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Horde Defense

Horde Defense  apk

Commander, our clan is in great danger which we've never faced! You must face the forces of Darkness and stop the Fire Lord before he acts on his terrible schemes! Build your defense and stop them now!

Powerful Towers:
8 special tower skills! Multishot, Revive, Missiles...

Fantastic Props:
There are 4 fantastic props for you. They can be good options no matter you want to destroy all enemies or just heal yourself.

Merciless boss fights:
Fight with 8 bosses in Great Plains, Ice Fields, Deserts and Dungeons using variety of defense strategies and skills!

Hard Mode:
Intense boss fights! Are you up for a real challenge? Go with Hard mode!

Mission Mode:
There are 20 different challenging missions, different ways of playing, gathering, protecting, attacking and more!

Endless Mode:
Facing endless waves of monsters, how long can you survive?

3 unique skills including Warrior, Mage & Firerain
4 gorgeous props which help you turning defeat into victory
8 bosses
12 epic battlefields
24 powerful towers
27 monsters
30 achievements
90+ challenging levels
And more...

Basketball Sim 3D

Basketball Sim 3D  apk

It's a 3D basketball game. it's fun and free. As simple as that really. This B Ball Sim really takes mobile basketball games to the next level. With a 3D engine designed specifically to run on Android devices, there's not going to be anything that can beat this quality of a sports game.

So what are you waiting for? Do you think you can beat the other team to 10 point? Well either way, 10 points and that's game called. It's a fast paced basket shooter. You will need to keep your whits about you and be ready to block, jump, pass and shoot. Practice makes perfect in the ultimate basketball sim.


- Custom game engine build for Android.
- Awesome player AI, to give you a real challenge on the court.
- Endless game play. A match will never be the same twice.

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Craigslist Viewer

Craigslist Viewer  apk

Craigslist Viewer Provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface for tablets and mobile phones.

The advantages of the application:
- Search listings on Craigslist
- Add listings to your favorites
- Search by keyword or category
- Contact details and location of the advertiser

Got a problem with the app? Send us an email.

This is an unofficial browser app, content inside app is owned by craigslist. we do not contain any data, just show it in accessible form.

Army Driving Simulator 3D

Army Driving Simulator 3D  apk

Army Driving Simulator is an open world Army Truck Driving Simulator, where you can drive through the winter themed open world doing awesome tricks, crashing into other army vehicles and jumping off huge hills. Damaging your army vehicle in this open world only shows how tough your willing to get when driving an awesome army truck whilst doing wild stunts. In this game, you have the freedom to drive anywhere in the open environment and do whatever you want with the army truck, so strap on your seat-belt, you're in for a wild ride!

Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends  apk

Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!
And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make their play harder with curses!

Game Features:
- Online multiplayer for 2-4 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.
- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.

Have fun!

*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You can set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*

Touch Thunder Screen

Touch Thunder Screen  apk

Electric screen, electric shock live wallpaper. Coloured lightning strike in your phone. Touch the screen anywhere and you will see electric lightning under your finger. You will hear electrical crackling and you will feel electric shock also ;-)
You can make joke your friends.
You can use it as a prank. It can just keep your kids away from your phones or tablets.

Cardinal Quest 2

Cardinal Quest 2  apk

Explore challenging dungeons! Encounter dangerous enemies as you grow in power and avoid the ever-present threat of death!

Challenge yourself in this this FREE ROGUELIKE RPG!

Cardinal Quest 2 is an approachable yet challenging roleplaying game. Dive into dangerous dungeons with unique characters and climb the leaderboards.



-Challenging roleplaying gameplay
-Choose 1 of 6 unique classes (Seriously! They all play radically differently!)
-Customize your character with loot and spells you find on your way
-Explore a deep achievement system with almost 150 achievements that will test your skill
-3 different acts present different monsters and environments to overcome
-A unique morale system allows you to power-up your characters between dungeon dives and adds further customization


ESCAPE:130XES  apk

It's written as 130XES, but read as BOXES!
Unlock the puzzle boxes and escape!
An endless series of mysterious boxes await you!

▶ Synopsis ◀
"You are locked up in a strange place, and in front of you is an odd-looking box. Inside the box, and you might find something that can help you escape. Open it now."

▶ Game Introduction ◀
ESCAPE: 130XES is an interesting puzzle game whose objective is to open boxes full of escape tools.
Solve various puzzles and tricks to unlock mystery boxes.
Opening boxes may sound simple, but can get very tricky.
To triumph, you'll have to think outside the box.

Take on the challenge now: an endless series of mystery boxes awaits you.

