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Boost 411

Boost 411  apk

Boost411 lets you search for local businesses and people for FREE. You can search for a business by name, or you can search by the type of business you are looking for, e.g. Restaurants. Boost411 searches in your current location, or you can specify a location. Easy to read name, address and phone number are displayed in the search results. You can display listings on a map and get directions from your location. Boost411 lets you search for people and lets you search for name and address using only a phone number. Provides support for Spanish language.

Boost411 saves you time and money!

Little Pet Doctor

Little Pet Doctor  apk

“Woof, woof, woof~”, oh, dear Little Pet Doctor, it seems that someone is sending a distress signal!

Oops! It turns out that our lovely dogs are in trouble. Oh…these poor little things, some of them are terribly sick and others are even trapped.

Take action now! It’s time to bring these pets back home to cure them, and also tell the whole world that you are the best doctor ever!

Here advanced medical facilities enable you to show your skills to the fullest. Meanwhile the comfortable garden and nice bathroom grant your doggy a wonderful life. That’s the end? Absolutely not! There is also something delicious offered to the puppies, so you can feed them when they feel hungry. Are you ready to save the doggies and rock the medical field? Just do it!

How to play:
Open the game and choose a doggy to start the rescue. Firstly, you’ll find it being trapped in a terrible place and what you need to do is help it out under the instructions. That must be a piece of cake for you, right? But don’t take it lightly, because the dog may be injured, and you need to treat it at home with the instruments offered. In return, the cured dog will settle down in your nice house. And guess what? There are also many interesting activities waiting for you, such as dressing up your dog, traveling around and taking photos with it. That’s really exciting, huh? Time waits for no one, so get down to your rescue plan at once!

- 6 dogs with different stories
- 5 diagnostic tools and lots of medical facilities
- 3 sections: saving, treating and taking care of the dogs
- Interactive experiences such as bathing, dressing up & feeding the dogs
- 9 toys to play with and 5 places to travel
- Got any ideas? Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free to contact us 24/7 at Support@libii.com

Need You Know:
This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.

BrainWave (beta)

BrainWave (beta)  apk

BrainWave Music Control Intro

Love listening to music via your favorite music player (Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.)? Now you can control your favorite music players simply by using natural hand gestures. By downloading the BrainWave app, powered by Ari™ technology, you can Play, Pause, and Select tracks with the ease of waving your hand over the phone/tablet -- without ever unlocking the phone or touching the screen. For ease of use, we’ve optimized BrainWave to detect gestures from 1 foot to almost 3 feet away. Your whole open hand must be seen by the forward-facing camera to play/pause -- recommended at least 12" (30cm) or more above the center of the phone/tablet -- (see instruction video).

Once you download the BrainWave app it automatically adds all of the compatible music players on your phone (Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.) to its selection list. Then all you need to do is select your preferred music player and BrainWave will launch the music player with gesture recognition enabled. You can even listen to music in sleep mode (with your screen off). BrainWave will run quietly in the background allowing you to effortlessly control your music.

Compatible Music Players:

• Google Play Music
• Pandora
• iHeart Radio
• iHeart Auto
• Spotify
• Songza
• More to come...


• Gestures optimized for 1 foot to almost 3 feet away from the phone
• Utilizes the front-facing camera on Smartphone/Tablet
• Automatically adds compatible music players
• Open Hand (Play/Pause)
• Swipe Right (Next Song)
• Swipe Left (Previous Song)
• Works when screen is locked and off
• More to come...see below

Bluetooth Speakers

BrainWave can also turn your smartphone/tablet into a gesture remote control via Bluetooth for popular speakers such as Skullcandy, Jambox, Sonos, Beats, etc.


BrainWave allows you to control your car’s music via your Bluetooth infotainment system. Keep your eyes on the road and subtly change your music while in the car.

Coming Soon:

• Like/Dislike Songs
• Rotate your phone in any direction (Currently works in Landscape mode only)
• Car Mode: BrainWave will detect when you're driving and will automatically turn on so you can more safely interact with your phone and music
• Adjusting volume with a gesture
• Visual feedback to help with correct placement of your gesture

Devices with known issues running Brainwave:

• Samsung Galaxy SIII

Note: Other apps that require the front-facing camera will not work while BrainWave is running. If you want to take a selfie, stop BrainWave first, take the photo, and then restart BrainWave.

