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Mmm Fingers

Mmm Fingers  apk

Mmm Fingers you need to tap the monsters.

Beat your friends..

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer  apk

Do you want to design your own wedding dress?
Then here's your chance with our latest fashion studio game.
You can design and sew your very own dream wedding dress.
garments and pick a nice color and pattern for each item.
Next take your fabrics, cut them and sew them up with the sewing machine.
Then show your beautiful creation on the runway!

GrooveShark Music Player

GrooveShark Music Player  apk

You can listening to GrooveShark MP3 music at all free
Music Listening without Login to GrooveShark
Top100, Latest music, pop, rock, classical, rap, hip-hop, indie, jazz, blues, folk, KPOP, techno, club music, music broadcast

- Song title, artist music search
- Album, music Broadcast free music listening
- offers GrooveShark playlist
- World free Music Broadcast listening

GrooveShark is when need music.
Enjoy it now!
Usted puede escuchar la música Grooveshark MP3 en absoluto libre
Escucha de la música y sin sesión en GrooveShark
Top100 , última música, pop , rock, clásica , rap , hip- hop , indie , jazz , blues, folk, KPOP , techno , música del club , emisión de música

[ función ]
- Título de la canción , búsqueda de artista de música
- Album , música Broadcast escucha música gratis
- Ofrece GrooveShark lista de reproducción
- World libre escucha música Broadcast

Grooveshark es cuando necesita música.
Disfrútenlo ahora !

Vous pouvez écouter de la musique Grooveshark MP3 du tout gratuit
Musique d'écoute sans Connectez-vous pour Grooveshark
Top100 , Dernières musique , pop, rock , classique , rap , hip-hop , indie , jazz , blues, folk , KPOP , techno , musique de club , la diffusion de musique

[ fonction]
- Titre de la chanson , la recherche de la musique de l'artiste
- Album , Diffusion de la musique d'écoute de musique gratuit
- Offre Grooveshark playlist
- World écoute sans musique partout

Grooveshark est quand besoin de musique .
Profitez-en maintenant !

Princess 3D Salon - Girl Star

Princess 3D Salon - Girl Star  apk

Did you ever think about what it takes to look like a celebrity or a princess?
With this app you will be able to experience all the beauty treatments that they are normally going through.
Here you will be able to decide how your young celebrity should look like.
Start by choosing the skin color your princess model should have. After that, begin with some relaxing spa treatments to make sure that her skin is clean and as smooth as the one of a baby. Wash her hair and make it shine with some cool glitter effects.
Another step will be to choose the best looking haircut and to find the right make up. Moreover if you should think that she would look nicer with a different eye color, you will be able to apply her some colored contact lenses.
You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the best matching, eye shadow, lipstick, blusher etc.

To finish the makeover it remains only to choose the right clothing, shoes and accessories.

When your model is completed you can speak with her and she will repeat everything you say.

After the makeover, you can save and share the pictures of your princess (vip) per mail, with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc.

How to play:
To get read of the pimples you need to rub on them until they disappear.
To apply a mask simply select the type of mask you want to use and then spread the product on her face with the finger. To clean it either use the water shower or switch to the next beauty product.
Some of the make-up products will automatically be applied on the model by simply selecting the desired icon (color), other will need to be applied with your finger.

** Features **
- Spa Section
- Makeup Section
- Fashion dress up Section
- 360° View to have a better look at the model
- Many different backgrounds: Beach, country side, disco, castle etc.
- Different hair styles to choose
- Try different hair dye, lipstick colors, eye color, eye-shadow.
- Accessories, including earrings, necklaces, etc.
- Talking part where the princess repeats everything you say.
- Share your awesome girl pictures easily on facebook, mail etc. with few clicks

Enjoy hours of fun and with this entertaining free app!

Candy Mushroom

Candy Mushroom  apk

Candy Mushroom is absolutely free.You can play anytime anywhere if you like.
Jack ,a clever and smart child in Mushroom kingdom, want to achieve a halloween desire from Mushroom King:let the purple mushroom candy clouds all over the sky .
The king says that if jack can collect a target number of mushroom candy , he can help him achieve this desire.

Follow the king’s instructions Jack should complete his task.
If jack get the target number of mushroom candy in the specified time, Jack win, the purple mushroom candy clouds will cover all over the sky (heaven feeling)
If Jack could not get the target number of mushroom candy within the specified time , Jack fail, all of the mushrooms will turned into pumpkins (Jack Light)
So Halloween candy games to be launched ............
Task one: eliminate enough mushrooms , obtain the specified target scores clearance;
Task two: the elimination of specified types of mushroom,mushroom number reaches the target amount of clearance.
Play (the difference is the elimination of all the mushroom can not on the same straight line):
1. Four similar mushrooms to eliminate ,not three.
2. five similar mushrooms eliminated, generating a 3 * 3 grid can eliminate effects or eliminate an entire row or an entire column mushrooms effects
3. six or more similar mushrooms to eliminate all the same category mushrooms in the mushroom kingdom.


