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Neon Blue GO Keyboard Theme

Neon Blue GO Keyboard Theme  apk

Decorate your keyboard as in Blue!

★You may get this fantastic theme via two ways:
a. Pay $ with Google in-app billing (IAP)
b. Get it FREE with Getjar Gold (may need install few sponsored free apps)
Thank you so much for your support!

- GO Keyboard theme is only available for phones with GO Keyboard(Emoji Free) installed.
Click here to install GO Keyboard(Emoji Free)!
- This theme is only run on GO Keyboard 1.8.0 or up.

★How to Apply the Theme:
Step 1. Download this theme.
Step 2. Click into GO Keyboard -> Theme Settings -> Local -> Apply

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Dinosaur Simulator 3D

Dinosaur Simulator 3D  apk

Explore with your dinosaur an entire world. A really amazing dinosaur simulator game: get around with your dinosaur, eat everything you find on your way!

★ How to play ★
- Move the Joystick Button to control the dinosaur.

Motorcycle Driving 3D

Motorcycle Driving 3D  apk

Ride your motorbike across many different levels and prove that you're a real rider. Motorcycle Driving Simulator is a realistic bike game that allows you to choose between different types of motorcycles...
Play across many different realistic scenarios and ride speed bikes, american choppers or cruisers. Show off your skills, become the best motorcycle driver in the world!

Key Features
-Realistic motorbike handling and feeling
-Different kind of motorcycles
-More than 40 levels (new updates every week)
-Free Ride mode avalaible
-Stunning 3D Graphics
-Position of view camera (helmet view)
-Amazing ragdoll rider crashes
-Tilt steering or buttons steering
-Online Leaderboards and Achievements
-Cloud Save Game
-Real engine sound for each bike
-Challenge your friends by sharing your score!
-New motorcycles upcoming! (Requests on our Google+ page)

Blackjack Solitaire

Blackjack Solitaire  apk

Awesome graphics, quick and clear gameplay, simple rules, different themes, leaderboard and achievements.
Really best Blackjack ever.

GoGo21 rules:
GoGo 21 is a card game based partly on the BlackJack rules and way of counting, and the object of the game is to place cards in such a way as to make 21 as many times as possible in each round. You can place each card in any column as long as the sum does not exceed 21. The current sum of the column is presented above each column. If you can’t place a card in a column you have to throw it away. Try to keep the number of cards you throw away to a minimum to increase your score.

Classic Blackjack rules:

The object of Blackjack is very simple: to achieve a total that is greater than that of the dealer, and which does not exceed 21.
You must consider your cards and your dealer's card and remember, if you go over 21, you lose.
You win if:
- Your total is higher than the Dealer's total.
- The Dealer goes over 21 or "busts".

If your total is the same as the Dealer's total it is a "stand-off" and you neither win nor lose.
If you go over 21, or the Dealer's total is greater, you lose.

The values of the cards:

- Picture cards (Jack, Queen, King) each count as 10 points.
- An Ace counts as 1 point or 11 points, whichever is better for owns of the hand.
- All other cards have their numerical value.

Blackjack is a combination of an Ace and any 10-points card.

Click Kill Adventure

Click Kill Adventure  apk

This is a cool creative point-and-click adventure game where you have to guide the stickman through the level by clicking special areas.Use your weapon and survival skills to escape from the creative kill chamber. Kill all of the enemies. Be creative! Very hard, but very interesting and fun. Good luck!

Free Music Player: MixerBox

Free Music Player: MixerBox  apk

MixerBox is a compliant 3rd-party API client that lets you play music from YouTube, SoundCloud & MP3s all within one app!

(This is NOT a MP3 / YouTube downloader app)

Number 1 music app in 12 countries! Top 25 music app in 100+ countries!

