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SingStar™ Mic

SingStar™ Mic  apk

This app acts only as a microphone and a playlist creator. To use this app, you will need a PS3™ or PS4™ system with SingStar™ installed and connected to the same WiFi network as your compatible Android™ device.
Transform your Android™ device into your very own personal wireless microphone and playlist creator.
Use the SingStar™ Mic app to play SingStar™ on your PS3™ or PS4™ system.

With the SingStar™ Mic app you can:

• Connect with ease; the app will automatically seek a PS3™ system or PS4™ system running SingStar™
• Use the simple and intuitive interface to choose between functions once you are connected
• Play as either Player 1 or Player 2 (providing no other supported microphones are connected)
• Create playlists simultaneously with friends, choosing from songs that have been purchased and downloaded to the PS3™ or PS4™ system from the SingStore™

The following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to use of this app, depending on your country of residence: http://us.playstation.com/support/terms/mobile.htm & http://us.playstation.com/support/privacypolicy/mobile.htm

About SingStar™:
SingStar™ is the all new version of the classic party game only on PlayStation®. Revamped and updated, the game sports a fresh new look, new songs, new features and is compatible with the unique SingStar™ Mic app.

• Sing songs from your favorite artists, complete with the original music videos
• Sing-off against a friend; see who can achieve the bigger score at the end of the song
• Choose from hundreds of tracks available for purchase from the SingStore™
• Create playlists of your songs before you play, or even during play with the SingStar™ Mic app's playlist creator
• Earn Star Points for completing songs and events and increase your ranking
• Send messages to users on your Friends list daring them to try to beat your score with our all new challenge system
• Use the PlayStation®Camera or PlayStation®Eye camera to record you and your friends while you are singing
• Add special effects and masks to your performance (PS4™ system only) to create your own music video

The application can be used in the following languages:
Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Battery Booster - Power saver

Battery Booster - Power saver  apk

Battery Booster can significantly prolong your battery life and extend the remaining time up to 50%. With one-click optimisation, intelligent mode switch and scientific charging management, Battery doctor can help you with all kinds of battery issues and save your battery power. Simple usage, decent interface and powerful functions, Battery doctor got all you need to keep your phone in tip-top status.


- Accurate analysis on battery level and remaining time.

- Clean power consuming apps with one click, easy and simple.

- Clean power consuming apps automatically when screen is off.

- Professional 3-stage charging prolongs your battery life.

- Auto switch to saving mode by night.

- Able to design your own battery saving mode.

- Monitor battery capacity, temperature and voltage, etc. in real time.

☆Intelligence for more remaining time☆

Battery Booster offers you a much longer battery remaining time by optimising your system settings, cleaning power consuming apps, switching mode by night, monitoring battery status and reminding you of the low battery.

☆Profession for longer battery life☆

Fast, full and trickle. The 3-stage charging is organised and scientific.

☆Monitoring for real-time control☆

Battery Booster can show you the accurate battery remaining time and put you in charge by monitoring battery capacity, temperature & voltage.

☆Free! For You!☆

Battery Booster is totally free of charge with all the functions you've ever heard. UI and interaction is also comprehensively optimized. All we want is to offer you the best battery status & user experience!

Pizza Maker - Cooking Games

Pizza Maker - Cooking Games  apk

Let's start making some delicious hot spicy pizza! In this cooking game you are welcome to try a different pizza recipe and reveal your cooking skills. Pizza maker cooking game is an easy way to have fun and spend time doing what you love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

From the same developer that released BAKE CUPCAKES - COOKING GAMES, with over 1.000.000 downloads, we present you now a special game: Pizza Maker! Here are some reasons why you should definitely download and play our game:

★ Simple, fun and challenging cooking game suitable for all ages
★ Reveal your creativity skills even you are a boy or girl, this game can be also played by entire family
★ Real pizza recipe using ingredients as in real life
★ Easy tap and drag game play
★ Cool background music and HD graphics
★ You can post it on your Facebook wall or other social networks


What people think about our game:

★★★★★ Excellent Totally fun game! No freezing or glitches. Plays flawlessly. The games makers must be perfectionists hahaha
★★★★★ Awesome cooking game!!! Love it, looks real and it's easy to play xoxoxoxoxo



Pizza Maker is a classic cooking game where you have to make a delicious pizza following a recipe. Cooking has become a real hobby these days, many girls and boys, from any age find a great pleasure, fun and relaxation when are spending time cooking, even if it's online.

