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GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation  apk

GPS Navigation has in a way improved the lifestyles of people by making travelling easy especially to unknown places. This Android app GPS Navigation contains links to websites that provide users with information on GPS navigation and its uses. Users can get information on how to download the navigation system onto their systems or smart phones and use them in the days when required. This app also gives users ample information on the need of GPS in cars and how it helps to locate places and addresses of the unknown places they intend to visit.

GPS may be able to answer:
- the roads or paths available,
- traffic congestion and alternative routes,
- roads or paths that might be taken to get to the destination,
- if some roads are busy (now or historically) the best route to take,
- The location of food, banks, hotels, fuel, airports or other places of interests,
- the shortest route between the two locations,
- the different options to drive on highway or back roads.

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New Music Downloader Free V.2

New Music Downloader Free V.2  apk

DMCA Disclaimer: Copyright owners please email us info@codaslab.com with song information and we'll make sure to block it from the search!

Music Downloader Free V.2 is the best app on the market for all for android phones and tablets.
Music Downloader Pro will find you the best results in trillions of audio and mp3 files from best known free music search engines all over the web.
Get it now and Find the music you love.

● Multi and fast download engine.
● You can set your files as ringtones.
● Player supports nearly all music formats.
● Search by artist or song.
● Listen with Music Downloader Free V.2 player or any Music Player
● Download to phone directly or SDCard

Music Downloader Free V.2 allows you to stream and download more than 1,000,000 songs, all published under Creative Commons licences. the user can easily discover and listen to albums, songs and the most popular artists.

The search function allows the user to easily find an artist, title or album. All songs are available for free download with one simple touch!

Simply put, this is the best free MP3 Music app for your phone and tablet!

We're always eager to hear from you, if you have any comments, suggestions or found a bug please don't hesitate to contact us at: info@codaslab.com

This app is 100% legal and only displays search results from Royalty Free Music search engines.
If for some reason you feel the need to send a DMCA complaint, please email us at info@codaslab.com and we will forward it to the specified Royalty Free Music search engine.

Adult Emoticons - Flirty Emoji

Adult Emoticons - Flirty Emoji  apk

Finally – emoticons for the grown-ups ;)

Adults (18+): Use these special adult smiley emoji icons to text flirty and naughty messages to your companion. Express your feelings with this vivid and rich emoji collection. Spice up any conversation and get great laughs feedback from everyone!

This app is 100% free to download. It contains In-App Purchases to unlock all icons, but you can see everything before you buy it – unlike competing apps that you have to buy everything before you know if it's any good. Some Adult Emoticons are provided for free, and you can see the full adult emojis collection before you buy. This app has no surprises - you see how it works and what it has to offer. If you like it, you can buy a single adult icons gallery or all adult emoji galleries (see below). This is why this app has the BEST REVIEWS and RATINGS among the competitors.

This app offers More than 700 Adult Emoticons and smileys in 7 categories (some require In-App Purchase):

• Flirty Emojis (adult, naughty, sexy, rated)
• Party Emojis (alcohol, smokes, drugs and other chemicals)
• Action Emojis (guns, knives and other weapons)
• Funny Emojis (a variety of adult funny stuff)
• Horror Emojis (zombies famous horror movie characters and more)
• Games Emojis (poker, casino, sports and more)
• Romantic Emojis (relationship, love, couples fighting and making up, romance and special gifts)

So if you’re into naughty emoticons, adult emojis and flirty & sexy icons - this is the app for you! It works with all messengers, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, kick and many more, including the ability to text adult smiley emoticons with your native SMS or messages android app.

Adult Emoticons - Get it now for FREE!

Sweet Baby Girl - Beach Picnic

Sweet Baby Girl - Beach Picnic  apk

Sweet Baby Girl goes on holiday and invites you to the beach! Feel the fun of summer and enjoy beach picnic party activities: dive with dolphins, collect jewels, build sandcastles, go surfing, play beach dress up and host your own barbecue party!

From now Sweet Baby Girl games features animations!

8 beach activities
5 diving with dolphins game levels
5 jewel game levels
17 sandcastle decorations
5 levels of surfing with Devon
13 barbecue party activities
12 swimsuits and dresses
6 swim rings
8 diving goggles and glasses
8 pairs of beach shoes
8 party hats and hair accessories
8 beach decorations

Game Features:

Enter the amazing underwater world and go diving with the dolphins. Collect coins but avoid rocks, corals and tropical sea urchins!

