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Hidden Objects - Winter Garden

Hidden Objects - Winter Garden  apk

Play in a snow filled world littered with puzzles, word matching, Christmas items and of course, Santa! Hidden Objects - Winter Garden is a seek and find puzzle adventure game that sends you to a winter wonderland where every day is a snowy Christmas puzzle. Words can't describe the joy you'll feel when Santa shows up to help you with an item matching game. It's an amazing and snowy world where your only goal is to play puzzles and save Christmas!

Hidden Objects - Winter Garden comes with several different kinds of hidden object puzzles to solve. Sometimes you'll have pictures of items to find, while other times all you get is an outlined silhouette to play with. The hardest puzzles give you a list of words and challenge you to seek out the objects without knowing what they look like. Talk about tough puzzle levels! Not even Santa himself could solve those Christmas riddles!

Can you unravel the Christmas mystery before all of the snow melts? Play this amazing item matching game that takes place in a holiday world to find out!

- Challenging hidden object gameplay with many puzzles to play.
- Three types of hidden object levels: item, silhouette, and words lists.
- Amazing matching riddles to complete.
- Fun Christmas time winter theme, including Santa!

How to Play:
- Look carefully at each screen as you try to locate and match items.
- Tap an item to collect it.
- Navigate through the puzzles using the convenient map system.
- If you get stuck, you can buy hints to help you out.

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Petal Theme for iKeyboard

Petal Theme for iKeyboard  apk

This Petal theme is designed for iKeyboard - emoji,emoticons .



This is a premium theme but free to download. you may
1.Pay with IAP ( In app purchase )
2.Get it for free with Getjar Gold

❤Matching GO Launcher Theme: http://goo.gl/gYcGUP

❤How to use this theme:
1. After downloading and installing this theme, go to Application Center -> Theme Store -> Installed -> choose your theme -> Apply
2. Choose pay with Google Checkout or Free with Getjar Gold.
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Offroad Derby Damage

Offroad Derby Damage  apk

Offroad Derby Damage is a physics engine auto game.

If you like simulator games, drifting, crushing try it.
Smooth controls, realistic auto physics.
Test your real drift skills.


* Easy controller
* Derby mode
* AI enemy
* Realistic driving experience and feelings
* Beautiful Graphics
* Realistic sound environment
* Realistic physics
* Tablet support and FULL HD support
* FULL HD graphics with high quality



The mad sorcerer Zhang Jue breaks out of his prison to wage war against the world! Only the bravest warriors can stop the violence spread by the horde of undead jiangshi warriors that race across peasant China. Pick up your twin swords as the stealthy Assassin, grab your spear as the indomitable Warrior, strike back against the chaos with a flurry of supreme soul powers and crushing charge attacks!

As the world's last hope against Zhang Jue's magic, you must grow your character from an ineffectual soldier to a legendary master with hundreds of Three Kingdom champions at your command. Zhang Jue hopes to capture the souls of history's greatest heroes for his own dark purposes. Turn the tide of the undead warriors back by capturing and harnessing the power of China's champions. Collect as many of Zhang Jue's corrupted souls as you can to empower your hero and bring balance back to the kingdom.

Ally yourself with the souls of heroes and fellow adventurers to take down tremendously powerful villains in global boss battles! Every Soul won gives you more power and abilities toward finally bringing an end to Zhang Jue's plot. Fight against classic Three Kingdom heroes such as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Lu Bu, and Diao Chan as you work your way back to the demonic source. Force the jiangshi warriors to bow to your will as you crush the horde before you in this amazing hardcore Action RPG!

• Vivid 3D art with stunning attack animations!
• Annihilate the shadow sorcery in an unforgettable adventure that spans China's countryside.
• Unleash devastating attacks against the sorcerer's legion of undead warriors!
• Storm castles, raze plains, and uproot mountains as you uncover more mysteries and more demons to conquer!
• Master your powers as you end the madman's reign of horror before his dynasty begins.
• Increase your rank in the PVP Arena and join a Guild to establish your dominance over the world.
• Confront legendary heroes from the Middle Kingdom in epic boss battles!

Customer Support Info:
If you need to reach Customer Support, please email us at support@toast.com
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Winter Traffic Racer

Winter Traffic Racer  apk

The funnest traffic racer game ever. Test your skills in winter conditions!

Winter Traffic Racer is a game about racing on a highway.