▶ Features ◀
# A wide selection of stages that are continuously updated
# Simple game rules that everyone can immediately grasp
# A variety of puzzles and tricks that require unique thinking
# Multiple difficulty levels
# Intuitive UI and simple controls
# Various stage objectives that excite and challenge you

▶ Developers ◀
Website: http://mgameday.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gameday_global
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GamedayGlobal
Brandpage : http://boxes.mgameday.com/

▶ Questions? Technical Issues? Email us! ◀

3D Car Transport Trailer Free

3D Car Transport Trailer Free  apk

Park your car in Car Transport Trailer and drive cars to destinations. Do you think you can manage a truck huge carry heavy load? Car Transport Trailer 3D will give you the mega experience of driving car transporters and experience the heavy load. With this ultimate car transporter game, you’ll test your driving skills at parking cars inside the transporter and driving the big trucks yourself.

In this extreme driving & parking mania game, we challenge you to try this mega vehicle carrier and transport cars to the destination. Park the cars carefully and maneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. Then drive the massive truck while managing the load on top. So your parking troubles are doubled.

Car Transport Trailer 3D features include:
• 20+ Extreme and double parking missions
• Customized controls of your choice from accelerometer, steering and buttons
• Movable camera to allow for a better view from all angles
• 3D Awesome graphics of city environment and a massive Car Transport Trailer

Join us in this twin parking mania which will top every other car and truck parking games. Experience all that in one game and master the parking skills of a Car transport trailer driver 3D
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Jungle Panda Run

Jungle Panda Run  apk

JUNGLE PANDA RUN!!! Fun and amazing runner game. Join with Panda in this side scrolling adventure that will rock you through levels of challenging running and jumping.

To play you simple touch the screen to jump and touch quickly twice to double jump. You can jump over your enemies to kill them and your goal is to guide Panda to the end.

Download JUNGLE PANDA RUN now! It is a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!

• Fun Game
• Addictive Game
• Lots of Challenging Levels
• Great Graphics
• Classic Runner Game Style.


Topeka  apk

A really fun quiz app!

Hidden Object Blooming Gardens

Hidden Object Blooming Gardens  apk

The gardens are in bloom! Come enjoy a stroll through nature with gardens ranging from the lush and luxuriant, to the magical and mystical.

Blooming Gardens contains scenes of fertile foliage, as imagined by best-selling book cover artist Phatpuppy.

Four ways to find items:
Find by PICTURE - discover the items with a list of pictures!
Find by SILHOUETTE - find the items using only their silhouettes!
Find by WORD - a list of words is what you get to find each item in the scene!
Find by RANDOM - A random selection of the above modes for an extra challenge!

Three different modes of play:
NORMAL Mode - Timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds!
CASUAL Mode - A nice and relaxing experience.
CHALLENGE Mode - An extra challenge for those willing to accept it!

Experienced players can select a "Hard" hiding mode where items are partially blended into the scene. For beginners, a training mode and hints are included. We have you covered no matter your skill level!

Enjoy your gardening :)

We are excited to introduce an updated version that allows you to connect to our new Hidden Object games, together with news, updates, and more right on your phone’s lock screen, 24/7. You tailor which apps you want to see, at any moment, anywhere you are!

With our lock screen, you’ll enjoy:
-Real-time notifications from your social networks
-Quick and easy access to your most-used apps
-Convenient, immediate updates on everything that interests you

All of this and more with one tap, without even opening your phone!
Note: You control when to see or hide apps on your lock screen.

3D Shuffle Bowling

3D Shuffle Bowling  apk

The best shooting game ever! 3D Shuffle Bowling give you a whole new playground with completely new shooting game experiences.

The goal of this ball game is very simple: Knock over as many pins as possible.

You can shoot puck either as a single player or you can compete with your friend.

3D Shuffle Bowling is a combination of Shuffleboard, Bowling.Be the world's best player in the game. How many consecutive strikes will you get ? Can you score a perfect 300 ?

* Impressive 3D graphics.
* Works great on both phones and tablets.
* Easy to play, hard to master ! You can fine-tune all your bowling and shooting moves, and enjoy top winning scores.
* When two player mode, it will divide into red and blue Pucks
* Bowling scores statistics.

How to Play:
1. Drag the ball to the left or right to position the ball for your throw
2. Flick the ball with your finger to bowl

Blood Donor

Blood Donor  apk

IF YOUR DONATION HISTORY DOESN'T APPEAR OR FOR ACCOUNT SIGN UP/LOGIN HELP - CALL 800 733 2767. The American Red Cross Blood Donor App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. Donating blood and platelets is easier than ever. Find nearby Red Cross blood drives, schedule appointments, earn rewards from premier retailers, follow your blood’s journey from donation through delivery (when possible), and create or join a lifesaving team and track its impact on a national leaderboard.


