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Ball Resurrection

Ball Resurrection  apk

Ball Resurrection is a free 3D game combining the elements of arcade and puzzle, where an errant ball is the only character. This story originated in the early 80s with the game Marble Madness. Now you have another opportunity to plunge into exciting and memorable atmosphere of ball travels through unimaginable worlds and routes.

The main goal of the game is to pass through all levels and reach the maximum score. Various elements and obstacles are being introduced as one moves onto new levels, meaning that the complexity and level of puzzle solving required are gradually increasing as the game progresses.

You will find 5 lives to spend and the unique ability to change material and physical characteristics of the ball turning it to wood, stone or paper. However, this feature is to be used only at special transformation points.


• Classic gameplay
• Deep atmosphere
• Modern graphics
• Realistic physics
• Intuitive controls
• No time limits
• Free-to-play
• English-language support

Ball Resurrection is accessible for all ages, easy-to-learn and control. Vivid graphics and addictive gameplay contribute to quick relaxation and bright emotions. Moreover, the game develops logical thinking and imagination.

A Better Editor&Effects

A Better Editor&Effects  apk

A Better Editor & Effects is a simple and easy to use editor. Standard filters, Lomo, fish eye, tilt shift and old camera effects, frames, editing tools and much more.

A Better Editor & Effects integrated with A Better Camera - Get it now! Capture now - process later. We're working on full integration of Camera and Editor!

We're open for feature requests and working on wide range of features to make better editor.

A Better Camera - all-purpose, full featured camera for Android! Best shooting modes, full camera control.
Get A Better Camera NOW!

Join us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/abettercam
We're on Google+ https://plus.google.com/112729683723267883775
Google+ users https://plus.google.com/communities/103957012133107908911

Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans  apk

Dragons and Titans is a fast paced multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) set in a world of flying, fire breathing dragons. Show true courage and skill to become the ultimate Dragon Lord as you embark on your quest to free your Titan from captivity.

Select from over 30 unique dragons and 30 legendary weapons, each with unique abilities and progression levels. Take your battle to the next level by upgrading your dragons and your weapons for additional power. Free your Titan in fierce PvP battles with your friends, or delve deeper into the story in ‘Adventure Mode’, traveling across various regions, unlocking new Dragons as you complete each set of missions. Climb the leaderboards to prove your true worth as the ultimate Dragon Lord!

>> Install Dragons and Titans today. It's FREE!

Dragons and Titans is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile games like DragonVale, Paper Toss, NinJump, Strike Knight, Army of Darkness, Shape Shift and Graffiti Ball. Search for "Backflip Studios" to see all our apps.

Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitter for free game announcements and other updates.

Thanks for playing!

What If Live Locker Theme

What If Live Locker Theme  apk

What If Locker Master live theme.
"What if someone steal it from me?" The psychasthenic bunny had asked himself for a hundred times. His self-imagined creatures followed and tortured him. He dared not close his eyes in order to protect his beloved carrot.

Make sure you have installed Locker Master v1.32 or above to use the theme.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, thanks!
Email: lockermaster@msset.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lockerma
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lockermaster

Real Shark Simulator 3D

Real Shark Simulator 3D  apk

Now you can finally play as a real shark! Spread chaos and terror on people that are just relaxing and swimming around. All you need to do is to eat everything on your path and survive as long as you can.

Scare people a lot and then eat them as soon as possible. You can evolve your shark so that it becomes much faster, survives longer and eats people really fast!

✔ Awesome looking shark
✔ Spread real chaos among people
✔ 3 great levels for you to play: Daylight, Sunset and Night
✔ Realistic physics of the water
✔ Amazing 3D graphics with realistic water environments

Have fun playing Real Shark Simulator!
If you have any suggestions or ideas for the game - contact us please:
We are getting happier with each of your email message.


