Maps step by step, Learn more and enjoy!! Download now it’s free. Here we go.

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