Game Features:
* Very realistic graphics
* Many different levels and cars to unlock
* Amazing 3D graphics and environments
* Very fun and addictive gameplay

Cooking Breakfast

Cooking Breakfast  apk

Wake up and kick-start your mornings with healthy and nutritious breakfast you made all by yourself. To stay healthy, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

Even if you don’t feel like eating at the start, you will become hungry while playing this appetizing cooking game. Prepare breakfast, that is the most important meal of the day, for the whole family.

At first, put a little oil in the cooking pan and fry an egg, some bacon and hotdogs. Spice the food of your choice with a pinch of salt and pepper if you wish. To satisfy different tastes, you can cook the world-famous full English breakfast, ham and eggs or fried egg. You can also toast slices of bread and choose your drink: milk, chocolate drink, water or orange juice – but be careful when you pour!

But wait – you haven't heard the half of it yet!
You can also choose a plate for your breakfast to look delicious on all counts. Add some salami or cheese to get a perfect breakfast, or treat yourself to a delicious croissant and tasty waffles. Also, a variety of fruits offers you a wholesome meal, so have a sweet strawberry, juicy orange, yummy banana or healthy apple. In the end, choose a perfect toy for the occasion and decorate your breakfast plate or the kitchen, then take a picture of it so your family or friends can see your fresh and tasty ideas for a Full Monty Breakfast.

Now, the breakfast is ready. Bon appétit!

• quick and easy breakfast recipes
• beautiful HD graphics
• cool sound effects
• suitable for whole family
• slide puzzle mini game
• friendly content



Motorcycles! Cars! High Speed! Get your Super Sport Motorcycle and ride on this Challenging game!!! Can you survive this Great Race Around the City?

Download this game for Free and Have Fun!!!

Fyuse Beta

Fyuse Beta  apk

Fyuse is a "spatial photography" app which lets users capture and share interactive representations of the world.

Why squeeze a complex world into a tiny square frame? Instead, Fyuse lets you capture dynamic panoramas, immersive selfies, and full 360 views of the things that matter to you.

Fyuse lets you capture spatial photographs, has its own personal gallery and social network, as well as Facebook and standalone web integration.

IOS8 Lock Screen-iphone lock

IOS8 Lock Screen-iphone lock  apk

Do you want to experience the iphone6? I trust this app would suits you best.
This is a lock screen app with iphone6 and IOS8 theme, and it will make your phone looks like an real iphone6. This app provide plenty of IOS8 HD wallpapers.
Of course, this is a fake iphone lock screen, it's a prank, but this app can make your phone looks cool.

Now download and enjoy this excellent app, if you like this app, please share with your friend by google+ or facebook.

* Support unlock sound and vibrate,
* Support set pin password or pattern for lock security,
* Multiple iOS8 HD Wallpaper,
* Optimized Battery Usage,
* Support music player widget,
* Support multiple lock style,
* Support 12-Hour and 24-Hour format,
* Support seting wallpaper,
Open this app -> Set Phone Wallpaper -> IOS8 Lock Screen-iphone lock,
* Support customized unlock sentence(default is "Slide to unlock"), you can design any thing you want, just like "Hello World", "Love Your Baby!", “Come On!!!", "Interstellar" and so on. But must less than 20 characters and more than 4 characters.

How to user live screen lock?
1. Open this app, then this app will start to work.

This app has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, GALAXY Note, HTC Desire S, HTC One, LG Nexus, LG G2, Acer Liquid E2, Sony Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1, Xperia M and Xperia S. Please contact us if your device is not supported.

iPhone, iOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and regions around the world.

EQ - Music Player Equalizer

EQ - Music Player Equalizer  apk

Perfect your music listening experience with EQ - the universal sound equalizer app. The app is compatible with all your favorite music players: SoundCloud, Play Music among others.... Designed for music enthusiasts, this equalizer app will help you improve your listening experience by letting you change the sound level settings of your phone or tablet’s sound output. EQ is equiped with a five-band Equalizer shaped in a curve for a smoother use. In option, you can unlock a list of default presets, based on different Music Styles. You'll also be able to create and save your own presets. Last but not least, the Bass Booster option will enable you to bassboost your sound. EQ lets you adjust sound effect levels, so that you get the best out of your Music Player or mp3 Audio Player. What's more, you can change the color of your EQ and customize your equalizer app as you like!
EQ's sober design and smart ergonomics makes it easy and delightful to use.
Note: We recommend to use your EQ app with headphones or speakers.

Tester reviews:
- Love EQ! This equalizer app is awesome with special mention for the bassboost!
- A life-saver and so simple to use! I just plug in headphones, turn any music player on, and I can customize the sound as I like!