We want you to have an excellent experience playing our cooking game, that's why we tried to come up with a simply game that can be played by anyone, no time running, just relax and enjoy! Here are some indication for you to succeed cooking a delicious pizza:

1. Cut, chop and prepare the vegetables you will use on this pizza recipe: onions, tomato, green peppers
2. Prepare the dough by mixing all the ingredients: flour, oil, salt, water, sugar and others. You will have to use a mixer to make a perfect pizza dough
3. Stretch your pizza dough and start adding ingredients to it: salami, peppers, pizza sauce, cheese and whatever else you like
4. Bake your pizza on a hot oven, then it's ready to be served.

Remember that this pizza recipe can be cooked in real life, in a real kitchen just using ingredients in the game and following the steps shown here. So tell your friends and your family that you have learned a new pizza recipe and make a cooking evening at your home! No more eating at pizza hut, try to make your own homemade pizza:))


Your opinion is very important to us so let us know how you feel about this game. In order to improve our work and make better and free games for you, please support us and give us a high rate.

If you loved our game and want to play more cooking games like this one, try our best:
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Thanks for playing and for your support!

Popcorn Time Movies

Popcorn Time Movies  apk

Popcorn Time Movies Android app aim to list every detail about every movie ever made, including cast and crew, producer, tagline, genres, the plot, user ratings, overview, run time, trailers, photos, reviews, ratings and much more. With Popcorn Time Movies app, you can keep track of the movies you own, the movies you wish you had, the movies you saw and the movies you want to watch in a simple and elegant way.

Popcorn Time Movies movie app blows away the competition... If you watch movies regularly, forget the other apps. Popcorn Time Movies is the only app you'll need.

• Browse all your Movies
• Search for your favourite movies
• See what is trending and popular movies
• Personal recommendations
• Manage your Collection and Watchlist
• Bookmark your favourite movies
• Detailed Information about the each and every Movies
• Offline mode

4x4 transporter sim simulator

4x4 transporter sim simulator  apk

hey guys and girls, are you ready for the most extreme crazy driving challenge of the heavy duty 4x4 transporter?
as the name implies, “ car transport parking sim game ”, in this parking simulator game app your duty is to transport expensive racing cars and park them in the parking spot.
in this simulation parking game app you will have to keep the box on 4x4 vehicle else you need to start all over.
can you move this huge 4x4 truck towards its destination.
you will move this heavy duty transporter truck to its destination with precision and accuracy. get your hands on the transport 4x4 trucker and be the road king.
dare yourself to become a driver of this heavy duty transport truck. watch out!
you’re about to drive the huge box transporter truck and it contains the most expensive things in the world don't let these classy things break else you will lose your jobf.
these high value beautiful objects does not belong to you, your duty is to transport them safely.
make sure to fulfill your duty and transport these awesome thigs to the marked destination within the given time.
maneuver your big 4x4 truck through the streets of these big hills.
this transporter trucks will be very crazy at the turns of the roads. so, be careful while turning these big truck box transporters.
parking games usually are challenging yet simple, but this game can be very crazy because you are not only driving a huge truck but that
heavy duty truck also contains expensive things to transport them to their destination.

4x4 transporter sim simulator game Features:
• challenging and outstanding environment.
• select any of the 4x4 truckers and rule the world.
• clock is ticking so transport these expesive things on time.
• extreme precision 3D truck simulator.
• great dynamic game play.
• excellent sound effects.
• amazing 3D graphics

we hope you will enjoy this amazing realistic parking simulator game and give us some love by liking our MobilePlus facebook page
so we can keep you up to date on our latest free parking lot and free parking mania games!
👉 https://www.facebook.com/MobilePlusgames

