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Jewels Star Saga

Jewels Star Saga  apk

Jewels Star Saga is fun game and relax about kind of Jewels classic when you have free time .
Another classic Jewels about match-three game come from Google Play.

How to play:
1. Swap jewels to match 3 or more in a line to remove them and background.
2. Play until transparency, a special Jewels star will appear on the top line.
3. Pull the special Jewels star down to bottom line to pass the level.

Tips: Get extra scores from eliminate the jewels quickly and time current when pass level.

- Arcade Mode, pull Jewels Star down to bottom line to pass level.
- Mineral Mode, mining diamond until the end of time.
- More than 100 levels in the game
- Match 4 jewels get a Bomb Jewel.
- Match 5 jewels get a Special Jewel.
- Each 40 jewels falled will have a Lightning Jewel or a Timing Jewel.
- Bomb Jewel will eliminate 9 jewels around.
- Special Jewel will eliminate to all jewel same color.
- Timing Jewel will get bonus time.
- Lightning Jewel will eliminate jewels in one row or column.

X-Ray Scanner Door

X-Ray Scanner Door  apk

X-Ray Scanner Door
Roentgen Scanner door - this is a game application where you can laugh, make X-rays of the door. The door is closed, and you will be interested to know that for her? Want to surprise your loved ones abilities? Act out your friends and family with the help of x-ray applications doors!
To use it, move on your door or friends and click scan, the result will surprise everyone! The app does not any radiation and is absolutely safe for your health!
Attention is not a real X-ray, it was created to joke and play!
Thanks for playing with us, leave us your comments and suggestions we will try to make the game more interesting for you!


Nordstrom  apk

Nordstrom is a leading fashion specialty retailer offering compelling clothing, shoes,dresses, jewelry, makeup and accessories for women, men and children

Perk Scratch & Win!

Perk Scratch & Win!  apk

Win points, tokens and prizes by playing Perk Scratch & Win! Pick a scratch card to play, and exchange the points and tokens you earn for gift cards, prizes, sweepstakes, and more! When you scratch - You Win!

//About Perk//
Perk is the #1 Mobile Rewards Program with more rewards, more apps and more giveaways than anyone!
✔ Free to Join
✔ 100’s of Gift Cards from Amazon, Walmart, Gap, Starbucks, Target, and many more
✔ Unlimited airline miles from Delta, US Airways, Alaska Airlines and others
✔ Donate to over 1,000 charities including Autism Speaks, Wounded Warrior Project, American Cancer Society and more
✔ Tablets, Headphones, Laptops, Pecan Pies (yes, pies!) and other goodies

Perk members can enter daily, weekly and monthly giveaways with Perk Sweepstakes!

//Visit Perk//
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GetPerk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/getperk
Instagram: http://instagram.com/perkrewards
Blog: http://blog.perk.com/

*Known issues*
* Some users are reporting an error message claiming a poor internet connection. We have a full fix coming in the next build, but there is an easy work around in the mean time. Log out of the app Using the menu icon in the upper left corner, followed by the gear icon. Thank you for your patience.

* Some users are reported that the game does not reward them for their winners. Before reporting this issue, please be sure that the card you think is a winner meets the requirements. Only a single combination of 3 of a kind is a winner.

Monkey madness = 3 bananas
Big Top Circus = 3 Clowns
Pirate Treasure = 3 Crossbones

No other 3 of a kind currently classifies a ticket as a winner. We'll be addressing this in an upcoming release to make the game rules easier to see and understand.

Princess Give Birth A Baby

Princess Give Birth A Baby  apk

Princess' daughter has always wanted to have brother or sister. And now her dreams are coming true - it's time for Princess to give birth! Let's go to the hospital and help Princess with bearing a child and taking care about the newborn.

Control: Use your finger touch to play.

Tokyo Street Racing

Tokyo Street Racing  apk

Tokyo Street Racing is a fun and exciting sports car racing simulator game. Become the driver of some of the fastest cars on the streets of Tokyo in a collection of game modes like classic race, countdown, knockdown, and drift. This amazingly realistic racing car driving simulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing levels.