Learn FB Profile Viewers

Learn FB Profile Viewers  apk

FB Profile Viewers :

You must be curios to know that who is visiting your profile most right ? So, Who Looked at your profile?
app will provides you list of users that is visiting or most interacting with you on Facebook. Do not worry we will not post anything or any of your personal information on your wall.
If you are not sure about the person who have crush on you we can do it with this app.
Just match this app with your profile you will get exact list of people who is recently interact with you or who is visiting most to your profile.

It might be doubting or shocking for you, I know But it is true.

How it is working : Install app and do log in with Facebook in the application it self. You will get list of your friends that is crush on you or most visited your profile.

Just try this you will be sure. Do not forget to Rate us It will help us to improve our code.

Keywords: Who viewed your profile, profile viewers, who looked your facebook

Thank You.

Lion GO Launcher Theme

Lion GO Launcher Theme  apk

Add some new icons! Lion is known as the king of beasts, and its majestic, bravery, majestic demeanor.

Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher EX!

❤Brief Introduction:
Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.

GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Click here to install GO Launcher EX!

❤How to Apply the Theme:
- Directly open the theme after successful installation.
- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

Hidden Object - Halloween Time

Hidden Object - Halloween Time  apk

It's Halloween Time! Try our spooky new Hidden Object game today!

Halloween Time contains 20 scenes full of artfully hidden items. Images are in full HD with a zoom feature for those hard to spot items.

Four ways to find items:
Find by PICTURE - discover the items with a list of pictures.
Find by SILHOUETTE - find the items using only their silhouettes.
Find by WORD - a list of words is what you get to find each item in the scene.
Find by RANDOM - A random selection of the above modes for an extra challenge!

Three different modes of play:
NORMAL Mode - Timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds.
CASUAL Mode - A nice and relaxing experience.
CHALLENGE Mode - An extra challenge for those willing to accept it!

Play the lottery to earn free coins and admire the spooky sights in the art gallery. Hints, bonus rounds and a training mode are all available!

Do you have the stomach for a journey through these spine-chilling realms?

Hungry Shark Attack Sim 3D

Hungry Shark Attack Sim 3D  apk

Experience the aquatic life as a wild underwater predator. Yes! YOU are the nasty and blood thirsty Shark, thirsty whale & whaleo. Horrifying Sharks are always angry, hungry and look for a prey to devour. Crash and destroy all the things around you with your scary jaws & widemouth because you are very huge bloodshed shark. Hungry monster Attack on boats, oil barrels, wood crate, sunbath chair, treasure box, wood barrel, floaters, huts, tourists and eat all the meals that come in your way. Don’t show the mercy as you are a crazy & hungry shark ever. Bring out your carnivores and unleash it in this ferocious shark simulator app. Swallow every single creature, It can be any thirsty shark/whale or a small fish.Create an example of massive sea disaster with a submarine monster in this Hungry Shark Attack Sim 3D.

The vicious sea creature sharks are the deadliest, unfavorable and aggressive ocean slayers. So use smart feeding techniques for hunting with your huge and wide mouth. You are a clever species that observe, chase, hunt and split the target into two parts with your harmful and scary jaws. So be prepared for the ultimate thrilling sea battle simulation to kill the people and things around you in swarming sea area and become the king of water world in this adventurous & exciting shark simulation.

Swim & attack! It’s a predator call, this time you are on the evil side. Be the sea monsters that love the bloodshed and violence, so play as a slayer shark & show your dragon skills by killing & hunting swimmers in the deep sea or on beaches. Create wounds and scars on their whole body and dead down them in a given time period for your survival (hungry giant shark) or perish forever insims 3D assault extreme sea mission.