Webcam Free

Webcam Free  apk

Welcome to the one part of our site where you don't have to use webcams! Yep, that's right, you found the text-only page, although I guess that isn't 100% accurate, since you can send some things that aren't text, but I'll get to that in a moment. Anyway, this isn't a "normal" chat room situation, this is an Omegle similar site. In other words, we're talking 1-on-1 chat sessions, where you can click "next" (or in our case, "leave") and move along to the next randomly available user who also wants to do the same thing, and so on. This is pretty different from your typical chat room where there are a bunch of people in it all at once, chatting in more of a group format.
At any rate, the main point is that our roulette text chat is awesome, so there. But why is it awesome you ask? Well, I guess if I HAVE to tell you, which I don't...but I will anyway. First, we have the ability to upload and add images to your conversations. Yes, pictures, we got 'em. Does Omegle have that? No, they don't. So Who is cooler now? We are, obviously. Secondly, we have something even better and far more important than some lame picture feature (just kidding, it's not lame, it's awesome, duh). We have...drum roll...SMILIES! Yea, like those little yellow things with various emotions displayed upon them - we have those. And everyone knows, that you just can't have a legit chat session without the use of emoticons / smilies, so, case closed - we win!
If at this point you are STILL wondering why we would even bother to build this website when there are already a gazillion sites like Omegle on the market, you sir, have not been paying attention. Let me recap for you: 1. Image Upload. 2. Emoticons. I mean seriously, those two extras are worth a lot, a super big lot, so stop being such an ignoramus! I should also add something else, which I forgot before, which is we also have free iPhone and Android apps - no big deal. What? Omegle only has iPhone? Yea, we cool, I know.
Alright, that about does it. If you have any questions...well, too bad. Just have some fun, and forget the questions, you should be chatting already!

Winter Hill Climb Truck Racing

Winter Hill Climb Truck Racing  apk

Hill Climb racing game serie's new version available on GooglePlay !
A challenging mountain Hill Climb is about to begin.
Roads are slippery and covered by ice.
Traffic is horrifying. You should deliver the goods on your truck before they get outdated.
3 awesome tractors and a 2 truck. An excellent game.

Game Features
- FREE to play
- Deadly Slippery Roads
- Driving experience in a realistic snowy weather!
- Special effects of snow
- Traffic Racer feature in a snowy weather!
- 5 Different trucks types
- Road each of 1km long.
- Realistic damages
- 8 Different camera view angle
- Driving experience on tough roads.
- Amazing farmer experience driving tractor
- Real farm equipment tractor
- Real life background sounds to boost your gaming experience
- Retina Hd 3D graphics
- More than 10+ achievements to complete

Play truck driving game right now!

X ray Scanner Hip Bone (Prank)

X ray Scanner Hip Bone (Prank)  apk

Play a joke on friends and pretend that with Xray Scanner Hip Bone application you can see through the clothes right to the hip and scan the hip bone. Just click on the start button, choose the view you want to see and begin scanning the hips!
Voila! You have an Xray of the Hip!

Xray Scanner Hip Bone is a fun app for those who love practical jokes! These x rays are not real, so they are harmless and fun to play with!

Try out the camera feature of Xray Scanner Hip Bone to click fun spooky images! Try baring your teeth and making your eyes big…looks scary!

Note - All x rays displayed are fake!

Disclaimer – Xray Scanner Hip Bone is a prank application with no medical significance.

Lock Screen

Lock Screen  apk

Lock your device with just one click!

'Lock Screen ' is a tiny app that can help you lock easily (without power button).

- This app uses ZERO Launcher . In case your phone doesn't already support that, don't worry, the app will assist you by opening a download page!

How to unInstall:
Before uninstalling the widget, disable admin permissions in Location & security > Select device admin > "Lock Screen "

Crazy Cop-Chase&Smash 3D

Crazy Cop-Chase&Smash 3D  apk

CrazyCop-Chase&Smash GTA-style police Chase and Smash Racing Game

The best police chase Simulation GooglePlay platform 3D game,

CrazyCop-Chase&Smash 3D driving your police car to smash criminals!
The game offers ultra-realistic scenes of vehicle systems
Vehicle damage, the real frontiers
If you want to experience the thrill of destroying the vehicle must not mistake this 3D racing game
The game is very simple,
Crashed vehicles can cross the border to destroy the criminals
Test your technical exciting levels, come to destroy the car

* Provide a unique operating four 3D camera angles
So you can more accurately grasp clearly the direction and control of the car

Miss World

Miss World  apk

The Miss World App is back, it's FREE, and better than ever! With improved functionality, loads of added features, plus all your favorite bits from last year, the Miss World App is a ‘must have’ for every fan of Miss World!

Stunning New Features!

