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Fingerprint Locker SIMULATED

Fingerprint Locker SIMULATED  apk

Do you want to unlock your android phone via finger print just like the iphone 6 does? Our Fingerprint Lock Screen will realize your dream. It is a high quality Fingerprint Locker which simulates a fingerprint identifier to enhance the security of your phone. The realistic and vivid finger scan animation, sound and feedback vibration will turn your phone to a cool and high-tech device.

How to unlock?
★Launch our Fingerprint Detector app and set the time of the scanning time(for example 3 seconds).
★In the lock screen page, press your finger on the central lock button.
★The scan animation will start , and you need to scan your finger for 3 second to unlock.
★Your phone will still be locked If you press more or less than 3 seconds.

★Simulate identity recognition to enhance the security of your phone.
★Professional and beautiful looking including the scanning bar, scanning panel.
★Realistic and vivid fingerprint scanner animation, sound and feedback vibration.
★Shows date and time just like iPhone 6 Finger lock Scanner.
★Custom wallpapers and backgrounds to suit your personal choice and preference.
★This fingerprint unlocker is Designed for all the HD screens.
★Support fingerprint password via keypad and fingerprint pattern lock.

Actually the touch screen of your Android phones cannot read fingerprints, it only detect the touch. But you can fool your friends and they will think you've built a real biometric fingerprint reader in the touch screen of your Android phone. You must love this free game.


Capshare  apk

With Capshare’s elegantly designed editor you can create beautiful slide shows and edit your creation as many times as you want. Your friends and followers can view your creation on our interactive player for unmatched viewing experience. Then you can create music videos and share it with your friends and followers on other social Media platform.

Capshare has unmatched privacy and sharing controls, allowing you to keep your creations for yourself, share them with selected friends or with everyone in Capshare’s social network, or on Facebook and Twitter.


Create Slideshows or Music Videos:
+ Take or import pictures & videos. Write notes & blogs
+ Assemble and reorder your captures in story timeline
+ Make your pictures vibrant with visual effects
+ Add captions to create a storyline
+ Record narration or capture the sound of your experience
+ Set a tone for your story with background music
+ Build multiple stories simultaneously and publish each when ready
+ Unlimited add/edit to previously saved stories

View creations in ways never been seen before:
+ View Slideshows using our Interactive Multimedia Player.
+ Pause the player to interact with the content; zoom-in on the pictures, add likes and comments, look up the location of the scene or save the desired pictures on your camera roll.

Connect with others
+ Invite and connect with your friends on Capshare for easier sharing, enhanced viewing, and unmatched privacy control of your creations
+ Follow bloggers that publish multimedia contents in your areas of interest
+ Be part of a social networking platform that is focused to capturing, sharing, and exploring the world!

Download and Start Playing Now
We appreciate your patience for reading through all of this! But we much rather see you start your first creation now!

Crane Parking Simulator 3D

Crane Parking Simulator 3D  apk

Crane Parking Simulator 3D is fun and exciting construction truck driving and parking simulation game. Taking the role of the driver of these heavy vehicles and must drive them through the construction site in the city to the parking zone in each of the fun and challenging levels.

Make sure you don't damage the truck when driving through the city or you will have to redo the level and drive carefully passed blockades and construction materials. With your progress in the truck simulator game, you can unlock more exciting construction vehicles with the money collected with the completed levels. With new vehicles like a cement truck, a construction digger, and a flat bed truck you can have a better, more exciting experience when playing Crane Parking Simulator 3D.

If you're looking to play a construction vehicles driving and parking simulator with 20 entertaining levels, then you will be more than pleased when playing Crane Parking Simulator 3D!

Scratch GO Locker Theme

Scratch GO Locker Theme  apk

FREE Halloween theme!

2014 Brand new Halloween theme for GO Locker ! It is specially designed for Halloween, giving a great new look to your android phone! Happy Halloween with this great GO Locker theme!

- Ghosts will be after you
- Be careful with the black cat, which is in rage

❤ How to Apply the Theme:
GO Locker > Installed, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

Baby Hazel Halloween Castle

Baby Hazel Halloween Castle  apk

Kids can play Baby Hazel Halloween Castle game for free. 6 mystery levels to explore.

