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Assassin Gun

Assassin Gun  apk

The Assassins were an order of Nizari Ismailis, particularly those of Persia and Syria, that formed in the late 11th century. In time, the order began to pose a strong military threat to Sunni Seljuq authority within the Persian territories by capturing and inhabiting many mountain fortresses under the leadership of Hassan-i Sabbah.
The name "Assassin" is often said to derive from the Arabic Hashishin or "users of hashish", thought to have been originally derogatory and used by their adversaries during the Middle Ages. In actuality, the word is a misnomer for the Nizari Ismailis applied abusively to them by the Mustali Ismailis during the fall of the decaying Ismaili Fatimid Empire when the two streams separated from each other.
In 1122 the Mustalian dynasty Fatimid caliph al-Amir referred to the Nizaris as the hashishiyya "without any explanation" and "without actually accusing them of using hashish, a product of hemp". The term hashishiyya or hashishi as used by Muslim sources is used metaphorically in its abusive sense (i.e. "social outcasts", "low-class rabble", etc.), while the literal interpretation of this term in referring to the Nizaris (as hashish consuming intoxicated assassins) is rooted in the fantasies of medieval Westerners.
The origins of the Assassins can be traced back to just before the First Crusade, around 1080. There has been much difficulty finding out much information about the origins of the Assassins because most early sources are written by enemies of the order, are based on legends, or both. Most sources dealing with the order's inner working were destroyed with the capture of Alamut, the Assassins' headquarters, by the Mongols in 1256. However, it is possible to trace the beginnings of the cult back to its first Grandmaster, Hassan-i Sabbah (1050s–1124).

Assassins Gun is a Puzzle game that also comes with a bonus Memory game and Block game for you playing fun. Don't waste time and download our game, perhaps are the number one among your friends, making them now. Playing this game might be improve your memory skill and enhanced your logic thinking decision making.
High resolution graphic images for you to choose. Different levels of exciting puzzle, memory and block games are waiting you to challenge. And this application also come with fun videos to watch. We have carefully selected a series of Hi-Def Pictures for you playing the Puzzle game and Puzzle game. Hopefully you like it !
Our game is very simple to use, choose the images that you want to get the gallery and begins to carry out the Puzzle, to have the image in your power, which you can set as wallpaper on your phone as well,
You can also save the images on your phone and share to your friends via Whatsapp, Bluetooth and Email.

Game features:
-Over 8 hours of non-stop playing.
-Share great Hi Def quality pictures among your friends.
-Varieties difficulties for your IQ challenge.
-beautiful images that can be set as wallpaper in your mobile phone.

Ads that require an Internet connection may appear.
It may be the case that some of the images to be displayed in the public domain and of unknown origin. Is not intended to infringe any legitimate, artistic, or intellectual copyright law.
If you are the rightful owner of any images and you do not want it displayed, please contact and withdraw immediately.
Please note that the content of this application is absolutely free and therefore no financial benefit from the display or discharge of such is not obtained.
The images shown are varying periodically and are launching a short series.
In the extended version of this app may appear a game. This is not an official Assassin's game.

If you have any suggestions or questions, dont be shy to email us, we will improve our shortcomings as soon as possible...
and we will do our best to improve our future games for you playing and mind pleasures.

LINE Puzzle TanTan

LINE Puzzle TanTan  apk

Adorable pandas pile up in a new matching game from LINE!
All you have to do is match similar blocks to play.
Once you start you won’t be able to put it down! The combos will make you keep coming back.
Clear an eclectic collection of stages and be the best matcher in the world!

The forest animals were living peacefully in their sleepy village,
until one day they found that someone had stolen their food!
Go along with Tantan, the hero of the village,
on an adventure to return the food to its rightful owners!

■Easy and Addictive Rules!
Clear as many similar blocks as you can within the time limit!
Sometimes you won’t be able to’ll have to position them right to clear them if they are not in the right positions.
How many blocks matches will you be able to spot?

■Exciting Stages and Varied Gameplay!
Go on an unforgettable adventure with Tantan!
You’ll rack your brain trying to figure out
how best to use the Keyhole blocks, Question Mark blocks, and more!

■Be the Best in the World!
Compete with Tantan players around the world for the best score!
The top player will get an unbelievable reward!

■The Limited Shop and Quest Worlds Give You a Leg Up
Get powerful items from the shop that appears for limited times only.
Clear the Quest Worlds to get even more awesome rewards.
Show your friends what a hardcore player you are!