This year we bring you more of the action than ever before thanks to Miss World TV! Exclusive to the Miss World App, we bring you LIVE and scheduled broadcasts from key events throughout the competition, including live challenge event coverage, regular behind the scenes action, the Miss World Final and much, much more.

Once again the Miss World App remains the only place to have your say! Pick your TOP THREE via the Voting Panel on the Miss World App and your votes will decide who will be the People’s Champion at the Miss World Final! We want everyone to play a part in the crowning of Miss World 2014, so show your support and get voting! In-app subscribers get an additional vote!
Please note, Voting officially becomes available on the 20th of November 2014!

This year we also bring you additional high quality photo galleries of all the action in London. With the brand new ‘Hearting’ ability, you will be able to show your support for your favorite contestants and their pictures!

With an improved layout, functionality and design, the Miss World 2014 app is your one stop guide to the Miss World Finals. With all the contestant bios, event schedules and everything outlined above, this app is unmissable!

Zombie Go Ballistic: Rampage

Zombie Go Ballistic: Rampage  apk

★ The most straightforward tower defense game released! Become the savior of the New World now!!★

************************************************** ***********************
As human's greed of resources, them gave up the bottom line and destroyed the nature. Due to the deterioration of air quality. The zombies, who have been sleeping for many years, came back again. Their return led the humans on the verge of extinction, and Zombies rampaged. Humans' space now become smaller and smaller. But you will protect the last homeland for us, defeat the zombies, and become the savior of the zombie world!

************************************************** ***********************
How to Play:
* Tap screen to control the direction of shooting.
* Click icons to cast skills.
* Choose weapons according to different levels.

************************************************** ***********************
* Gorgeous Weapons - Dozens of super weapons were unlocked! New weapon system opens!
* Unique Charactors - Multiple heros show up! They have different combat skills and unique talents!
* Arcade Experience - Exciting battle system, combinations of a various skills to stimulate your potential!
* Powerful Enemies - Lots of different Zombies are ready for your challenge any time!
* Abundant Levels - Hundreds of different modes and levels are free to play! And extra gifts!
* Zombie World - Explore the secrets of how the humans collapse! And become the savior of the New World now!

Fast Mp3 Download

Fast Mp3 Download  apk

Un reproductor de audio en línea que te permite buscar y reproducir música almacenada en SoundCloud y más. Explora SoundCloud y escuchar música en su dispositivo Android.
- Buscar pistas en SoundCloud
- Añadir / eliminar canciones de la lista de favoritos
- Descargue canciones de SoundCloud
- Reproducción de canciones descargadas
- Fácil acceso a la lista de reproducción actual
- Asignar canciones como sonido de notificación, de alarma y tonos de llamada
- Bajo consumo de batería
- Excelente compatibilidad con dispositivos Android 2.2 y superiores
Streaming de música MP3 Descargas no viola los derechos de propiedad intelectual, ya que sólo se permite la descarga de música autorizados por los autores en SoundCloud. Streaming de música MP3 Descargas le permite descargar archivos MP3 de Creative Common License en su dispositivo Android. Streaming de música MP3 Descargas no está afiliado con o avalado por SoundCloud.

Upgrade for Android Pro Tool

Upgrade for Android Pro Tool  apk

Upgrade for Android™ Pro Tool Apps: Essential app to detect your smartphone/tablet specifications and upgrade or update it to a new version of Android™ OS firmware.

This application is capable to test your device and determine if it has the minimum requirements to run the most recent android firmware, and you can use it to test your system for each android version for the required CPU frequency, RAM and Internal Memory. It checks if your device is rooted and updated.

You can also learn about each type of operating system and determine the one that is most appropriate for your needs, so that you can upgrade or update your android firmware in your device.
Root checker: It can detect if your device is rooted or unrooted.

It's a fast, simple and well designed app to guide you to an android firmware upgrade. Essential to users that want to update their system.

"Best new tool app for this year. Simplicity makes great things." November,2014 - AppReviews Magazine
"It makes something that is hard, very very simple. And that's what we all want, goes to the root of the problem." November,2014 - Appsintally

Contact us:
Email: protoolapps@gmail.com
Google +: http://goo.gl/R0Ug3z
Facebook: http://goo.gl/v3NzmX
Website: http://goo.gl/xirMWr

Features firmware:
★ Android™ Lollipop, version 5.0;
★ Android™ Kitkat, version 4.4;
★ Android™ JellyBean, version 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3;
★ Android™ IceCream, version 4.0;
★ Android™ Honeycomb, version 3.0;
★ Android™ Gingerbread, version 2.3;

Also useful to detect your current android version firmware, detect RAM and Internal Memory available in your device, as well as root check. The ultimate upgrade / update tool advisor.