How to Play
• Swipe Your Finger to Control Assassin Shark
• Vanquish All the Enemies/materials in Your Way
• Hit the Things to Earn Points
• Finish It in a Given Time

Top incredible Features of Hungry Shark Attack Sim 3D
• Daring Time Mode Gameplay
• Epic 3D Hungriest Killer Shark
• Stimulating Undersea Environment of Hungry Shark Attack Sim 3D
• Virtual Monstrous Creature that Terrorize the SeaWorld
• User-Friendly Interface of Shark Game Sim
• Eye-Catching Graphics (GUI)
• Appealing Sound Effects

Best escapade 3D simulator (sim) & time killer app among all simulation & shooting games you ever played before like dolphin, crocodile, cat, farming, dinosaur (dino) etc. Hungry Shark Attack Sim 3D is the perfect worth-downloading option for you.

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Search “Hammerhead Games” on Google Play and discover more incredible apps for young kids. Hammerhead Games smart games provide an exciting, interactive, and rich educational experience. Filled with innovative and engaging activities, each application inspires creativity and imagination in a way that is uniquely enjoyable and stimulating. Let the games begin!

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Talking Mouth – Funny Mouth

Talking Mouth – Funny Mouth  apk

Play with this amazingly entertaining application.
If you are looking for some fun or an app to cheer up some friends this is exactly what you are looking for. Apply one of the mouths to a picture of your choice and let the subject of your pic say whatever you want.
You will be able to choose between 4 different mouth types and to put a different lipstick to one of them.

The app contains also more than 50 prerecorded funny sounds.

It is really fun and simple to use:
1. Choose a picture
2. Choose the mouth stickers you most like
3. Place and resize the sticker with your fingers.
4. Use the different buttons to resize the picture more accurately
5. Try out the fun results

- Load some famous celebrity (VIP) or raging politician’s pictures! And let the show begin.
- Take a picture of your boy / girlfriend and prank them ;-)

Animate your static images and have great fun as it can be more effective than a good joke.

If you like the app please rate it with 5 stars

Asphalt Parking 8

Asphalt Parking 8  apk

Welcome to one of the best game on google play store!
Asphalt Parking 8 is a car simulator,truck simulator and bus simulator with realistic controls and great dynamic gameplay.
Start parking cars,trucks and buses on asphalt parking now.
You can park all of them between traffic racers.
How to Play:
*Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals.
*Touch the screen to boost and speed even faster
*Collect coins to unlock new levels,cars,trucks and buses.
*Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need.

Enjoy with Asphalt Parking 8 :)

Guess The Little Pony

Guess The Little Pony  apk

Are you a Brony? How many of the My Little Pony can you name? Guess the Little Pony is an unofficial My Little Pony picture guessing quiz game in which you see if you can name all the My Little Pony faster than your opponent does. This fun picture naming quiz game is perfect for all ages. Very family friendly, and great for kids over 13+.

This content contained in this app is strictly informative, and imply no association, sponsorship, or endorsement between the My Fun Games and the owners of the My Little Pony copyright - Hasbro

This Little Pony picture guessing game will teach you to recognize all the My Little Pony. It's fine if you don't know all the My Little Pony right now. We will match you up against someone in your league; someone else that doesn't know much about My Little Pony trivia. Our competitive ranking system ensures that you do not get matched up with an expert. However, if you are a big fan of My Little Pony, and can name all the My Little Pony by heart, we will match you up for someone on your level .

➰Guess the right Little Pony against people worldwide
➰See how your knowledge of My Little Pony ranks worldwide
➰Fun Trivia Questions on My Little Pony
➰Be awarded by earning badges & titles

Skulls Live Wallpaper

Skulls Live Wallpaper  apk

☠☠☠ If you are looking for “scary wallpapers that are alive” and moving, download “Skulls Live Wallpaper” for free and you will get 10 different skulls photos to personalize your mobile screen in a most terrifying and unique way! “Skull wallpapers for Android™” are very popular nowadays so do not miss this chance to get them!
☠ Awesome animation of skulls will make this moving wallpaper so cool!
☠ Five different “free skull wallpapers and backgrounds” in full HD for your cellphone!
☠ New skull images added daily – obtain a new one each day!
☠ Choose the number and speed of animated elements!
☠ Personalize your smartphone with Skulls Live Wallpaper and everyone will admire your new scary wallpaper theme!
☠ By acquiring this “scary wallpaper app free” of charge, your home screen and lock screen will get customized with skulls and bones: choose between “skull on fire live wallpaper”, fire and water skull live wallpaper, “skull clock live wallpaper” and other Gothic wallpapers for Android! Show everyone that they should not touch your phone – this “skull and bones wallpaper” will drive them away!