This game is supported on Android 3.0.x or above.


Boxing  apk

Turn your phone into boxing glove! Touch the screen or shake your phone to play. You can change the colors. The background is transparent to be more realistic. The lights flash for each contact.
Simulate a boxing match or a street brawl with your friends.

Monster Jane Dress Up Salon

Monster Jane Dress Up Salon  apk

Jane is one jungle chic Monster Girlz student who needs a brand-new haircuts to impress when the time will come for her to return back to school.
It’s up to you ladies to decide on the wining look, so why don’t you just step in to meet Dr. Boolittle’s adorable adopted daughter while playing the newest game of the Monster Haircuts series?
A hair washing session is a must if you want to obtain the perfect glow and texture for Miss Jane’s multihued hair locks, so go ahead and wash it well with a delicate shampoo and plenty of warm water. Use the professional hair blower to dry up the hair and then feel free to cut the blunt tips until you obtain the desired length! Use your favorite heat styling tool to arrange her hair as nicely as possible and then check out the new hair colors we’ve prepared for you girls in the ‘Jane Girl Haircuts’ game and feel free to pick your favorite shades to dye Jane’s hair locks.

Covers by Wattpad

Covers by Wattpad  apk

Covers by Wattpad is the simplest way to create beautiful covers for stories written on Wattpad - the world’s unlimited, ever growing collection of free books and stories. Upload images from your phone or choose from a selection of beautiful sample photos. Add text, effects, and photo filters to make the perfect book jacket for all of your Wattpad stories.

Covers by Wattpad allows you to use image filters such as blur and sepia. You can then modify the text to highlight the title of your story and the byline. The ephoto you create will perfectly fit the dimensions of a Wattpad story cover.

Use these features as both a collage maker and photo editor.

• Upload directly to your stories on Wattpad.
• Use FX to help your Wattpad stories get noticed.
• Share your collage directly with your followers, friends, and family.
• Spread the word on social media and drive more reads to your story.
• Choose sample images that will fit any book category.
• Customize your cover with personalized text.

Head Soccer Champions League

Head Soccer Champions League  apk

Head Soccer Champions League carnival. . .

You will be a super start to win the Head Soccer Champions League.

You can choose Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona, Chelsea, Dortmund,Bayern

and other footballclub, beginning the Champions League trip.

You can choose Neymar,RONALDO,Pirlo,ROONEY,Gerrard,Messi,Zidane and other


You will go through the Group Stage 、Round of 16、Quarterfinals、Semi-


Enjoy your Champions League mission.

Have fun!

World's Hardest Escape Game

World's Hardest Escape Game  apk

We are happy to present you the World's Hardest Escape Game - 20 different locations with tricky puzzles and innovative brain teasers are waiting for you!
Download this awesome room escape game now and test your logical thinking skills.

↗ Hundreds of amazing puzzles!
↗ 20 different locations!
↗ Test yourself with a really challenging escape adventure!
↗ 10 hours of gameplay!
↗ And much more!

Be the first of your friends to win the World's Hardest Escape Game!

Crazy Cop-Chase&Smash 3D

Crazy Cop-Chase&Smash 3D  apk

CrazyCop-Chase&Smash GTA-style police Chase and Smash Racing Game

The best police chase Simulation GooglePlay platform 3D game,

CrazyCop-Chase&Smash 3D driving your police car to smash criminals!
The game offers ultra-realistic scenes of vehicle systems
Vehicle damage, the real frontiers
If you want to experience the thrill of destroying the vehicle must not mistake this 3D racing game
The game is very simple,
Crashed vehicles can cross the border to destroy the criminals
Test your technical exciting levels, come to destroy the car

* Provide a unique operating four 3D camera angles
So you can more accurately grasp clearly the direction and control of the car

Winx Bloomix Quest

Winx Bloomix Quest  apk

This exciting game will take you into the amazing Winx Club world and thrill you with endless adventures! 

Winx Bloomix Quest is an official game based on the animated television series Winx Club.
Download the app and explore the Winx Magic worlds, play as your favorite Winx and overcome all the obstacles on your way! Use magical powers to face powerful foes and fulfill your amazing Bloomix Quest! 

Winx Bloomix Quest combines several types of gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours, featuring a classic runner game that will take you on electrifying chases and exciting boss battles. 

