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Cube Island : Craft Mode

Cube Island : Craft Mode  apk

Do you love paradise islands and do you love construct and destruct cubes? Love block worlds?
Then this game is for you. DOWNLOAD it's absolutely FREE!

You will explore the uninhabited island and settle on it.
Build houses, plant trees, spend a nice time on a tropical island.

Excellent Craft Environment
Beautiful bright sky;
Easy to controls;
Tropical block textures;
Wonderful water;
Realistic camera movements;

IMPORTANT: This game is requires minimum Android 4.0 or higher and 1GB of ram (Android 4.x, 2 GB of ram recommended)

Clean Up Time - Room Cleaning

Clean Up Time - Room Cleaning  apk

Clean Up Time - Room Cleaning
Clean your room as Rapunzel!
We seem to be made a big mess. We all need your help to clean up! The only thing you need to do is to start cleaning your room. But remember: only 3 tips to clean the room you have. Living room, kitchen and bedroom: You need to clean three rooms. Quick clean, the better it is for you. Enjoy!

Download Free MP3 pro

Download Free MP3 pro  apk

Download Free MP3 pro, is the best app on the market for all for android phones and tablets. A really simple app to let you search songs & music of your choice.

From this application you will find the best results in trillions of audio and mp3 files from best known free music search engines all over the web.
Get it now and Find the music you love.It will allows you to stream and download more than 1,000,000 songs, all published under Creative Commons licenses. the user can easily discover and listen to albums, songs and the most popular artists.All musics are Free!

The search function allows the user to easily find an artist, title or album. All songs are available for free download with one simple touch! Simply put, this is the best free MP3 Music app for your phone and tablet!

● Multi and fast download engine.
* Search & Download Free MP3
* Edit the music and make them as ringtone.
● Player supports nearly all music formats.
* MP3 music Play Online & Local
● Search by artist or with your choic keywords song.
* Manage the downloaded in proper folder
● Listen with Music Downloader Pro player or any Music Player
* List many download links to let you choose
● Download to phone directly or SDCard

We're always eager to hear from you, if you have any comments, suggestions or found a bug please don't hesitate to contact us at: tranhuynhgomer@gmail.com

This app is 100% legal and only displays search results from Royalty Free Music search engines.

If for some reason you feel the need to send a DMCA complaint, please email us at :
tranhuynhgomer@gmail.com and we will forward it to the specified Royalty Free Music search engine.

Casino Games

Casino Games  apk

With videos and abstract reviews, we aim to help you find the best free casino games easily and safely. Our professional editors test the games for you and select the elaborate ones, so you don't need searching games in the market and installing stuff games. This review app offers you the list and sub-categories of the casino games. Just click 'install' and get the game safely. Don't forget you need internet connection.

Casino games category is a wide category in itself. So, we have sub-categorized the casino games: poker, slots, roulette, bingo, and blackjack. These categories include the best ones of its kinds to offer you the most different slot machines of Las Vegas and the most enjoying Texas Holdem pokers. You will just find the casino games in these categories as well. That is, the poker category is not filled irrelevant card and board games like solitaire. There is just the card games placed in main casino category.

Another advantage of this review app is that it offers the games in accordance with standards. When you search casino games in the market, you can come across some games played with real money or games pushing you to rate the app by offering free coins. There isn't these kinds of games in this app. Our aim is to make you enjoy with poker, bingo, slots and other kinds of casino games on a mobile platform without paying real money or being pushed to rate the games.


- Sub-categories: poker, slots, roulette, bingo, and blackjack
- Daily update to show you the new released games
- Free and paid categories
- Game trailers to indicate how to play.
- Star category including the casino games selected by the editor
- Friendly user interface design
- Scrolling terminal
- Similar games recommended
- File size under 2 MB
- Fast installing
- Compatible with nearly all android versions of phones and tablets

Get Likes on Instagram

Get Likes on Instagram  apk

Want to like others' photos, but they don't like back? Get Likes aggregates all Instagram users with this common interest, people can genuinely show likes for each other's photos. You can also promote yourself for other users to follow!
How does it work? Firstly, login your Instagram account, then:
- You like others' photos or follow others, the effort are rewarded with credits
- Choose your own photos for others to like, or promote yourself for others to follow
- Tens of thousands of likes and followers can be got here, it's fast and reliable!
We don't use robots. All are REAL Instagram people! The more Instagram photos you like, the more likes you can get! It's that easy!
Note: Make sure your account is not private when using this app! We cannot deliver likes or followers if your account is private! You can change it by going to: Instagram -> Go to your profile -> Tap "Edit Your Profile" -> Turn off "Posts are Private"
Q: Why I cannot receive coins after completing offers in Supersonic Ads or Tapjoy?
A: It takes around 1-2 hours for an offer to be rewarded. So just wait for a while. And you'd make sure you opened the downloaded apps / games when your network is in good condition, just re-launch the apps / games again!
Q: Does Get Likes on Instagram use or store my user name and password?