Let’s celebrate All Hallows' Eve !! Baby Hazel’s teacher has arranged a trip for children to a Halloween Castle. Explore the Halloween castle with Baby Hazel and her friends. The 6 mystery rooms in the castle are full of gifts n’ surprises. To make sure Hazel is safe and enjoys every moment in the castle, be with her and look after her needs. Keep Hazel and her friends happy by fulfilling their needs on time. Enjoy!!

Level Details:

* Photo Shoot
Different cutout stands are made available to have a photo shoot. Let’s join Hazel and friends in this Halloween photo studio to click a few fun pictures.

* Balloon Delights
Pop the balloons to win surprise gifts. And let’s see if Hazel wins any surprise gift or not. Enjoy making balloon toys with Baby Hazel.

* Tattoo Time
Though it looks like a tattoo stall, no one else seems to be nearby.

* Halloween Dress Up
Let Hazel have fun by dressing up in different Halloween costumes. Also apply stylish Halloween makeup on her.

* Scary Hut
This room is a bit scary. Baby Hazel and her friends meet some spooky creatures in this room. Find out.

* Dance Party
Baby Hazel and friends have entered a room with a decorated dance floor. Join Baby Hazel and her friends to enjoy tapping their feet on fast beats.

Yeet Button

Yeet Button  apk

Press the yeet button as many times as you can and challenge your friends and family to the yeet challenge. Just like shmoney and nae nae, yeet is a popular hip hop dance with a hilarious sound effect.

Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker  apk

Select photos and instantly get an awesome video slideshow.
Incredibly easy to use, yet highly powerful and has many options to customize and make it personal.

Main Features:
Photos Add as many photos as you like from your gallery, camera or from the web
Instant Instantly play your video
Styles Select from many video styles and animated video frames
Stickers Choose from over 100+ stickers. Search for more stickers on the internet right from the app.
Music Select from multiple sound track options, or import your own
Text Add text using over 55 different fonts
Filters Many filters to enhance your photos
Easy gestures Easy to use. Intuitive and fast
Share Share the video you created with friends and family via standard sharing.
Modify You can edit the video after saving at any time.

More information:
* Free with ads.
* No private data is collected - see privacy policy and terms below

Just Shoot!

Just Shoot!  apk

Just Shoot! is a fast-paced action game, that sets you in the middle of a full-blown saloon shootout - and you need to show everyone that they shouldn't mess with the fastest gun on the Wild West!

Just tap the screen, defeat your enemies, upgrade your equipment and hold on as long as you can!

*Over 30 upgrades
*Randomised shop system - no two rounds are the same!
*5 gameplay modes
*Countless hours of fun!

Fruit Burst

Fruit Burst  apk

Fruit Burst is a very addictive juicy action game!
Just one slice to burst the specified fruits, and enjoy the sweet tasty fruit juicy with every slide!
Go through all the levels with the shortest time!

How to play:
1. Swipe your finger to slice the fruit.
2. One slice chance only.
3. Clear the specified fruits to level up!

- Three game modes
- Very small game size
- Stunning graphics & effects
- Leaderboards to watch your ranking!

Free download and enjoy it, let's start!

Mine Bridge Craft Collection

Mine Bridge Craft Collection  apk

In Minecraft, players can build using 3D textured cubes. They can also explore the world, gather resources and create objects with different functions; as well as fight monsters or other players. In its commercial release, there are two main game modes: survival and Creative. "Survival" is fit for those who want to gather resources to maintain their health and hunger. "Creative" has endless resources, they don't need to keep up their health/hunger and they have the ability to fly. Here you will find very creative people who build anything they can imagine: amazing castles, music instruments, cute pets, bold aircrafts, and anything in between.
There's also an option to choose the difficulty of the game: with "quiet", it's peaceful and monsters aren't allowed; "hardcore" is the opposite: similar as "survivor mode", the player only has one life and dying ends the game.
With this app, you can:
• Play the puzzle game
• Solve the puzzle with 8 unique pictures
• Resize the images to fit your screen
• Save any image to your phone
• Set any photo as wallpaper

☆☆☆☆☆ If you like it, please rate 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆

DISCLAIMER: this gets the device ID. We are not having access to any other phone information (such as phone number or record phone calls.)
This is an application fanmade/unofficial, free parody. None of this content is owned by this developer; it belongs to their respective owners. We believe our images fall under the fair use doctrine Peak Gust, they are reduced size and excerpted for informational purposes. If you wish to request the removal of an image from our collection for copyright reasons, feel free to contact us and we will gladly do so.