* Play as your favorite Winx
* 3 different types of gameplay in one game
* Impressive animation effects
* Beautiful 3D locations and graphics
* Child-friendly interface

Download "Winx Bloomix Quest" today and live your own Bloomix Quest!"

Live Sports Tv Channels HD

Live Sports Tv Channels HD  apk

Enjoy your favorite sports channels live on your android devices.
App include the coverage of Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions League, European Qualifiers, NFL, NBA, Cricket World Cup, Basketball, Tennis and many other sports as well.
Enjoy Worldwide Live football live tv / Soccer live tv, Live cricket live tv and all other sports.

Copyrights © 2014 Tevar Broadcaster Ltd.

Garbage Trucker Recycling Sim

Garbage Trucker Recycling Sim  apk

** Collect the trash and drop it at the recycling plant**

Clean up the city and make your home healthy and beautiful. Sit behind the wheel of a garbage truck and drive around the city keeping things fresh. If you are a fan of driving massive vehicles here is an amazing opportunity for you to help in the process.

Test your driving skills. Can you can handle maneuvering a jumbo garbage truck? Your task is to collect the garbage from the streets and take it to the recycling plant. It is a chance for you to rid your city of awful trash and do good, plus you get to drive a gigantic truck!

Handle the truck with care! Don’t bump into stuff, you're better than that!

Sit behind the wheel of a realistic garbage truck of your choosing.

Garbage truck features include:

• Stunning 3D graphics
• Realistic city environments
• Garbage trucks with amazing controls
• Exciting trash collecting and dumping missions
• Multiple camera views

Have a safe and clean ride!
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Jungle mario run

Jungle mario run  apk

Jungle Mario run, In super Adventurer's world
◈ Tap Left / Right to move!
◈ Jump to crash the enemy!
◈ Collect cactus to shoot!
◈ Collect coins for virtual items!

Follow the Line 2D Deluxe

Follow the Line 2D Deluxe  apk

Follow the Line 2D Deluxe Run is a simple but challenging finger runner. Drag your finger and run through the randomly generated maze and try to follow the line. Don't touch the borders and be aware of the moving obstacles. Keep running as far as you can, avoid the obstacles and unlock new challenges. Try to be the best, test your skills and see which of your friend can set a new record! Show your high score to the world through the integrated google games play games services leaderboard.

* Every time a different maze to run
* Smooth gameplay
* Great graphics & effects on any screen size
* Dynamic obstacles
* Amazing sound effects and music
* Lots of new levels to unlock
* Leaderboard trough the google play games services
* Facebook integration (brag on Facebook how good you are)

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries  apk

Get quick access to Joyce’s latest teachings with the official Joyce Meyer Ministries app!

Features include:
• Daily Devotional
• Enjoying Everyday Life broadcast
• Enjoying Everyday Life radio
• Conference dates and details

Easy-to-share devotionals and broadcasts let you share to friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email in seconds.
The app is fresh every day: New devotional, new EEL broadcast, and new EEL radio.
Sometimes, the broadcast is available here before it even airs on TV!

BetterHelp - Counseling Online

BetterHelp - Counseling Online  apk

"Therapy with BetterHelp was a positive, professional experience" (Wall Street Journal, 10/15/14)

"BetterHelp is counseling that is not constrained by time or place" (Fox News, 10/17/14)

BetterHelp changes the way people get help to conquer life's challenges.

Facing obstacles alone can be daunting. Support and guidance from a professional counselor has been shown to make big changes. We created BetterHelp so anyone can have convenient, discreet, and affordable access to professional help.

There are over 300 counselors in BetterHelp. These are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (MFT), clinical social workers (LCSW), licensed professional counselors (LPC), or similar credentials. All of them have a Masters Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their field. They have been qualified and certified by their state professional board after successfully completing the necessary education, exams, training and practice. They all possess at least 3 years and 2,000 hours of hands-on experience.

After you sign up, we will match you to an available counselor who fits your objectives, preferences, and the type of issues you are dealing with. Different counselors have different approaches and areas of focus so it's important to find the right person who can achieve the best results for you.

You and your counselor will get a dedicated “room”, which will be your private and secured place to communicate. This room is open 24/7. You can enter it at any time, from any Internet-connected device wherever your are. In this room, you will write about yourself, the things going on in your life, ask questions and discuss the issues that trouble you. Your counselor will login to the same room, read your messages and respond with feedback, insights, and guidance. Your counselor will help you learn about the issues that hold you back and prepare you to move forward. This ongoing one-on-one dialog is the basis of your work with your counselor. Together you will build towards making a positive change in your life and accomplishing your goals.