Hot Damn! Slots

Hot Damn! Slots  apk

Play your favorite slots games from your Android device at Hot Damn! Slots. They're fun, they're FREE, they'll make you jump up and yell, Hot Damn! Start SPINNING to start WINNING!

BrainWave (beta)

BrainWave (beta)  apk

BrainWave Music Control Intro

Love listening to music via your favorite music player (Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.)? Now you can control your favorite music players simply by using natural hand gestures. By downloading the BrainWave app, powered by Ari™ technology, you can Play, Pause, and Select tracks with the ease of waving your hand over the phone/tablet -- without ever unlocking the phone or touching the screen. For ease of use, we’ve optimized BrainWave to detect gestures from 1 foot to almost 3 feet away. Your whole open hand must be seen by the forward-facing camera to play/pause -- recommended at least 12" (30cm) or more above the center of the phone/tablet -- (see instruction video).

Once you download the BrainWave app it automatically adds all of the compatible music players on your phone (Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.) to its selection list. Then all you need to do is select your preferred music player and BrainWave will launch the music player with gesture recognition enabled. You can even listen to music in sleep mode (with your screen off). BrainWave will run quietly in the background allowing you to effortlessly control your music.

Compatible Music Players:

• Google Play Music
• Pandora
• iHeart Radio
• iHeart Auto
• Spotify
• Songza
• PowerAmp
• Jet Audio
• MusicXMatch
• Slacker Radio
• Shuttle Music Player
• Samsung Galaxy S5 Stock Music Player
• More to come...


• Gestures optimized for 1 foot to almost 3 feet away from the phone
• Utilizes the front-facing camera on Smartphone/Tablet
• Automatically adds compatible music players
• Open Hand (Play/Pause)
• Swipe Right (Next Song)
• Swipe Left (Previous Song)
• Works when screen is locked and off
• More to come...see below

Bluetooth Speakers

BrainWave can also turn your smartphone/tablet into a gesture remote control via Bluetooth for popular speakers such as Skullcandy, Jambox, Sonos, Beats, etc.


BrainWave allows you to control your car’s music via your Bluetooth infotainment system. Keep your eyes on the road and subtly change your music while in the car.

Coming Soon:

• Like/Dislike Songs
• Rotate your phone in any direction (Currently works in Landscape mode only)
• Car Mode: BrainWave will detect when you're driving and will automatically turn on so you can more safely interact with your phone and music
• Adjusting volume with a gesture
• Visual feedback to help with correct placement of your gesture

Devices with known issues running Brainwave:

• Samsung Galaxy SIII

Note: Other apps that require the front-facing camera will not work while BrainWave is running. If you want to take a selfie, stop BrainWave first, take the photo, and then restart BrainWave.

Laser pointer simulator

Laser pointer simulator  apk

Laser Pointer Simulator

This free game, which we proudly present, is a laser pointer simulator. Have into account that a laser pointer simulator is just a simulator, according to our knowledge no mobile device, either phone or tablet, has a built-in laser light mechanism, so you should expect just that: a laser pointer simulator. This free app allows you using a laser pointer without worrying about your eyes and any other damage that a real laser could make over you or others. This is a good tool app to let your children play laser wars enjoying the lights and laser sounds. You can even achieve more fun after unlocking the stroboscopic light, this feature will make people thinking that a real laser is being thrown from your phone for tenths of a second, it is easy to pull a prank once you unlock it. But always be aware of not pointing your flash light close to the eyes of anybody. As well think that the strobe light is only available for Android devices with flash light, this is why the camera permission is required. This free game has been tested in both phones and tablets and the results has been sucessful.

The way this laser pointer app works is easy. Initially there is a laser pointer unlocked, the user can use this laser from the very first time after installing the app. Once the laser pointer simulator is selected, just press on the button and then, voila, the laser halo flows; release your finger and the laser light disappears. To unlock the rest of laser pointers and the strobe light feature the user needs to rescue ladies playing the Rescue Ladies game. Another way of obtaining rescued ladies is by going to the shop included in this free game. There the player gets rescued ladies by clicking on sharing on the listed social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, or by watching videos.