Gamebanjo  apk

26 games – high-quality, full-sized and free – this is Gamebanjo Deluxe! 26 most popular stand-alone games in one app!

All games are unlocked from the very beginning, so all you have to do is download Gamebanjo and start playing. Upgrade your houses, vehicles and spaceships. Unlock new levels, locations and worlds. Collect bonuses, coins and tokens and progress as far as you can! We are planning to update this app on a regular basis with new games and new content for existing games, so check for updates.

Highlights from the current version:
* Sea Wolves – become the world famous pirate and take full control of the Caribbean Sea
* Vegas Mogul – build a modern megalopolis in this vast and all-encompassing city builder
* Alien Planet – protect your base on the planet in the outer space from aliens
* Runes of Asgard – destroy bubbles in this Norse mythology inspired game
* Crazy Ride – race against time in the city filled with traffic
* Tower of the Abyss – protect your fantasy kingdom from hordes of evil forces
* Galactic Battle – battle your way to the outer space through tons of aliens in this space mayhem
* and 18 more games in genres ranging from puzzles to racing to medieval castles



Fresh Attic Living Room Escape

Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong

Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong  apk

Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong is an addictive Ping Pong game with superb graphics, effects and awesome soundFX. The best part is that you can play it as in real life, against your friends or the AI. Smash, swing or spin the ball to climb your way up in career mode if you take the table tennis challenge.

If you're a fan of sport games Table Tennis 3D will captivate you with features such as:

● Three Awesome modes

1. Quick Match with three levels of difficulty

✓ Beginner
✓ Intermediate
✓ Expert

2. Career mode - sharpen your table tennis skills at 5 levels

✓ Local Level
✓ State Level
✓ Country Level
✓ Continent Level
✓ International Level

3. Head To Head

✓ Play table tennis in head-to-head mode with your friends (has Facebook/Twitter integration) on the same device

● Smart AI competitor programmed based on human behavior (reaction time, strength, skill, speed etc.)

● Play sidespin, corkspin, smash, lob, flick, loop shot etc. similar to real table tennis modes

● Powerful physics engine gives realistic effects to the ball and bat for better ping pong experience

● Three types of bats/ paddles with configuration available for

✓ Speed
✓ Spin
✓ Control

● Select a bat and ball you feel comfortable playing with based on the different power and spin

● Zoom In/Out the camera while playing the ping pong to change your viewport

● Play table tennis in head-to-head mode with your friends (has Facebook/Twitter integration) on the same device

Table Tennis 3D is the most realistic ping pong simulator for Android and you'll definitely enjoy not only the physics behind, but also its 3D graphics and effects

Stay updated with Table Tennis 3d Live Ping Pong game news at

If you want to help us translate the description in other languages, please put a mail to us on techadrit2@gmail.com. Thank you.

Talking Ouija

Talking Ouija  apk

A highly intelligent text based ouija board that can enable you to talk all day about any subject, it has to be tried to be believed !
You can converse about any subject, ask it questions on your destiny or just chat away with the spirits it summons.
Its random alogorithms will tune into your input and answer your questions.
The app develops intelligence as it gains more experience and without need for updating will become more and more intelligent to answer the questions you wish to ask.

Full version and completely free.
It is a tiny app that requires no permissions at all !

This app is for entertainment only. If you are suffering a loss in your family please seek assistance from agencies that can assist with helping deal with bereavement.

Jumper - Arcade Bouncing Game

Jumper - Arcade Bouncing Game  apk

How high can you Jump?
Help Jumper, the Ninja Blob bounce from platform to platform, grabbing every coin and power up on his way up.
Jump, Jump and Jump as high as you can. If you're lucky you might also get one or two rocket rides, or a super trampoline jump! Whatever you do, avoid touching the black bombs, they're lethal.
Just tilt left or right to move the Blob.
Remember to share your scores!

Zombie Killer W

Zombie Killer W  apk

Zombie Killer W game is completely free to play!

Special fighting styles: Liberal wrestling (Chinese boxing, Sanda, BajiQuan, wing chun, tai chi, muay thai, Taekwondo, kung fu)complete fighter 3D graphic, If you like wrestling movies and boxing matches, the good classic arcade-style fighting and action ,the king of fighting is need your help. A new challenge game, you do not want to miss! the legend wrestling 100% free games.
We hope you enjoy the Street Fighter game

So exciting Android game, what are you waiting for, hurry Download Zombie Killer W. Now is the time to face the world after the end of the world
You can share FACEBOOK friends together to enjoy this game. Challenge your friends
Free Games let your enemies pay! Free game has never been so profound or interesting! It costs you do not have to download and play the game in the end!
Game Features:
Watch the video
Experience stunning graphics puzzle game.
3D graphics memory this is a simple game to enjoy.
The most of attractive block game.
The real physics
Cool and addictive levels
Exciting Zombie Wrestling game is here!