►►►►► "Ever since I found this app, I've been addicted to it. Tried a lot of music apps but this one is the best and does what I was looking for. It's a must have for every music lover. Love mixerbox!!!" --Panteraguy

► AUTOMATIC PLAYLIST - Instant personalized playlist from your Facebook Likes and Shares

► FRIENDS' MUSIC DISCOVERY - Discover, play and subscribe to the top playlists among your Facebook friends

► CONTINUOUS PLAY - Play YouTube, SoundCloud and MP3 playlists non-stop, all within one app!

► PLAYLIST-OF-THE-DAY - A new playlist in your pocket, everyday

► MILLIONS OF MUSIC VIDEOS - Easily access millions of music videos worldwide, and even performances of unsigned singers

► SYNCHRONIZATION - Automatically sync playlists across all your iOS devices

*Copyright Information:
All videos and audios are provided by public third-party media services YouTube and SoundCloud. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA).

Since MixerBox simply links to content on YouTube and SoundCloud via their 3rd Party Developer API, MixerBox does not have any direct control of YouTube and SoundCloud's content. If there are any content that may infringe upon anyone's copyrights, the following link can be used to report the videos to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/t/dmca_policy

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: support@mixerbox.com

Mine Survival Craft

Mine Survival Craft  apk

Mine Survival Craft

Steve helps them survive in this great game !!!!

In Minecraft players can make buildings by three-dimensional cubes with textures can also explore the environment , gather resources and create objects with different utilities, fight monsters or other players , etc. . In its commercial release has two main game modes : Survival, in which players must acquire resources to maintain their health and hunger; and creative, where players have unlimited access to the resources of the game, the ability to fly and do not require to maintain their health and hunger. Regardless of these game modes can also set the difficulty of the game , the most peaceful quiet , unlike other difficulties appear not allow monsters in the game that can interact with the player mode. There is also a third game mode called hardcore , which is similar to survival mode , with the difference that this can only be played on the highest difficulty and the player has only one life , so when he dies ends match.
Please leave feedback with 5 stars :)
Our app Allows you to:
☆ get resized to fit your screen images .
☆ Entertained puzzle to assemble
☆ 8 incredible images to arm
☆ September any picture as wallpaper .
☆ Save any image on your phone!
Important : use this to get the device ID . We are not having access to any other phone information : such as phone number or record phone calls.
This is an application of fan / unofficial free parody . That is not any content owned by This developer belong to Their respective owners. We believe our images fall under the fair use doctrine Peak Gust are reduced size and excerpted for informational purposes. If you wish to request removal of an image from our collection for copyright Reasons, feel free to contact us and we will gladly do so .

Fashion Princess Hair Designer

Fashion Princess Hair Designer  apk

Do you want to be a barber?
Let's play the Hair Salon . To be a barber and design various hairstyles for your customer.
It's a fun game for kids.
This is a kids' game & casual game & fasion game & kids game! Hair, makeover, dress up, salon.

Fonts for FlipFont 50 Written

Fonts for FlipFont 50 Written  apk

This Font Pack contains 50 free written fonts for Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 devices designed to be compatible with Monotype Imaging Inc.'s FlipFont® program and will install new free fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC that are compatible with the FlipFont® program on your phone. NOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and technology.

Please enjoy this pack of Fonts for Android flip fonts to provide you with the ability to change your device’s typeface for free. Using the FlipFont font changer program installed on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 phone, you can use this application to customize your device to one of the many beautiful fonts for Samsung Galaxy that we have collected. This font pack is a random selection of 50 typefaces that have been optimized for use on Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 Android devices. Please browse through our FlipFont packs to find the perfect font styles that fits your taste.

To change fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 device, navigate to the display settings in your device's system settings. In the display settings you can change the font style to any of these 50 new fonts for Android. This font pack should work on all Galaxy and Sense 6.0 brand phones and will provide fonts for Samsung Galaxy S3, fonts for Samsung Galaxy S4, fonts for Galaxy Note 3, and HTC One. This app will not work on developer devices, such as the Galaxy Nexus or AOSP Galaxy S4 Google Edition, because it does not have the FlipFont program. Please verify that your phone can change its font. Look for the font style option in the display or screen display section of your device settings. This app is not designed as fonts for android with root and does not require root permission to change your font, nor will it require you to restart your phone.* Also, you will be able to enjoy your fonts for texting and messaging, however the typeface used on your device will not be sent to people that you send a text message to.