Collect shiny gems and pearls, and improve your memory at the same time!

Playing with sand is a must-do when you’re on the beach. Build a castle and choose from 17 decorations to make it the most beautiful sandcastle you’ve ever seen!

Hop on a surfboard and ride ocean waves with Devon. Go up or down to collect coins but try not to hit octopus, old lighthouse and shark!

Choose from 50 stylish beach clothes, accessories and swim gear to create your own perfect beach holiday outfit!

Hanging out on the beach all day can make you hungry. But don’t worry – you will learn how to make the best burgers on the beach!

Spin the wheel of fortune and take your extra coins everyday!

The more you play, the more puzzle parts you get. Collect them all and complete beach party puzzle!

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Find us on plus.google.com/111918062513795989375
Visit us at TutoTOONS.com

Retro Fitness.

Retro Fitness.  apk

The Retro Fitness app gives you access to goal setting, challenges, class schedules and Retro Rewards. It is designed to keep you engaged and motivated. Download the NEW app to get started!

Farm Slots Casino Free Game

Farm Slots Casino Free Game  apk

Old MacDonald Had a Farm... Win-I-Win-I-O! Discover the slot that’ll have you singing for
more with a farm-full of CASCADING fun, REEL PAYOUTS, LUCKY ANIMALS & a WINNING
• Harvest WINNING COINS to watch your balance grow.
• Score incredible jackpots for BIG FARMHOUSE WINS.
• Swing at the prized PIÑATA for unbelievable bonus game giveaways!
• Enjoy wholesome fun with scarecrows, animals & other farm-fresh graphics.
Rake in the fun with the #1 winning farm slot that’ll have you MOOOving to a winning tune!

Destiny Public Events

Destiny Public Events  apk

These are the most accurate timers possible! The times are calculated by an auto-learning algorithm that adjusts itself based on user voting at DestinyPublicEvents.com. Tens of thousands of votes have been collected over several weeks, and the times will adjust automatically if Bungie decides to change the times in the future.

- The most accurate timers available
- Maps of every location
- Videos of how to get to each map location
- Intuitive and quick interface
- Event time reporting
- Optional Sound Notifications
- Optional Screen Flash Notifications

Please see DestinyPublicEvents.com for additional information:
- Voting statistics
- Recent site updates
- Rewards for completing Public Events

Here are some tips for triggering a Public Event:
- Get to each event around the 2 minute mark and hang around until the -5 minute mark. This seems to be the best way to get an Event so far.

- The times represent when a Public Event could happen. Events are not guaranteed to happen as there is no official source from Bungie.

- Events are typically a few minutes late, but it's best to get there a little earlier and do some patrol missions. The earlier you arrive, the better chance you have of getting an Event.

- Events are less common if you are the only person around.

- Enemy battles can occur in place of the Public Event. You will see "The enemy is moving against each other" on the screen.

LEGO® In-Store Action

LEGO® In-Store Action  apk

LEGO® In-Store Action – the new and exciting Augmented Reality LEGO photo app!

Experience the coolest virtual photo op ever! Meet your favorite LEGO Minifigures in AR and capture the awesome picture-perfect moment. Visiting stores was never this much fun for the entire family!

Downloading the free app to your smartphone or tablet enables you to scan special LEGO posters in selected stores. Scanning the posters will reveal an animated LEGO Minifigure in your viewfinder, allowing you to meet and take a photo with some of your favorite characters.

Also, all photos can be saved to your camera roll so you can share the moments with family and friends.


- Scan special LEGO posters in stores with your smartphone or tablet camera to take an awesome photo with a LEGO Minifigure!
- When scanning a poster, the Minifigures will come to life and animate in fun poses for tons of different photo opportunities. Pause the animation at any time to compose the perfect photo!
- The app will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back often to see if new Minifigures have been added…can you snap them all? Who will you find next?
- Not at a store? No problem! The app also features two Minifigures you can take pictures with without scanning the in-store posters, right in your own home.

PLEASE NOTE: For maximum fun, make sure to download the app before visiting a store so you’re ready to scan when the opportunity strikes! There’s an in-app ‘How-To’ guide and info on which posters to scan.

There are no costs, in-app purchases or hidden fees connected to this app, but remember to always ask a parent or caretaker for permission to download this app if you are not an adult.

For app support, please contact LEGO Consumer Service. For contact details, refer to http://service.LEGO.com/contactus

Our privacy policy and terms of use for apps are accepted if you download this app.