Angry Pumpkins Halloween

Angry Pumpkins Halloween  apk

Angry Pumpkins Halloween is an amazing puzzle game for Android! Throw different types of Pumpkins and try to smash your enemies. Every Pumpkin has a particular skill. Play with cluster-grenade Pumpkins, kamikaze Pumpkins, ninja Pumpkins, or even fat, high-density Pumpkins. Enjoy four different scenarios including: Ghost Town, Cemetery, Bridge of Souls, and Haunted House.
Angry Pumpkins also has some nice power-ups: Extra Pumpkins, Bigger Pumpkins, and Pumpkins Air Strike. Use them to annihilate your enemies and score lots of points.
What are you waiting for? Start playing Angry Pumpkins Halloween now!


- 60 levels.
- 5 types of Pumpkins.
- Great graphics.
- Different enemies.
- 4 scenarios.
- Lots of fun!

Mage GO Launcher Theme

Mage GO Launcher Theme  apk

Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher EX!

❤Brief Introduction:
Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.

GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Click here to install GO Launcher EX!

❤How to Apply the Theme:
- Directly open the theme after successful installation.
- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

Cesarian birth surgery

Cesarian birth surgery  apk

In this game you are in the role of the doctor who take care of births. And now, this pregnant women needs your help to give a birth.
*In the first part, you must take her a control;
*You must verify how are the heartbeats and after that to verify woman's tension;
*After that you must lie the cream all over her belly, to can start the monitor for radiography showing baby's condition;
*Then, when the radiography is finished, remove the cream with the towel;
*Now start the second part, that is a little more difficult: the caesarian birth;
*For the first step, you must apply the special cream, to can anesthetize her;
*Once anesthetized, with the help of the scalpel you must take the surgery itself, and after that to erase the wound with one stick;
*Follow all steps in order, because that's the only way for birth to proceed properly;
*Once the baby got born, you must change her diaper and wash her because she's dirty;
*Remove the dirty diaper, clean the misery, apply the special powder and after that put her the one new diaper;
*Finally, yo calm her, you must anoint her belly with special cream and give her the teddy bear to play with him;

Escape Prison

Escape Prison  apk

Escape prison is another new point
and touch type escape the room game.
In this game you must search for
items and clues to escape the Room.
Good luck and have fun !

Spidy Man Scribble Run

Spidy Man Scribble Run  apk

* 20 superhero levels!
* Addictive gameplay mode!
* Incredible depth of strategic opportunities!
* Super abilities of Spidy Man!
Go to a scale journey with one of your favorite characters from the world of MARVEL! Paved the ideal way by cobwebs for your superhero! Reveal force and superpowers of Spidy Man! Collect all the awards in the vast of New York City! Use a fantastic superpower of Spidy-Man! Reveal a superhero!

Halloween Collage & Frames

Halloween Collage & Frames  apk

Halloween is coming! Are you ready to terrify your friends? We have something really scary, terrific and horrible! Add ghosts, zombies, witches, spider web, candles, black cats, sceletons, old castles, pumpkins, Freddy, Frankenstein and other Halloween themes at your photos! We are happy to propose new Halloween frames for your photos, collages and selfies! Attention- Make sure that your friend have a strong nerves and sense of humor before sending him postcard from this app!
Halloween Postcard is easy-to-use and 100% free app!
App features:
- photo effects: sepia, vintage, lomo, polaroid, cartoon, black & white, etc
- text editor: add and delete text, choose font, size and color
- new cool stickers and emoticons
- editor allows to zoom, rotate, resize,crop, cut, photo
- collage-maker helps you to create perfect collage
- photo features: adjust colors, color intensity&active color palette, contrast, etc
- new Halloween themes and frames ( witches, zombies, black cats, old castles, spider webs, sceletons, Freddy, Francenstein, ghosts, candles, pumpkins, etc)
- sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, E-mail, WhatsApp
- high definition (HD)
- photo resources- Device Camera, Gallery, Facebook, Instagram

Save Upload Videos Download

Save Upload Videos Download  apk

Save Upload Videos Download is the best snap chat saver & snap chat uploader.

- Save snapchat videos
- Discover popular users
- Upload snapchats from your phone
- Follow Kanye West, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, Zac Efron, Meek Mill, Channing Tatum accounts
- San Francisco Giants players can also be added through our app & you can add your own name for others to see!

- Download snapchat stories
- Save snaps to your phone.
- Send pictures from your gallery.
- Discover celebrity snapchat usernames
- Find accounts to follow & gain followers
- Upload videos directly
- Add captions
- Instagram video & photo feed style
- Grab snaps from anyones story

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