General characteristics:
- 5 band Equalizer to play with low pitch and trebles
- Universal music player remote control: listen to music from your favorite mp3 player and adjust the sound to your expectations
- compatible with all your favorite music players: SoundCloud, Play Music, etc....
- you can play/pause or go the next/previous song directly from EQ
- the EQ is shaped in a curve to simplify the use of the app
- indication of the sound intensity while playing with the EQ
- a sober and flat design
- a simple and friendly user interface

Exclusive options to discover (paying options):
- Preset: 9 equalizer presets based on different music genres
“SAVE” option to store your customized frequency presets
Possibility to edit and/or delete your presets
- Bass Booster to amplify the volume of your bass at a maximum
- EQ app customization: Change the background color of your app as you please.

Please mail us your questions / feedback at: support.eq@djitapps.com

If you enjoy our equalizer app EQ, please leave a review in the Play Store. It really helps keep support and maintenance up!

(FREE) Color Box 2 In 1 Theme

(FREE) Color Box 2 In 1 Theme  apk

It's a FREE OFFER, a GO Launcher & Locker theme!

COLOR BOX GO Locker & Launcher Theme, specially designed by ZT.art Team.
Want an extreme makeover for your phones? Try it now!

Key Features:
- Display current weather info on lock screen
- Customize the top and bottom backgrounds
- Shortcut to SMS, call logs
Download it now and show off your new phone to your friends!

How to get it?
- Install GO Launcher EX & GO Locker

Spider Man Fly

Spider Man Fly  apk

Spider Man Fly is a rope fly running and very casual fun game.
There are many sorts of superman and superwoman fly over the city like spider man running.They use rope fly skills, fly through the city, from day to night, just to prove that he or she is the hero of the world. Now, use the ropes, run and fly, Go go go!
How to play:
★Touch screen on the building to throw a rope.
★Touch screen anywhere to delete a rope.
★Hit the ground will be the end of the game.
★Buy the better rope and character will fly farther.
★Flying higher, you can get better acceleration.
★Full screen play suitable for all devices.
★Easy and smooth control and beautiful animation.
★5 characters, 9 ropes, 3 themes and 8 game mode available and more props will be added in the future.

Christmas Taxi Duty 3D

Christmas Taxi Duty 3D  apk

**Get ready for a crazy cab ride and drop the passengers off on time**

This is your chance to drive as wildly as you wanna! Drive through the slippery roads at top speed! No one is gonna stop you here! This crazy winter ride will get the best of you! So be prepared for the crazy adventure. The snow covered roads are all yours!

Pick up the passengers and drop them on time. Don’t be Tardy!

Christmas Taxi Duty 3D features include:

• Realistic snowy environment
• Speedy cab ride
• Smooth taxi controls
• Awesome winter 3D graphics
• Cool animations

This ride is definitely worth taking! Have a crazy ride!

Pink Bow GO Keyboard Theme

Pink Bow GO Keyboard Theme  apk

Pink bow cat theme for you!
An awesome way to turn a plain keyboard to a beautiful keyboard.
It is free! Download it and try it now!

Get this FREE theme to make your Emoji GO KEYBOARD more lovely and colorful.

- This theme uses GO Keyboard. Please click the link to have it installed.

★How to Apply the Theme:
Step 1:
Download this theme and GO Keyboard.
Step 2:
Click into GO Keyboard Setting Page-> Theme -> Local -> Apply

For any question or suggestion, please FOLLOW US on Facebook or send us an email:goforkeyboard@gmail.com!

Wild Lion Simulator 3D

Wild Lion Simulator 3D  apk

Have you ever wanted to be real Lion? Take control of a Lion and dominate the wild world.
Play as real wild Lion and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Start your own pride of lions, fight for your life against fierce animals like elephants, rhino and hippo. Evolve your Lion to be the king the wild world.

✔ RPG-style gameplay
✔ Grow real pride
✔ Be king of the wildness
✔ A lot of animals to fight: rhino, giraffe, elephant, hippo and others
✔ Fast and action packed gameplay
✔ Beautiful dynamic runtime world
✔ Realistic wildness
✔ Great sounds of animals and music
✔ Amazing 3D graphics
✔ NEW: Quest System. Try to complete all 20 levels!

Have fun playing Wild Lion Simulator!
If you have any suggestions or ideas for the game - contact us please:
We are getting happier with each of your email message.

Please note, that we are no way affiliated with any other animal simulator games developed by other game companies.



Whip  apk

Whip is The most realistic whip on Android. It works like a real one!
Turn your phone into super whip! Touch the screen or shake your phone to move it. The background is transparent to be more realistic. The lights flash fires for each explosion.
Ideal for advancing the reindeer of Santa Claus.

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