A: Your user name and password are passed safely to Instagram for authentication. We don't use or store it anywhere.

Q: Why don't Get Likes offer Auto Liker feature?
A: We want all likes to be genuine. We never like or follow without your consent. And technically, Auto Liker feature requires you give out your user name and password, that's something we don't do.

Q: How do Get Likes differentiate from other apps (Gramliker, instlike, likefol, instaliker, wow likes, instalikers , instlikes, likeboost , instagram liker, 1000 likes, Wowlikes , Followers +, Instafollow, 1000Likes, likey , or like4like, GetLikes, LikeRise)?

A: Aside from not using hack ways, Get Likes is deliberately designed to be fast and fluent in UX. Tap the like button and you will be rewarded a credit immediately, other than waiting infinitely before the like finishes.

We hope you enjoy Get Likes.

Contact us for any support queries regarding Get Likes at support@netstick.com

Download music fast FREE

Download music fast FREE  apk

Download music fast FREE is an android music application to search and download your favorite songs. With the latest update, it gives faster search result and faster download speed. Just search, try or previewing the song, then download it to save to your android smartphone.
Thank you for using Download music fast FREE as your music downloader.

Mini Piano

Mini Piano  apk

Mini Piano is the easiest way to play piano - you can play with your eyes closed. Just tap anywhere on the piano to play the next note or notes in the song. All you have to do is to handle the timing. You can play fast or slow.

You can even learn how to play cool and popular songs!

Mini Piano comes with free songs such as: Amazing Grace, Alouette, Bad Romance, Hallelujah, Just Give Me a Reason, Numb, Let Her Go, Try and many more.

Play songs from different artists.

It's fun, it's magical, it's FREE!

Puzzle Knots

Puzzle Knots  apk

--Requires Android 2.2 and above.--

★Fresh New Puzzle Game!★

This is not another rehash of old, tired puzzle games. This is a brand new type of puzzle game!

★Simple to learn, hard to master★

Small children learn the intuitive mechanics in seconds, but even the most hardened puzzle master will find a challenge in the advanced puzzles.

★Over 100 hand crafted Puzzles★

Puzzles start easy, then ramp up the challenge and there are lots to play! Each Puzzle Pack was lovingly hand crafted for maximum fun and challenge. There are more than 100 puzzles in the game now and many more on the way!

★Infinite Puzzle Boards★

100+ hand crafted puzzles not enough for you? Good! The game also has special Infinite Puzzle Boards that dynamically create unique puzzles just for you, forever!

★No time limits, lives, or tokens★

I hate scummy Freemium tactics that make players pay to complete puzzles, or set limits on how long people can play. In Puzzle Knots, lot’s of content is free and the only premium is for more content!

★Lovingly made by one developer★

Most small games try and hide that they were made by 1 or 2 people, but not me. I loved making this game, and I hope you love playing it! I take customer service seriously and will do my best to make every player as happy as I can.

How to play-

Swap tiles across a jumbled board to group all like colored tiles. That’s it, easy, huh? The game also includes a quick interactive tutorial.

Sarah's School Slacking

Sarah's School Slacking  apk

The summer holidays are over and Sarah is about to begin her first day at school! Can she slack through her classes?

The new school semester is here and Sarah needs to get ready to go back to school. But Sarah is a super slacker and isn't quite ready to get back to her classes and begin studying just yet. Help Sarah avoid work and her strict teachers by slacking during her school day in this fun slacking game by Girls Games 123, the home of original fun slacking games!

Complete FIVE unique slacking games with seven mini-games each for a total of thirty-five wacky slacking mini-games, including an extra playground dodge ball mini-game. Complete the mini-games within the time limit but don't get caught slacking or you'll be in trouble!

Are you a skilled slacker? Can you have fun and avoid getting caught by the teacher? Find out in Sarah's School Slacking! The biggest and best slacking game for your Android.

FIVE Slacking Games in One!
That's 35 fun mini-games to master. Each slacking game has three stars to earn; you'll need to earn one star to unlock the next game! Or you can take part in the school dodge ball competition and win five shiny trophies.