☠ Fire live background depicting a burning skull on a black background will make your mobile device look so spooky, satanic and mysterious! The devilish wallpaper images that you will find in this skull wallpaper pack are going to take your breath away – scary skeleton wallpaper, “skull flame wallpaper “or fire and water skull wallpaper HD, made in digital art, will really make you feel like a devil! Take this skull screen background and you'll get the best screensaver on the market!

☠ Be original, amaze your friends and scare them away, all at once, with this “skull in hellfire live wallpaper”! Simply click on “free download” and install these creepy animated backgrounds – 2014 skull wallpaper app for Android™ is waiting just for you! Choose one of ten skeleton head wallpapers and brag around with your black animated screen background and scary skulls!

☠ Download Skulls Live Wallpaper and enjoy!

*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

(Free) Draw GO Locker Theme

(Free) Draw GO Locker Theme  apk

Brand new FREE theme for GO Locker !

- interesting unlocking style
- choose your own pictures as wallpaper
- quick access to camera
- notification of unread messages and missed calls

❤ How to Apply the Theme:
GO Locker > Installed, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

Stick Click Kill Adventure

Stick Click Kill Adventure  apk

Destroy all the stickmen in this click death game!Click to try to cause a chain reaction and try to unlock all endings.It's real difficult but fun game.Have a great time.

Sniper Operation

Sniper Operation  apk

After an unexpected attack on the military base, you are the lone survivor of your troop. You are left to fight for your life in one of the most valiant efforts of modern warfare. Experience an intense challenge by killing your enemies to survive until the rescue arrives.

Intense enemy killing action shooter game-play

Campaign through many stages in the story mode completing the missions.

Choose the right weapon from the large inventory to trigger down the enemies
Incredible 3D graphics put you right in the warfare environment!

Unlock various achievements after completing the missions. Reach the TOP of Leader-board.

Easy Touch, Drag and Tap Game-play.

Zoom in for more accurate shots.

Reload your ammo to speed up the operation.

Progress through the missions to unlock highly upgradable weapons.
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Spidy Man: Candy World

Spidy Man: Candy World  apk

* 20 sweet and superhero levels!
* Super abilities of Spidy Man!
* Unique gameplay: swinging on the cobweb and make long jump!
* Sweet awards specifically for Superheroes!
* Bright and colorful gameplay!
Immerse yourself in the sweet world of superheroes! You have an important mission - to collect as much candy! Spin a cobweb! Move on the cobwebs at a great height! Super Abilities of Spidy Man will allow you quickly and easily collect all the sweets in your way! Only release the cobwebs!


Tinderly  apk

This app lets you auto like profiles on Tinder at super fast speeds.

Just login using Facebook, load up some profiles, then like them all in one go!

- Mass like all Tinder profiles or select which to Like and Pass.
- View the past Tinder profiles you have Liked.


Disclaimer: This is not affiliated with Tinder Inc.

Autumn Wallpaper

Autumn Wallpaper  apk

Autumn Live Wallpaper – beautiful dynamic live wallpaper with falling leaves and with 20 different autumn backgrounds. Install this free live wallpaper and craft your own autumn live wallpaper.

- 20 autumn photos (autumn landscapes, autumn forest, ...)
- Animated falling 3D leaves (autumn leaf fall)
- This free autumn wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks great on both mobile phones and tablet devices and supports screen switching
- This free wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery
- Real smooth 3D animations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99% mobile phone devices)

How to set free autumn live wallpaper on the screen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → Autumn Leaf Fall Wallpaper

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Notice: this free live wallpaper contains ads

Khan Academy - Learn Anything

Khan Academy - Learn Anything  apk

Enjoy over 4,000 educational videos from Khan Academy.

Topics covered include: Math, Science, Economics and finance, Arts and humanities, Computing, and more.

You only have to know one thing: You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.

UPCOMING FEATURES: Video downloads, user data synchronization, progress bars

To learn more about Khan Academy, please visit: https://www.khanacademy.org/

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