Classic race will pit you against other racers and you must drive into first place and reach the finishing line before the other racers. With countdown, your racing skills are put to the test and you must drive fast through Tokyo city streets whilst racing against the clock. In knockdown, you will have to race against other sports cars and have to knock them off the road in order to complete the level. The drift game mode has you, the driver, performing amazing drifts around city streets in a effort to build up a high score for the drift meter.

Tokyo Street Racing offers you a great, fun gaming experience that will help you to become the king of the Tokyo streets and the best driver on them. So are you excited to get behind the wheel of some realistic super cars and race against other racers, then you'll be very excited to play Tokyo Street Racing!

Mp3 Music Download Free

Mp3 Music Download Free  apk

Find your favorite songs or artists and down music to your Android by this application.Our app searches a number of different Copyleft and CC licensed royalty free music search engines.
Features :
- fast search and download music
- show lyric while playing songs (if avaliable)
- Manage Library
- play streaming live music
Disclaimer :
This application uses JAMENDO@API and downloads only songs which is officially allowed by the artists of Jamendo. and hence respects their terms of use and copyrights polices.

Snowmobile Rescue Missions 3D

Snowmobile Rescue Missions 3D  apk

snowmobile rescue missions 3D is one of the best winter parking game
It's time to put all those cars and trucks parking games down, and get out into the cold! in this thrilling new parking and racing game, you get to drive a snowmobile ! although it might sound easy, parking and driving your vehicle on these icy roads is tough work! you'll wish you were behind the wheel of a big snowmobile vehicle and not a small snowmobile as you try to race up snow covered roads and mountains. this is not your ordinary car or truck parking game! you'll soon realize as soon as you complete a couple levels that this winter parking game, filled with ice roads, is not for the faint of heart! good luck!

in the winter heartland, the snow mobiles are the kings of frozen highway.
a snowmobile, also known as a sled or a snowmachine, is a land vehicle designed for winter travel on snow. It is designed to be operated on snow and ice. snowmobiles do not require a specific road or trail. variations of the snowmobile enable some machines to operate in deep snow or forests; however most are used on open terrain, including frozen lakes, or driven on paths or trails. snowmobiles are usually designed to accommodate two people, similarly to a motorcycle or an all-terrain vehicle (ATVs) with the exception of snowmobiles designed for mountain riding/deep snow travel which typically have a smaller seat for one person. They do not have any enclosures, except for a windshield, and their engine normally drives a continuous track or tracks at the rear. skis at the front provide directional control.
early snowmobiles used rubber tracks, but modern snowmobiles typically have tracks made of a Kevlar composite. originally, snowmobiles were typically powered by two-stroke gasoline internal combustion engines. four-stroke engines are becoming more and more common in snowmobiles, primarily to address environmental complaints.
snowmobiles were originally intended as a winter utility vehicle that could be used where motor vehicles could not go. they appealed to hunters and workers transporting personnel and material across snow-covered land, frozen lakes and rivers. Since the latter part of the 20th century, they have been put to use for recreational purposes as well. People who ride them are commonly known as snowmobilers. The contemporary types of recreational riding forms are known as snowcross/racing, trail riding, freestyle, mountain climbing, boondocking, carving, ditchbanging and grass drags.

snowmobile rescue missions 3D features:
- amazingly realistic driving game
- you are able to drive many snowmobiles
- 15 amazingly realistic parking situations
- Show off your skills
- Choose out of many iceroads to drive

we hope you will enjoy this amazing real simulator driving game aand give us some love by liking our MobilePlus facebook page so we can keep you up to date on our latest games!
👉 https://www.facebook.com/MobilePlusgames

Boxing Action Game

Boxing Action Game  apk

boxing action game
Ready for some fighting action,Let’s bring it on Champ
Boxing Games. The King of Fighters.

Want to make Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao happen? No problem, lace up your virtual gloves. Use your swarm to knock down the opposition hive. All your favourite opponents reunited in one ultimate boxing game.