The difference between the different laser pointers is based on the laser halo color and the laser sound effect. In this free game every unlocked laser pointer will give the player the chance of using the laser pointer simulator with different features, in special the last one to be unlocked, this last laser pointer will provide the stroboscopic light characteristic. This free app incorporates an intuitive way to browse over it. There are switch images to allow the user turn on/off the sound effects, vibration and stroboscopic light, just tapping on the corresponding icon. In the following lines you can find the details of every laser pointer:
Red laser light pointer: Simulates a red laser light, its laser beam is pretty and brilliant.
Green laser light pointer: It emits a different laser wavelength, making its light flowing in a different color.
Blue laser: The aura of this laser pointer might be the most attractive one.
Purple light pointer: Probably the most beautiful light color, its aureole and brightness can provide a good feeling.
Strobe light laser pointer: It activates the flashlight as a strobe light.

This free game also incorporates a free live wallpaper. This live wallpaper captures the essence of the application. You can set it as home screen background if you like it.

Also a widget is included when downloading this laser pointer game. This widget gives you the option of creating a shortcut different to the typical launcher icon.

Disclaimer: Be aware that this free app uses strobe light, think of people who could be sensible to this type of flash light.


uListen  apk

With uListen you can finally start “Listening” to YouTube videos on your Android Device.

uListen is an unofficial YouTube player, that lets you stream audio out of YouTube videos allowing you to save precious bandwidth and reach faster buffering times.

- Search YouTube videos and public playlists.
- Stream and play tracks in background.
- Add an unlimited number of videos and YouTube playlists to your favorites.
- Quick access status bar notification.
- Open videos in uListen from YouTube's app share menu.
- Create and edit unlimited Local playlists.
- Light/Dark themes available.
- High/Low quality streaming toggle.
- Sleep timer.
- Backup/Restore saved playlists to external storage.
- You can now share videos, YouTube and Local playlists with your friends and followers. This will generate custom URLs that can be used by everybody to open the shared resource in uListen.
- Translation into other languages is now possible. To check if your language is supported, or if you wish to contribute, visit the following page: http://gglys.com/misc/uListen/translations/a/

- This application was not exhaustively tested on every single video found on YouTube. Errors and playback problems might occur. If you feel helping, send us an email describing your issue and/or pointing your faulty video, so we can try to sort it out.
- If you feel that this application is infringing any of your copyrights, please contact us.

(Free) Draw GO Locker Theme

(Free) Draw GO Locker Theme  apk

Brand new FREE theme for GO Locker !

- interesting unlocking style
- choose your own pictures as wallpaper
- quick access to camera
- notification of unread messages and missed calls

❤ How to Apply the Theme:
GO Locker > Installed, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

Hidden Object: Crystal Keepers

Hidden Object: Crystal Keepers  apk

Find hidden objects in 15 fantastic stages, with three difficulties and four game modes to play! Help The Crystal Keepers protect the Earth by searching for items hidden in their stunning environments!

The Crystal Keepers features beautiful HD graphics and the ability to zoom and pan the images.

-3 Difficulty Modes: CASUAL, NORMAL, CHALLENGE
-15 fantastical scenes
-Beautiful HD images
-Pinch to zoom and pan
-Training mode and hints available
-Art gallery

Have fun!

We are excited to introduce an updated version that allows you to connect to our new Hidden Object games, together with news, updates, and more right on your phone’s lock screen, 24/7. You tailor which apps you want to see, at any moment, anywhere you are!

With our lock screen, you’ll enjoy:
-Real-time notifications from your social networks
-Quick and easy access to your most-used apps
-Convenient, immediate updates on everything that interests you

All of this and more with one tap, without even opening your phone!
Note: You control when to see or hide apps on your lock screen.