• Convenient, easy appointment scheduling and rescheduling
• Receive appointment reminders
• View donation history to see how many lives you’ve helped save
• Get geo-targeted blood shortage alerts let you know if your blood type is needed in your area
• Take a selfie of your heroic donation and share with friends and family using one of a variety of filters
• Claim rewards from participating retailers for your donation efforts
• Track your blood via Blood Journey and get notified when your blood has reached a hospital (when available)
• Join or create a lifesaving team based around your favorite organization (school, business, sports team, etc.) or create your own, recruit others and view rankings on a national scoreboard
• Earn unique badges to proudly share your achievements via social media, text, or email whether you’re a first-timer or a gallon donor

Im Psychic -Test

Im Psychic -Test  apk

Welcome to our test – the most interesting psychic-abilities-test. If you feel psychic abilities or want to develop it, our test will help you.
You will get:
1)The most detailed and interesting test. Finishing it, you can understand if you have some unusual abilities. Yu will get your results and our wishes for you.
2)You will see colorful game-test where you check your ability in divining hidden objects.
3)You will get a game-test where you will have to find a man hidden in a boot.
Have fun and advance yourself!

The Elder Craft: Frozenland

The Elder Craft: Frozenland  apk

Welcome to fantasy RPG(Fairy Craft like): The Elder Craft: Frozenland !
This is absolutely FREE to DOWNLOAD!

Frozenland - a province in the north of Middle-earth
Conquered by King Herobrine II
Terrible yoke of bloody tyrant delayed too long
Everyone was waiting for a hero
Which will remove the shackles of oppression

In your hands has imposed a heavy burden:
Salvation lands of Middle-earth from the bloody yoke.
Be steadfast - taking the battle from any fiends.
Become a true warrior, fighting for the freedom of the whole human race!
Visited all the places where ancient evil crept.
Ruthlessly push any evil becoming stronger and stronger.
Resist the natural disaster in the coldest province of Middle-earth.

- Large ingame story;
- Leveling Hero;
- Many melee/ranged and magic weapons;
- Large variation of enemies(goblins, vikings, ghosts, zombies, knights etc);
- Inventory/map/joural;
- Boss(3 Herobrine Souls)
- Day-Night Cycle;
- System of weather conditions(Snow, Wind)
- Easy Management System;
- Minecraft block graphics style;
- Realistic camera movements;
- Atmospheric music and sounds;

Cubic Cash - Make Money/Reward

Cubic Cash - Make Money/Reward  apk

Welcome Cubic's Casher,

With Cubic Cash you can easily EARN MONEY! Cubic Cash is an awesome way to discover great free apps and games, and get rewarded with free gift cards for Amazon.com, real money with Paypal! Just open Cubic Cash to download great games/apps/offers, and you can walk away with huge rewards. Three simple steps will load you up with Cubic Cash Credits that can be redeemed for Gift Cards and even PayPal cash rewards!

How It Works To Make Money:
- Download and install Cubic Cash on your mobile device.
- Download the latest and hottest games and apps through Cubic Cash.
- Run these free games and apps to complete the offer to earn Credits.
- Use these Credits to redeem rewards or cash rewards.
You could get gift cards from Amazon, PayPal, and even more rewards to come!

For earn faster money. Let's complete all missions in Cubic Cash. You will have 60% Bonus
- Enjoy 20% bonus! Verify your Facebook account through mobile phone and bind it with Cubic Cash to get it!
- Complete Super Click Missions to earn more 40% Bonus

Start playing the latest games, discovering new free apps and getting free gift cards today.
What are you waiting for? Download Cubic Cash now!

Have any questions? Visit cubiccash.com or email us at support@cubiccash.com

Significado Sueños

Significado Sueños  apk

Meaning of Dreams!
You've had some sleep and want to know what it means? This application is free for you, you can find the explanation for all the dreams you want. Your subquotient talks to you and tells you many things, know that it is!

This application is 100% free and recommended for you. Download it now!


Significado de los Sueños!
Haz tenido algun sueño y quieres saber que significa? En esta aplicacion que es gratuita para ti, podras encontrar la explicacion a todos los sueños que quieras. Tu subcociente te habla y te dice muchas cosas, conoce de que se trata!

Esta aplicación es 100% gratuito y recomendable para usted. Descárgalo ahora!

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