The objective of the game is to knock out all opponents and get the championship belt. Try to do combinations and dodge the opponents punches. A tip would be to find the best key combination and use it repetitively. Try not to get hit by spamming punches.

Box against ridiculous opponents such as a hick, an old man, and a cross dresser to try to become number one! If you are old enough to remember Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, this game is kind of like that, except with a bit of 3D movement and hand drawn looking graphics. The hottest action Boxing King Street Fighter hits on Android now!!! quick reaction, counter attacks, and tactics. Knock out fierce

Easy sliding and touching screen bring about continuously cool striking!!!
Perfect integration of control, speed and hit with innovative elements!!!
Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!!!

If you get stuck, there is an awesome walkthrough that can help you out. enjoy the game!

Free Video Downloader HD

Free Video Downloader HD  apk

Do you want to download videos from any website ?
Search no more because you can download videos free with two easy steps.

Browse our supported video streaming websites or choose yours.
The best video downloader in world is here so grab it while it is for FREE.
Free video downloader for android is available for limited time.
Hurry and download and install it NOW.

Are you not tired of all those free videos tool promising the ability to download videos online but none of them really works.
You will be amazed of this free software and how useful it can be.
Imagine you can download videos from websites. Any website you have in your mind, please note that we did not test our free video downloader HD with every video website out there but the majority of the famous ones has been tested and you can find them right after you open our HD video downloader for android.

So how this amazing tool works:

When you open Video Downloader app you can choose between some websites.
So go ahead and select your favorite video streaming site and than search and download your video.
Try to open the video just as you want to watch it, at the top a button will appear so you can download the selected video.
Unfortunately if no button appears that means that the website you are trying to download from is restricted.
Therefore you cannot just simply download video songs or any kind of copyrighted work.

Free video downloader new will save all the free videos in VideoDownloader folder in your SD-Card or in your internal storage.
From 1080 HD videos to 720 HD videos we support it all.
Tube Video Downloader provides for you an opportunity to smoothly download your most favorite music videos from the web.

If you have been looking for a vimeo downloader this is the right choice, the same thing for dailymotion videos downloader.
Again you do take full responsibility of downloading videos that are copyrighted.


* Integrated browser where you can choose from.
* Smooth and clean user interface.
* Dailymotion downloader
* Download videos in background.
* Receive notifications in the status bar upon completion of a download
* Multi download of different videos.
* Unlimited download.
* Picking the best quality available.
* Vimeo video downloader.
* Adding videos to your library "VideoDownloader".
* Metacafe download

So give our video downloader very fast a try and let us know your feedback.
Your rating will help us improve a lot.
We are open for any suggestions or amelioration.
Grab this amazing tool and start to download videos fast now.

MP3 Player Professional

MP3 Player Professional  apk

MP3 Player is a powerful music player , it can play most of the audio files , such as : MP3 , M4A , FLAC ,
OGG , WMA* , WAV , APE , WV , TTA , MPC , AIFF... The MP3 player has a beautiful , fast and intuitive
interface , alongside powerful audio configuration options . With the new music pattern , giving users the
most convenient music enjoyment .The Mp3 player has the most advanced mp3 download function . It can
download the mp3 file by song name frome the music library .


-- Dolby , SRS and Beats audio sound effects .
-- Sleep timer with fade out , Play time can be set up .
-- Millions of music library .
-- Search & Download Free MP3 , Manage the downloaded songs .
-- Stereo eXpansion , mono mixing , balance .
-- Dynamic queue ,art animation , support m3u , m3u8 , pls, wpl playlists .
-- Surround sound , bass boost and perfect virtualization technology .
-- Gorgeous background skins , 9 Gorgeous background images for your choice .
-- Set your favorates as ringtone .

Thanks Jamendo's support for music online service(http://www.jamendo.com/)

One More Line

One More Line  apk

ONE MORE LINE is a highly addictive, one button, space disco, skill timing game!