Sarah is Back in School!
Sarah starts her new school term by packing her school backpack and hopping on the school bus. She loves to play pranks in the school yard and luckily for her, her school is taking a field trip to a museum! Her day finishes with school band practice... But can she get through her day without getting caught messing around?

Test Your Slacking Skills!
Complete all the mini-games within three minutes by tapping and rubbing on the screen. Earn and collect twenty awards for your sticker book to really become a slacking superstar.

Don't Get Caught!
Don't goof off when the big red “!” is on the screen. If your mom or teacher appears, tap on the “X” button to close the activity so you don't get caught.

Game Features:
>Travel the map and help Sarah slack in school.
>Five awesome slacking games in one!
>The biggest and best slacking game on your Android.
>Get ready for school with Back to School Slacking.
>Mess around on the bus in School Bus Slacking.
>Have fun during recess in School Yard Slacking.
>Visit a museum in Field Trip Slacking.
>Get musical with School Band Slacking.
>Enter the school dodge ball tournament.
>Earn stars, award stickers and trophies!
>Slack off... But don't get caught!

What You Get With Sarah's School Slacking:
>5 unique slacking games.
>35 fun mini-games.
>5 dodge ball mini-game stages.
>3 minutes to complete each game.
>15 stars to earn per game.
>20 award stickers to unlock and collect.
>5 trophies to win.
>Sarah's School Slacking is completely FREE with NO In-App Purchases.
>Have a great time playing Sarah's School Slacking game!

About Girls Games 123

We love fun games at Girls Games 123! It is our mission to create quality fun games for boys and girls of all ages. You can find our mobile games by searching for “GirlsGames123” on the Google Play Store and play hundreds of free games on our website, www.GirlsGames123.com

We add new games all the time! Discover our new releases by liking us on Facebook. Search for “GirlsGames123”! We are the home of original Slacking games.

You can also follow us on Twitter @GirlsGames123 and Google+ as GirlsGames123

Send Us Your Feedback!

We really value your feedback as it helps us to improve our games and make them even more fun for everyone. If you have a moment, please rate and review our app. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Need Help? Talk to Us!

You can contact us any time to share your comments or questions. If you need support or have a problem with any of our games then please get in touch with us at support@girlsgames123.com


MonsterStrike  apk

Sling yourself into the action alone or in multiplayer teams of up to four Strikers! Become a monster master and collect over 500 kinds of unique and powerful monsters!


▼ Simple Rules
Pull back on your monsters and sling them into enemies to attack! Hit other friendly monsters along the way to trigger Bump Combos -- even the tamest-looking critters may have powerful tricks up their sleeves!

▼ Awesome Strike Shots!
After enough turns pass, monsters can unleash powerful special moves called Strike Shots. Will you use yours right away? Save them for the boss? Your choices could spell victory or defeat!

▼ Collect and Upgrade Monsters!
Fuse the monsters you collect in battle and from the Monster Hatcher machine to make them stronger. By gathering the right materials, you can build the ultimate team!

▼ Battle New Foes and Add Them to Your Team!
Defeated bosses randomly drop monster eggs to add to your team! Evolve and upgrade them to turn them into powerful allies.

New monsters are constantly being added to the game. Complete special Event Quests - available only for limited times - for a chance to get your hands on rare event-specific monsters!

▼ Take On Tough Quests with Friends!
In Monster Strike, you can team up with friends in groups of up to 4 players, and only one person needs to spend Stamina to undertake the Quest! Having trouble toppling a tricky baddie? Turn the tables by taking your friends into the fight! With tons of unique multiplayer-only Quests, co-op play offers the perfect opportunity to get your claws on some truly rare monsters!

Monster Strike is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you wish to turn this feature off, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Please be sure to read the Terms of Service before playing the game.

- Android 2.3.3 or later (with the exception of certain devices)

Note: We cannot offer support or compensation related to use on non-recommended devices.

Check the Monster Strike official homepage and our Facebook fan page for the latest updates and Quest schedules!

Monster Strike Homepage:

Facebook fan page:

Cyanogen - GO/SOLO Theme

Cyanogen - GO/SOLO Theme  apk

CYANOGEN - Simple, Elegant And High-Quality 

Zombie Road Race

Zombie Road Race  apk


Zombie Road Race is fast and furious. Tear up dirt, zombie style!
Rally over hills and slopes as you blast through the levels. Earn 3 stars for a perfect run.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Box10com/177115722345518
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Box10Games

BOX10 have done it again, enjoy!