Pinky Bow GO Launcher Theme

Pinky Bow GO Launcher Theme  apk

Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher EX!

❤Brief Introduction:
Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.

GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Click here to install GO Launcher EX!

❤How to Apply the Theme:
- Directly open the theme after successful installation.
- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

Naval Front-Line :Open Beta

Naval Front-Line :Open Beta  apk

Naval Front-Line is a MMO Battleship Simulation game. Naval Front-Line will bring you back to the Word War 2 and enjoy fighting with the enemies. Whether you can join the US Navy, UK Navy, Japan Navy, German Navy, France Navy, USSR Navy and Italy Navy. To create your Navy Fleet within Naval Front-Line. Special Missions are available in the Battle. You can act Battleship and Cruiser or Destroyer to fight in to the wars! Please ENJOY the Battle!
* Requires 1.2GHz CPU or 1GHz dual core CPU and 768 MB RAM Memory devices or higher.

Naval Front-line offers three different game modes:
1. Normal Mission (Based on the real war map)
2. Tutorials
3. Versus Mode – Players VS Players (Select one ship to join the random battle room)

Game Features
- Different of naval ship at your harbour (Including Battleship, Battle Cruisers, Heavy Cruiser, Light Cruisers, Destroyers) and you should deserve it.
- Co-op Game mode & Verus Game Mode (More Game Mode will be added in the future)
- Customizable Ships – You can change your configuration of the ship, such as naval guns, torpedo, ship armor.
- Driving a war-ship with your handheld devices.
- Pursuit and simulation of almost real battle situation.

*Required Network Access
*Required to create game account
*All information connected will only use for game purpose (Storing Data , Login , etc)

Perform the following steps when Google Play download error:
1. Open your device's main Settings menu.
2. Select Apps or Application manager (depending on your device, this may be different).
3. Select the Google Play Store app Google Play Store.
4. Select Clear cache.
5. Select Clear data.

Highway Motorcycle Games 3D

Highway Motorcycle Games 3D  apk

This game is a motorbike simulation game where you can play with simple controls. Were prepared in accordance with realistic physics. Land, mountains, hills and obstacles go beyond the finish line. Expressway road way to come to land. The structure passing through the bumpy road speed. We hope you have fun with, such as roads in the city. If you like simulation games, you should definitely try this game. Try your driving ability.

- Accelerate with the right gas pedal
- Come back with your left foot back
- Make a moderate brake pedal
- Turn the screen left and right to return

- Realistic physics rules
- Three-dimensional graphics
- Three-dimensional sound
- Convenient menus
- There are 10 chapters from each other pleasurable.

High School Fashion Holiday

High School Fashion Holiday  apk

From the makers of ' BFF - High School Fashion ' and ' Fashion House ' comes another epic fashion game. Join three best friends, Ana, Megan and Jade on a World Tour to discover popular countries, cultures and styles, as you have the time of your life. Get ready for fabulous adventures like attending the German Grand Prix, visiting an exquisite vineyard in France or sand boarding in the Egyptian desert! Dress to impress the locals or dazzle the cute boys. Your sense of style is your visa! Download High School Fashion Holiday and let the fashion journey begin!

Travel the world with your BFFs:
- Three quirky BFFs
- 70 amazing world adventures
- Story-based fashion choices
- Fabulous outfits, bags, shoes and accessories

*NEW - Capture timeless memories with the special camera addition!

About Games2win:
We are a company that believes in creating great fun-filled games for people of all ages. We have more than 800 proprietary games on both online and mobile devices, including our smash hits like Parking Frenzy and Super Mom. Today, we have 40 million downloads of our apps and 5 million gamers a month. And this is just the beginning!

VISIT US: http://games2win.com

LIKE US: http://facebook.com/Games2win

FOLLOW US: http://twitter.com/Games2win

Contact us at androidapps@games2win.com for any problems you may have with BFF- A Fashion Holiday Story.

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