"An addictive time-waster perfect for downtime at the office or the daily commute"

"It's a twitchy arcade game that's something of a hybrid between the steering mechanic of slingshot racer and those rotating planet platformer games that are so darn popular."

"SMG has got the formula precisely right. It's a fast, eye-catching game that's mechanically difficult, but the controls are simple and intuitive, so you never feel cheated, only beaten by your inability."

"I'll get 100 today. Silly mistakes have held me back. No more!"

"One More Line is most entertaining single button game that I’ve encountered."

Auto Battle - Adventure RPG

Auto Battle - Adventure RPG  apk

★Award-winning Android RPG Game of 2014★

Auto Battle - Epic RPG is the best MMORPG experience where you battle endless monsters, adventure through dungeons & battle in PVP arena. Use endless loot & 24/7 auto battle to top players & guilds. Choose one of three classes — Warrior, Hunter, or Mage — to explore dungeons and engage in exciting Auto Battle against various monsters and bosses! Participate in team battle and guild wars for handsome rewards like Gems, Honor, and Reputation! Form or join a guild with smart match-making system to become the best player in the world! Use strategy to defeat enemies and Smash your bros in PVE and PVP combat alike!

Unlike other dungeon crawlers and hack 'n' slash MMORPGs, Auto Battle offers a never-ending farming adventure in the palm of your hand. Even when you have to stop playing, Auto Battle lets you continue the fight in Offline Mode. You can continue exploring dungeons while you put the hard hours in at work. You can keep earning Experience, Coins, and Equipment while you’re studying for school. You can keep hiring heroes and summoners to wage war in your sleep.

Fulfill Your Destiny, Use Your Strategy, and Claim Your Throne

Overwhelming ★★★★★ Reviews
5/5 "One of the best MMO I played so far."
5/5 "Good concept RPG with a lot of features to explore."
5/5 "All the pleasure of mmos without the endless mindless grind."
5/5 "It is just like a MMO level tool that lets you analyze your combat log, gear attributes, and character level information."

Game Features:

24/7 Auto Battle
Even when you are not online, your character will keep exploring dungeons, fighting enemies, earning experience, and finding gear for you. Conquer monster-packed PVE dungeons or wage wars in intense PVP combat.

Customizable Heroes
Create a male or female hero in any of three traditional classes. Will you choose the strong and resilient Warrior, the nimble and sharpshooting Hunter, or the magnificent and spell-slinging Mage? The customization doesn’t stop there. Over time, upgrade your characters and gear, equip the epic loot you discover, and design your own combination of skills. As your power grows, spread your reputation across the world in this action-packed adventure RPG!

Unique Smelting
Smelt your common gear to get better items in return, even powerful artifacts! What are you waiting for? Forge the ultimate weapons, gear, and artifacts so you can crush your enemies and show off your magnificent equipment — up close!

Fiery Arena Combat
Prove your might by defeating other players in the Arena. Defeat higher-ranked players to take their place and claim your right to daily Gem rewards! Fight your way to the top of the leaderboards and bask in the glory!

Team Combat
Join up with other players in twice-daily Team Battles and exciting Guild Wars. Defend your Team Battle championship as long as you can for better rewards. Work together with your guild to rake in Experience and gain Reputation.

Exclusive Tickets

Get exclusive sunday tickets to challenge bosses and use Sweep to keep slaying boss monsters

Join thousands of players in the best MMORPG experience on Android today!

Official Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/autobattle
Email Support: ggplaycomet@gmail.com

Cars: Traffic Racer

Cars: Traffic Racer  apk

Are you ready to drive fast on crowded traffic and cars?
In this game , you will drive lots of car on various environments and smart speed traffic.
-Beautiful Graphics
-Easy gameplay
-Real racing car driving
-Speed cars

Race on the traffic and complete each level to unlock next level.Get Speed.

You can drive speed cars sing gas and brake button on screen also tilt your phone to turn car right or left.