You are not limited in the number of messages (“sessions”) you can have with your counselor. The frequency of your sessions would vary based on your availability, and the interaction between you and your counselor. For example, some people have 3-4 short interactions every week, while others prefer to have one very long and thorough session. You may use the service extensively during time of need and use it sparsely at other times. Your counselor would try to accommodate your changing needs in a timely manner.

Many people avoid getting professional help because it can become extremely expensive. We want to make BetterHelp easy and accessible to everyone, so we've created a plan which is simple, predictable, risk-free, and very affordable.

First, we want you to try BetterHelp and feel confident that it is right for you before making any payment. Therefore, you can sign up, get matched, get to know your counselor, and start working with your counselor - all for free.

Then, after a week of free trial, you will pay a flat fee for unlimited counseling. This means that you can interact with your counselor as often as you need and as much as you like at the same price. You can choose between paying $40 per week with weekly payments, $35 per week with monthly payments, or just $28 per week with quarterly payments. With either plan you choose, you will pay a fraction of the cost of traditional counseling.

Last, if you accomplished your goals or if you found it to be no longer helpful for any reason, you can simply cancel the subscription. Canceling is easy and done online - there are no hoops to jump through.


Rhino Simulator 3D

Rhino Simulator 3D  apk

Here comes the Rhino, and she's not happy. Easy big girl! You are in control of this huge female. Each 1000 Points you earn, she will grow. These Wild Rhinos are super strong and love to create chaos. Smash cars, tractors, goats, planes, fire hydrants, people, men, women, wheels, quad bikes, and anything else not attached to the ground. Smashing cars is her speciality. Red rally race cars are her favorite. To cause even more destruction, you can send out her explosive baby. Basically, she's looking to crash and destroy as much as possible. Help this African Safari creature grow from a little guy in Level 1 to a Giant in Level 50. Race around off the road or on the highway missions. Find the Airport and smash all the airplanes. There's even a few Football surprises to be found. Chase down the tourists and crush their cars. I see a Rhinoceros.

This game combines elements of rampage style games with adventure games. 72 missions and loads of achievements. Try to rank in the Top 10 in the world with this hilarious sim! Amazing 3D effects and animations!
--72 Missions
--6 Action Packed Maps ! HUGE TERRITORIES!
--World Rankings for the best #1 Ranked Rhino
--Loads of achievements
--Combines rampage with adventure
--Excellent 3D graphics and fast gameplay
--The more you play, the more she grows
--The sim that has it all and more!
If you ever wondered what it would be like to play a Rhino Simulator, this is your chance. Rampage the city or country farm. Smash everything in the city
Notes: For now, level 50 is maximum size - -and by Level 50 she will be so big, you will enjoy this . She goes up by 1 Level each 1000 points that is scored. This app works best on newer devices. If you enjoy playing a Crocodile, Snake, Wolf, Shark , Goat, Tiger, Cheetah, Elephant, Dinosaur, or Horse Simulator, you are probably going to love this game. Connect with us @jellyfishgiant

Mmm Finger Pie

Mmm Finger Pie  apk

Use your finger to avoid hungry monsters and stop them eating finger pie

Mmm Finger Pie is the most addicting 1 finger touch game on the market.

Try to not get chomped and dodge the teeth to get the highest score.

Thing you have a fast finger? Its time to find out!


NextBus  apk

NextBus Mobile Application has following major functionalities:
1. Find real-time ETA for nearby stops instantly.
2. Find location of stop(s) and vehicle(s) on live map.
3. Find walking directions from the current location to the nearest stop.
4. Save favorite agency, route and stop, pushing it to the top of the list
5. Find all or nearby Transit agencies.
6. Support French and Spanish.
7. Restore default setting such as favorite stops and agencies.
8. Get Help and learn how to use the application.
9. Send comments/questions/complaints to NextBus or Transit Agency.
10. Expand arrival information for selected agency/route/stop
11. Find arrival for next three tracked vehicles.
12. Save alerts for a stop and agency.
1) Real-time ETA is available for service vehicles that are equipped with working GPS devices.
2) Stops must be serviced by transit agencies that are using NextBus RTPI system.
3) Where Transit agency is equipped with NextBus RTPI system.

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