* Phone restart will not be required for devices running Android 3.0 or later. Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Ace will still require a restart to apply the new font.

This android application is not affiliated with FlipFont or Monotype Imaging Inc. All functionality, trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners.



LINE's first music game is here for you! Meet [STAGEES] and its popular LINE characters!
Tap and flick to the rhythm of exciting music! A fun music tour is just starting!

Five friends dreamed of becoming super stars. One day, one of them betrayed the whole group and they were never the same.
After getting some guidance from the nice but sometimes harsh Rhythm Fairy, the friends once again dream of becoming super stars. Will they be able to mend the broken friendship with the betrayer friend and achieve stardom?

[How to play]
- Select a song and a mission at each stage.
- Tap at each music note and control the button at the bottom using side flicks and up & down flicks.
- The more accurately you hit the notes, the better flick call and score you get. Try to clear the mission.

* Have fun clearing missions
Every stage comes with a variety of missions. Clear missions to get new music.
Visit great cities and meet warm-hearted fans!

* Challenge your rival!
Rivals in each city uncomfortable hearing about [STAGEES]'s growing popularity.
Score higher than your rivals to get lots of Coins and fans. Hurry now!

* A variety of costumes
Cute, stylish costumes await you and your members!
Put on costumes and take advantage of costume skills for more exciting performances!

* Level-up for more power!
Each member has its own abilities and you can enhance them through level-ups.
If you want high scores and fast development, level up your members into true masters!

* Enjoy exclusive songs made just for STAGE
Check out great songs that will make your game play much more fun.
Choose from popular songs as well as exclusive STAGE songs.

* Battle with your LINE friends and check each other's ranking!
LINE STAGE is an official game of LINE, a global messenger app
you can use to message or call your friends for free.
You can play the game by yourself. Or compete with your LINE messenger friends for more fun!
Battle against your friends to the song of your choice in Battle mode!
Who will take 1st in STAGE? Compete for a higher ranking than your friends!

※ The game play might not be stable, depending on your Wi-Fi or network connection.
※ For seamless game play, Wi-Fi is recommended.

Pink Cheetah GO Keyboard Theme

Pink Cheetah GO Keyboard Theme  apk

Pink color theme!

★You may get this fantastic theme via two ways:
a. Pay $ with Google in-app billing (IAP)
b. Get it FREE with Getjar Gold (may need install few sponsored free apps)
Thank you so much for your support!

- GO Keyboard theme is only available for phones with GO Keyboard(Emoji Free) installed.

Click here to install GO Keyboard(Emoji Free)!
- This theme is only run on GO Keyboard 1.8.0 or up.

★How to Apply the Theme:
Step 1. Download this theme.
Step 2. Click into GO Keyboard -> Theme Settings -> Local -> Apply

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Trial Bike Extreme 3D

Trial Bike Extreme 3D  apk

Trial Bike Extreme is a fantastic 3D Stunt Bike Game in which you take to the trial stadium to pull jumps and adrenaline pumping back flips.

20 levels of extreme action and height will leave you wanting more trial bike games in an instant, avoid obstacles and land your jumps just right or risk falling off your 3D Dirt Bike and embarrassing yourself in front of the crowd.

Beautiful graphics, challenging game play and heart stopping jumps ensure you'll love this trial bike game and never find another like it.

AppLock Theme Nightclub

AppLock Theme Nightclub  apk

AppLock Theme Nightclub, AppLock v1.96+ required.

Please install AppLock first.


Feel free to send your feedback to us!
email: support@domobile.com
website: http://www.domobile.com
Google+ : https://plus.google.com/communities/103197101424348950425
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bestapplock
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bestapplock

Football Franchise 2015

Football Franchise 2015  apk

FOOTBALL FRANCHISE: The most beastly and addictive Manager of American football! Sign the best players and challenge thousands of users. The stronger your offense and defense, the more games you will win! FREE and designed for Android.