Read more at http://aboutus.lego.com/legal-notice/terms-of-use-for-apps/
Our Privacy Policy: http://aboutus.lego.com/legal-notice/privacy-policy/

LEGO, the LEGO logo and LEGO MINIFIGURES are trademarks of the LEGO Group. © 2014 The LEGO Group.

ListenNow - Download Music

ListenNow - Download Music  apk

Soongz is an app that allows you to listen to and legally download music. You can create playlists with your favorite genres, follow the most played songs, select albums from top artists, among other great functions. Here, you are the DJ. You build your own music set! While you listen to your preferred musics, you can read the lyrics of each song.
The music catalog is offered by SoundCloud®.

At Soongz you:
- keep track of global music trends;
- find artists, songs and albums;
- artists ranking;
- get to know similar songs based on what you are listening;
- have millions of songs available to listen when and how you want, without any stops;
- Read the song lyrics of your preferred artists (lyrics offered by Vagalume Mídia Ltda)
- Download music allowed by Soundcloud users. You can listen all Soundcloud music online via streaming.
- Play and download 4shared music;

Ninja Loot

Ninja Loot  apk

Welcome to an action game Ninja Loot you are a brave fighter martial arts study in which close to the largest master to save the world from a terrible danger with a sword and a rope that serve little clam to jump around! you can also run up walls an adventure in search of treasure chests.

A total freedom in a realistic feudal atmosphere of sharp fighting like stars ninja loot a free game you have a grappling hook to go where you want to aim to get your hands on the relic gift to give life a conch that comes into contact treasures in chests.

Ninja Loot story begins in an abandoned village in the Tokyo area a strange curse that befell the last surviving turning them all into a giant rat that is rodent attack and plague that spreads over the country. A former samurai Marian arts clan issued against AC fiancé armed with a sword
and a grappling hook.

Share your comments on our Ninja loot and another set free add-compatible tablet and Google play
Samsung Galaxy S2 with high definition and texture generation graphics rendering quality.
The team thanks you for your support pooandplay means a lot to us.
ps: autograph has everything that is done ninja loot in raid

Halloween Live Wallpaper HD

Halloween Live Wallpaper HD  apk

Halloween Live Wallpaper PRO FREE:
This Halloween Live Wallpaper 2014 is full customizable. Moon, fog, sky, pumpkin, Owl, lights are customizable. If you touch the phone screen, it would display some bats. And you would find the ghost display in the phone scrren. Also you can find the spot display. And you can choose several HD photos which all about the Halloween. This is a free Halloween Live wallpaper.

On the night of Halloween 2014, the souls shine under the light of the moon because they are happy to return to this world and, to celebrate, they dance in the cemetery near the pumpkins with flames fed by the wind of the night, while the full moon is the only witness of the party, and you? Download this Halloween Live Wallpaper and check it.

Halloween Live Wallpaper and you can see evil smile of the pumpkins.
The spirit of Halloween is here, only 1 day of year comes but you can get it all year in your device by installing this Halloween Live Wallpaper.

All my Live Wallpaper are Free for you
set your prefered resolution and enjoy with the best live wallpaper select for you.
This free app is ad supported: Admob. In order to keep this app free and allow me to keep working on improvements you will periodically receive a sponsored ad. I appreciate your understanding and support. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

Rate and comment, we appreciate your opinion.

Installation instructions:
• Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
• Scroll down the list, find out the wallpaper and setup it.

Berry Rush

Berry Rush  apk

Match your way through the world of Berry Rush to reverse the effects of an unfortunate accident that has transformed the animals around the land.

Panda Run

Panda Run  apk

For millions of PANDA JUMP fans around the world - we just can’t thank you enough for your amazing continued support!
From the creators of NINJA REVENGE, ZOMBIE AGE and PANDA JUMP!

Yeah! The CUTE PANDA is back with even more AWESOMENESS!
* RUN as far as you can!
* DODGE the oncoming obstacles & enemies
* RIDE on the angry boar
* FLY with the flappy bird

- Fast pace and simple control
- Unique cartoon style graphic
- Power-ups, utilities and so much mores
- Tons of missions
- Dozens of panda costumes
- Global & friend leaderboards
- Excellent multiplier scoring system
- Both HD/SD are supported

WARNING: Your reflexes & agility will be extremely tested!

LIKE REDANTZ ON FACEBOOK! https://www.facebook.com/redantzstudio

FC on low devices such as: Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Pocket. We support SD graphic now but if the problem still persists, please try following solutions:
- Shut down others running applications
- Reboot the phone.
- Switch off sound/music in the game
If none of above solutions works, then we are sorry but your phone just does not have enough memory/ram to play this game


Mirror  apk

Turn your phone into the best mirror, with zoom and exposure controls!