Super TV Remote Control

Super TV Remote Control  apk

Super TV Remote Control, converts easily your Android phone or tablet into a universal remote control for your TV. It's simple and easy to configure and use, the mode of use is exactly the same as the remote control of your TV.
The difference between "Super TV Remote Control" and other similar apps on Google Play is that our app supports almost 90% of the television on the market in 2014.

How to use
1 Having a mobile phone or Android Tablet with infrared or be connected to a WiFi network.
2 If your TV is a Smart TV have it connected to the same WiFi network as your Android device.
3.Install this app from Google Play
4 Launch of our universal remote control for your TV Smart and look at your network.
4b. If you intend to use infrared for old TVs, set your model in Settings.
5.Start use your phone or tablet as a remote control.

This application is compatible with:
1 remote control for LG TV
2 Remote control for Samsung TV
3 Remote control for Sony TV
4 Remote Control for Vizio TV
5 Remote Control for Panasonic TV
6 Remote for Sharp TV

This application is not currently compatible with all TVs on the market, if it fails, please be patient and inform us your TV model and we will try to update our application to increase compatibility. We will welcome any comments and is also appreciated.

MMP - Music MP3 Player

MMP - Music MP3 Player  apk

A free music player app where you can listen to millions of songs for free!
Music MP3 Player is the best music player. You can play tens of millions of the world’s hit songs for free!
You can find your favorite songs by searching or using the popularity ranking. You can listen to them all for free.
Background, shuffle and repeat playback are of course possible.
Feel free to make playlists and enjoy your very own MP3 albums.

* Main Features

- Song search
- Album search
- A popularity chart classified by country
- A western (European) music chart classified by year
- Playlists
- Background playback
- Play for 30 seconds for free

* Unique Features

- Diverse music charts
- Completely free! Annoying membership registrations are absolutely unnecessary!
- Search for MP3s out of tens of millions of the world’s hit songs
- A user interface easily usable by anyone

* Due to be implemented with an upgrade

- Shuffle playback
- Repeat playback

* Regarding the contents

The music data displayed in searches with this app is content published by services widely available to the public on the internet, and download is not possible.
For this reason, please understand that this app has absolutely nothing to do with copyright laws.
This app is not a downloader. It is not possible to save data such as MP3 or MP4.
It is possible that this app may not function properly in case of poor reception.

Cute cat simulator 3D

Cute cat simulator 3D  apk

Cute cat simulator is a game in which you are a very nice cat and you have to break the maximum objects around you.

This cat simulator will let you become a cat and break objects you touch. This is the best 3D cat simulator on Google Play.

✔ Train to break fragile objects with three training rooms for cats.
✔ Discover 3 different rooms (medieval, living room, kitchen).
✔ Break the objects to get points.
✔ Unlock new cats.

Simulator 3D chat is the best simulator for cats. If you've always dreamed of becoming a cat, download this free cat life simulation for Android!

Choose your cat, choose your room and break objects to win !

Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans  apk

Dragons and Titans is a fast paced multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) set in a world of flying, fire breathing dragons. Show true courage and skill to become the ultimate Dragon Lord as you embark on your quest to free your Titan from captivity.

Select from over 30 unique dragons and 30 legendary weapons, each with unique abilities and progression levels. Take your battle to the next level by upgrading your dragons and your weapons for additional power. Free your Titan in fierce PvP battles with your friends, or delve deeper into the story in ‘Adventure Mode’, traveling across various regions, unlocking new Dragons as you complete each set of missions. Climb the leaderboards to prove your true worth as the ultimate Dragon Lord!

>> Install Dragons and Titans today. It's FREE!

Dragons and Titans is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile games like DragonVale, Paper Toss, NinJump, Strike Knight, Army of Darkness, Shape Shift and Graffiti Ball. Search for "Backflip Studios" to see all our apps.

Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitter for free game announcements and other updates.

Thanks for playing!