Pumpkin head GO Launcher Theme

Pumpkin head GO Launcher Theme  apk

Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher EX!

❤Brief Introduction:
Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.

GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Click here to install GO Launcher EX!

❤How to Apply the Theme:
- Directly open the theme after successful installation.
- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

Boxing Fighter King

Boxing Fighter King  apk

MMA is the art of fighting is: attack, defense, with the Dodge technique is the art of fighting ,is an ancient skill. Say it is a skill, is lose because its purpose and most of the sports purpose. No matter how many kinds of functions of combat or self-defense, fitness, or, its fundamental purpose, is the fastest, the most ruthless, most effectively killed an opponent.Memory and Puzzle games also

Phone Screen Breaker

Phone Screen Breaker  apk

This is very funny prank application.

Since the application is installed to your phone you are able to joke your friends with your phone.
You can say that you can break your phone. It's easy to use the app.

With the application :

- your friends;

- you can present it like a magic;

- you can a little bit scare your parents;

- you can surprise your girlfriend;

It's really fun prank application, don't stop! Install it now!

Cobo Launcher - Easy Beautify

Cobo Launcher - Easy Beautify  apk

Only with the Easiest Beautifier, Cobo Launcher.

Tap once, beautify all components of your android home screen. Relaxing than ever before.
Usually it's very inconvenient to beautify your android home screen with many steps. Because you will have to search for widgets, icon packs and wallpapers respectively, then download, install and set them to your home screen. It'll cost you at least 20 minutes.
Now with Cobo Launcher, only one-tap, your android home screen will be beautiful in one second in your preferences. Of course, more beautiful themes with different styles will be released constantly, definitely have a fit for you.
Those pretty widgets (clock, calendar, weather, battery, etc.) designed for Cobo Launcher theme already displayed with extremely beautiful shapes on your home screen without your additional installation, mixed with icons and wallpapers very well.
Tired of the monotony of the desktop icon layout 4x5, 5x6, right? Cobo Launcher themes provided you a distinctive layout with unprecedented visual enjoyment. Carefully-assorted wallpapers, well-designed widgets and icons is a perfect combination.
1. Beautiful themes and different styles, must have a fit for you.
2. Tap once, beautify all components of your home screen easily and freely as you wish.
3. Compatible with all third-party widgets used by 10 millions people, Zooper, Dashclock, HD Widget etc.
4. Compatible with 50+ most popular icon packs, Belle UI (recommend), Moonshine, Voxel, Cryten, Lumos etc.
Focus on us
- Like us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/cobolauncher) to make your friends feel its nice.
- Follow us on Google Plus (https://plus.google.com/118204331030040658734/posts) to support us.
- Follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/cobolauncher) to get more.
Welcome to Cobo Launcher Beta community in Google plus to submit your screenshots, wallpapers, questions and suggestions. Let’s do better for Cobo Launcher together. Join Cobo Launcher Beta community now (https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/113019112104884469954).

Craft City Gangs Multiplayer

Craft City Gangs Multiplayer  apk

Explore a city with gangs, buy Guns and food ,Drive a cool sport cars.

MULTIPLAYER MODE with many skins, (create a room and wait for other players), this is a war in the huge city

Get Through survival missions.

Different locations :

Hospital with doctor
Prison with prisoners
Shops (you can buy food , Motobike)
Bank (you can deposit a money)
Car mechanic (repair or paint the car)
Fire Station
Disco and Casino
Scrap Heap
Gym(you can exercice and increase speed)
Apartment with garage
Police Station
Army Base

15 kind of weapons including M16, tesla gun, katana, minigun,C4,Poison , Rocket launcher etc.
Build defenses using blocks
Drive a Tank and shoot to enemies or Fly in Copter,Jetpack

You can earn money in many ways :
In Campaign mode destroy or sell some vehicles, shoot to block guys, finish missions.
Remember to deposit all money in the bank.

Bubble Sniper Atlantis

Bubble Sniper Atlantis  apk

Bubble Sniper Atlantis

History is always full of mysterious mysteries, the legendary Atlantis civilization is an ideal country, but disaster strikes, civilization lost in the twinkling of an eye .
According to legend, created the Kingdom of Atlantis is Poseidon, he and goddess of beauty give birth to a lovely child,
Happy days are not as long or short, after corruption phenomenon appeared in the country, the Zeus to punish fall of people, causing earthquakes and floods, country was flooded Within a day. Poseidon's son in order to save the people, began a submarine trip.

special boos levels game, a variety of magical props for you to use, show operations, many funny playing props, this is a fondle admiringly game.

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