Your team. Your franchise. Sign, train, challenge and defeat thousands of opponents and crush their defense!

Sign Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running backs ... and line them up from the very beginning. Train them, increase their level and improve their skills. Work hard and build yourself an unbeatable team.

Defense is impenetrable until an offense can prove otherwise. You choose - head to head games or tournaments? Get your offense and defense ready and crush opponents from all over the world in head to head games or tournaments. Make their defense tremble!

Your friends want to play with you, help you advance in the game and, of course, DEFEAT YOU!

Reality at 100% One of the components that make this game realistic are the player values. These vary according to their performance in real life so you should be sure to pay attention every week to make sure you have the best players on the field.

Strengthen your team with virtual power ups. The more virtual goods you have, the more possibilities you have of winning games!

Download FOOTBALL FRANCHISE for free and lead your own American football team.
We're already working hard on future updates. Thanks for playing Football Franchise!

OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRODUCT OF NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE PLAYERS ASSOCIATION-NFLPA trademarks and copyrighted works, including the NFLPA logo, and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by NFLPA and may not be used without NFLPA’s written consent. Visit www.NFLPLAYERS.com, the Players Choice on the web.

FPS War - Shooter simulator 3D

FPS War - Shooter simulator 3D  apk

This great first person shooter can be fun and challenging at the same time. Get ready to kill dozens of enemies and complete all objectives to unblock new guns. You can have 4 guns in total and have to survive more than 50 enemies while trying to get all laptops scattered around the map. At the end, you got to go to the Main Server, access it and try to escape successfully.

This is a great war simulator where you can walk around in a 3D world and shoot with a great amount of weapons.


» 4 guns (all 3D): a pistol Desert Eagle, a submachine MP5, a shotgun M87T and an assault rifle STW 25.
» Challenges
» Objectives
» Walk freely around the map
» User friendly and effective control interface
» Smart AI
and more!

If you like war, FPS or shooting games, download this game and try to survive dozens of enemies in a real battlefield!

Music Equalizer Pro

Music Equalizer Pro  apk

Improve your music or audio quality with the music equalizer .
Music Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your Music or Audio coming out of your phone . Apply Equalizer Presets based on Music Genre , or quickly create your own custom preset with the 5 band Equalizer controller . Additional Audio Effects supported include : Bass Booster , Virtualizer and Reverb Presets .


* Work with all music player
* Media volume control
* Five band equalizer
* Bass boost effect
* Virtualizer effect
* 9 equalizer presets : Classical , Dance , Flat , Popular , Metal , Hip Hop , Rock , Latin , Normal
* 3D Surround Sound

Fruit Fantasy

Fruit Fantasy  apk

Top New Free Fruits Match-3 Game Comes!
Swap to matching fruits until you can match no more. Collect as many fruits as possible before you run out of moves!
It's crush time! Join millions of people and play the newest match-3 craze!

Fruit Fantasy features:
● Delicious & adorable fruits, yummy!
● Over 100 challenging levels, lots of fun!
● Special bonus time & daily login awards.
● Very small size but with stunning effects!
● Earn enough stars to move to the next level.
● Unlock powerful items and boosters to help you create a high score!
● Differ any candy matching games! new experience and more challenging.

Make full use of your matching skills! Totally Free!

Some of our game players reviews:
"Very challenging levels! Yummy fruits game, fresh and clean graphics, recommended it to my friends!" - James
"Love this game . It's way better than bubble witch two" - Nakeya Bell
"Fun fun fun So much fun.. enjoying this game.. just like candy crush" - Micah Garbin

What Diff? Find IT

What Diff? Find IT  apk

Spot the Difference(What Diff Find IT) ?

~ spot the differences & hidden objects in this photo puzzle hunt!

the classic Spot the Difference game is reloaded with hundreds of thousands high quality pictures
and ready for you to have some fun!

Fun for all ages! Exclusively for Android!

Enjoy the game and Play Well!

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