Learn FB Profile Viewers

Learn FB Profile Viewers  apk

FB Profile Viewers :

You must be curios to know that who is visiting your profile most right ? So, Who Looked at your profile?
app will provides you list of users that is visiting or most interacting with you on Facebook. Do not worry we will not post anything or any of your personal information on your wall.
If you are not sure about the person who have crush on you we can do it with this app.
Just match this app with your profile you will get exact list of people who is recently interact with you or who is visiting most to your profile.

It might be doubting or shocking for you, I know But it is true.

How it is working : Install app and do log in with Facebook in the application it self. You will get list of your friends that is crush on you or most visited your profile.

Just try this you will be sure. Do not forget to Rate us It will help us to improve our code. Please send us an email if you have any complaints so that we can provide you a better service. Emails will be replied shortly, therefore, before making a comment please send an email with your objections.

Keywords: Who viewed your profile, profile viewers, who looked your facebook

Thank You.

AnyMote - Smart TV Remote

AnyMote - Smart TV Remote  apk

AnyMote - Smart IR Remote Control is the only infrared Universal Remote Control for TVs and other Home Electronics you'll ever need. Samsung TVs, LG, DirecTV, projectors, a/v systems, set top boxes - they're all supported! It's a TV remote on steroids, with the power to control anything IR-enabled!

Please note: for InfraRed-controlled devices (most TVs and other electronics) you will need an IR-powered Samsung phone/tablet, HTC phone, LG G3, or own an AnyMote Home : http://colortiger.com/home
LG G2, LG L90, and LG G-Pad, as well as Sony phones are not supported due to limitations by LG and Sony.

Free Access (local features):
- customize remote by re-arranging buttons, changing colors, positions, text, icons & more
- create macros to execute multiple commands on a single touch
- use automated tasks to execute commands without interaction (like Mute on Call)
- Tasker integration
- voice commands through Google Now
- floating remotes for access even while using other apps
- air gestures (limited to Galaxy S4)
- no ADS at all !
- add one remote, use it for as long as you want

Paid Access (in-app upgrade)
- add unlimited remotes
- backup / restore remotes
- get personalized customer support
- (more to come)

Have you previously purchased a Smart IR Remote product? You'll automatically be upgraded to a lifetime subscription - email us at colortigerapps@gmail.com

AnyMote is not just a remote control for tv - it can control anything that has an InfraRed receiver. Use it on your DSLR camera to take photos remotely, on your XBox to create gaming macros, on your lights to set the mood and even on set top boxes to automatically set to a channel at a specified time!

Have questions about our permissions? Visit http://www.colortiger.com/#permissions on your computer.

Music Player (Professional)

Music Player (Professional)  apk

Music Player is one of the most powerful and professional music player , for free !
Music Player used the simple and advanced monitor design . With the music player ,You can manage your music easily . Music Player will guide you easily to find all the music in your phone .
Online music search and download .you can find the free music in Music player now .
Built-in 5 band graphic equalizer with default/customizable presets ( Hiphop , Rock , Dance , Popular , Latin , Metal , Classical , Balance ) , stereo widening effect , reverb effects , bass boost effect , volume control , left-right volume control , gapless playback , replay gain .


- download free music .
- support most of audio formats :mp3 , ogg , flac , wav , ape , wv , tta , mpc , aiff , wma , AAC .
- stereo eXpansion , mono mixing , balance , dynamic queue .
- support for m3u , m3u8 , pls , wpl playlists .
- surround sound , bass boost and perfect virtualization technology .
- browse and play your music album , artist , genre , songs , podcast and playlist .
- create and edit playlists player inside .
- no clearance play .

Thank Jamendo support for online music(http://www.jamendo.com/)
The icon is follow "Share Alike 3.0 Unported License"

Destiny Patroller

Destiny Patroller  apk

The simplest and easiest way to track public events in Destiny!

Public events in destiny are missions that task all nearby guardians to beat a challenge in exchange for loot, these events are random, but occur within certain windows, this app is designed to get you where the next event will occur right as the window for the event opens.

Make sure you never miss an event again with simple large countdown timers, visible at a glance, and optional 2 minute warning notifications so you know its time to leave without even looking at your device.

- Event lists and countdowns for each planet.
- Highlighting of the next event for 'at a glance' tracking.
- Optional 2 minute warning notifications

Notes: The times and windows for events are compiled from users around the internet, no official source exists, as such event times can change without notice, sometimes not even showing up as part of the "random" factor of the game..

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