Little Pet Doctor

Little Pet Doctor  apk

“Woof, woof, woof~”, oh, dear Little Pet Doctor, it seems that someone is sending a distress signal!

Oops! It turns out that our lovely dogs are in trouble. Oh…these poor little things, some of them are terribly sick and others are even trapped.

Take action now! It’s time to bring these pets back home to cure them, and also tell the whole world that you are the best doctor ever!

Here advanced medical facilities enable you to show your skills to the fullest. Meanwhile the comfortable garden and nice bathroom grant your doggy a wonderful life. That’s the end? Absolutely not! There is also something delicious offered to the puppies, so you can feed them when they feel hungry. Are you ready to save the doggies and rock the medical field? Just do it!

How to play:
Open the game and choose a doggy to start the rescue. Firstly, you’ll find it being trapped in a terrible place and what you need to do is help it out under the instructions. That must be a piece of cake for you, right? But don’t take it lightly, because the dog may be injured, and you need to treat it at home with the instruments offered. In return, the cured dog will settle down in your nice house. And guess what? There are also many interesting activities waiting for you, such as dressing up your dog, traveling around and taking photos with it. That’s really exciting, huh? Time waits for no one, so get down to your rescue plan at once!

- 6 dogs with different stories
- 5 diagnostic tools and lots of medical facilities
- 3 sections: saving, treating and taking care of the dogs
- Interactive experiences such as bathing, dressing up & feeding the dogs
- 9 toys to play with and 5 places to travel
- Got any ideas? Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free to contact us 24/7 at Support@libii.com

Need You Know:
This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.

Pirates Slots Casino Pokies

Pirates Slots Casino Pokies  apk

Arrgh! Set sail on a pirate adventure, and walk the winning plank with our lucky captain to score
barrels of coins & CASCADING excitement!
• FIRE AWAY! Spin cannon balls and swords for PIRATE PRIZES & HIGH-SEAS
• X MARKS THE SPOT! Plunder buried treasures with PIRATE JACKPOTS & SKULL N’
• MAN OVERBOARD! Experience authentic pirate fun with eye-opening, EYE-PATCH
• AYE AYE! Uncover lucky cards in the TREASURE HUNT bonus game to fill your coffers
with pirate booty.
Embark on your winning Pirate Slots adventure now to drop your anchor in a harbor of fun!

Autumn Wallpaper

Autumn Wallpaper  apk

Autumn Live Wallpaper – beautiful dynamic live wallpaper with falling leaves and with 20 different autumn backgrounds. Install this free live wallpaper and craft your own autumn live wallpaper.

- 20 autumn photos (autumn landscapes, autumn forest, ...)
- Animated falling 3D leaves (autumn leaf fall)
- This free autumn wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks great on both mobile phones and tablet devices and supports screen switching
- This free wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery
- Real smooth 3D animations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99% mobile phone devices)

How to set free autumn live wallpaper on the screen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → Autumn Leaf Fall Wallpaper

Check out our account for more free beautiful live wallpapers

Notice: this free live wallpaper contains ads

TV Sports Live HD

TV Sports Live HD  apk

Live sports online TV HD with 50 + channels (Football,Tennis,Basketball,Cricket,AutoMoto,Formula 1,Boxing,Baseball,American Football etc) channels from all around the world including Bein Sports,ESPN,Fox Sports,NTV + Sports,CCTV,Eurosport,ProSports,MultiSports etc...Download TV Sports Live HD and you will not be dissapointed. All the sports live tv channels on just one app ! Sports Tv Live for all the sports fanatics !
Some of the channels are HD so you will need good internet connection.Some of the channels don't work 24/7 so be patient,don't uninstall the app,try again !!!
IMPORTANT : You will need MX Player or VLC Player on your device !!!!!!