Do you need to check your look or maybe put your contact lens, and you don't have a mirror? Now with Mirror in your phone, you won't need it anymore!

Mirror is the best solution to use as mirror in your phone. Try it now!

Key Features:
- Zoom and Exposure controls
- Surprising bright and clean visibility
- You can pause the motion (freezing image)
- Backlight function in the darkness
- Simple to use

Mirror could be launched very fast. And it has powerful features but easy to use. Download and try it now! It's free.

If you're disappointed in the other mirror apps, download this Mirror. You will never be disappointed.

Crazy TrailerTruck Simulator3D

Crazy TrailerTruck Simulator3D  apk

GooglePlay best 3D platform GTA style TrailerTruck games,

Crazy TrailerTruck Simulator3D is the first "game character" into the Truck Game]
Provide on and off the system

If you are a Truck fans must not mistake this 3D casual game yo!
game is very simple,
Carefully controlling the game protagonists drive a car to shuttle passengers to the designated location,
Test your patience, technical exciting levels, but will not accidentally open too fast crash!

will "game character" into the parking game
tread clearance system
* Provide a unique operating four 3D camera angles
So you can more accurately grasp clearly the direction and control of the car yo!
Be careful while driving hit a roadside obstacles,
But otherwise the car will explode!

Smart Stages™ Around the Farm

Smart Stages™ Around the Farm  apk

With the Laugh & Learn™ Smart Stages™ Around the Farm App baby can watch and interact with their favorite Laugh & Learn characters as they come to life! While baby is exploring around the Farm with Puppy and friends, they will be introduced to animals, animal sounds, first words, objects and more!

• App starring your favorite Laugh & Learn™ Friends with Puppy at the forefront
• Engaging app introduces animals, animal sounds, first words, objects and more!
• Smart Stages™ technology: 3 Levels of content that grows with baby (Explore: 6 months, Encourage: 12 months, Pretend: 18 months); Mom can either select the appropriate age for their baby, or level that appropriately corresponds with their individual development

Personalized Settings:
• Turn background music on/off
• Turn home button on/off


We recommend parent and child joint media engagement. See our Media Viewing Tips at:

End User License Agreement: http://fpconnect.fisher-price.com/dssupdate/EULA/LaughLearn_GoogleEULA.html

Moon Night Emoji Keyboard

Moon Night Emoji Keyboard  apk

Moon Night Theme for KK Emoji,Emoticons and Smileys Keyboard.

KK Emoji Keyboard is a free, smart and colorful Emoji Keyboard for Android that help you to fast input over 3000 emoji, emoticons, smiley, sticker and text face conveniently everywhere including message, text, email and chat with social app etc. It’s the best Emoji Keyboard for Android with over 100 beautiful themes, smart gesture type and auto correct, highly customization with color, layout, font and over 55 languages support.

Highlights of KK Emoji Keyboard

- Fast input emoji in message,text,email,note and chat with social apps
- Smart emoji prediction to match emoji for your words
- Text face including ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ)

- Top row number input
- Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview
- Auto correct and smart next word suggestion
- Over 30 dictionaries for different languages

- Over 100 beautiful themes
- Continue to increase

- Resize and split layout as you wish
- Customizable key press sound
- Customizable keyboard color, font and wallpaper

- Copy,cut,paste and arrow key
- Clipboard for fast copy and paste
- Support to send emoji to iPhone iOS 8 & iOS 7 Device
- Support to send emoji with Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram Kik Message,Twitter,Line,Kaokao

Tag: Emoji Keyboard, Smart Keyboard, Fast Text Input Keyboard, Themes, Customization

Join our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kkemojikeyboard
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kkemojikeyboard
For more information, please refer to our FAQ:https://emojikeyboard.uservoice.com

Want to help in our localization efforts and please contact with kkemojiandroid@gmail.com. Thanks!

Crazy Wrestling

Crazy Wrestling  apk

Crazy Wrestling is the newest fighting game in store! MUST TRY! If you adore fighting simulation game then this one is naturally for you. Choose your favorite characters and start your championship journey now! Prove yourself you are a real fighter in Crazy Wrestling world! Crazy Wrestling also have include block game, puzzle game and memory game.
Game Features:
- Easy to play
- Amazing graphics
- FREE Game Play

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