Offroad Heroes - Action Racer

Offroad Heroes - Action Racer  apk

Off-road means challenge. Rally means sport. Off-road rally means a lot of fun. Off-road rally is a type of racing, where the cars are not very fine tuned, but they are prepared for rough terrains. In a virtual world those off road cars even can use weapons and power-ups to get over the competition.

Off-road Heroes are the nameless car drivers of the most bizarre of the vehicles. They are futuristic, diverse, interesting and not common at all. They like to race. They live racing! Destruction, flying rockets doesn't bother them, their teams must protect them in all costs.

All the settings are futuristic, except the roads. They are of the past. Dirty, avid, old, dusty roads where everything can happen. No weapon or rocket can defend you against the terrain. Against the BAD terrain. All “wanna-be” race drivers will really enjoy this release driving totally bizarre car creations, racing in full 3D with a unique off-road rally.

Vehicles behave dynamically - with your tokens you can get a new and more powerful vehicle and you'll see and feel the difference!

This game is intended equally to adults and kids, beginners and professionals, enthusiasts and amateurs. The Best futuristic action Racing game is here, and only waits for you to enter to the cockpit. Your good old race-track from the past is around farms, out, in the wild, so the only thing you must do is pedal to the metal baby!

- Off-road racing with Futuristic vehicles off-road.
- Addictive racing action with a lot of powerups, moving objects and tricky obstacles.
- Realistic 3D graphics and playful physical simulation.
- A lot of totally different playfields from peaceful farms to snowy canyons and lava-covered high mountains.
- Many different unique and interesting vehicles from tractor-like ones to inspect inspired racers and traditional roadsters.
- Lots of powerups: Speed ups, Rockets, Repairs, Shields, Mines…
- Different control methods selected by the player.
- vehicles and surroundings can be destroyed
- A real, freely accessible world full of life
- Different day-times and weather conditions
- No inapp purchase, you can get all the upgrades in the free harvest Mode.

Mods for Minecraft

Mods for Minecraft  apk

This is the Mods for Minecraft PE PRO And FREE This Application comes with a guide on how to install mod and download!: step-by-step mod tutorials so that you can be using incredible mods in no time . Each mod, you'll find a fun and challenging adventure in different ways to add excitement to the game with the mod mcpe.
If you are looking or search mod for mcpe. You will found it, this app
Mods can only install through BlockLauncher, You need the full version of Minecraft Pocket Editon and BlockLauncher (Free or Pro) installed.
- Pandora's Box : What happens when the box was destroyed!!
- Spellbooks : Use These Powerful Spells Against Evil Mobs!
- Ender Dragon : When the dragon was awakened you ready to fight?
- MO' Golems : The Return of the Golems
- Fishing : You Get 1 Fish!!
- Elemental Arrows : Arrows has amazing power
- Pixelmon, Enchantments, Redstone
And Much More Mod For Minecraft PE In This Android App
- Guide Tutorials Installing Mods And Video
- Free Minecraft Poket Edition Mod Video Review + Downloaded Mods
- Website And Forum For MCPE: Items, Maps, Skins, Seeds, Server And Texture Packs And Decoration
- Top List Mods For MCPE
- Building Ideas, House Ideas, Furniture Guide
Many More EPIC Mods!
Search "ZaKoki Apps" on Google Play for more FREE Minecraft & PE / Pocket Edition apps!
Mods Minecraft PE PRO is an unofficial App for Minecraft. This application is intended for educational purposes Mods Minecraft PE PRO is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or they respectful owner. All rights reserved.

♥ Please leave your Comment, with 5 Stars :)♥♥♥♥

Download free music mp3

Download free music mp3  apk

With Download free music application, you can search and download any mp3 music files from various and reliable source from public internet.Thank you for using Download free music application to downloading your favorite music.


SKATE vs BMX 3D  apk

Ready to perform Great Tricks with Skate or BMX?
SKATE vs BMX is a free 3D game with a lot of challenges and levels to complete!

You will go down the streets trying to avoid cars, roadblocks and barricades while performing many tricks!

Download this game for Free and have Fun!!!

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