• 50 + live sports channels
• Sports TV Live HD
• Worldwide known channels
• Free
• Easy to use
• Some channels don't work 24/7-TRY AGAIN !
• Try all the channels provided !
• IMPORTANT : You will need MX Player or VLC Player on your device !!!!!!
• Download it NOW !!!

Feel free to comment and Rate this app..btw enjoyy :)

Commando Battlefront Mission

Commando Battlefront Mission  apk

Commando Battlefront Mission brings you the best of 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) action games. Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy base, shoot down the snipers, blow up the oil refinery and take down the gunship helicopter. You are fully equipped for your mission with the legendary AK-47, a desert eagle pistol and an RPG. Landing at your drop off point from your chopper, you are required to enter into the enemy base secretly. With the element of surprise at your advantage, with elite commando gear and your secret agent training, this is your time to shine.

In Commando Battlefront Mission, your mission starts with you walking into the enemy base with marines patrolling and defending their base. As soon as you fire you first shot, the alarm goes off and all the marines are alerted. Now you must watch your steps because death is lurking at every corner. Your second task is to neutralize all the marines in the base. As you move forward, you are required to blow up their airforce jets. After destroying their jets you are attacked by their snipers. But don't worry, your AK-47 has a sniper scope which you can use to spot and kill the snipers. After the jets and marksmen, your next challenge is to blow up their oil refinery. Once you do that you must go to your evac point but you are attacked by their gunship helicopter. Use all your skills to shoot down their gunship helicopter using your RPG.

Commando Battlefront Mission Game Features:
- Mesmerizing 3D army base environment
- Realistic military base with jets, helicopters, oil refinery and tanks
- Multiple enemy characters ranging from marines, snipers to helicopters
- Multiple weapons for player including an AK-47, RPG and desert eagle pistol
- Well built storyline
- Multiple missions with increasing difficulty
- Enemy characters with unique attack, defence characteristics and AI-
- Efficient weapon controls & movement
- Radar vision

How to Play:
- Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon
- Use the joystick to move your character
- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and start your assault
- Use the scope button to aim closer
- Click on the multiple weapons to select the weapon of your choice
- The shooting weapon has unlimited ammunition but time to respond is crucial

Photo Editor & Effects

Photo Editor & Effects  apk

Photo Editor & Effects is a simple and powerful photo editor with outstanding tools to further personalize your photos!

With Photo Editor & Effects, you can:

> Create fantastic photos from photo gallery or camera.
> Easily crop, rotate and adjust photos if you want.
> Share you photos with friends via social network.
> Equalize Colors, Brightness, Contrast, saturation of photo for on-click Auto Enhance.
> Rotate, Resize, Crop photo to the one you need.
> Make your photo like an art work with additional effects, frames, stickers, posters.
> Exclusive-Sophisticated photo-enhancement technology offers 13 different scenes options that automatically optimize the photo depending on the conditions when it was taken.
> Flip the photo.

AnimeT ( Free Anime Watcher )

AnimeT ( Free Anime Watcher )  apk

AnimeT is a Anime TV app, combination of Anime Watcher and Anime Downloader. Watch or Download an Anime English subbed available in the webs using this app.

Future plans.
Add Anime English Dubbed
Add Cartoons
Add Anime Movies English Dubbed
Add Cartoons Movies

NOTE: Downloading files that are protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country where you live.

Disclaimer: No video content is held in the app or on our server.
The video content displayed originates from social video sharing websites, such as, but not limited to Veoh, Dailymotion, Myspace TV, Videoweed, Play44, Video44, Byzoo and Videofun. The user who upload this video agreed not to share or upload illegal content while creating their account.

In case of copyright infringement, please directly contact the responsible parties.

I, Marizh Manlincon, do not accepts any responsibility of third party content.

This application does not download videos from YouTube because of Google policy.

Using the download function of the app is a sole responsibility of the user.
All other trademarks, logos, and images are the property of their respective and rightful owners.

If there is any video episode you want to report I am willing to cooperate just contact me in email written below.

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